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10 Hilarious Examples Of How Clueless Our Leaders Are About The Economy : “Sadly, many Americans are not even going to see the crash coming because they still have faith in the “experts”.  They haven’t figured out that the “experts” really do not know what they are doing.”

Colorado lawmakers approve sweeping gun-control measures : “Both chambers of the majority Democratic Colorado legislature approved a package of four gun-control measures on Wednesday.”

The T-states and gun control : “The T-States are Tennessee and Texas; linked in brotherly bond since early days. No one really knows how many guns there are in the T-States, however a guess of 3 to 6 per resident beyond the age of 15 might not be exorbitant.”

Economist: Cut government budget by 98% or risk complete economic collapse : “It’s like when you have an old, unstable building that will collapse sooner or later; it’s wiser and safer to bring it down at a time and in a way you control than to let it collapse on its own, with no warning to those around.”

U.S. to let spy agencies scour Americans’ finances : “The Obama administration is drawing up plans to give all U.S. spy agencies full access to a massive database that contains financial data on American citizens and others who bank in the country.”

Wisconsin Department of Education – Whites Are Born Racist And Privileged : “If you have kids in Wisconsin government schools, be on the lookout for what VISTA is teaching them. Especially if you happen to be white.”

Weaver vs. Isosceles: What’s best for you? : “These two systems can be compared to a “hard” style of martial art versus a “soft” style.”

How To Drill Your Own Water Well : “Digging a water well yourself is both interesting and fun. Having your own water well can save you a lot of money.”

Book of the day : How to Disappear: Erase Your Digital Footprint, Leave False Trails, and Vanish without a Trace – this one could be useful in the near future… as could this one and this one.

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  1. Mystery Guest says:

    “Whites are born racist and privileged”
    BS, BS, BS.
    These morons have the mental aquity of a nats a**.
    They were not in my family and lived the life I lived.
    They are handing out a truck load of crap.
    When did being white really give you a heads up. Privileged, kiss my southern most hind parts.
    That has been a lie handed down since pre-mid-and especially post Civil War.
    The ones handing out this bull are the biggest RACISTS ever known to mankind.
    All of them can eat dirt.

    • Divide and conquer, and to keep the conquered down come up with propaganda to keep them divided. Read Sun Tzu (The Art of War) and it becomes painfully obvious.

  2. #1. Many of us are still wondering if we are prepping for the right reasons. If you look at what is holding up the US economy, it is simply the confidence that things will get better. Nothing substantial. If confidence falls, this economy will free-fall. Look at the “shortages” of guns and ammo. And it is only a small percentage of the population that this is effecting. We here on this blog, see more of it because it’s something most of us are involved in. Wait until this happens with food. As prices rise substantially, people will again buy it at a faster rate than normal (just like guns and ammo now). Rumors will start flying about how the government and the rich are “hording” food. The riots will start in the major cities, which are much more dependent on multi-daily truck shipments to keep the shelves stocked (here it’s once every 3-4 days).

    So, if you just take the current “crisis” on guns and ammo, substitute the word “food”, multiply the number of people involved by 95% of the population vs. 5%, you can see where this is going.

    Keep prepping and keep safe.

    • Backwoods Prepper says:

      JP, You hit the nail on the head. I think it should hurry up and happen. It is what we need to turn this country around.

      • Yeah, I want to eat my food storage before it goes bad 23 years from now. I don’t want to be old and feeble at 85 when it happens!

    • Rider of Rohan says:

      You, sir, are smarter than the average bear! Your post should be required reading for every American.

      • No doubt! But even if this was read at least 50% still wouldn’t comprehend the actual context of JP in MT’s statement.

        Molon Labe

  3. riverrider says:

    i looked all over town yesterday for junk silver. none to be had, and no eagles either. that tells me its bad, and at least some people know it…..colorado citizens need to be marching in the street screaming for recall elections. from what i’ve read, the people were overwhelmingly against any more gun control, but the reps sold them out to outsiders…..born racist? well, not a racist, but i admit to what would be called prejudice. when you meet 100 people of a certain group and they are all buttheads, it becomes a logical conclusion that the next one of that group you meet will be a butthead too. what makes one racist is that you don’t allow said person to overcome the conclusion with their actions. now that one of their’s has become president, their argument carries no water. time to man/woman up and get on with it.

