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→ Spain’s economic crisis turns middle-class families into illegal squatters : “Many Spaniards now exist on the margins of a society that just a few years ago promised them easy access to cars, holiday homes, trips abroad and regular tickets to professional soccer games.” Thanks to Burt R for the link.

→ 60 Minutes Report: Fukushima Now Radiating Everyone: Will Impact All Of Humanity : Shout out to Worrisome for the linkage.

→ 22 Reasons That Show The American Dream Is Being Systematically Destroyed : “The American Dream is being systematically destroyed right in front of our eyes and most Americans don’t even realize what is happening.”

→ America On Verge Of Communist Takeover, Says Former Castro Revolutionary : Julio M. Lara in His book, American Apocalypse, How to Stop the Destruction of Liberty, brings together decades of his personal awareness campaign of the methods used by Communists to incrementally subvert the principles of liberty upon an unsuspecting nation of free people and turn them into willing workers of the State.

→ My friend Tom at Camping and Survival (one of our advertisers) wanted me to let you know that they are now stocking Mountain House pouches and #10 cans, go on over and take a look at their prices and low-cost shipping. BTW don’t forget to mention The Survivalist Blog dot Net when you order.

→ An Apocalypse of Stupidity : “They will tell you that the world will end by nuclear holocaust, or by climate catastrophe. Or maybe they’ll say the world will choke to death in its own pollution, or starve for lack of enough resources to feed an overpopulated planet. But more likely to seal the fate of humanity, is the slow and steady loss of human problem-solving ability.”

→ Reminds me of my post here in December 2008 “I See Dumb People” go ahead read it, I’m sure it would piss off Rosie O’Donnell,  Jerry Springer and maybe even a couple of you… but before you go sending me hate mail, take five minutes to think about it… You’ll realize that I’m right…8-)

→ Two of my favorite things on this earth Smiles and Guns… 😀

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  1. j.r. guerra in s. tx. says:

    That post of An Apocalypse of Stupidity rang a bell with me. Last night, I heard the CNN reporter talking about the Eric Holder impending vote, and listening to the discussion of the defending side. Totally ignored the ILLEGAL IMPORTATION OF FIREARMS INTO A FOREIGN COUNTRY charge, simply blamed the ‘vast right wing conspiracy who are probably Kluckers to begin with anyway’ on the troubles (nevermind they already said they were guilty, they just don’t want to take any actions over it.

    I find myself arguing with the TV set a lot more often nowadays – just easier to turn the thing off.

    • worrisome says:

      Totally ignored the fact that the bonehead program got not one but two US Citizens killed as well. An ICE agent coming back from Mexico City and Bryan Terry! Not to mention the many mexicans that suffered………or that Mexico could see it as a terrorist act done on their sovereign land. Having said all that. Most of this issue does lie at the feet of the US. If our citizens didn’t use drugs, there would be no market, thus poverty would occur for those drug runners in Mexico.

  2. Dean in Michigan says:

    That radiation stuff is crazy. I just saw something on the news the other day about how the fishing industry in Japan is now starting to market product caught off shore. I guess that means if you are eating saltwater fish, you better make real sure you know where it came from.

    • worrisome says:

      More reason to buy a geiger counter……..wish I knew which one and which kind to get!

    • I quit eating tuna after Fukashima since most of the blue fin tuna is caught off the coast of Japan. Actually I’ve quit eating most seafood since then. I had stored up about 33 cans of tuna prior to the sunami, wish I had bought more now.

  3. JP in MT says:

    I have to agree that we are dumbing down America. When we look at kids and their trends, they seem to emulate the lower ends of society; ie. the droopy pants. If they knew where that came from and why it was don’t they might think different.

    I remember telling my kids that this thing about going around with your shoes untied was started by someone who was to stupid to be able to tie his shoes. Kids used to look forward to wearing new clothes to school, now the slash the pants and rip the shirts; where did this come from?

    • Kelekona says:

      I’ve been listening to the 1920’s station and I’m beginning to think that they were right when they said that rock and roll would destroy the fabric of our society. We certainly lost something, and I think that proper dancing instead of flailing around went down with it.

  4. axelsteve says:

    People have been eating forgien fish for years.When I was a kid I worked on a salmon boat for a while in the puegot sound.I was told of Japaneese or russian factory ships that would catch fish in american waters.the Britts would buy dogfish and use it for fish and chips.nothing to see here keep moving.

    • worrisome says:

      Steve…….See the link to the Fukushima power plant, perhaps our pacific fresh fish are getting an added amount of gamma radiation these days.

