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Texas official warns of civil war if Obama gets re-elected : “Lubbock County Judge Tom Head apparently fears that President Obama’s re-election could mean the handover of U.S. power to the United Nations.” Thanks to mtwoman for the link.

Convert To Christianity Beheaded : “This man in Tunisia was beheaded simply for refusing to renounce Christ. His captors, before they kill him, say “God is Great” repeatedly as well as say a number of prayers condemning Christianity. Warning: this video is very graphic.” Thanks to Scott G for the link – now I’m going to go throw-up.

Nearly 1 In 5 Americans Have No Money To Put Food On The Table : “While economists, government officials, and mainstream media experts argue about whether a recovery is finally taking hold, the evidence on the ground provides a clear insight about where the country is headed.”

Economy: More Than 1/2 Of Americans Are At Least Partially Dependent On The U.S. Government : “A very large segment of the population has figured out that it can use voting as a tool to get more money and benefits from the government, and that is a very dangerous thing. Once upon a time, the free market was the one that distributed nearly all the wealth in our system. But now the federal government has become a giant deluded “Santa Claus” that distributes goodies to the American people far beyond its actual capacity to do so.”

→ Amazon Election Heat Map 2012 – what are Americans reading? Thanks to Gwen C for the link.

Superbug outbreak in US research hospital killed 6 : “Infections caught at health care facilities claim an estimated 99,000 lives a year. No hospital is immune.”

West Nile Outbreak Reaches 1,100 Cases in US : “The United States is experiencing one of the biggest outbreaks of West Nile virus in history, according to the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.”

Child Porn, Coke Smuggling: Hundreds of DHS Employees Arrested Last Year : “Border Patrol agents smuggling weed and coke. Immigration agents forging documents and robbing drug dealers. TSA employees caught with child porn. Those are just a few of the crimes perpetrated by Department of Homeland Security employees in just the past year.”

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  1. Wonder if the OK. Air Guard is on alert again because of this? They were scrambled and put on active alert everytime Rick Perry said the word suceed, wonder if they did it for this guy? Yup, thats right folks, they armed aircraft ready top fly with pilots sitting in them on the tarmac because Rick Perry said TX Might have to suceed.

  2. riverrider says:

    one could look at the map of red states vs. blue states to see that we are two divergent societies at this point. little choice but to seperate. hoping it will be peaceful…… i saw a movie on doc channel last night about how the dollar became worthless. scary stuff from top economists, they agree the dollar HAS to crash, soon. its all one big ponsi game since nixon.

    • Shaking things up would probably be good for this country. If there is a way to cause it while minimizing the collateral damage, well by all means make sure that it is documented as such.

      From the tone I sometimes get from this blog, I get a sense of one group that is unhappy because they are outnumbered by people with different values, but there is no where else to go. (I’m the one without the right personality type to hang out here, remember.)

      It’s like the people who threaten to move to Canada if certain things happen to the USA. Only problem is that Canada is already doing the things they don’t like, and it’s colder.

      I think Hawaii is a state initially to avoid tariffs, perhaps the divided states could figure out a way to work together while being politically separate. I’ll leave it to more analytical minds to figure out if and how that would work.

      • riverrider says:

        k, see theres where you’re wrong. we’re not outnumbered, we’re just spread out too far, mostly by preference. if you look at va, there are five cities that carry the power, which are populated with welfare mongers and mostly non-native virginians ie:yankees. the majority is out here in the country, but the way they gerrymander the districts our vote doesn’t count. as far as threatening to move to canada, thats a liberal thing, one i wish they would make good on.

        • River, did you hear Rush say if Obama is ellected and they continue with Obama are he is moving to Costa Rica? I guess he didn’t realize Costa Rica has universal healthcare and a large leftist movement but caters to rich Americans.

    • I noticed that map too. Do you remember what the name of the show was?

      The middle of the country is different from the ends. With most of the food and energy production in the middle and the consumers on the coasts. New Mexico was the stand out on the last map I saw, I wonder why?

