Thursday miscellany

→ New Research: U.S. Is Warming, But Not Uniformly : “The Southwest and North Central and Northeastern states are clearly warming faster than the rest of the country,” report author Claudia Tebaldi said in a statement. “As warming continues, future droughts could be hotter and more severe, seasons will be altered, and the risk of wildfires will increase significantly.” – A shout out to Bam Bam for the link.

→ FBI Releases Preliminary Annual Crime Statistics for 2011 : “According to the FBI’s Preliminary Annual Uniform Crime Report released today, the nation experienced a 4.0 percent decrease in the number of violent crimes and a 0.8 percent decline in the number of property crimes in 2011 when compared with data from 2010. The report is based on information the FBI gathered from 14,009 law enforcement agencies that submitted six to 12 comparable months of data for both 2010 and 2011.”

→ Lock and Load: Gun Sales Way Up, Business Booming : Isn’t it strange how gun sales go up and crime goes down – isn’t that the opposite of what Sarah Brady and her goons at the “Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence” claim… Folks guns save the lives… Think about it how many good people’s lives have been saved by them using a gun to stop an attack on themselves or someone else.

→ Firearms training for those living in or moving to the Redoubt of the East : Tactical Response, Personal Responsibility, Inc. (PRI), Rattlesnake Ridge Training Center and School, Cumberland Tactics. And don’t forget to buy ammo from our very own LuckyGunner.

→ Your tax dollars at work : “The State Department will spend $16.5 million on 2,500 Kindle e-book readers from Amazon, which amounts to a whopping $6,600 per Kindle device that retails for $189.”

→ Rand Paul Introduces Bill to Protect Americans From Unwarranted Use of Domestic Drones : “Like other tools used to collect information in law enforcement, in order to use drones a warrant needs to be issued. Americans going about their everyday lives should not be treated like criminals or terrorists and have their rights infringed upon by military tactics,” said Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) in a statement released today.”

→ At : Save over 10% on chain saw accessories also Through June 17, 2012, get an extra 15% off select SentrySafe security files and fire safes .

→ 12 Signs of the Europocalypse : From the Chinese buying spree to the rise of extremism, here’s what to watch for as the continent teeters on the brink of disaster. Meanwhile, Greeks hoard canned food.

→ Your health : Why Chronic Infections Cause Cancer.

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  1. Well after skimming todays miscellany all I can say is “You go Greeks”.

  2. I need help. We bought a set of Motorola 2-way radios. In the user’s guide (my dh actually reads the instructions) it says that because our radios operate on general mobile radio service (GMRS) frequencies, that we are required to obtain a radio license from the FCC before operation.

    Does anyone have experience with this? Do we need a license to operate the radio ON CERTAIN CHANNELS or to merely operate the radios? What could happen if we don’t get a license? When I read the description on amazon before we bought the radios, it said nothing about having to get an FCC license. Did I buy the wrong radios?

    Here’s the exact radios I bought.

    Motorola MH230TPR Giant Rechargeable Two Way Radio 3 Pack, FRS/GMRS

    • Bam Bam,
      This radio will operate on GMRS frequencies with 2 watts of power and on FRS frequencies with 0.5 watts of power. GMRS operation requires a license, which is simply an application and a filing fee. Operating on GMRS without the license is technically illegal and can get you a fine if you are caught and someone pursues the violation. Operating on the FRS frequencies has a shorter range but is license free. The FRS frequencies will also interoperate with other FRS radios from other manufacturers. The FRS and GMRS frequencies / channels should be spelled out specifically in the manual that came with the radios.

    • village idiot says:

      GMRS frequencies require you to have a license. It’s basically fill out a form kind of thing, and used to be about $85 for 5 years, I think. You do not need a license to operate on the FRS frequencies. The FCC website should have an answer to all your questions, and forms to apply for a GMRS license.

    • Huckleberry says:

      Yes. Technically, a license is required for GMRS radios. Licenses are not required for FRS radios.

      Paraphrased from JJ Luna’s book, How To Be Invisible, taken from his chapter on handheld two-way radios:

      They are usually next to each other on the shelf and most people, including those selling them, have no idea that a license is required for GMRS radios. JJ Luna said he intended to get a license, went online to do so, and ended up calling it quits after an hour of fruitless effort. He then searched online to see other peoples reactions, which were all similar, including ‘it was as bad as doing my taxes!’ His conclusion is that “to be 100 percent legal, either use FRS radios or get a license (if you can figure out how to do it) for the superior GMRS radios. If you choose to use them without a license, you are on your own. My personal opinion (still JJ Luna), however, is that if you use them sparingly for personal use only, chances are slim that you will ever be called to account.”

      He also stated that if you search online, you find a lot of people that say that the FCC does no surveillance, and only does enforcement if there is a complaint. He even found a site stating that there are taxi companies in NYC that use amateur radio and do nothave licenses and the enforcement office at the FCC is powerless to stop them.