  5. axelsteve says:

    Those are my kind of women!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  6. M.D.

    That last link, I enjoyed that on so many levels. Thank you.

  7. riverrider says:

    this is it folks, the day you can put on your calender, the day the music died, the day they killed the grand old republic, the day they burned ole dixie down…… scotus upheld the mandate, calling it a TAX. another tax. and we’re supposed to pay it with what? when the people had nothing left the pharoah took them as slaves. welcome to egypt my fellow slaves….

    • riverrider,

      Yep, it is sickening… to say the least. This country has gone to hell in a handbasket over the past 12 years and its getting worse all of the time. I don’t know how much more the slaves, I mean American population can or will take.

      • Riverrider, M.D.
        Well what’s a feller to do?????
        This plot for the downfall of the U.S. has been in the works for decades if not centuries.
        The slow process of infiltration of all of our institutions of learning, higher learning and all systems of the government and judicial systems was planned. It has come to fruition and they are enjoying the torment they are putting us through and plan to in the future.
        We have not seen the end of all of this.
        But how do we steel ourselves against the onslaught of a systematic, slow grinding loss of our freedoms and being over taxed from what was presumed their incompetence?
        Opsec is to be implemented now and worked into a greater, more detailed plan for security, especially for the future.
        Seems we are going to have to out think the man (whomever).

      • tommy2rs says:

        The Idiocracy, it’s not just a mediocre movie. The slaves or as I call them, the LCD’s or lowest common denominator, will keep taking it indefinitely as long as they have their bread, circuses, and iPhones. If they get restive Homeland Defense just bought 450,000 rounds of .40 S&W.

        Even if a real leader from outside the current political machine was to emerge it’s doubtful that there are enough people with sufficient mental acuity to see what’s going on to be able to force a change in government by any means at all.

        Lol…I’m ending the rant here to keep it from being 40 pages long.

    • village idiot says:

      What are we to do? For the first time in my life I see no path that can lead our country out of the mess we are in. The government can tax everyone who is here legally, but the illegal have been given permission by the same Court last week to take our jobs, benefits, free education and have a blank check. We are being assaulted from all sides. God help us!

      • worrisome says:

        Village, you are so right. It is dark days for our country. Just make sure when you vote (our last available opportunity for change if it isn’t rigged) you vote this bunch out. We need to get rid of those sitting in Congress that have been there forever. Don’t give up, get stronger????

      • Village idiot
        God is our help!!!!!!

      • riverrider says:

        vi, no, it is up to us, not god. we must find the courage to take our country back. we must divest ourselves of peace at any cost, and will to give our lives for the greater glory of god. it won’t happen until we have nothing to lose, but that time is nearing. war is a young man’s game, i’m well past my prime, but i will support the defense of the constitution however i may be of use. i can only pray there are young men still out there willing to do the right thing.

        • mountain lady says:

          The Tree of Liberty is surely in need of refreshing. Maybe it will be all of us “old” people will have to take up arms ourselves. I would gladly give my life to give Liberty to the future generations of Americans.

      • We are officially 2 nations now. While TDL smiles his deceitful cheshire grin and Justice Judas Roberts rules on the wrong side of the Obamacare issue, this nation has now fallen all the way into an abyss that has no way out as we currently sit. I am a Patriot. Wore the uniform proudly and served my country. I love what was the USA. I would lay my life down for it. I hate what has become of us in the last 20 years (starting under Clinton). Our last great stand was Gulf War 1 and the collapse of the evil empire. Since that time the wrongdoers have been dismantling our great nation from within. Okay enough of my rant, I am going to go throw up now!

    • mountain lady says:

      I have prayed for this country, I have cried for her, and today, I cannot do either. There is a pain in the pit of my stomach. I hope every small business owner goes Galt, rather than give in the tyrants. I would say more, but it hurts too much.

      • riverrider says:

        funny how the 4/4 split was decided by the obama appointment to the court of the administration lawyer kagan that worked on obamacare. she should have abstained from the case due to conflict of interest.

      • Ozarkanna says:

        Yes, Mountain Lady. I will take whatever I can out of my small business and shut it down and walk away. Let someone else pay for the care and keeping of the dark side. I just can not do this any more.

