Thursday miscellany

Florence Texas police chief shoots 2 dogs one caged : “One dog was lying on the front porch and the other locked up in the back yard. According to the report the police chief, first shot the dog that was on the front porch then when around back and shot the other caged dog. One of the shots went into the home where children were present.”

Cumberland County Sheriff’s deputy shoots, kills 17-pound dog : “A Hope Mills woman said she wants justice for her small dog who was kicked and then fatally shot by a Cumberland County deputy earlier this week.”

Girl, 15, says cop forced her to strip and prove she wasn’t having sex : “A Miramar, Florida police captain is being investigated by the department over allegations that he insisted that a 15-year-old girl strip in front of him so he could inspect her body to make sure she wasn’t having sex.”

Police Brutality – News and videos… Folks welcome to police state U.S.A.

FBI may charge George Zimmerman with hate crime : “Things could soon be getting much worse for George Zimmerman. The FBI is now considering whether or not they can charge George Zimmerman with a federal hate crime. If convicted, Zimmerman could face the death penalty.”

Team USA To Be Decked Out in Uniforms Made in China : “They are the pride of America – Team U.S.A. – and for the opening ceremonies of the Summer Olympics in London, they’ll be proudly wearing red, white and blue, from beret to blazer. The classic American style – shown in an image above – was crafted by designer Ralph Lauren. But just how American is it When ABC News looked at the labels, it found “made in China.” Every item in the uniforms that the U.S. athletes will be wearing at the opening ceremony in London will carry an overseas label.”

19 Major Sources Warning About A Coming Global Financial Collapse : “The global debt bubble that has fueled prosperity in the western world for the last several decades is getting ready to burst, and when that happens the chaos that will result will be absolutely horrifying.”

Another Shocking Revelation About The Death Of The U.S. Dollar : “The end of the dollar’s supremacy as “world reserve currency” is on an irreversible path towards destruction.”

UN arms treaty could put U.S. gun owners in foreign sights : “A treaty being hammered out this month at the United Nations — with Iran playing a key role — could expose the records of America’s gun owners to foreign governments — and, critics warn, eventually put the Second Amendment on global trial.” Thanks to Burt R for sending the link…

Obama gives himself control of all communication systems in America : “President Barack Obama quietly signed his name to an Executive Order on Friday, allowing the White House to control all private communications in the country in the name of national security.”

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  1. axelsteve says:

    Last night I saw Red Dawn.This news sounds like the planning stages of what the film was.

  2. I love that movie.
    The difference in the movie and now is that we have been taken over from within.

  3. I wish these idiots would stop making it so easy. I’d love to see a “good” police article linked. MD, any interest on doing a short write up on your Sheriff friend and how he relates to your prepping/lifestyle?

  4. village idiot says:

    And the hits just keep on coming! That rat in the WH needs to be replaced in November. As for the dogs being shot, only a coward would shoot a dog for no reason.

    • riverrider says:

      vi, that rat is coming to visit nearby here. they are closing several major roads for TWO days in advance. it was sickening to see the sheeple lined up to get tickets to see him. i bet they had to show their ID 🙂 ……how’s your flood recovery coming? thats gotta suck, coming home all relaxed from vacation only to have to scramble to save your stuff. prayers were with you. take care.

      • village idiot says:

        Prayers are appreciated, river. Work going smoothly, resting right now as I just got the carpet put back in both rooms. I’m getting ready to move the furniture. Good thing my son is home this week or I would be SOL. Luckily, or thanks to your prayers and others here, I was able to make repairs on the drywall. I’m pretty tired, but feeling a little proud of myself for getting this done without having to pay for outside help. Good prepping practice. I’m really looking forward to your articles on loss of the grid. I’m going to be taking notes.

        • d2 prep says:

          VI, glad things are getting back to normal for you. What a way from going to post vacation happiness to high stress level in a matter of minutes.

  5. JP in MT says:

    I find small dogs annoying, but what kind of a serious threat a Pekingese present? Or one in a cage? I’d like to think that there’s more to the story than is being presented.

  6. Tinfoil Hat says:

    I’m going to step on a few toes here, not intentionally, as I know there are members of law enforcement current and previous on this blog, but LE in America, from the Feds down to Podunk County Sheriffs deputies, have become so disgustingly arrogant, rude, disrespectful, and obnoxious, .institutionally, that I’ve no respect for any of them. Serve and protect my @$$. Just members of the nanny states private army. Anyone, from. LEO to a strung out crackhead, coming onto my property and shooting my dog had better expect to get back what they gave out.