    • Rider of Rohan says:

      You are right, my friend. Shortages of certain items are becoming more and more common. Doxycycline can’t be had, nor silver Eagles as you say, much less most ammo. I couldn’t even get one stinking silver Eagle for my grandson’s birthday, which I give him one each year. After reading JP’s post, I went online and ordered some more food. Depressing. And there are years more of this crud.

  4. Tactical G-Ma says:

    Why not tell us how you really feel about it!:-)
    (I feel the same.)

    • Mystery Guest says:

      Tactical G-Ma
      I didn’t say half of what was really on my mind. And had to duck (yes, purists I know it is duct) tape on my mouth and remain a lady.
      I would like to snatch them and quite a few others bald headed.

      • tommy2rs says:

        It was called duck tape long before it was called duct tape. There’s still a brand that is Duck Tape

        The first name for Duct Tape was DUCK. During World War II the U.S. Military needed a waterproof tape to keep the moisture out of ammunition cases. So, they enlisted the Johnson and Johnson Permacel Division to manufacture the tape. Because it was waterproof, everyone referred to it as “duck” tape (like water off a duck’s back). Military personnel discovered that the tape was good for lots more than keeping out water. They used it for Jeep repair, fixing stuff on their guns, strapping equipment to their clothing… the list is endless.

        After the War, the housing industry was booming and someone discovered that the tape was great for joining the heating and air conditioning duct work. So, the color was changed from army green to the silvery color we are familiar with today and people started to refer to it as “duct tape*.” Therefore, either name is appropriate.

        • Mystery Guest says:

          Yeah, you posted this before.
          Great information. We should keep a pile on hand just in case.
          I use it for lablels on my buckets so they can be removed if the contents change.
          The roll I have now is sticky as all get out an real thin.
          The roll I had before was thicker and a little less sticky.
          Go, figure.

          • Sw't Tater says:

            Tape…Get “DUCK ” brand it is worth it…
            I have some friends that live in a large urban area, They truly believe they will be able to go to the grocery store anytime there is a need…They think the grocery store is large enough there will be no shortages. Even far away,our stores get 2 regular shipments a week.Many times certain things are not available until the next shipment. My conclusion is, some ppl. just don’t understand self-sufficiency

        • Tactical G-Ma says:

          During Vietnam we called it hundred mph tape. The holes in the choppers were covered with it.

          • Dean in Michigan says:


            That term, 100 mph tape, survived Vietnam, cause we called it that at Ft. Bragg in ’96.

  5. charlie (NC) says:

    I spent a good deal of time poking around on that “drill your own
    well” site. That’s a great resource! If you haven’t already done so,
    spend some time reading it and put it in your bookmarks.
    LOTS of good information there.

  6. WYO Ryder says:

    Dear MD & Wolf Pack,

    Does anyone have any thoughts on when the debt bubble will burst or when some type of shit will hit the fan? It seems to me some of us are well connected with the military, or state of fed government or have the financial expertise to read the markets…perhaps without breaking individual OPSEC, they could somehow share.. Or anyone, just speculate a time frame and their rationale for it?

    Please don’t think me a complete moron in asking for such a discussion…. I understand that there are a number of major catastrophes that can precipitate or cause a societal collapse. And maybe only God knows for sure. Just really curious to hear what others think without fear or panic involved. We are all trying to be logical and steadfast preppers and to hold each other up, God bless us all! um, thanks in advance.

    • riverrider says:

      wyo, i’m no prophet but the signs i read are telling me soon, very soon. my normalcy bias acts against this, but when silver is cheap but still in short supply something is up. when .gov is prepping at breakneck pace to do battle in the homeland, something is up. when the billionaires are bugging out of financial stocks and consumer stocks as well, something is up. when the stock market is on a run up while the economy around me is in a freefall, something is up. when people don’t want gun control but their “reps” do it anyway, something is up.(they are not affaid for their jobs for some reason). i don’t know anything more than the next guy, but i think this summer will tell the tale. and i said the same thing last spring, LOL!

      • RR,

        You forgot to add, “When the president says there is no debt problem . . . .”

      • Don’t feel bad RR, I’m always early too.

        But, right now, all my best friends call me cash.