    • I need to know some things about Obamacare. First of all, I know that if you don’t buy health insurance, then you have to pay a tax when your file your return. I was reading today, and saw that the tax would be around $700/per adult in the household. So — we are forced to pay $21,600/year for mandatory health insurance, but if I refused to pay it, I would have to pay $2,100/year in a tax penalty. At the same time, Obamacare supposedly says that nobody can be refused for insurance at any time. So — if I refuse to buy insurance for 10 years and instead pay the tax — then get sick and need insurance right away — they have to give it to me, right? And in the meantime, I can pay out of pocket for minor care that we might need? I guess what I am asking everybody is: is there a way to game Obamacare? Liberals have been gaming the system for decades, maybe it’s time for massive groups of conservatives to do the same thing….

    • robert in mid michigan says:

      the fat lady is climbing onto the stage, we are now the U.S.S.A united socialist states of America. the day the music died is here. pack it deep and high our path is now paved. i will keep fighting for freedom (legally) i will not be quiet and i will pray every day that we can find our way out of this somehow. but unfortunatly i have been slowly going offgrid for the last few weeks, unfortunatly it is time to drop from the grid i will keep tabs on this sight but i am done posting to anything along these lines. i will keep all of you in my prayers and i hope all this is never needed but it is good bye.

      i have learned more from all of you than i can ever repay i hope i have contributed some small part to some of you.

      keep praying
      keep prepping
      may god bless you
      i will miss many of you and the support all of you give but i cannot keep my name here as well as in the political activation i am part of and going to get a lot louder thier.

      with love and respect
      Robert in mid Michigan

      • Ozarkanna says:

        Take care, Robert. You will be in our prayers for peace and strength as you “stand tall”. It has to be said that we are no longer “on the eve of destruction”. It has come. Again, take care, old friend.

      • Soggy Prepper says:

        robert in mid michigan,

        I’ve very sorry to see you go!!!! I enjoyed reading your posts!
        I truly understand your slipping into the shadows.
        I’m waiting to see what November holds. If the trigger is pulled and TDL remains I will be pulling myself out of many places as well and shutting my mouth.

        Shadows with my zombie poppers.

        Good luck with your political activities. I hope you get through to people. I’m just thinking God has struck them deaf, dumb and blind and America under judgement.

        I’ll be praying
        I’ll be prepping
        May God bless you and keep you robert.

      • riverrider says:

        fair thee well my friend.

      • JP in MT says:

        robert in mid michigan:

        Take care and keep peeking at us (maybe from a pub lic wi-fi?).

      • village idiot says:

        robert, I understand fully. Happy Trails to you, and I hope we meet on MDs blog again under different circumstances. Take care of yourself, and God Bless America.

  8. Village Idiot,

    I feel the same way! I have a 19 yr old daughter and for the first time I don’t know how to guide her for her future. All our friends are saying the same thing. The movie ‘Agenda’ lays out how we got here and I’m starting to think ‘The Patriot’ maybe how we get out!

  9. riverrider says:

    you know, since tdl can ignore any law he doesn’t like and he’s supposed to set the example by being my leader, i think i will ignore this law, and any other one that pisses me off. when i’m hauled off to jail i will argue the equal protection clause….see you in gitmo.

    • village idiot says:

      Gitmo will be in all our neighborhoods soon, river, so we won’t have far to go. Drones flying everywhere, EPA and DHS dictats, banksters going wild, economy crashing, WROL, Obama as Xerxes, we’re heading for a disaster fast. I don’t know whether to learn Chinese or Russian, but one of them will be coming here to steal our resources when the Thing collapses.

  10. MENTALMATT says:

    riverrider, guess you better make room for me in gitmo, the more I see, the more I hear, it makes me ashamed of my country, and unfortunately some of my brothers and sisters in blue make me ashamed. Stand up for the constitution!! I think alot of americans have forgotten what that is.

    • village idiot says:

      MATT, as bad as I hate to say it, I think a lot of Americans don’t even care about the Constitution, and are out to get what they can. Sooner rather than later the money is going to run out, then we’ll see some crap. I hope you get your retreat property before that happens.

      • SurvuvorDan says:

        “I think a lot of Americans don’t even care about the Constitution, and are out to get what they can. ”

        Indeed. The Constitution is great as long as it doesn’t conflict with the personal view/need of the individual. Gimme more stuff.
        I’m in that health care twilight age between 55 and 65. Pre-esisting makes it prohibitively costly to purchase health care insurance but I’m too young for Medicare. I should like mandatory health care. It’s unconstitutional (or so I thought) so I don’t. I ain’t no saint but I believe in standing for a principle. Dinosaur….huh?

