The top seven buzzwords that I’m sick of hearing in the gun control debate…

1. “High capacity magazines” and “Extended Magazines” : folks, these are nothing but Anti-Second Amendment buzz words that are used by the media to gain support for their agenda… A 30 round magazine for the AR-15 rifle is standard capacity, as well as being the standard for many other rifles. Period.

2. “Hunting” : I’m so sick of hearing “no one needs an “assault rifle” or an AR-15 to go hunting. Where in the Second Amendment does it say anything about hunting…? Where? It doesn’t! The Second Amendment has nothing to do with hunting. It is about defending yourself and the country against anyone that would take away our freedoms and rights as guaranteed by the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

3. “Weapons of Mass Destruction” : This buzz word is so stupid and over the top – folks this is a weapon of mass destruction this is not. Any questions?

4. “High Powered Rounds” : This one has been popular with the media since the tragic events in Newtown, the rife that they are now saying that the shooter used was a .223 caliber. The .223 round is a common caliber used for varmint hunting (coyote, for example) and is less “powerful” than most centerfire rifle rounds, such as the 30.30, .308 Win or 30.06.

5. “Spraying Bullets” : folks to “spray bullets” you would need to have an actual assault rifle one that is capable of full auto-fire. A semi-auto demands that you have to pull the trigger for each shot, which would constitute a deliberate action with each shot from the shooter.

6. “Gun Violence” : There is no such thing – it’s just violence… period. By that “definition” aka a buzzword then if someone hit another person the head with a hammer, then I guess that would “hammer violence” or if someone kicked a man in his “plums” then would that then be classified as “shoe violence”… By listening to the media you would think that firearms have their own agenda and can take action on their own…

7. “High Capacity Clip” : This one just enforces their complete ignorance of the topic – Modern rifles such as the AR-15 do not use “ammunition clips” or  a “high-capacity clip” they use a magazine. This is a clip, so is this and folks this is a magazine. If you wan to ban it at least know what it is…

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  1. Tinfoil Hat says:


    Can I throw one in?

    “Assault Rifle”

    What the hell qualifies a rifle as an assault rifle??? I can assault, or be assaulted, with any rifle!!! A .22 rifle scoped up with a competent shooter at 25 yards with crosshairs on my head is danged sure assaulting me!! For that matter, some goofball with a baseball bat can assault me too! Is it an assault baseball bat at that point?? Are we gonna regulate Louiseville Sluggers too?????

    • Tinfoil Hat says:

      For that matter, if I’m out of ammo for my marlin model 60, and I beat someone to death with the stock, is it THEN an assault rifle?????

    • Tinfoil Hat,

      Yes, you sure can…

      How in the heck did I forget that one… I feel stupid now! As you can tell this was a rushed post that was written in about five minutes by a bitter, American that is clinging to my guns and religion.

      • Tinfoil Hat says:


        Cling on my friend. I’ll cling til they pry both from my cold, dead hands…

      • SurvivorDan says:

        Good post MD!
        Lot of us bitter Americans clinging to our guns and bibles thank you.

        Every time some whippersnapper at work makes a stoooopit comment about ‘assault’ weapons, I let him have it! Now I don’t hear a peep from them as they know not to make some jackass anti-2nd amendment comment around this grouchy old gun clinger!

      • M.D. Don`t feel stupid! What you did was give someone else a chance to contribute by not writing a thesis about the subject. I once told an elder in my church that I give brief answers for 2 reasons. Reason #1 give someone else a chance to answer.Reason#2 the less that I speak is the less of a chance to screw up.He liked my reasoning.

      • MD and company,

        When I cling to my Bible I am not bitter but thankful. When I cling to my guns I am determined to remain free. Those that have neither Bible nor gun will never understand.

      • Swabbie Robbie says:

        If someone invades my house and I bean him on the head with our large family bible, is it an assault bible? 😉

    • And then there are all the “look likes”! I saw a bb gun done up to look like an ar the other day…………..sheesh

    • Jack Daniels says:

      Some good news.
      Petition Grows to Deport CNN Host Piers Morgan.
      I hate that guy.

      • Jack Daniels
        I agree, if you hate our country so much go back where you came from,stop trying to destroy ours!

      • No one forces you to watch his show!