      • riverrider says:

        jp, the end of the road:how the dollar became worthless…..i think new mexico is a conflicted state. the nicest people i ever met in the countryside, you can’t leave nm without leaving a friend behind.. then in the cities the most liberal bunch of yoyos to ever be born.

    • worrisome says:

      Can you tell us the name of the movie RR?

    • imperialgirl63 says:

      rr is saw the same show …. put it in perspective for me.. understand now that there is no saving the economy just prepare for the plunge and after effects… always thought just …maybe … now i know its …when it ??? I wanna thank all the pack for the advise on preparing and god bless to you all …

    • River, I saw that same show on the doc channel! Real eye-opener!

  3. EB. Esquire says:
  4. Raybiker73 says:

    Actually, we aren’t even just two divergent societies, more like four. It’s not a clean geographical division like it was during the Civil War, with North vs. South and the swing states like Kentucky and Maryland right in the middle. Now it’s a leftist New England, a hippie-dippy west coast, a union/New Deal upper Midwest and a vast swath of red separating them. Even state-by-state is complicated. I live in Pennsylvania, which is technically a blue state, but if you take out Pittsburgh and Phil-hole-delphia, the state is red. It’s the same elsewhere as well. Some of the most conservative people you’ll find are upstate New Yorkers who live along the Great Lakes, but the massive government-dependent population of NYC ensures that the state remains “blue.” State by state, city by city, county by county – everyone’s all mixed together without much geographical connection. So, if anything were to happen I think it would be less of a separation and more of a complete meltdown. Just my two cents.

    • riverrider says:

      ray, i hear ya. i saw a lot more rebel flags in 4×4 trucks in west pa. than here in good ole’ virginia when i “visited” there. i think the northeast could be divided along the i95/i64 corridor. nothing says states have to remain intact. then vote with your feet after the lines are drawn. i consider north of i64 occupied territory now:)

      • Raybiker73 says:

        Haha, so true. PA is like two separate cultures crammed together, like Czechoslovakia used to be. The joke here is that the dividing line is through Bellefonte on I-80. Everything east of that is Pennsyljersey, and everything over here is Pennsyltucky. 🙂

    • SurvivorDan says:

      So right Raybiker. My brother lives in Eugene and he says if Portland drops in the sea or gets destroyed by volcanic activity then Oregon is instantly a Conservative state.
      I suppose that’s true in nearly every blue state. Factor out the big cities and most would be conservative bastions.

      • SD, that is the truth! I used to spend time up there with some friends in the Corps and in the city it was esspresso sipping liberal ken again hippies and outside the city was hard working good people.

    • I’ve seen some studies that show mostly what the divide is — dense urban areas (big cities) are liberal, and everybody else everywhere else is often some flavor of conservative. It’s not hard to understand. It is because cities are so dependent on government for everything, and see huge benefits from wealth redistribution, whereas in suburban and rural areas, people are much more accustomed to being responsible for a lot of things themselves. People in big cities generally don’t shovel snow, mow grass, grow gardens, raise chickens, etc. They live in apartments or condos where some vague management company takes care of all the repairs, the water, the sewage, the heat, etc. They really don’t have to do much of anything for themselves. The problem is, their populations are so huge that they disproportionately affect government. Eliminating the Electoral College would be one step that might restore a bit of balance to all the Americans who don’t live in huge metro centers. It was disheartening for me to go to DC last spring and see the incredible booming economy and high standard of living and amazing purchasing power that the people who live there have, and realize that it was because so much of our federal tax money flows into that city, but then doesn’t flow back out again.

