Today’s Featured YouTube Video : Homesteading Skill Sets and Tips


  1. JP in MT says:


  2. All that is needed is motivation. Creekmore sells the information that one can practice to develop skills. Information is on line. Guidance is Everywhere. Note to city dwellers: many farms will not be prepared. I strongly believe that a team player with good skills and the tools to turn a modern farm into a homestead, would be welcomed to join that farm in a grid down world. Searching now is not cheating.

  3. When I lived in Alaska I would buy whole turkeys on sale after the holidays. Bone out the breast and pressure can them, Oh so good.
    If you can find a book “The magic of wheat cookery”it has great bread recipe’s and lot of other go stuff.
    Good luck to you new folks , remember dont give up if your first go round doesn’t come out well , just keep trying.

  4. I used to farm with my father. His family grew up on a farm and they grew what they ate, veggies, fruit trees, etc. also raised their own beef,and raised chickens.
    I all but put those skills away until last year when I tried my hand at raised gardening. I was quite pleased at what I remembered. Preparing to. Plant again this year. Can’t wait to get into the dirt again.