    *I know there are plenty of good cops. I also know there are plenty of bad ones.

    • Carl in W.V. says:

      Wow you know that there is LEO on this site. and you say it’s not intentional and you have no respect for any of them. But you know there are plenty of good ones. I guess. OBTW I am part of a private army but it’s not for any state or country it’s for my family.

      • Tinfoil Hat says:


        Precisely what is your point? Here’s the situation, on a daily basis the fundamental rights that Americans allegedly hold inviolate are trampled upon by those we (foolishly) entrusted to protect them. Law enforcement has become a bloated, corrupt, cancerous haven for bullies and incompetent beauracrats far more interested in licking the hands of there evil political masters than keeping the communities that pay them safe. Said communities would be far better off policing themselves and rooting out the issues in there own neighborhoods, taking responsibility for where they live instead of further ceding there rights in exchange for fake protection from a corrupt group of bullies, many of which are no better than the criminals they chase, and are exempted from accountability because they hide behind a metal badge constructed in and imported from the Peoples Republic of China.

        Law Enforcement reform would institute accountability, and allow the good LEO who do there jobs properly and feel a calling to serve there community in a protective capacity to volunteer and do so removed from the shadow of corruption and repression currently instituted. Chemotherapy, unfortunately, kills healthy cells along with malignant ones. But its necessary to keep the patient (in this case, our society), alive.

        • Carl in W.V. says:

          My point is that I’m offended by what you said. I am a prepper just like most everyone else on this site. I work hard for my money just like most people on this site. I have a little homestead with chickens, goats, rabbits and pigs just like some people on this site. I have a garden just like most people on this site. I believe in a right to bear arms just like most people on this site. If you have not noticed I don’t include everybody in my statement unlike you you plainly stated you have no respect for no LEO. And sir i’m neither arrogant, rude, disrepectful or obnoxiuos I feel you have that covered for the both of us. God Bless

          • Tinfoil Hat says:


            I fail to see what being a Prepper, working hard for money, owning a homestead, having a garden, and believing in the 2nd Amendment have to do with any of the points I was addressing. You sir, are correct when indicating my feeling a lack of respect for LEO. I made plain the reasons why in both my initial post and my response to your response to that. Instead of addressing those points with logical refutations, you instead opted for the “I’m an oppressed stereotyped victim” stance. I presume you are or were law enforcement based upon your gravatar, and don’t appreciate being described in the manner in which I have described my personal view on LE. So be it. However, it is quite apparent that, having no effective rebuttals, it is easier to appeal for sympathy by playing the “everyday man” card. That is in impotent argument. It’s on par with “I was only following orders” .

            Finally Carl, I was in no way arrogant, rude, disrespectful, or obnoxious in either of my prior posts. You feel that I was because I said something you disagree with. Feeling offended and attacked, and basing your opinion and response on that alone, instead of tangible points, is the sign of a lazy, week, liberal, and feeble mind. There, NOW I’m being rude. See the difference?

            I’ll not close with “God Bless”, which is akin to “Bless your heart”, or “With all due respect sir”, attempting to mask prior or preceding statements, regardless of content, behind a false curtain of goodwill. I’d rather you just not be fake, and call me an ahole, which is what you really meant all along, as somehow I doubt that you were truly wishing Gods blessings upon me as you typed that. Or would that have compromised your “stereotyped victim” stance a bit too much?

            • Carl in W.V. says:

              Sir I assure you that i’m neither lazy nor weAk as I was taught by the greatest man I’ve known to turn the other cheek. and to forgive. Even when he was nailed to the cross he still forgave. and I truly mean good bless you. And in now way do i feel a victim. I truely am blessed to have a wonderful life.

          • village idiot says:

            Carl, so far as I’m concerned you and MentalMatt are class acts, and set a good standard for how law enforcement officers should conduct themselves insofar as I’m able to ascertain here. Just so you know, I’m a pretty good judge of character. I also consider Survival Dan another good example of a LEO, even though he is now retired. It is true that too many officers act stupidly, but I doubt it’s any larger percentage than the local population, and I’ve never had contact with law enforcement that wasn’t professional. Except that one time in Louisiana, and we won’t go into that. In any event, you have a difficult job made more difficult in these trying times. Take care.

            • worrisome says:

              Nice reply village idiot.