        Just keep this in mind folks, if you’re involved in the markets. It’s far better to get out early and miss out on a few dollars of profit than it is to try to time the very top and miss. If your even one minute late when it goes over the top, you will not be able to get out until it settles again somewhere. The folks who hung on too long in ’08 ended up riding it sown 40 or 50 percent before it leveled off. The way it looks, it could be worse this time.

        Any guesses as to when though would be pure speculation. If I could do that I would be INCREDIBLY wealthy. Just know that early if FAR better than late.

    • Hunker-Down says:

      WYO Ryder,

      my2 c.

      Many events outside the US could take us down: EMP either from the sun or any one of several countries, or maybe a pandemic.

      The one that I think is already baked into our future is a rise in interest rates. A small rise will mean the governments debt load will become more costly. The fed will respond with faster money generation. A rise in interest rates will grease the greed glands of the bankers and they will start to make loans to the man on the street. That man will buy goods, indirectly causing inflation and the cost of money will again increase. The fed will print more, we will borrow more and spend more and push up inflation and the interest on the governments debt. A few laps around this circle and we will be in hyperinflation. No one can afford groceries, therefore we will be at war with our government and our neighbors. Travel will be hazardous and deliveries will stop. Stores will not be resupplied and shortly the electric grid will shut down.

      But maybe a pandemic will get here first.

    • As long as the Federal Reserve can preserve their scam of providing perpetual cashflow to the government, then it can continue almost indefinitely. However, the cracks are starting to appear in the Fed’s facade. I agree with riverrider in that you will be able to tell how near we are to collapse by what else is going on around you, not by the SO-CALLED economic experts. It is their job to keep the lie going and keep the sheeple asleep.

    • Tactical G-Ma says:

      Wyo Ryder,
      Re. the debt bubble:
      I believe there are enough powers whose interests are best served by keeping us afloat. There are now more sinister concerns abroad that will (at least historically speaking) require our participation in containing. As long as the morons in DC keep us friendly with the right folks we may actually see a slowed dissipation rather than a burst. We have seen this several times where scare tactics are used as a political ploy. If the worst does happen, we should see the effects start this summer. I say plan for the worst and pray for the best. If the government does close up, or quit sending out checks, there will be many of us in the same situation. Remember the serenity prayer. Some things we have no control over. Keep prepping and quit watch the news so much.

      • Tactical G-Ma, I think you made some valuable points. The last thing the big guys want is a collapse, and a lot of them are very worried that one could happen. Slow dissipation is a hope of a couple of very good professional money managers I have known for years, and they seem to think that the feds are doing at least a reasonable job of that so far. The big concern is that they may make a big mistake, or something beyond their control will happen.

        The current rate of inflation is not wildly out of control, but interest rates are well below the inflation rate, which means that savers are effectively paying a tax on their captal that few would tolerate if it was made an explicit tax.

        The federal government is in a major bind, with no easy way out. If they keep interest rates at near zero they discourage savings and penalize savers. That hit retirees really hard, but retirees are the people with money.

        If they raise interest rates the cost of servicing the existing government debt would skyrocket as old bonds come due and new ones have to be issued at higher rates. The feds can’t afford to have the already huge debt payments double, or triple, or quaduple: the fedral government can’t raise taxes enough to cover that new spending which wouldn’t do anything productive but prevent a default. A default would collapse the world economy.

        It’s a scary time for the pros who aren’t dating Rosie Scenario, and that’s why so many are sitting on piles of cash and government bonds: they know that they are getting hurt by inflation, paying income taxes on “gains” which are actually losses to inflation, but they are afraid to jump into new investments when they have no idea what the new costs of regulations and taxes will be.

        Their outlook seems to be: We are all screwed, but with some luck it will remain endurable with a slow dissipation rather than a collapse, so they are pushing for policies which hurt a lot of people some, rather than destroying the world economy.

        A lot of big money people are putting assets into natural resources like good quality farmland on the theory that no matter how bad things get, we all need to eat, so farmland will retain value. Not necessarily as much as they paid, but far from worthless. Also, of course, mines. Basic stuff we all need to buy frequently.

