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They Are Getting Ready: “No Obvious Reason” For Why China Is Massively Boosting Stockpiles of Rice, Iron Ore, Precious Metals, Dry Milk : “If a 400% year-over-year increase in rice stockpiles isn’t enough to convince you the Chinese are preparing for a significant near-term event.”

Gun Sales At Record Levels This December : The NICS (National Instant Criminal Background Check System) has received 1,534,414 requests from gun dealers in order to complete gun sales across the United States.

PANIC: One Million AR-15 Magazines On Backorder : “According to the gun review site, “Haus of Guns,” backorders for the Magpul AR-15 30-round magazine (“PMAG”) have surpassed one million.”

Congratulations Mr. Obama, you are the most anti-gun president in American History – but you sir are directly, responsible for putting more firearms (many are those so-called “assault weapons”), “full capacity 30 round magazine” and ammo into civilian circulation than any other “president” in the history of this country. We now have enough guns, magazines and ammo to last for decades. Thank you sir.

But I have to ask… would it have not made more sense from your “anti-Second Amendment point of view, to have not went after the guns and instead concentrate your efforts on real solutions in the aftermath of Sandy Hook, like increasing school security? Oh ya, and the folks stocking up are not doing so because they are planning on hand those items over to you because you’ve sign some “executive order” saying we have to. 😀

We’re now one step closer to America’s coming civil war : “Far from adding to people’s standard of living, government is the number one cause of poverty in this country.”

West Coast Raccoons Experiencing Outbreak Of Brain Cancer After Discovery Of New Virus : “A mysterious new virus on the West Coast is believed to be causing fatal brain cancer in raccoons — an alarming sign given the animals’ frequent interactions with humans and the fact that tumors of any type were previously rarely found in the animals.”

Fiscal Cliffhanger: A Study in Government Fear Mongering : You’re being scammed. Conned. Deceived.

Federalism and the 10th Amendment : “Did you know that a revolution has erupted in the United States?”

The Sandy Hook School Massacre: Unanswered Questions and Missing Information : “Inconsistencies and anomalies abound when one turns an analytical eye to news of the Newtown school massacre.”

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  1. riverrider says:

    that china one scares me….now that we have the guns we need to concentrate on food more. thats the way they will try to control us. store enough for you and some to support the resistance….. just minutes ago biden announced their true intent to circumvent the constitution by using executive orders instead of legislation. they don’t see anything wrong with that. biden will meet with the nra today, likely will blow them off, but he can’t say he wasn’t warned. gun appreciation day, jan 19th. visit a gun store,range, whatever. ….on a good note, va gov looking into alt currency, cancelling state tax on gas, meeting a school security counsel today (not gun control counsel). “rally on the virginians!”

    • China? Sounds like my house.

      You often wonder if they see possible problems coming or are going to start them.

  2. Re: PANIC & AR-15 magazines—–It works the same as book banning attempts in libraries. The more publicity the banning attempt gets, the more people want to read the book. I always try to have those books in the library, it’s good for our circulation figures and rubs the banner’s noses in their own stupidity.

  3. Tactical G-Ma says:

    I am not surprised at any of the topics in today’s misc. I find them SOS.

    What puzzles me is that the pres is meeting with Walmart today re gun control. Walmart has a strong relationship with China. So why? They don’t run advertisements for firearms. I think any of the major outfitters would be a better source of sales and merchandizing. Walmart is looking out for Walmart’s interests only.

    Also, state and local law enforcement armories are running short on certain ammo. Right…..Maybe the IRS can loan them some.

    Last but not least, has anyone made venison chilli with beans that they have pressure canned and didn’t taste overcooked when opened. Also, pinto or kidney beans?

    I am not seeing one disaster effecting us all but there are so many disasters that we all are looking at trying times ahead, especially the cost of food and goods and services. Keep prepping. It is the only way people of modest means will be able to survive.

    • Ok, fair warning. Can. Worms. Opener. First mistake is putting beans in chili to begin with, don’t make me get out the Austin, Texas newspaper clipping….lol. Yeah, I’m one of those “beans have no place in chili” guys. Pintos on the side maybe but never in my chili.

      As long as I’ve made chili I’ve always split the meat into two parts. First half went in at the beginning. Second half towards the end. That way you have a fresh meat taste instead of the flat overcooked one. Might try adding some fresh meat just before the canning process or when warming up your canned chili. Or just can the sauce and the, um, urk, beans and cook the meat in that when it’s meal time. Or it could just need a shot of vinegar or other acid. Lot’s of times when a food dish tastes flat or like something is missing a bit of acid does the trick to brighten the flavor.

      • Tactical G-Ma says:

        My DH says the same thing about the beans so whatever I do will be half with and half without. But putting meat in last is a good idea.