        • Ben Dover,
          I don’t watch his shows, and I made sure to inform the network and the sponsors. As the petition grows, now we get word of another petition.. his own country doesn’t want him back.
          He has used his position to try to change our countries ‘flawed constitution’. People like him should try to fix or change their own countries, make them better, rather than bring us down.

    • isn’t an AR- an anti-assault rifle?

      • JeffintheWest says:

        Actually, the “A” stands for “Automatic” in the original nomenclature, as I recall. Mind you, the AR-15s being sold are NOT automatic given our laws on the subject, but the manufacturer never changed the designation to “SR-15” since it sounds sort of like some kind of reconnaissance jet….

        • I believe the A=ArmaLite. There were a whole series of weapons. The .22lr AR-7 comes to mind. I had one made by the origianal maker.

          • I believe you are right and the AR stands for Armalite. I remember a long time back when they were trying to sell the rifle to the military and not having much luck because of the NIH (Not i vented here Springfield Arsenal) factor so they tried pushing it at Police Departments. They would take a concrete block and fire a full thirty round magazine into the block on full auto before the block totally disintegrated. The guy demonstrating the weapon was a cocky guy and tried to put the sheriff down as a redneck know nothing. I was a reserve deputy at the time in our small county and we had just rearmed with Browning Hi Powers and the Sheriff had procure several Schmeisser MP sub machine guns. He told me to go ahead and demonstrate to the salesman. I emptied the 32 round magazine of 9mm rounds in the block with the same effect. The salesman was speechless and packed his stuff away.. He was somewhat mollified after the Sheriff told him he did not want several different rounds when one round wold suffice for all and as part of the deal converting to 9mm semi auto pistols, the state police would furnish our ammo for qualification on their range and for duty carry.

            • As to the US Army; They didn’t wasnt i at all. Colt, who by then had the rights, did an end run. The USAF wanted something better than the M-2 Carbine. So Colt demonstrated the AR-15 to Gen. Curtis Lemay who had the clout to order it. Then some were sent to Spec Forces in Vietnam. They loved it. Because the Army and Sprinfield Armory had so screwed up the M-14 program, the Army was pressed to use the newly minted M-16. The Army did everything possible to sabatoge it. Then, once they did accept it, defended it to the death. Actually, the only down side is the ammo. To thin a rim and too small a bullet. I have never understood why they refuse to go to a piston. It would cure most remaining problems.
              I strongly recomend Ezell’s “The Great Rifle Controversy”. You will also enjoy his “The AK-47 Story”.

          • Correct. The AR is from the manufacture Armalite where Gene Stoner worked when he developed the AR-15.

    • Maybe he was a fed trying to sting a vendor?

      • axelsteve:

        Normally I’d think the same thing but he literally went from one table the the very next vendor, 8′ apart. And he was using a regular voice. The guy next to me asked him “Didn’t you listen to what he (pointing at me) just told you?”

    • MountainSurvivor says:

      Golly, I hope they don’t deem the human body as an assault weapon. Can anybody help me with a question that I have? Um, if I have a really big belly because I am a sumo wrestler and I slam one of the audience members with it, would it then be an assault belly? I mean, will they forcefully remove my belly because they have banned assault bellies? Will they stick me into one of the weight loss re-education programs because I refuse to give up my assault belly? I have rights, you know!

  2. I have heard that the marlin 60 that I had was an assult rifle in mass.the tube holds 18 rounds so it is supposed to be illegal there. I don`t care I will never go there.

  3. I like that their “High power ammunition” is illegal to hunt major game animals with in several states, mostly because it can’t insure a clean kill.

    Many of these commentators “think” they know what they are talking about or are reading from a teleprompter and are using the wrong words. Confusing an “auto-loader” with an “automatic” rifle is the most common.

    This summer we had a “gentleman” (read “clown”) from California going from table to table at the gun show asking if the vender would sell him and M16 or other automatic rifle. At least 6 vendors attempted to educate him and/or try to understand what he was asking for. Finally the show’s sponsor tossed him out for harassing the vendors. The guy was looking for a fight, someone to justify his ignorance. Maybe he won’t try that in Montana again.

    • I used to own a weatherby 300 magnum. The reason I bought it was that it was hi powered.You don`t use a 22lr for elk hunting.

