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1. Why Is The World Economy Doomed? The Global Financial Pyramid Scheme By The Numbers : “Why is the global economy in so much trouble? How can so many people be so absolutely certain that the world financial system is going to crash? Well, the truth is that when you take a look at the cold, hard numbers it is not difficult to see why the global financial pyramid scheme is destined to fail.”

2. DHS questioned over decision to let Saudi passengers skip normal passport controls : “A Department of Homeland Security program intended to give “trusted traveler” status to low-risk airline passengers soon will be extended to Saudi travelers.”

3. Authorities baffled after dozens of dogs mysteriously vanish in Idaho : “The disappearances of nearly 40 dogs from southern Idaho is baffling authorities and raising concerns among animal control officials after dogs were found dead under mysterious circumstances, with one found with its head crushed in a suspected ritual killing.”

4. Would U.S. Consider Taxing Your Savings to Boost Economy? : “American Bankers Association Chief Economist James Chessen on the possibility that the U.S. government would tax bank accounts to help with debt.”

5. Your tax dollars at work – Feds Spend $400,000 to Study Duck Genitals : “For the past four years, American taxpayers have paid nearly $400,000 so that Yale University could study the sexual conflict of waterfowl and “plasticity in duck penis length.”

6. Home raided over Facebook photo of child’s rifle : “They wanted to see his gun safe, his guns and search his house. They even threatened to take his kids.”

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  1. Mystery Guest says:

    I am tired of trying to keep track of the money.
    While I still have some I would like it to go farther than it does.
    This whole world has gone stupid.

  2. riverrider says:

    #4) they already ave considered it. when qe2 failed they “considered it” but there were too many guns. now they have 1.6 billion rounds to enforce it. i watched foxnews as a regime spokesman practically gleemed with joy at the prospect of getting their paws on 19 trillion in ira/mutual fund holdings. he thought nothing of it, like it wasn’t robbery at all. after all, it is “rich” peoples money.

  3. 1) What has kept us from crashing is borrowing without paying it back except interest, and printing money, but it only slows down the inevitable and will hit us harder. The government manipulates the unemployment numbers and economic growth to hide bad news, so when they say we are doing great and we don’t have a debt problem, I know the opposite is true. Gov’t buying hoards of ammo for non military use and now the Social Security Admin buying hoards too? Are they going to kill old people in wheelchair demonstrations when they don’t pay them their checks?

    2. The terrorsits in 911 were mosty Saudi’s. The TSA under BO wants small knives of passingers on board airflights, which were the weapons used by the terrorists on 911. Is BO intentionally setting us up for another terroist attack?

    3) Sad that people are enjoying murdering poor dogs. Those who do are practicing what they will or have done to people.

    4) I don’t trust banks, I keep my savings and assets away from them.

    5) This duck penis study is run by quacks in the whitehouse.

    6) This gov’t raid on a law abiding family tells how corrupt the gov’t is and they should be prosecuted or fired.

    • WYO Ryder says:

      Donna #2 remark

      +1 !!!

      • On #2

        Even on a flight with Saudi terrorists with pocket knives, they will never get into the cockpit again. That tactic was only good once and even within the day it was foiled. Americans will rush and stop terrorists on flights, and Americans with pocket knives will only be that much more effective.

        Given that… why should a Saudi ever be given special status that most American’s don’t… I guess the elite take care of their own and the rest of us deal with the gropers.

        • Why do the Saudis get special status when we, citizens of the US, don’t?

        • It was on the news a French Idiot got into an airline’s cockpit and there are 3 other instances before using false Id’s as pilots getting in. People can be fooled, and so far there is not a fool proof way to prevent a terrorist getting into a cockpit in an airline.

  4. #5? Anyone who has read my post knows that I can’t pass this one up. I’m wondering what “limp d*ck” in the Government thought this one up? For a whole lot less, they can go to certain “Ladies Clubs” and study “anatomy” until they run out of $1.00 bills, or so I hear. AFLACK!

    Yesterday I (and others) mentioned how the situation in Cyprus had a lot to do with Russia’s fleet moving towards the island. For anyone interesting, there is a good article on The American Thinker site which covers Russia’s Paranoia concerning our intentions in the Near East.

    As far as dogs going missing, my Brother in law is a Deputy in a small town with a decent sized Asian population. About a year ago he helped bust a man who was adopting large dogs from the local dog pounds, then selling fresh dog meat out his home to others. (Yuck!)

    • Just can’t leave old #5 alone. Wasn’t there a guy in the movie “16 Candles” named, “Long Duck Dong”?

      I’m wondering if 2/3’s of all lesbian ducks are also overweight?