    • axelsteve says:

      Tactical G- Ma
      Being a komradfornian, Walmart pulled out of the gunsales here many years ago. They still sell ammo though not much lately.Well it sells out so fast that you can`t tell that they sell it.Today i made a batch of beans .It is a combanation of black and pinto beans.

      • Rob in Ontario says:

        Walmart here also stopped selling guns years ago and still sells ammo –

        • Rob in Ontario,

          My local Walmart had a shelf full of AR-15’s but sold them all the day after the Sandy Hook incident, now they have none and their ammo is nearly empty…

      • Tactical G-Ma says:

        My having met you and some of the others from the west coast has helped me see not all Californians are bad Americans! Lol!

        Also. I love beans!

  4. I can’t help but wonder if they meeting with the retailers isn’t about a federal subsidy for NOT selling some things.

    • Tactical G-Ma says:

      I think you might have hit the nail on the head.

    • JP, you are a suspicious, low minded person. Now that you mention it, I wonder the same thing. Don’t know why I missed that.

      • Ah Crap:

        Perhaps I have spent too many years with people who try to find out the why and when. We just try to get ahead of the “power curve”.

        Remember what I said about “true believes”.

  5. axelsteve says:

    I was thinking that maybe the raccoons brain tumors are coming from eating crops planted with monsatan seeds .Magpull may have to offshore some production to catch up on past orders. Adding a second or third shift may also do it if they have not yet.

  6. Cockroaches, traffic and Nickelback – more popular than Congress
    (Even colonoscopies were higher on the list than Congress….lol)–.html

    Capitol Hill least productive Congress ever: 112th fought ‘about everything’
    Personally I think that’s a good thing. The less they can get done the better.

  7. Mystery Guest says:

    Well seems things will only get worse Ashley Judd is thinking of maybe/maybe not runnimg for office.
    She’s a good actress but she won’t have a script to go by so she will be ad-libbing. She maybe able to learn and quote stuff in rote, but she is daft at best in the marble department.
    She and more than a few others should have duh! at the end of their names.

    • Alittle2late says:

      What do you mean all the people on capitol hill have a script! or is that agenda?

      • Mystery Guest says:

        No she as an actress won’t be able to do her job if it isn’t scripted.
        She will have to memorize her lines as she won’t know what is on for the daily shoot (whoops maybe the wrong term).
        She already has an agenda and it ain’t good.

      • Alittle2late,
        I don’t think Biden or Palosi use scripts. Who in their right mind would have scripted the message that we needed to pass Obamacare to find out what is in it? No scripts, just an agenda and only a few working brain cells.

  8. Rodger Ramjet says:

    You don’t know even the half of the China story. You hear about the rice imports; what you don’t hear about are the massive imports of baby formula. Yeah, China has a quality control problem with their own baby formula, but the government has taken steps to rectify the problem. In spite of this, there are huge shortages down here In Aussie land. Stores are rationing formula because, not only is the Chinese government importing massive amounts of formula, the Chinese immigrants here are buying everything they can and sending it home.

    Something else to consider, China owns huge amounts of Australia, mostly natural resources. Also, you know how China requires an exit visa for their citizens? They practically encourage their citizens to immigrate to Australia. Lastly, anyone ready books by Tom Clancy? Debt of Honor and The Bear and the Dragon both specifically mention the “Northern Resource Area.” This refers to Siberia. What he doesn’t know about or mention, is the Southern Resource Area, which is Australia.

    The buying up of Australian natural resources by the Chinese is actively encouraged by the current Prime Minister, Julia Guillard. You want to hear some interesting things about Julia? She is a staunch supporter of Obozo. She also isn’t a native Australian, but from Wales. She got to be the PM when she was the VP equivalent in a literal coup by a made up scam to unseat the legal PM. Now for the kicker: prior to entering the political arena, she was the secretary for the Australian communist party.

    What is really sad is that 95% of Australians can’t put two and two together. My wife and I are actively trying to get back to the U.S. As bad as it is with the rights situation there, at least the Chinese can’t take over the country…yet.

  9. Gary in Bama says:

    Everyone is making to much of gun control every one should be willing to turn over their firearms. MUZZLE FIRST AND FIRING RAPIDLY!!!!!!

  10. The Last American says:

    Went to a local Farm Store today, got the last 4 boxes of .38 ammo. All that remained when I left was 1 box of 9mm and two boxes of .44 mag.

    Usually they have easy 200+ boxes of handgun ammo. Only guns in the rack were 2 Mossberg 835’s..that was it!

    Heard on the radio that the NRA said after their meeting with Barry, “It was more about destroying the 2nd amedment than saving the lives of little kids”. Go figure?