            • Carl in W.V. says:

              I see alot of LEO doing alot of stupid things. we have an officer here that writes speeding tickets all day long to everyone he pulls over. I know of alot of arrogant, stupid, obnoxious officers, and guess what they are not my friends I have to work with them. I tell more of my life on this blog than I would ever tell them. The only point that i was trying to get across was i’ve been on this website almost everyday for over a year and thought that i would not be included in his comment or atleast say carl, mentalmatt, survival dan I wasn’t talking about you guys. But no then he wants to attack my religion. I pray God helps him find the peace he is looking for.

          • Carl,
            I will pray with you. I know that many cannot fathom the daily pressure you are under. That each decision you make not only carries the weight of the outcome of when you make that decision, but also the weight of how it will be accessed by all the armchair quarterbacks from the comfort of their living rooms. Not to mention all that crappy paperwork you have to do. I’m assuming it’s all done by computer now.
            Standing on a busy stretch of road with a naked man eating the face off another, finding abused kids starving and unattended while mom goes out for a quick fix,chasing underage drunken kids off private property, settling disputes between neighbors are things LEO’s do every day, day in and day out. More often than not they deal with the dregs of humanity that the rest of us refuse to deal with. Having partnered with them on occasion I found that they keep the cowboys to a minimum.

    • worrisome says:

      Like anything……..there are great examples and bad apples. The difference is often little more than attitude and education. Unfortunately, those with attitude and on ego power rarely get the education they need to be particularly good humans on any level. That there seems to be more examples of this popping up? Yes, as economics wreak havoc and people worry about their wages and retirement going to hell in a hand basket………those that feel entitled are often filled with rage.

    • Hunker-Down says:

      Tinfoil Hat,

      Based on what I have seen on T/V the last 20 years, and based on first person exposure to LE attitudes, I am afraid of the police.

      • Tinfoil Hat says:


        As am I. However, I refuse to cow down to them. I have had enough encounters with them in my own experience to recognize that the vast majority of the problem officers are no different than schoolyard bullies who prey on the ignorance and fear of there victims. Demonstrating a knowledge of your rights and law, and call there bluff (LE thrives on citizens surrendering there rights or not understanding them. “No officer, I do not consent to a search of my property. If you feel it necessary, I will wait for you to obtain a warrant, but based on what probable cause?”. Or my personal favorite, “Officer, am I being legally detained? No? All right, I’m leaving now.”.

        Don’t allow yourself to be bullied.

        • worrisome says:

          OH Tinfoil. If you have had alll “that” much experience with LE, you would know that the “vast majority” are not a majority. Again, at times you come across as pretty much an arrogant idiot yourself, making yourself little different from the problem folks that can happen anywhere, be it a school with rogue teachers doing unspeakable things to children, black gangs and mexican gangs killing for the power and fun of it..or the LE that also doesn’t pass muster! No one wants to be bullied, no one wants their dog shot, but you TinFoil are painting a miniature canvas with a 5″ paintbrush! Sheesh

          • Tinfoil Hat says:


            Did you really just call me an arrogant idiot? Learn to read in context. I said the vast majority of PROBLEM officers…a reference to the subset of PROBLEM officers. You don’t have to like what I say, but personally you’ve no clue about me, my life, or experiences, so to suggest that I am lying and exaggerating my own experience (which you’ve no clue about), and then to attack me personally is uncalled for. Quite frankly Worrisome, you can go take a long walk off of a short cliff.

            • Tinfoil Hat says:

              Okay, things have gotten a bit out of hand. Let me 1st say that it was not my intention to ever comment on the integrity of individuals. I realize that it was taken as such, and not unreasonably so. On a personal level, corrupt police departments have had an enormous negative impact upon my family. My nephew was run over by an off-duty police officer who was driving drunk. To make a long story short, the PD made extensive efforts to protect and cover up for the officer, going so far as “losing” the records of his BAC, which was taken a full 2 hours after his “arrest” (never heard of someone being arrested on suspicion of CEO and negligent homicide but being taken home to pick up clothes and speak to there wife before being transported to booking). It was only through the efforts of the local prosecuting attorney that my sister got justice for her son. Throughout the process, my family and I were stonewalled and disrespected by the police, who on one instance insinuated that if my sister were a better mother, her son would not have been playing catch with himself 25 yards from his front door on a residential street at 6 pm in June. The arresting officer who initiated the cover up? He went on paid vacation (sorry, administrative leave) for a few weeks before having something put into his service jacket. Yes, I am bitter at LE.