      Just ask’n

  5. riverrider says:

    what the heck happened to SPRING?! me and that yankee rodent are gonna have a serious conversation….seems the global warming guys are at it again. science poked holes in their last study(something about leaving out THE LAST 12 YEARS), so they did a new one. didn’t get the result they wanted, so they “adjusted” the data from the 20’s thru the 50’s upward. they claim the thermometers of the day were flawed. yep…..and this just in, the antartic sea ice is the farthest ever…hmmmm. i would post a link(if i knew how) but those science geeks post girlie pics on their site to get your attention. the article can be found in various sites anyway.

    • Backwoods Prepper says:

      I know what you mean another 11 1/2 inches and we would have had a foot of snow this morning. And they call this southern WV lol.

    • JP in MT says:


      I understand. 1st day of Spring and we get a snow storm with high winds last night. Great, so much for working on the car today (won’t fit in the “garage”).

    • extexanwannabe says:

      We are expecting over 100 degrees tomorrow…
      The other extreme. We didn’t even get into the 40s this winter, much less a freeze. The skeeters and roaches will have a head start.

  6. axelsteve says:

    #4 I think ol Barry was waiting for a precedent before raiding our cash. Heck it worked in europe so why can`t we well the 4th amendment for one thing.Speaking of the 4th. I liked the outcome of the gun search in Jersey cause of the fb photo. Note to self no posting on fb.

  7. “American Bankers Association Chief Economist James Chessen on the possibility that the U.S. government would tax bank accounts to help with debt.”

    Guess this is just one more reason to hide your money in the mattress… if you don’t have possession of it… you don’t own it.

    • WYO Ryder says:

      SW – link to this statement please?

      • It’s #4 above 😉

        I just paste the part that I am responding to. Makes it easier for folks to follow along with my train of thought vs going back to the top to figure out what I’m talking about.

  8. Backwoods Prepper says:

    1. The US economy is nothing more than a big Ponzi scheme.
    2. I think DHS is the DLs private army and there is an agenda.
    3. If dogs are good enough for Koreans to eat why not Big Foot.
    4. I use our banking system at a minimum. I only deposit enough to cover my bills plus a few extra dollars.
    5. “plasticity in duck penis length.” I think this is stretching it 🙂
    6. This country is getting worse. LEOs following stupid orders and if they entered without a search warrent and got shot they would be considered heros instead of stupid.

  9. #6 Ah Facebook. Post your life online and then act surprised when it comes back to gobsmack you.

    • tommy,
      you are so correct! That is why I’ve been hesitant to post photos of the M-1A1 tank and 6 tons of mustard gas I got buried in my pasture. Go figure?

      Looks like a red blooded, all American, kid from his picture. Could have been worse, he could have been a Jewish kid in 1930’s Germany, or just any Christian kid in Soviet Russia, Red China, North Korea, or Vietnam.

  10. Cheyenne says:

    I had a very hard time getting to this site just now. First every time I tried different ways I was sent to a site called sweepstakesandcontestsdo,com. I then tried to access thru an old email. That took me to the sex scandel site again. I finally clicked right on a person email answer to a comment and I got here. It is getting weirder.

    • mountain lady says:

      I am having the same problem. It is something in my link, because I decided to just key it in for a search and my bookmarks came up so I clicked on that and here I am. I was getting a Mal wear alert.

      • Backwoods Prepper says:

        I clicked on my favorites just now and it took me to the sex scandel site.

        • I also have the same thing happen. I clicked on this site and got lewd pics of Ducks parts and fat Lesbians. Gee is this world nuts or what?

  11. WYO Ryder says:

    This happened to me when i tried to get on…now I use Mozilla Firefox and Duck Duck Go (per MD’s security instructions posted here) and it has never happened since.
    Its easy to load up.

    • Cheyenne says:

      WYO Ryder, I use Mozilla Firefox and will start using Duck Duck Go. Thank you and MD.

  12. #3 – poor dogs, sick people.

    #5 – This is like the government $5 million grant for a study on frogs… after each leg is cut off it does not jump as far when told “Jump Frog”, and after all legs are removed it is told to jump and decidedly has suffered from loss of hearing without legs.

    The rest is continued horse $#!t being force fed down the throats of people

  13. JP in MT says:

    #4: Taxing saving…..If you really wanted the economy to grow, you would not tax savings or dividends at all. Then you would be encouraging saving and investing, enabling more money to be available for business expansion and growth. This would result in more jobs and higher business profits, which when taxed at an appropriate rate would be able to fund essential government services (although I’d drop things like duck genitals). But why should be incentivize people to do what we want, let’s institute programs that end up doing the exact opposite.

    • Thomas T. Tinker says:

      My good fellow: Go to MD’s Amazon link and go to movies. enter the title “The end of the road, how money became worthless” This is a 55 min documentory that defines Money and how it is used and abused… and what most Americans ‘think’ money is. If you pay attention to the last 10 min you will truly understand why no amount of savings, investment… or paying off your loans can help us out of what will occur. I am not saying this one video is the end all to monetary discourse. What it is… IS… a well put disscusion and primer on the facts of $$$life. My PM dealer is loaning copies. He may have a motive…. but take a look and decide for yourself. It is not a total downer or the like. It will provide an understanding of what ‘Money’ is vs. currency… Fiat. If you get it and disagree….. contact MD and get in touch…. I’ll buy your copy and pay the shipping. Just thought of it….. somebody may have Youtubed it already….

