Thursday Miscellany News Brief

The “War on Terror” is Still ongoing… : We’ve just switched sides.

Minnesota a Hotbed of Islamic Terrorism : Authorities estimate that 15 or more Minnesotans have traveled to the Middle East to join ISIS.

16 Apocalyptic Quotes From Global Health Officials About This Horrific Ebola Epidemic.

The Failure of a President – Welcome to The New World Disorder.

Our Fearless ‘Leader’ Needs Another Vacation : After all he has accomplished so much greatness…

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  1. #2 above: Wonder what would have happened to anyone who left the US to fight for Germany or Japan In WW2? If the government won’t take care of the problem it’s time for citizens to do so.

    Now a couple of things I saw today

    Free “Shoot OFF” Software Updated With New Features
    Lets you practice trigger control using any laser dry firing adapter, a webcam and a Windows/Mac/Linux pc.

    Texas Border Ranchers Fear for Their Lives and Families – Ask Veterans for Help

  2. The U.S. invited 100,000 Somalis to live in this country and put them in Minnesota. Why? Did we need 100,000 uneducated people who didn’t speak our language? Did we really think that they and their children would assimilate and not cause us any trouble? Also each family that comes here on a asylum visa gets $5000 a month in money and direct aid. That’s YOUR tax money. I don’t remember the government asking the citizens if we wanted this. I don’t remeber them even telling us they were going to do this either. Seems like it all happened in secret. What else happened in secret that is going to get us killed?

    • I hate to be right in this case, but the day I found out these people were coming here I knew they would be nothing but trouble. They were brought here to vote for Democrats, and to keep Democrats in power in states like Minnesota. They offer nothing that will benefit the United States.

  3. Five grand a month you say Sweetpea? Heck that’s more than I make before taxes and of course after paying my part of a trillion dollars in college loan debt I’m lucky to have a couple hundred bucks for my family, man those clowns in DC have it so screwed up. Anyone wanting to fight, don’t go to Syria, just be a little more patient, soon enough you’ll be able to get your fill right here at home. The elites have gotten so brazen as of late. My own personal test is to see if the false flags or black swans show themselves this coming 9/11.

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