              That said, it is no excuse to disparage others, particularly those on this blog site that I enjoy interacting with so much. So please accept my apologies. Carl, SurvivorDan, and anyone else I may have offended, I am sorry. I’ve no doubt that you do your jobs honorably and well, and it is a valuable service you provide. Please forgive my overly broad attack.

              But nothing gets my blood boiling like stories of bad cops.

            • Tinfoil,

              I believe all we ask is to not make a lump sum indictment of us all. I don’t believe any member here would defend the crazy shit we see our “brother” officers doing. I feel sorry for what you and your family went through and it doesn’t sound right. Trust me, my blood boils probably higher than yours when I read about “bad” cops because they insult me and my father. Can we agree to disagree and move forward?

            • village idiot says:

              Tinfoil, the people who come here are the heroes, the good guys, the folks who see that things are not going the way they should. Yes, our institutions are failing us, and that is a large part of the problem. But institutions are failing for a reason, and bad leadership is the reason. Police officers and other public servants take orders from someone else, and many have years of service and pensions at risk for not doing what they are told. The only way to change these things is to change the leadership, in towns, in cities, in states, and in Washington. When we get honest leaders who reward the efforts of good folks like Carl, Matt and others, then we will have good government again. But look at Detroit, who runs it, and what a mess it is. You know who runs that mess up there, and people like MentalMatt have to put up with the crap they do.

              I would recomment you go to the blog Second City Cop(google it), and read what a patrol cop has to put up with in the City of Chicago. Rotten politicians ruining the second greatest city in the United States. I don’t blame the regular cop for the crap that is going on in these cities.

              I fully understand your personal frustration, and although I don’t have an experience that compares to that, I don’t believe all LEO are bad based on the bad behavior of that particular officer and department. I’m happy to see you realized your mistake and apologized. It takes a big man to say he’s wrong. I know I appreciate it when I see it. Take care.

            • worrisome says:

              I said and repeat…”at times you come across as an arrogant idiot” and then you exaggerate. And quite frankly Tinfoil Hat??? I don’t have to walk anywhere.

            • Tinfoil Hat says:


              You just won’t let it die will you? I explain my situation, apologize for statements and overreactions, and yet you still just won’t let it die will you?

            • Getting Started in Colorado says:

              I’m not sure if you will read this, because after some of these replays you might stay away now. But just in case you do here’s my story. I’ve been in Law Enforcement for over 30 years. 20 years in the Army where I worked mostly law enforcement duties. 14+ years with a good sized Sheriff’s Office. And I’m like Sterff, when I hear about BAD COPS it does more than make my blood boil, it pisses me off. I still train the newbie deputies with my office and for only one reason. To teach them how to treat people and how to do their job with respect for everyone. To follow the laws they are enforcing, and I let them know if I ever catch them not doing the job the right way they better watch out. BECAUSE I’m coming for them.
              The police department in the town I live in has a terrible reputation, and people always say they are happy I a deputy sheriff arrested them instead of the police.
              I’m sorry your family went through such a tragedy, but mine went through one too. My sister was killed by her husband in a domestic violence situation. Her husband got 6 years in prison in the great state of kalifornia and worked on a garden at some minimum security prison. At the trial he laughed and said terrible things to my mother and father. He was just lucky I couldn’t afford to fly back from overseas and be there to have a little chat with him.
              Tinfoil just remember so many LEO take there job very seriously and have such a respect for it that it kills them when someone bunches them in with the Dirt bag/bad cops. I’m sure you would love to know what I vote to do with them.
              Getting Started in Colorado, been serving since my 18th Birthday and DAM proud of it.

        • EB.Esquire says:

          It might be time to reflect upon your life choices and attitude if you have had “enough encounters” with law enforcement. That says more about you than anything.

          I am not law enforcement, but I work with them closely. And, much like preppers and survivalists, it is the rotten 2%, that give the other 98% a bad name.

  7. riverrider says:

    alert! a 200,000 (yes, 200k) mile long cluster of sunspots is quietly turning toward earth. i say quietly because it is said to hold vast potential for solar storms including x-class, but is suspiciously silent. calm before the storm?….another thing. they have a link to check what satelites are visible flying over your area every week. i sometimes go watch the space station zip by, but last week it came back with “no flyovers in your zone this week”. there are usually 3 or more a day. WTH? where did they all go for a week? hmmmm.