  14. #1. Its doomed because its unbacked , surprised it lasted as long as it has .
    #3. Satanists , animal torture , rape , and child molestation , should get the mandatory death penalty . Muslims , communists , and socialists need to be deported . Their choice deportation or Gulag .
    #4 . Goes back to number 1 , worthless is worthless , they may consider it …………but if the economy does collaps , any taxes would also be worthless ……….what would be the point ?
    #6. why do people continue to have Farsebook ? Its an electronic garbage can , that for the life of me , cant understand why so many are so addicted to it as well as dependent on it .

  15. this cop ought to face charges and be forced to pay the damages

    Road rage is definitely getting out of control these days, and, apparently, police officers aren’t immune to the urges of aggressive, vindictive driving.

    In this situation, what we do know is that a North Carolina police officer – Onslow Country Deputy Craig Culpepper – was driving through South Carolina and caused an accident after brake-checking a motorist he had just cut off, and news station WNCT is reporting that the officer has since resigned due to this incident.

    • What a dick ! the arrogant jackass knows he is out of his jurisdiction and is essentially a civilian in SC .

      • Survivor says:

        TR, remember the Blue Line. I’ve seen out of state cops zip past a speed trap very obviously going well over the speed limit and they just wave to each other. The very reason we have speed limits is for public safety, so I guess that means very little to some cops. Most states I know of will allow an out of jurisdiction cop to stop someone, call it in and wait til a local cop shows up to issue the ticket.

        • They can cross state lines in hot pursuit . Example : say you pass an out of state cop going well over the speed limit , and he tries to stop you ………….you actually dont have to pull over , he is a civilian , as he was not chasing you from his state into the state you are in at the time of the incident . He will of course radio it in to the local boys …….. but any lawyer can turn it around that the guy had no authority to try and pull you over .

  16. I have heard a saying that says something along the lines of…. people should have to wonder if you’re truely and idiot vs you opening your mouth and taking away all doubt.

    Apparently he hasn’t heard that same saying.

    Kanye West reportedly wants to name his baby with Kim Kardashian “North” because he thinks it sounds good with his last name

  17. I just recieved $10 million for my PHD study on why the reproductive rate for fat lesbians ducks has fallen and what solutions may be appropriate.

    • George,
      I’m certain that you will study this important matter with the focus it deserves. It is my professional belief that whatever you find out, your deductions will lead you back to the fact that it’s either all George Bush’s fault, or due to Global Warming.

      Let us know if you need any help spending the 10 million.

      Peace through superior firepower.

    • Thomas T. Tinker says:

      George Sir…. (P)iled (H)igh and (D)eep PHD. Congradulation Sir. I would like to match your ‘grant’ should you care to expand you thesis with regard to the ‘Taste’ of “fat lesbian ducks” when baked, sauted, pouched, wok fried and lets say… ‘Turduchined’. Should you care to accept this tasking would you also consider an additonal section regarding stray dog and domestic cat meats? I realize what a reseach load this would add on you shoulders but feel you could supply the world as a whole with a culinary primer that may relive munches of the developing nations. Do consider my offer.

      Tendered with profound hope and respect…. I thank you for your consideration in this.

      Your humble servant. TTT

      • I am planning to offer research fellowships to all the welfare , food stamp , obama phone recipients in my local area and when they refuse this position of ACTUAL work , I then plan to report them to get their benefits canceled so they have to actually chase the fat, lesibian duck in their natural habitat for 40 hours a week at $15 an hour.. I figure for $5 million I can hire 160 people for one year and then keep the other $5 mil for myself for admin and research follow up reasons. YEHAW!!! I get to screw the tax payers just like the rest of congress does!!!

  18. Texanadian says:

    An interesting idea I just stumbled across

    I had this site in my favorites and didn’t know why. I guess I do now.

  19. rev. dave says:

    #3 sounds like Jeffrey Dahmer got out of prison. They’d better find this sick putz fast, or he’ll be ‘moving on up’ pretty soon. Maybe to people.

  20. 1. Their economy is doomed. Mine is based on local trade goods.
    2. DHS doing something to destroy America and prolong the petro dollar economy??? Say it ain’t so.
    3. I heard a new WOK restaurant opened up near there. Better look in the kitchen.
    4. Once they register and take your guns, it’s anything goes
    5. Why are we always trying to judge? Let the ducks use the little blue pill if they want. I hear it’s covered under Odummer care
    6. You own a gun and still live in New Jersey? Surprised by jack booted thugs showing up at your door led by a militant communist crusader? Really?

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