Time is running out

Less than four hours left to purchase my 31 Days to Survival e-course – if you want to add it to your survival library then you need to get it now. :clock:

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  1. Where do you buy milk in 5 gallon jugs? My wife and son drink that much or more every week. I read in the book you warn against using 5 gallon milk jugs to store water as they break down and leak. I thought wow only 1 milk run a week would be great. Must be a Tenn thing. Really enjoying the book. Too often we want to go off on these big ideas. We really need to be a MASTER of the Basics before we try to be chasing far out ideas. A good teacher and writer will keep the students and reader focused on the basics, and then the other things will fall in place. This book accomplishes that. Thank You again.

  2. Md I have been very busy the past couple of days and I forget that your book is only for sale for a limited time. Is there any chance I will be able to buy a copy in the near future?

  3. MD,

    I purchased the book this morning on my phone while at work so that I could make the deadline. But when I got home to download the link that I received via email is not working. I received a receipt via email that the transaction has been completed. I’m just really bummed right now that I am not enjoying the book like Caoimhin. What do I need to do in order to get my copy?

  4. every time i click on the link to buy the book i cannot when i click on buy now or Add to Cart a page opens that I can click on e-junkie and one line that says that this combination is not available. what is up with that?

  5. Matt from Ohio says:


    Thanks again for the help.

    Matt from Ohio

  6. So those of us who brought the pdf have a collectors item? 😉

    It will be good for those who can’t afford to print it. It can sometimes cost as much to buy and print a big pdf on a home printer as it would be to buy it from PP.

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