      • Raybiker73 says:

        I wouldn’t go so far as to eliminate the electoral college, but I would eliminate the “winner take all” approach to seating state electors. Each elector is appointed by congressional district, and then two statewide electors (number is equal to the number of representatives plus the two senators). Making it a winner-take-all proposition disenfranchises non-urban voters. Using my home state of PA as an example again, my congressional district voted overwhelmingly for McCain in 2008. However, since the statewide vote total went to Obama, so did my district’s elector. Obama got all the electoral votes for the state, including those from districts who voted for McCain. If the electoral college were to be reformed so that each congressional district elector voted the way his or her district voted, then the two “senatorial” electors voted with the statewide majority, you’d see elections that were a lot more fair. Eliminating the electoral college entirely and going with a straight-up popular vote would disenfranchise people even more than they already are. As it stands, presidential candidates only need to bother campaigning in about ten states. With a straight majority system, they’d only ever need to campaign in large cities, and not worry about the rest of us at all.

    • Welcome to Cook county (Chicago area). The whole damn state is “blue”, mostly because of that one county/city! Texas looking pretty damn good when you have a judge and sheriff department saying “you ain’t coming in here!!”

      • village idiot says:

        ParaB, I’ve never lived in a large northern city, but how is it possible that 90% of people would be Democratic? Take Chicago for example, crime and dysfunction is a fact of life, yet 90% still approve of it. How is that possible, and does fraud and corruption play a big part? Which is what I’ve been told, but never living there I have no first hand knowledge. I’m curious.

  5. village idiot says:

    Well, I gotta say one thing about the Texas judge, that’s a unique way to get a tax increase. He better watch out, though, he might get a visit from the same guys who dropped in on Brandon R. j/s

    As for the Arab Spring, who couldn’t see how that was going to turn out? It’s interesting to see who is propping up the regime, and most of the money is coming from Qatar. If I’m not mistaken, that’s the same bunch that runs Al-Jazeera and has spread radical Salafi views of Islam all over the World. And the worst is yet to come.

    • SurvivorDan says:

      Indeed. Off to the loony bin for observation and psychological testing.
      that judge represents a clear and present danger to……..despots!

  6. axelsteve says:

    Texas does not have to worry about civil war. they can suceede from the nation if they want, it is in thier state constitution to do so.

  7. For those with an iPhone, here’s an app and accessories to turn it into a Geiger counter:

    Might not be a bad app. I have an android phone so I guess I’ll have to wait.

  8. Hey MD, idea for next week. Enter “not having a facebook account” into the search engine and see what comes up. I read a rant about facebook on facebook about government information spiders, but I’m not sure how to copy-paste the article without crossing compartments.

  9. The Firearm blog had an article on a project using the RepRap 3D printer to print an open source singleshot .22 . Not really ready for primetime yet but it shows where the technology might be in the future. Not to mention some of the comments and flamewars are kind of funny. Even a couple of interesting links buried in them.

  10. Uncle Charlie says:

    What a load of crap. No president can hand over the power of the US to the UN even if he wanted which there is not rational basis to believe. I said rational for all you Muslim conspiracy theorists out there. It might be in the Texas constitution to secede, but it is not in the US constitution. It’s been tried before and it didn’t work then and would be even a worse idea now. It’s a good thing it failed then. Had it succeeded, the effect world history may have changed for the worse. The first civil war (war between the states) was the worst period of our history. As far as the red and blue state thing goes, it’s not black and white. Those colors may represent voting records or 55% to 45% and in most cases less and when you actually count all the people who didn’t vote it becomes even less clear. Perhaps this was a politician’s ploy to persuade a gullible constituency into approving a tax increase. What will they think of next?

    • village idiot says:

      Uncle Charlie, apparently you’ve been asleep for the past 3 1/2 years.

    • The “first civil war”? Do you mean The War of Northern Aggression?

      • Bam Bam, I use the same term: The War of Northern Aggression

        • I guess Canada is more progressive and civilized than the US is in the sense that any provence can legally secede . We have to kill people to get freedom from the government .

  11. South God’s country is ready to stand on our own.
    God bless the Republic of Texas.
    1st Texas Volunteers

    • village idiot says:

      Mexneck, my ancestors stood with Texas in the late unpleasantness, and whichever way Texas goes will decide it for me:

      James ______
      Co. G, The Three Creeks Rifles
      3rd Arkansas Infantry Regiment
      Hoods Texas Brigade
      Confederate States of America

      My daddy was born in Gonzalez, I was born in Dallas and raised near Abilene, and it’s still first in my heart.