      I would say you’re probably fine as long as you don’t do anything to identify yourself. But, if it concerns you, then exchange them and get the FRS radios. The GMRS radios, though, are superior in their abilities. A lot of info, but I just finished rereading that chapter in the book so I figured I’d pull it out to give you a long answer.

    • alikaat says:

      Hi BamBam-
      I’m in the process of applying for my ARRL Technician-level HAM license, which OP, VI, and a number of other helpful WolfPack members directed me toward. It’s not as straight-forward as just filling out a form and paying $85 – but it’s all laid out on the ARRL site under their training & licensing page:
      My little Midland XT511 just arrived yesterday and can transmit on either FRS or GMRS. Still have to pick up the hand-helds in time for a camping trip with the Boy Scouts next week. We’ll definitely be operating in the FRS spectrum – the licensing takes a few months.
      Good luck

    • Bam Bam says:

      Thanks for the feedback. I read that the FCC has sought to change the law which requires a license to operate GMRS, and that there is no budget for surveillance. We plan on using the radios for emergency backup communications. If and when we need to use them, it is unlikely that authorities will be spending their time tracking down radio users.

      • village idiot says:

        Agreed, and that is why I don’t have a license, Bam Bam. I use the FRS frequencies, although I’ve accidentally used the GMRS frequencies a couple of time.

  3. axelsteve says:

    The kindle story reminds me of why the goverment should not have so much money.They took over a whore house in Nevada for taxes and could not make a profit.If you can`t make a proffit selling booze and sex you have no buisness with my cash.

    • Kelekona says:

      I clicked through the Kindle article that MD posted to find an article about how the government was justifying it. It sounds like I would have to read a very long and confusing paper to find the sanity except that they’re trying to teach people in [Ghana?] about America and how to read English.

      This seems like one of those cases where bound books are probably still the better choice, but why is our government paying for this? And isn’t this going to lead to more tech-support being supplied by people who consider English a second language?

  4. JP in MT says:

    I love that Greeks are “hoarding” canned food. I really wish we could get a universal description of hoarding.

    I guess the best is: If I’m doing it, it’s just common sense; if you’re doing it and I’m not – its hoarding. Guess I’ll stick with common sense.

    • Mary in GA says:

      Haha JP, sounds about right!!

      • SurvivorDan says:

        “If I’m doing it, it’s just common sense; if you’re doing it and I’m not – its hoarding. ”

        Indeed……. 😉

    • Hoarding: Having enough of something that others don’t.

      • JP in Mt,
        in my country, those who buy goods higher than their income capacity is “hoarding” and could be thrown in jail. The rich with their AUVs filled to the brim are simply on their “grocery” run! Sorry third world dictionary..

  5. JP in MT says:

    Tough times might be ahead? Common sense gone from law enforcement/judicial system? Main stream media feeding frenzy on fear?

    Not sure what would cause an increase in gun sales. 😉

    We are currently experiencing a local shortage of premium defensive ammunition. Anybody else notice it?

  6. JP in MT says:

    Europocalypse? Nice term. Kind of short for “we’re next”. Just change the country names for state names and most of the same signs are over here.

  7. village idiot says:

    I don’t want to get started in the Global Warming/Climate Change debate but just one bit of caution. As an example, the warming in Arizona has been enhanced by adjusting historical figures. In one instance I saw, the actual temperature for the whole state of Arizona for an entire year was lowered by an average of 3 degrees to make the recent warming look worse. And again, all these figures are adjusted, not actual numbers, and these studies aren’t reliable. I do believe there has been some warming, but here in my state(Arkansas), they say none has occurred.

    Maybe there is an expert here in the Pack who can explain to me why these historical temperatures are lowered when there was no UHI effect like we have today. I just wish some credible scientist somewhere would explain all this to me and make some sense of it.

    • riverrider says:

      vi, i’m no expert but, i read that during 9/11 jets were grounded for a couple days. without the contrails in the air to block some of the sun’s direct rays, temps nationwide went up about 3 degrees. the guy that discovered this surmized that we have cleaned the smog from the air since the seventies to an extent that we are indeed warming the atmosphere, by cleaning it too much. kinda makes sense to me. on the flip side i think what man does has little to do with the climate change. one volcano reportedly puts out more “greenhouse gas” than all of the internal combustion man has ever had. jm2c….

      • cooolwoods says:

        without the contrails in the air to block some of the sun’s direct rays

        you mean chemtrails, right? arent contrails just water vapor? then clouds would be enough then, wouldnt they?
        just a point to think about..

        stay safe

        • riverrider says:

          cw, the clouds are much lower in the atmosphere i’m told. personally i don’t believe in chemtrails. the ice crystals supposedly refect the rays back out. not saying i believe it, but at least one scientist does. i think nothing man can do will stop global warming. its just nature. besides new data suggests it may be cooling overall anyway. i don’t think they know what the hell is going on myself. we just have to adapt and overcome or die.