  11. Kelekona says:

    That one article on stupidity, I didn’t track through the sources cited, but I doubt that it is just genetics. (If it is genetic-based, start funding the program to have dumb people too busy breeding smart people donations to have their own families.)

    Sure, some people are more suited to applying solutions than coming up with them, but you’re also not going to come up with solutions to problems that don’t exist.

  12. alikaat says:

    MD… your 2008 post “I See Dumb People”…. LOVE IT!
    I’m a parent and teach college students… and hate what I see every day in the classroom and at the kitchen table at home. Some of the stories I could tell you about the abuse bright students earn in our public schools is heartbreaking – and the abuse is not just from other students. Bright kids are punished by overworked, burned out public-school teachers, too. It is the belligerent and ignorant that run our society today. The only thing we can do as parents and teachers is to try to stem the tide a bit so that our children and students have the opportunity to learn the kind of life skills that will help them weather what has been handed to them by the generations that came before.
    Hate what has happened to my country these past few decades and what my children are going to have to live with in their lives. Nothing that I can do will really make it better except help them learn the skills to survive it.

  13. I'm A Prep Kat says:

    There is no cure for stupid.

  14. I am so saddened by what they have just done to our country. I am also more unsure of our future than I have ever been before.

  15. Mother Earth says:

    Is there any chance this stupidity can be overturned before 2014? I know people with families who can’t afford health insurance on what little they make, how would they pay a tax? I guess it’s a way to do away with tax refunds. Wow, who ever thought I would want to thank china or Russia for dropping a nuke here in a special place.

    • Kelekona says:

      Find a better way? Health care is expensive because not everyone who walks in the door will be able to pay. Though even finding a way for everyone to only pay their own way, companies are too greedy to really trim the fat and the current government is too inefficient.

      I think I heard something about how the fine only hits people who can pay for insurance. Of course, if there was an “insurance company” that simply tracked how much credit you had for a tiny fee, that might be worth it. Even if you’re in the “never gets sick” risk pool, there are always accidents like meteor strikes, and you don’t want to bleed out because the hospital decides not to treat you until you prove you can pay for it.

      • worrisome says:

        $95 or 1% of income, not ‘free’ for anyone. Hospitals have to treat whether you are insured or not, that is law and does not change under Obama Care. There are some slight limits under this plan not to treat illegals to the degree they are presently treated but that is the only difference Kelekona. What companies are we discussing that are “too greedy” to trim what fat? Mother earth the only way this will be overturned is to have it rescended by a congress and president willing to do so…….that means a majority in both houses and a different president than the one presently sitting in the white house. Make sure you are registered to vote.

        • Kelekona says:

          Companies in general. If the service they provide becomes less expensive for them, the only way they pass that savings on to the people paying for the service is if they are doing it as a marketing strategy.

          Just look at what happened to the bailout several years ago, much of that money went into bonuses for the leading executives.

  16. Waterboy says:

    We have been watching the destruction of Greece, Spain and Italy for months. I hope we are paying attention because here it comes to America. We are giving our precious gift of freedom with each act of the government that goes against us. We had better all be prepping our hearts out. Once again, MD, well said. Keep up the good work.

  17. button crazy says:

    The US has died today. We will lose all our freedom or what small freedoms we have left. When will the people in the US wake up.

  18. we all see the decline and the madness. that is why we visit this site, right?

    the question is, what are each of us DOING about our country, other than putting up food? waiting for the younger generation, or someone else to do something is what got us here.

    i do not advocate violence. to keep talking about how bad it is only allows it to get worse.

    there are steps to take. right now, i suggest considering what John Galt did. disengage from teh system and let it collapse on the robbers. without their prey, they can’t subsist in the wilderness for long, and hopefully we can outlast them in the next 7 years with what we have gathered and prepared.

    the point is (with all respect). DO something besides buying stuff.

  19. SurvivorDan says:

    The Great Depression hit and the people, rather than turning on the Feds, turned instead in their desperation TO the Federal Government to save them. The Feds benevolently accommodated them. With serfdom.
    Soup kitchens. Bread lines. ‘Shovel ready’ jobs. Day labor if you line up politely and toe the line.
    The Feds know the great masses will act like the sheeple they are.

    • the alternate to that is the French Revolution ………interestingly enough , it was started by women . Just before the Russian revolution broke out , officers in the trenches feared their men and many stopped wearing rank insignia or special uniforms . They are sheeple ………..but at some point , and it has to be REAL bad , a person decides that if they have nothing …….they have nothing to loose .

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