        China is buying big chunks of American farmland and dramatically increasing their gold reserves, and China is not full of stupid people. Their elite is also in an interesting bind: the politicians have used their power to amass billions of dollars in personal wealth (a lot in the names of extended family members rather than their own), but they know that if they are going to hang on to their wealth they have to transition China to a much less corrupt political system with much stronger guarantees of property rights free from arbitrary government confiscation. That militates in favor of stability instead of collapse. Fingers crossed.

        I think taxes need to be raised a lot on the middle and lower economic classes. Right now something like 48% of Americans don’t pay taxes, so they have every incentive to demand higher government spending because they don’t pay for any of it. I think we all ought to be paying our share of government precisely because that will act as a brake: if almost all of us have to pay for what we demand, we will stop demanding so much. That is such a tough sell though, that not even the allegedly responsible Republicans are willing to make it.

        I don’t know if we will suffer a collapse. So far we have avoided it, but as they say, past performance is no guarantee of future performance. A Middle Eastern nuclear war, a Pakistan vs India nuclear war, North Korea bombing South Korea, would make all bets off.

        I think this is a good time to spread out our bets, keep heads down, hope for the best and prepare for the worst. Some fixed rate mortgage debt, which would be great in serious inflation, some cash, some investments in basic industries, some precious metals (but with prices already so high it is a lousy time to be buying much…unless inflation skyrockets. It might, but then it might stay ‘moderate’).

        There are no safe bets right now, except spreading out one’s assets as well as possible, and staying flexible. Keep the fixed costs down, keep liquid enough to pay many months of mortgage payments if we possibly can. And keep as much food as one can, and the means to defend it and ourselves.

        And keep optimistic. Whatever mistakes we make, we are at least aware of real problems, and making preparations. Some of those will help, and maybe we will avoid the big collapse. If we don’t, we will at least be better off than most.

        • Hunker-Down says:

          Where in history can we find a society that relied on a fiat currency and survived?

          • Weimar Germany and Zimbabwe and Hungary…oh…um…wait…maybe not…

            I have a Zimbabwe 100 Trillion dollar bill taped to the refrigerator. That was a new world record for inflation currency. Pretty sobering, especially when you realize that all sorts of other traumas went along with the inflation.

            That’s where people with some fixed rate debt like a mortgage make out like bandits. The worse the inflation, the less their debt is worth. You do have to be able to keep making the payments though. A job which isn’t lost to the economic disruptions, with pay which at least pretty much keeps up with inflation, is important. Enough gold to sell a bit every month to pay the mortgage is also important in case the job evaporates.

            The problem is to avoid putting all your bets on one thing. I bought some gold in 1980 and it hasn’t gotten back up to the same same value. I didn’t put a huge chunk of my savings into gold, but if I had I would have taken a huge hit when Reagan clamped down on inflation, and the price of gold and silver collapsed.

            I think of gold as insurance, not something to make money with. Insurance costs something, so it is about spreading out risk. Which of course is exactly what all insurance is about.

            Preppers’ stored food is a form of insurance, and the part which is our daily stuff like canned goods, rice, and pasta is extremely low cost insurance because we would be buying it at some point anyway. It is very low cost disaster insurance.

            Fiat currency? Seems more like disaster assurance. But that is whatbwe are stuck with for now.

    • Some of thoughts from this soldier that has recently departed the service may be a bit dated. Take any of this for what it’s worth.

      Starting 2008, the US Army began rotating combat brigades on 1 year stints stateside to respond to domestic crisis. The first brigade assigned to such duty was stationed in Ft. Stewart, Ga. Many in the senior ranks viewed this as code words for either general rioting or race riots in conjunction with the fallout of the 2008 Presidential elections and economic downturn. These tours were still on going when I left the service even though this original “crisis” never came to pass.

      While I do not like feeding the beast far as paranoia is concerned, even the DoD think tanks have been running scenarios with economic collapse and EMP attack as the backdrop for the scenario. We have groups of people just dedicated to churning out these what ifs. One scenario I heard of was how to keep the military together and pay the rank and file in event the financial system collapsed. Another was to keep the lights on and troops fed under a similar premise. None of these what-ifs I have run across discuss the time frame of when this might happen. It has always been more of an after the fact how do we clean this mess up.

      The problem, even from my perspective, is it is hard to discern what is regular training and what is tied to one of those what-if scenarios. The only one in recent memory that strikes me as unusual was the sending of personnel to Wall Street.