    • Tinfoil Hat says:


      My tinfoil hat is burning right now. I don’t usually believe in coincidences….

  8. Kelekona says:

    Pets getting loose is part of living in a society that allows for companion animals. Who would think of shooting an escaped horse before it injured itself?

    As for the mini-dog, it sounds like the cop was blindly following policies laid out for larger dogs. (A boot to the head seems to cow certain larger dogs, but very few small dogs are mellow enough to adjust status-quo.) That, or she was canine-phobic and should be educated on doggy body language.

  9. WOW!

  10. Check it out just unleashed a X-1 sloare flare and it’s supose to be coming our way. Anyone know how to convert UT to 24hr time?

  11. Too bad about the dogs , unfortunately , thats just what the gangs and other criminals are going to do ……..for the people in question , SUE ! SUE ! SUE! the department , individual , whatever it takes ………..unless of you want it to keep happening .

  12. Kelekona says:
  13. Just found it UT stands for ( Universal time) It’s minus 6hours from here, CST.

    I was watching American Guns last night, can someone please explain to me why a Swat team needs to spend 5k of tax payer money to get a custom .338 lapua mag sniper rifle? So they can make 1000 yard shots, at who.

    Welcome to the Police States, and not all cops are bad but I look at how there uniforms and gear are becoming more Military Orintated. When I see city Swat teams running into a house with camo uniforms if you could’nt read understand English you’d think a Military unit was assulting a home full of terrorists.

    • JP in MT says:


      It might, might have something to do with the territory they have to cover. If is has a lot of long, open spaces, I can see a potential need.

      Was a cool looking rifle through.

      • Carl in W.V. says:

        Still expensive though i can get it for 2k

      • riverrider says:

        jp, my county has zero 1000 yard shots and even less shooters capable of one yet my sheriff’s dept has a 338 and a .50, not to mention an armoured car that they’ve never used for anything but show. they have 93 sworn officers to patrol a county that technically should support 30 at the most. many other counties our size get the job done with even less. police state, i dunno, police county for sure, and they have the attitude to match. one guy was talked about favorably to run for sheriff, he suddenly got popped on a drug possession charge. hmmmm.

        • Carl in W.V. says:

          I know about the show car lol. Our county got 3 Humvee’s but they had no choice. Could not get a grant or ok from county commission to buy a SUV/4×4 knowing the military vehicles were being offered to them for pennies. well i think one cost a dollar. I know some people have mentioned lately they see more and more departments with military gear and this is sometimes the case.

          • riverrider says:

            carl, roger that. thank you for what you do and forgive us for lumping all of you guys and gals in with the bad ones. i’m as guilty as the rest of us at using police as a target, and i was one before i went into the military. its just that as society crumbles and government abuses the people, cops are the only extension of the government available for us to lash out at face to face, coupled with the near constant news of cops messing up. its sad that we don’t hear of the many good deeds that good cops do every single day. good luck to you and stay safe.

        • JP in MT says:


          Now that I think about it, our guys might benefit from a .338. It took them 43 shots to wound a guy twice who was standing on his porch w/a 22 rifle. They were 15-30 feet away. Might save on ammo.

    • If you could get a .338 Lupa, ammo and training at no expense to yourself, wouldn’t you?

  14. Fact: Just as some cops are good, some cops have some serious superiority issues and should never be given a position of authority, let alone a gun. A cop shoots my dog and I won’t leave the force alone until he’s disgracefully discharged and placed in a jail cell.

    Also, are not ALL violent crimes hate crimes? I wonder if the kid was white who got shot by a black guy, if it would be different.

    • Mike,

      In Knoxville TN there was a case where 4 black males (I think it was 4 but it could have been five) kidnapped, raped and murdered a white couple and nope no mention of a hate crime… Only people with light skin can be racist.

      • Tinfoil Hat says:

        Wish I could say I was surprised…

      • village idiot says:

        MD, I read about that case. It was arguably the most brutal murders ever in Tennessee. The guy was sodomized with a bat, shot 3 times, dragged out onto a railroad track and set on fire. The young lady was tortured for days. She was repeatedly raped, sodomized with some object, beaten severly, and then had bleach poured down her throat in an attempt to cover up their crime. She was still alive at the time they poured the bleach down her throat, and she must have suffered horribly. She was then stuffed into a plastic bag, and she died of suffocation. If I remember correctly, these thugs were to get a new trial because the judge on the case was using drugs, but a higher court vacated the ruling for a new trial.