          • RR,

            I spoke with a paleo-climatologist a few months back. He said you cannot draw a meaningful conclusion about warming/cooling of the Earth from 100 years worth of data–the sample size is too small.

    • A credible scientist would be one who is not studying global warming via a government grant.

      Wildfires have been increasing significantly over the last few decades because the lumber companies have been forbidden from removing all of the trash, trees, and old underbrush by the left wing environmentalists. That means that when a fire does start, there is a huge seasoned tinder bundle ready to get things going.

      We have also seen significant warming in metropolitan areas that used to be dessert, grass, meadow, and forest but are now all blacktop.

      Self fulfilling prophecies IMO.

      • village idiot says:

        Yeah, OP, I went to the website of the organization that did the study, and they are one of those outfits that are deeply invested in global warming funding. IOW, if the grants and other government aid were to dry up they would be out of business. Not a very objective group one might say. And neither is NPR.

  8. Hunker-Down says:

    Cherry picking statistics again!

    There are 10 kinds of people in the world. Those that understand binary and those that don’t.

    The earth is cooling, per;

  9. michael c says:

    As far as the warming trend in America – it looks like the one big difference is the number of trees in each state. The highest temperature rate states are the Northeast (Michigan, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Vermont and Maine) and the southwest (Utah, New Mexico, etc) both tree areas (or not) – while the “bread basket” field states (Arkansas, Alabama, etc) have not changed. You can clearly see the pattern in the map of the states.

    The trees intercept the infrared radiation (heat) on their leaves (before it hits the ground) and easily lose it to the air – the hard (as rock) ground holds heat much better. The trees cool better then ground vegetation because their leaves are higher in the air, in closer contact with wind currents.

  10. This story has been on Yahoo news before. I like the looks of the place still a little tight but they are making it.
    MD How much did you say the rent on the chicken coop was? I think I may put in an application for it.

  11. Texanadian says:

    Pardon my off topic boosting…

    Well we had a little storm here in Houston that allowed me to test run some of my preparations. Got a call from the Trophy Wife that power was out a trees were falling all over the property. Headed on home and managed to stay ahead of a nasty storm. Got home, dug out candles, generator, chain saw and set them up. TW’s comment was why was I doing that? The power company will have the power on in no time. I commented that I would rather prep in the daylight than the dark and carried on. After Ike I had installed a panel that lets me run the house with one cord plugged in instead of 10 extension cords. System worked wonderfully and the power came on 10 hours later.
    It felt good to know where everything was and that there was no hurry or worry as I had thought through everything well in advance.

  12. Kelekona says:

    Here’s a bit of fluff to think about, not sure how credible the guy is.

  13. Lantana says:

    The article that mentioned wildfires made me remember interviews with state forest rangers during last summer’s Bastrop fire in southeast Texas.

    In the past, they had managed state forests with occasional controlled burns and other techniques to reduce the build up of dry materials. However, in recent decades, they said they were not able to do so due to federal environmental regulations. They seemed to think that had a significant impact on the scope of the fire.

    • Kelekona says:

      I think I am citing an article of World Magazine (National Geographic for kids) from the 80’s on this…

      There was a huge fire, I’m not sure if was Yellowstone or one of the other large National Forest Parks. I remember that the policy before that fire was to determine if it was natural or man-made, and only put significant efforts into putting out the man-made fires. The policy before that policy was to put out all fires immediately, but that caused huge buildups. Well, after the fire in the 80’s, they decided to be more intelligent about managing fires and undergrowth.

      More recently, I have no clue beyond it being on the internet, but it was saying that young forests are better at locking up carbon dioxide than old forests.

      Pretty much, we are the stewards of our environment, and we need a bunch of nerds to make sure that the environmentalists aren’t going all good intentions. And environmentalists should demand big picture math and reject arguments based on pure economy.

      Of course, I’m still for going as reasonable as possible measures against Antarctic thawing until someone can explain to me what other factors are at play. (I don’t care about the Arctic, that one is balancing on a fine interplay that tectonic forces could subtly alter.)

  14. Why for the love of cheese does the State Department need to buy Kindles?

    • SurvivorDan says:

      To redistribute the wealth.
      Give your buddy the contract. After much research and harrumphing, he selects the devices for the contract – in this case Kindles. He bills the State Department a grossly inflated amount and spreads the ill gotten loot around among all involved and/or makes a substantial political contribution to his benefactors.

      Am I just getting too cynical?

      • SD,
        Oh! NOW I get it the whole $400.00 toilet seat thing. LMAO!

        When I worked for the Federal Government, we could not even get permission to fix the air conditioning. We took our lap tops outside and worked under a tree.

        They need to by mass quanities of Slim Fast and Summers Eve.

  15. I am a minimum wage worker. Will the state department to send me a Kindle, which I would love but cannot afford? Not only can save on not needing a translation program, they will save a lot of postage as I am in Washington State, not halfway around the world. I’m sure I would benefit by the information. With the feds having their heads in their back pockets so often the last few decades, I’m not sure I understand America anymore.

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