    • That’s right Mexneck! God bless the Republic of Texas!

    • 1st Arizona is with you , our flag is a modified Confederate battle flag , just the red field , two blue bars with a large copper star in the intersection with a saguaro in front of it .

  12. Hypothetical question:

    Given that some on your political left are blaming Obama’s inability to fulfill all his promises on Republican obstructionism, if he is re-elected and manages to ressurrect your economy, doesn’t take your guns, etc. will the people that are saying he’s trying to destroy America admit they were wrong or will it be attributed to republican governors fostering growth despite Obama’s best attempts to ruin everything?

    Basically, I’m trying to get a handle on how much of american politics is, “their side is evil, our side is good.”

    • Dash,

      So you think Obama will “ressurrect your economy” if given four more years? It he does get re-elected I hope that you are correct, but after a first term of nothing but a downhill slide, blaming someone else and jaw flapping I doubt it. To be honest I don’t think Romney will be of much use either, but I’m willing to give him my vote because I don’t think he could do any worse than Obama.

      • mountain lady says:

        I guess I will do the same. I would prefer to give my vote to Ron Paul, but I can hold my nose long enough to vote against TDL. Why is it that the Repubs cannot field any decent candidates? McCain, Dole, is that the best they can find?

      • actualy,while I do think he stands a good chance o being re elected (53/47? ok, maybe not a GOOD chance) I don’t think he will revive the economy. I think y’all are too polarized for the kind of co-operation between parties that’s needed to make hard choices on things like defense spending and entitlement reform, and revenue generation. .

        Thing is, Obama didn’t cause the housing collapse, and even if he hasn’t been successful in reversing the slide, I don’t think he’s actively trying to destroy america the way a lot of posters seem to. IWhat I think of him is that he’s doing the best he can with the crappy situation he was landed with. I’m fairly certain (though I can’t claim to actually know) that Obama didn’t expect to have to deal with an economy that was in the toilet, when he started camaigning anymore than Bush expected 9/11 and the war in Afganistan.

        Anyways, it was a hypothetical question. IF obama is re elected and IF things improve, Then will people admit he wasn’t so bad, or will it be due to heroic republicans triumphing in the face of the evil democrats’

        • worrisome says:

          Dash, on another note. Obama spent a b load of money getting himself elected. Also there hasn’t been a president including George Washington who did not inherit thorny problems. Blaming others fixes nothing. Digging in and getting something done, does. Obama has failed to do anything…….leadership from behind? What utter load of crap is that.

    • worrisome says:

      So DAsh? do you have any skin in the game? Are you a US Citizen or are you from somewhere else?

      • If so I would advise to stay out of foreign politics , I would just try to understand my own nations politics as they will affect you first and directly . I dont even try to understand or get involved with other countries politics …………………perhaps because I’m an Isolationist and simply dont give a crap what they do .

      • Nope, I’m canadian. But I follow american politics because when America bumps its head, Canada wakes up with a headache. Canada could do everything right (we don’t), but if you guys explode we’re going to get hurt wrst of anyone outside your country because we’re tied so tightly to you.

        E.g. The housing collapse. Canada didn’t have a housing bubble, our banks didn’t collapse, but we did have a recession because our largest market had one and wasn’t buying

        Canadians need to watch american politics at least as closely as we watch our own

        • And that is why I am watching that happens on your SOTP…it is a global game, right now…and what happens on your SOTP, is soon at my door…cheers.

    • Dash,
      most preppers know there is no “good” side to any politician. It will be because of the people who will find a way to go around, through, above or if need be under the gubermint.