      The recent reports of military units conducting training in US cities is raising some eyebrows. The training regimen is changing for many units. Any explanation I can give you at this time would be pure conjecture on my part. I just do not have enough information at this time to make a viable opinion on this. My contacts that are still in the service know as much as we do at this point regarding this change in training. Their mission focus, at this time, still has them working outside the United States.

      Please keep this firmly in your mind about DoD public affairs officers and the statements they give. They are not there to tell the truth. They are there to control the outflow of information and spin it in a particular manner as to paint the particular branch of service in a positive light.

      • As far as paying the ranks, I read where a bill passed during a state of emergency, the gov’t by presidential order can seize your property. That includes food, house, money, land, car, everything that describes property.

        • Sw't Tater says:

          …don’t forget, that same order includes personell, and they don’t have to pay you…

    • Sw't Tater says:

      I was reading a “report ” yesterday that said, the end of the petro- dollar, will be very soon,GUY actually gave it a date, in this month due to most other countries finding work around/ (other currency and barters) to using our dollar to buy oil..they think that will be startin’ down hill, and from there the predictions are 3-12 months..
      Of course the more money they print the worse inflation will become here, if others don’t use the dollar, then who will be caught in inflation? I’d guess anyone who receives dollars. Berkshares are used in some area of Mass. …wonder how that is working out? Barter things of equal value? No money, no difference in values…”I’ll borrow your shovel for a week and you can borrow my hoe for the same week…”
      Get ready Here she comes… get the things most crucial.. for self and barter.IMHO

  7. #6 – Anyone who has ever raised a child knows that no child is born racist but taught to be that way by those in their environment.

    #8 – I want a well in my yard “for my garden.” This might come in handy. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Dean in Michigan says:

    Speaking of racist……..

    Emergency Financial Manager has just been implemented in Detroit. Bankruptcy will soon follow, as the city is far beyond repair. Will be the largest city to ever file for bankruptcy.

    This just days after the ex-mayor was convicted on RICO charges and looking at serious time. Other city officials are also charged or already doing time for looting the city funds. However, many city residents ( who are 90% black) choose to view this as a hostile take over by a white governor.

    Small scale protesting is already happening, but city council and local self proclaimed pastors are urging the population to ramp it up. DPD already understaffed and over worked.

    Soldiers on the streets soon, would be my guess.

    • Prayers for MentalMatt and his colleagues in Detroit–may cool heads prevail.

    • NYC declared bankruptsy under Mayor Lindsey as the largest city to file, but it didn’t have the poverty like Detroit. If it gets bad, it will remind me of the race riots back in “67 when a friend and I drove by Detroit seeing flames and chaos on the way to a polish community.

    • The governor appointed Kevyn Orr, a highly qualified black man, to lead Detroit through bankruptcy. (The man’s race is relevant in that most folks in Detroit are poor and ignorant. Had the governor appointed a white man, there surely would have been riots–1967 all over.) BTW, Orr is the same guy that got GM out of hot water. The big question is whether, or more likely, the degree to which, the Obama administration will bailout Detroit.

      • Detroit would likely benefit from quite few troops in the streets. Troops in the streets are not necessarily the worst thing. Depends on what they are tasked with. Preventing riots and looting? I’m all in favor of them for those purposes. Preventing the peaceful political process for proceeding, not so much.

  9. Draq wraith says:

    Anyone watching the Dow lie to the people?
    Everytime the stocks in the industrial average tank they drop those and pick up others. Anyone know what the entire make up of the original stocks in it were?

  10. M.D., I am very upset that there is nothing on Fat Homosexual Woman or Justin Beiber’s tattoos today. Please try harder for tomorrow’s miscellany.

    Also all of this “End of the World” stuff is scaring my 24 cats, 12 dogs, and Pico my Parrot, so try to tone it done a bit please.

    I guess I’ll go hang out at Mac Salvo’s site and lean how the Zionist Bankers are responsible for everything from a bad haircut to cancer.


  11. I am not white. The white folks I grew up with were just as poor as me. Do ya think if they had the “awareness” that they were born privileged and racist that would make them so, since most that I knew seemed not to have had this inherent “awareness”? This garbage is just plain stupid racist propaganda promoted by bigoted liberals who hate anyone who is not a flaming LIBERAL. But then, that’s just my little humble conservative opinion.