        • village idiot,

          Yep that’s the one. But it obviously was not racially motivated or a “hate crime” because the perps were all black and the victims white. There are no black racists or so it would seem.

          Folks, racism is bad no matter if you are black or white. And there are black racists as well as white racists and one is just as bad as the other.

          • I just don’t understand the thinking behind this. How is racism acceptable against whites until we are “even”. And what is even anyways? What exactly have I done except be born? Left winged hypocrisy that people are eating up left right and center and for what? Should I use a different bathroom and drink from a different water fountain because I’m nothing other than white male?

            Mistakes of the past just cycled over and over and over and over again and this proves it. If it’s racism against one group or the other, how long before another Nazi type style of government? Another hateful theocracy wars on the world? Another Bolshevik style revolution? (My grandmothers family booked it out of Russia just before that one happened, pays to have smart forward thinking great grandparents).

            Just reinforces the need to prep and opsec too, while we’re at it.

            • worrisome says:

              This country had a civil war once. Some say it was over slavery, some say it was the economics of slavery with people being used to advance the cause of money. Similar to what is going on now with the marijuana wars. If they can make that stinking weed be the next “medical miracle” by using people that smoke it to make money why not. YUK!
              Bottom line however is this… the next time some one tells you that white people are racists, remember that civil war and remember that more white people than black people died in that war by a huge margin. More soldiers from the north died than the south AND in some cases we can all point to relatives on both sides of that war………..and if we know our family history we can share that they paid huge financial prices for fighting it. I have relatives that lost farms on the north because they were too busy toting a gun to plow the farm, and had those on the south that ended up share croppers because the cotton and tobacco didn’t get grown. War and hate never accomplish a damned thing, although there are times when it is the only way………but this manufactured war of black rascism against whites in these modern times is a sin of nature……..with Obama as the General leading the charge.

          • worrisome says:

            MD, well put! And very true. Right now it is so out of control!

          • village idiot says:

            Another thing that is missed in all this, MD, is that many black people have a hatred for whites based on this constant media hype that they are being mistreated, and that all their problems are caused by whites, and even Asians to some degree. Never is it pointed out to folks that they are the main cause of their own problems. You tell me how someone could treat a beautiful young lady like they did Channon Christian without hate, and a bad case of it. The only other explanation is that these people are animals and should be put down like mad dogs, and are unworthy to live among civilized people. I’ve already said more than I wanted to, but this particular crime struck a nerve.

  15. JP in MT says:

    To the Pack:

    I just got a quick and informative reply from Directive 21 (a sponsor of this blog) on the difference between the black and white filter elements in the Berkey filters. Here’s what they said:

    Differences between Black Berkey Elements & White Ceramic Filters:

    White ceramic filter elements:
    Last anywhere between 2000-3000 gallons per set of 2.
    They reduce Chlorine up to 90 percent.
    They remove Pathogenic Bacteria to 99.99 percent, according to the tests at Spectum Labs in Arizona.
    Easy to clean, as the filter collects contaminants on the outside of the filters. Just brush on the outside of the white ceramic filters.
    Contains an inner core of carbon, but not as powerful at removing contaminants than the black berkey elements.
    Does not remove any viruses from the water.

    Black Berkey elements:
    Last about 6000 gallons.
    Last about 2-3 years or more, but based on usage.
    Made of coconut shell carbon, the superior class of carbon.
    Cleaned by back flushing or priming the filters, which involves pushing water through the filters backwards.
    The black berkey elements absorb many of the contaminants, so that is why they need to be primed every 3 months.
    Removes almost all the contaminants the white filters will remove, but to a higher level.
    It removes pretty much all of the chlorine, 99.999999%, and VOC’s, to the same level. Has been tested by the same lab as the white ceramic filters, and the tests show that the black berkey elements remove contaminants to a higher level.
    Removes some viruses to non-detectable levels.

    We personally use a Royal Berkey with 2 Black berkey elements. We recommend people purchase the black berkey elements, but the white ceramic filters are still good filters and have been around for over 100 years in Britian.

    The White ceramic filters are 7″ or 9″ in length. The 7″ filters are the only ones sold in Britian, as the 9″ are custom made for New Mellenium Concepts, the creators of the black berkey elements. The 9″ filters are only sold in the USA.