    • SurvivorDan says:

      There was no obstructionism for the first two years.
      The Left had a majority in both houses of Congress.
      Where was a budget? Where were the jobs?
      Where was Obama’s promise to go’ line by line’ (as he promised) – not allowing earmarks?
      No lobbyists in his administration like he promised? Hardly.
      He has choked off our full use of our natural petro resources by denying leases and use of EPA regulations.
      The corruption revealed in Fast and Furious.
      Selective enforcement by the Justice Department on so many issues. The rampant cronyism(theft) of stimulus funds to wealthy donors. The stealing of GM bond holders wealth and the subsequent transfer of a great portion of GM’s ownership to the unions.
      I could go on and on……..

      I, Swami-Dan see our future with Obama. I see the UN treaty on small arms signed. I see liberal judges flooding the courts. I see our old allies abandoned. I see certain ‘unnecessary’ categories of weapons banned for civilian use or possession. I see more debt piled on top of the mountain of debt that exists already. I see a culture of corruption flourishing. Our rights trampled on as the courts interpret the ‘living’ Constitution and reference precedent from OTHER countries. I see 55% of people beholden to the Federal largess and hence the Left gets a LOCK on the electorate. I see more dissidents going to the nut houses or jails. I see far more censorship of the press especially talk radio. Control of the internet is already in the worked and will be firmed up.

      Does anyone think this is just a matter of one side calling the other side evil? Really?!

      I assume your question was purely rhetorical to stimulate conversation. 😉

      • village idiot says:

        Hear hear! Well said, my friend.

      • It was indeed, rhetorical. Obama is getting blame for not fixing a problem he inherited, I wanted to know if he did manage to fix it would the credit flow to him. Judging from the responses, I reckon not

        Thanks for you’re thoughts. Gives me lots to think about on the tractor this afternoon

        • Obama’s to blame for not fixing HIS problem, of course.

          Sheeple have a short attention span, the incumbent will always get the blame. That’s why I’m voting for Obama. Let the whole thing fall apart in his second term. Not like anything the Repubs will do is going to save us anyway. Since I like the Dems slightly less, I’d rather they be the fall guys. Then maybe we’ll get a real choice in 2016, instead of trying to choose between these two losers.

      • I see civil war .

  13. button crazy says:

    You need to study Texas history a little better. The Republic Of Texas did sell their land to US. All Land titles go back to Stephen F. Austin. The Flag of Texas also flies at the Same Height as a US Flag. Being a born and raised in Texas and learning Texas history in school. If Texas does secede, it might be a good thing. As for Snopes . Com is not the best source for info. Do you believe everything you read. I do believe Romney is not any better either. But you need to vote in local elections up to the National election. It starts in your local elections and works it way to the National Elections. Be included in City, County, State polices and then the National.

    • worrisome says:

      Romney is not Obama, that at the present time is the reason I will vote for Romney. I will hold my nose but I will do it. Obama’s comment to the Russian on an open mic that he will have more “lattitude” after the election was enough for me. That is treason, plain and simple!

    • button crazy says:

      I meant to say Texas did not sell their land to US.

  14. Scott Gillespie says:

    I’m positive that the economy cannot be revived. It may stagger on for a couple more years as the U.S. fights the collapse tooth and nail, but I know it won’t survive. So, vote for Obama or Romney? I guess the question is whether you want a failed socialist/communist in the W.H. or a successful capitalist.

    I choose the successful capitalist.

    • SurvivorDan says:

      Romney and company may delay the inevitable. I’ll take a delay….

    • It will be like too many previous elections …… for the lesser of two evils ……….no real choice . We havent had a real choice in a very very long time . You do know that popular vote means nothing in a presidential election right ? in other words vote to voice your opinion ………but it doesn’t actually count until the electoral college is abolished .

  15. I think everyone should vote for Obama. If we go with Obama, we are likely to see continued gradual decline. If we go with Romney and the tax cuts on the rich are pass through Congress and entitlements cut, the welfare hoards will rise up against us. I am going to vote for Obama because I don’t have enough food and ammo stored up yet.