    • Rider of Rohan says:

      Methinks you know of what you speak. It is in the interests of some to never let the racism problem be solved, even when or if it’s solved. When a black man as unqualified and frankly hateful to his own country can be elected President twice, and when conservatives put forth black candidates such as Herman Cain, Allen West, and Tim Scott, I just don’t see racism as the major problem in the US. I hope I’m making sense to you.

    • Mystery Guest says:

      Thank you I appreciate the honesty.

  12. God bless Texas LOL

    Thursday’s debate included a fiery clash between Feinstein, D-Calif., the ban’s author, and outspoken freshman conservative Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas. Cruz said Feinstein’s bill would create exceptions to the Second Amendment and asked her if she would favor exemptions to the First Amendment’s freedom of speech by denying that right to certain books.

    “I’m not a sixth-grader,” said a visibly upset Feinstein. She described her decades in Congress involved in gun control debates and said, “I’m reasonably well-educated, and thank you for the lecture.”

    The committee eventually approved the legislation on a party-line vote.

    Assault Weapons Ban Approved By Senate Judiciary Committee

    WASHINGTON — Democrats pushed an assault weapons ban through a Senate committee on Thursday

    Thursday’s vote marked the fourth gun control measure the committee has approved in a week and shifted the spotlight to the full Senate

    “Americans are looking to us for solutions and for action,” said Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Patrick Leahy, D-Vt. He said that despite gun-rights advocates’ claims, the Second Amendment’s right to bear arms is not at risk,

    He said assault weapons “are designed for the battlefield, and they have no place on our streets,

    If they don’t belong on our streets… then why the hell does the DHS need so many? Either they belong on our streets or they don’t. You can’t have it both ways.

    • It is about time someone took Ms. Frankenstein to task. I unfortunately happen to be in the same state as the women(cough!cough!). She has been royal pain in this states backside since she was first elected. We dislike her treating us as if we were “children”, and she is the adult. That we should “obey” her…….excuse me who died and made her queen! The only reason she was re-elected is the brain dead that live near her.
      May the State of Jefferson come to fruition! Then we will no longer be a part of California.

    • >> Either they belong on our streets or they don’t. You can’t have it both ways.<<

      We can't, but they can. They can have them on the streets, but we can't. Worked in Cambodia really well.

      Just ask Pol Pot.

  13. More wasteful spending by the “idiot in chief”

    WASHINGTON — House Speaker John Boehner says he’s turning town President Barack Obama’s invitation to be in the U.S. delegation to the installation of Pope Francis.

    The govt is in financial trouble, and you’re talking about furloughing hundreds of thousands of Americans… and you’re taking a bloody trip (at the tax payers expense) just because someone new got the pope job. WTF!

  14. Rider of Rohan,

    you are making sense to me, most definitely.

  15. Wolf Pack;
    Hyperinflation is here. You see it in food increases, gasoline, and taxes that we get stuck with by the elite’s.
    Silver being in short supply it has effected the production certain makers of televisions, according to Fox Business news(hubby caught it). They shut down their production line. Sorry he could not remember the company.
    I do not know if today was an exception, but I went to Wally World for certain items, totally out of stock. Even certain spices from a major manufacturer were low supply or none at all. I will try again after the weekend is over and hopefully a new supply arrives.
    Noticed tempers were short in two different shopping areas I visited today. They almost to blows in one parking lot, and other two vehicles came out of another grocery store. One making hand motions at the other and tires squealing as they came out of the parking lot. They ran red lights, I was thankful to leave town.

  16. There is nowhere that food shortages won’t reach. I live along I-40 and this last month there was a blizzard that shut down the highway for 2 days. Every store in each town from Albq. to Ok city ran short of at least several daily items, from milk to bread to bacon and eggs. Our highways are a very important link in the food delivery. Just shut one down and see the effect in very short order.

  17. private idaho says:

    on #4 can this guy be serious? i wonder what he would do if he turned on his faucet and water came out only 3% of the time or when he flushed it went down 3% of the time,or only 3% of the potholes were fixed. i work in public works cut, our budget like that and people are going to suffer

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