    If you have any other questions feel free to contact us.

    Thought some of you might have the same question.

  16. Michele says:

    Shooting dogs makes me so mad. If it had happened on my property to my dogs, there would be trouble. What makes people think it’s OK to shoot dogs????? Just reading those 2 articles has my blood pressure through the roof – and I have ‘the blood pressure of a teenager’ according to my Doctor.

    Comment edited by M.D. Creekmore to protect Michele…

    • Hunker-Down says:

      Thanks M.D.

      We will use our imagination to fill in the blanks, as we are on the same page as Michele.

  17. MENTALMATT says:

    Tinfoilhat, I’m not sure what to say to you. I’m not what you describe however you seem to paint with a very broad brush. I could insult you back, and just put you in a catagory like you seem to have with me. I have sacrificed more for this county being a Leo, than you can ever imagine, I have buried my best of friends who died attempting to arrest the people, you are terrified of. You know nothing of horror, only what you read, and what ever experiences you may have will amount to nothing to the carnage that I have seen or felt, or lived with. You talk like a true rebel, and yet I smell that you cowar in person. I don”t step on people rights, I’m a membe of the NRA, are you? Please if you want to be a real bad ass, and want to kick some ass, please, come down here to the “D” oh and if you did”nt know that stands for Detroit. Oh yeah they are cutting our pay, our health care and our pensions. It is what it is, you want to be such a hard core, please come down here I dare you. The thing is I know you wont, and dont have the heart to. You sir Bless your Heart are a texting tought guy.

    • worrisome says:

      Telling it well Mental Matt. It is an impossible job! As with anything however, there are always those that don’t abide the rules and let the power and their ego lead. That was what I was trying to say above. In an instance when anyone shoots a caged dog, ya gotta wonder? As for you and the job you do in that downtrodden place? Well they need a hero but I hope you don’t have to sacrifice too much to be that for them. A lot of us worry and pray for you a lot! I wish you had that retreat farther north and were in a place to leave it all behind….
      I was married to someone on law enforcement for many years…it was a stressful marriage, but I “think” I was close enough to understand how you feel! Bless you for what you do every day! Prayers!

    • Tinfoil Hat says:

      Jesus, I have to work on my reactions. Matt, I don’t appreciate you calling me a coward, insinuating I have no honor, or have not sacrificed for my country. I assure you, I have done my part. I recognize that you do yours as well (see my above mea culpa). I have seen my carnage, my death, my destruction, my “share” if you will. I’ve no desire to kick anyone’s ass (anyone who does is unbalanced). I am hoping that MD deletes or does not post my initial response to your post. If he does however, I will say again that I apologize. I’d just as soon shake hands and move on. This got much uglier than I ever anticipated it being.

  18. Folks are folks, people are people. I don’t appreciate being lumped into a category and disliked by someone I’ve never met, as most of you wouldn’t. I have grown to accept it and respect your right to dislike me even though we have never met. Funny that these comments are grouped with racism topics, disliking an entire group of persons for whatever your reasons are. I don’t consider myself a hero or anything special, and I certainly wouldn’t blindly defend an officers actions without knowing the facts, I’m just trying to make the best life for my family and I…… as you are.

  19. As a very young man, whenever I heard about police misconduct I couldn’t understand why they’d do it and risk getting caught when they, more than most, should understand the penalties for breaking the law. How could a policeman not know he’d go to ‘jail’ if he got caught?

    When I got a little older, I couldn’t understand how they weren’t singled out by their peers as ‘bad cops’ more easily. How could police be so effective at sorting out the good from the bad, recognizing a criminal from a group of strangers on a daily basis and yet somehow miss the clues when it came to fellow officers? How could they just ‘turn off’ their training in observation, their prior experience, and their heightened perception of potential criminal behavior in the presence of other cops? In the cases where the misconduct had gone on for years, I figured the bad cops must have been criminal geniuses to avoid detection for so long.

    It’s a lot clearer to me how the system works now. The best chance for breaking the law and getting away with it is to have some money and/or influence, or be a cop.

  20. MENTALMATT says:

    Tinfoil Hat if you were here we would shake hands, call it a miss communication, maybe have a bud light, and talk about better things. After all we are the pack, and no for the record i would’nt shoot a caged animal, I hated having to shoot the dogs I did but I had no choice, hell I feel worse for them then some of the scum bags, animals have no choice. Peace be to you my brother. Matt

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