    • worrisome says:

      Sorry to hear that Bam Bam. I don’t think there will a gradual decline once the election is over, i think it will be a race to the bottom! If he is elected. No restrictions on him and the executive orders will fly. He has already stated he is going to install a green bank, he will continue to shut down your power sources ( there goes your electic bill); who knows what collusion he will incur with Russia, is he going to allow Israel to go it alone? There will be nationalization of other businesses as well.

      • SurvivorDan says:

        I think Bam Bam is pulling our legs. But she raises a point.
        I wasn’t going to vote for any FED but……
        Certainly Romney and not Obama would slow our demise a bit more. So Bam just gave me a good reason to vote for the GIANT HEAD.
        Romney it is!

    • I hope your joking or have been sampling some medicinal fruit cake today.

    • Hunker-Down says:

      Bam Bam,

      What nickname did your grandma give you????

    • button crazy says:

      Every one is allowed at this time to vote for whom ever you think is the person, that you want in that office. I do not agree with you.

  16. MENTALMATT says:

    Bam Bam please tell me you were kidding!

  17. ” Fear no danger ,shun no labor , pick up rifle pike and saber , to arms , to arms , to arms in Dixie ”
    It may be time again , hopefully Texas will start the ball rolling . Anything would be better than what Ocommi has planned .

  18. People in the possible path(s) of Isaac (tropical storm right now, but expected to become a hurricane), it’s time to get ready, I think. Lots of people weren’t ready last year for all the weather mayhem. I’m sure I’m preaching to the choir here, but thought I’s post anyway.

    “Looking back, she was ill-prepared for the storm and its aftermath. She felt that she got off extremely lucky walking away with “just a few scratches” to her body.
    She learned from her harrowing experience to keep a first-aid kit, flashlight, bicycle helmet, battery-powered radio, power generator and Meals Ready to Eat in her storm closet.”

    • Mt. Woman,

      We are ready. I doubt Isaac will become a major hurricane. The problem is that we’ve had twice as much rainfall in the past 90 days than we usually have. Today was the first day in three weeks that it dried out enough to mow the yard. The retention ponds all have standing water–that’s odd for Florida. We have sandy soil and the water usually absorbs in quickly.

      • Bam Bam…I have NO doubt you are ready for just about anything that comes your way. 🙂 And that is weird about the (sandy) soil being saturated. Something to keep an eye on….floods? Be safe.

        • Mt.Woman,

          Yes, the sand is saturated. We were biking this morning and many of the sidewalks were flooded out. Thank God we bought property on high ground.

          • Hate to bring up negative, but look out for sinkholes!! They seem to be happening a lot lately. Take care….

  19. Uncle Charlie says:

    MtWoman, thanks for getting back to prepping.

  20. Kevin JJ Kehoe says:

    ThisLEGAL Document Gives us all the authority and right we will ever NEED.

    We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. — That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, — That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness. Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shewn that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.

    My Equipment and this prayer provides me with all the Moral Help I need

    “Hearken, we beseech thee, O Lord, to our prayers, and deign to bless with the right hand of thy majesty this sword with which this Thy servant desires to be girded, that it may be a defense of churches, widows, orphans and all thy servants against the scourge of the pagans, that it may be the terror and dread of other evildoers, and that it may be just both in attack and defense.”

    Flori, Essor de la Chevalerie, 90-2 for discussion; text, 379.

    In the End may we all be as proud of each other as we are for those men and women on the wall.

  21. Old USAF Nurse says:

    Sad, no one seems to recognize the significance of the beheading.

    • I only see another reason WHY our forefathers wanted #1. freedom of religion, and #2. Separation of church and state . They could see the evil created by the roman catholic church ( at the time ) and didnt want another inquisition started in the new world any time later .Radical muslims are no different than Christians were for hundreds of years , the fact that Christianity in this stage of the game has mellowed out doesn’t take away the fact that they created as many atrocities for centuries in the name of god . just sayin

    • Hunker-Down says:

      I refuse to look at the video.

      The man’s faith says all that needs to be recognized.

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