    • Tactical G-Ma says:

      NRA met with VP Biden. At that time they were told what the VP is taking to the POTUS. There was no conversation, no detente, no sharing of ideas. Mr. Biden has drawn a line in the sand. It’s not going to be pretty.

  11. livinglife says:

    If the country is disarmed its real easy for Islamic radicals to take over. Now the only thing they can do is a few terror strikes, no way to do a show of force currently.
    The best thing Barry Sotero has done for the economy is talk of a gun ban.

  12. Another article about the woman that protected her kids by shooting the intruder.

  13. And another aritlce on the Texas Tracking Chips for school kids.

    “Garcia said that if Hernandez does not accept the school district’s accommodation of wearing a badge without the tracking chip, the district can transfer her to another campus.”

    So… you’ll either do it our way or we’ll boot ya.

  14. private idaho says:

    when i was a little kid my grandmother used to tell me about living in germany and how hitler came to power. you know im starting to see some similarities, like gun control, depressed economy, massive socialist programs and the like.

  15. The National Rifle Association’s paying member ranks have grown by 100,000 in the wake of the December school shooting in Newtown, Conn., the organization told Politico on Thursday.

    In the days since the Dec. 14 massacre — in which a gunman armed with a military-style assault weapon and high-capacity magazines shot and killed 26 people, including 20 young children — the NRA’s membership increased from 4.1 million to 4.2 million, Politico’s Mike Allen reports.

    • I really wish people would stop saying that monster used an assault rifle. The pictures shown when it happened were 2 hand guns. One Sig, one Glock. The media turned it into an assault rifle. There was a rifle, found in the back seat of the car. Despite what Washington, (and every other state government), want you to believe, rifles cant walk and shoot themselves….

      • My understanding is that there was an AR-15 left in the car, and that the authorities are not releasing any of the detailed information on the scene or the guns involved. I’m not generally a tin foil hat kind of person, but this makes me wonder, a lot.

  16. TALLAHASSEE, Fla. — Authorities say a Florida Panhandle man has been arrested after he tried to rob a convenience store with a cattle prod but was thwarted by a clerk with a gun.

    The Leon County Sheriff’s Office says 26-year-old Lance Tomberlin went into a store just outside Tallahassee on January 2, produced the cattle prod and demanded money from the clerk. Officials say he shocked the clerk several times before the clerk pulled a handgun.

    It’s a shame the clerk didn’t use said gun after being shocked.

  17. China stockpiling ? well , their money is also worthless , ANY unbacked currency is worthless . China has also written off Russia’s debt , now lets see if Russia starts stockpiling …………if so , then there is probably something up that is not good for us .

  18. Making “strike-anywhere” matches. Looks interesting:

  19. Ok…not prepping related but I just had to share.

    Hybrid and electric cars, typically far quieter than their more conventional counterparts, could soon be required to make more noise while they’re traveling down the road.

    A rule proposed Monday by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration would require that automakers install devices on hybrids and electrics that make additional noise when the car is traveling at or below 18 miles per hour, when it’s stationary or in reverse.

    They definitely wont be coming after my Flowmastered V8 with 33 inch mudders. Mater of fact I was told right before Christmas at a trooper checkpoint that they had been wondering when I’d finally get there. Evidently they had been listening to those 33’s talk for a while.

    • SW,
      For once I see a government action that isn’t a bad thing on two counts:
      1. There are blind and visually impaired folks who use the sound of the engine to help them cross the street.
      2. There could be a whole new market for “engine sounds” just like we now sell ring tones.
      BTW, I’m not kidding about #1 (Hmmm, or perhaps not #2)

  20. When someone as mainstream as Arthur Herman sees a possible civil war coming perhaps more people will take notice?

    • Good thing about all revolutions , is that you can make a purge of all those deemed undesirable . This in our case means all left leaning people and the dissolving of the democratic party . This happend after the first revolution when all the tories and british sympathizers were forced to leave .

      • Tactical G-Ma says:

        Just who gets to determine who is undesirable? A lot of my kin are God fearing, hard working, law abiding, Democrats. Purging sounds a lot like skin head talk. So you kinda sound like you belong to one of those parties we don’t even mention here. Are you a prepper or something else?

  21. Perhaps we’re looking at this 2nd amendment thing the wrong way. After all of the stimulus (for his cronies) and taxation of the rich (to be fair), he’s actually figured out a way to help the unemployment number. Threatening the gun rights, which almost guarantees full employment including overtime pay, for thousands of people working in the arms and ammunition industries. I know that the investment I made in Sturm Ruger and Company (Ticker: RGR) is not only up nicely, but just paid a fat dividend, that will help me in my old age. Yes, I’m sure of it; That’s the ticket, LOL.

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