  4. Tactical G-Ma says:

    MD and TFH,
    Thank you for your edification. Now will someone please inform the anti-gun people who haven’t a clue what they are talking about?

  5. It never fails to amaze me that many would want to throw out the 2nd amendment, by stripping it piece by piece so that the “federal government” will protect them! Have they not heard of Adolf Hitler, Stalin, and the list goes on. How in the world can people be so stupid, this is how those tyrants took over the citizens, 1st thing was to steal their guns.

    San Francisco recently had a buy back program for guns($200.00). These were hunting rifles(beautiful guns). Is this what has become of our society? Gun owners are being brainwashed in thinking if I get rid of it nothing bad will happen to my family. Just the opposite is true, your family has been placed in a higher risk of being robbed, raped, etc. Those who give up there guns are the walking dead, and we must as a society understand they will be the first to be terminated by starvation or gangs.

    We can not save all, but hopefully train the younger citizens of America, that is why we were given the right to carry those arms.

    You can not know your history until you know where you come from. You are either a patriot of America and her Constitution, or as I have heard a
    sheeple(I believe I spelled it correctly)personally I like the term zombie,it fits those who lack working brain cells.

    • Becky,
      I couldn’t agree more. The 2nd Amendment is a last line of defense against a tyrannical government. Having the government try to convince me to give up arms is akin to a thief or ne’er-do-well saying “don’t worry about locking the door, you don’t need all that protection”. It’s astounding how easily people fall into line with group think. Never understood the psychologically there…maybe it’s easier to just go along than have a backbone. How quickly people forget history.

    • I wonder how many family heirlooms and real treasures wound up in that 200 dollar gun pile? It would probably make you sick to find out.

      • axelsteve,

        Yep, and how many of those turning them in were turning in stolen firearms, and then used the money to go buy drugs…

      • axelsteve,
        Might not work in CA (or even be legal), but here in Ohio, some of the gun by backs had citizens working the lines as they headed in to the places where they were to be turned in, and offering real money for guns from those who were in line. Some folks complained to the police, but were told that there was nothing illegal about a private transaction between two Ohio adult residents. As I understand it, some folks got a lot more than the “bounty” money, some other folks got some great buys on good quality firearms, and perhaps more importantly, some high quality, expensive firearms were saved from the scrap heap.

    • Becky; Peice x peice is how all of this works. Take smoking. It started with warnings. Then add bans. They’ve been working on guns one bit at a time. 1934, 1968, 1986, 1989, 1993. We must never give in. Not one step. I have learned from anti-gun friends that they are so frightened by guns and hence gun owners that they will only stop with everything. If you think I’m wrong, NYC has a ban on clip knives. And many states now have bans on diffrent knives.

      • PGCPrepper says:

        NYC? NYC has a ban on 32 oz “assault” soda!

        You’re right. Piece by piece.

      • EthanP,
        My experience with anti gun liberals seems to be their mindset, and often their lack of will power or control. I heard an 80-something man on a call-in radio show on gun control tell how he never had a gun and was glad, because he would most likely be in prison. It turns out that over the years he had several neighbors who had really agitated him, and he freely admitted that if he had a firearm, he would most likely have shot those neighbors. The big problem however, seems to be that he assumes that all of us have his moral character and will power, and would do the same in the same circumstance. As concealed carry came to Ohio and many other states around the country, there was often rhetoric about how people would be shooting each other over minor traffic accidents or loud music. The fact that it never happened doesn’t seem to faze these people, because they assume that all of us would respond like they would, and would see us all disarmed to save us from ourselves (themselves?).

    • Becky,
      The biggest problem is a basic lack of teaching and learning the basic history of the country. The problem however seems to be that the teachers are also either ignorant or have an agenda, and you can’t teach what you don’t know.

  6. MD

    First link on point #3 isn’t working for me. I’m guessing it’s probably a picture of a nuke. Second link is working. I’d argue that she might be a weapon of mass destruction for some lucky guy out there 😉

    • I would have place either a picture of the Supreme Court from 1973 (roe v wade) or last years court (obamacare is legal) for weapons of mass destruction.

  7. Amen Brother!!!!! I just wish the anti gun advocates would at least educate themselves on the guns and topics they wish to debate about. They just think all Amercians are dumb empty heads that will just believe what ever they say.

    • Way back in the ’60’s, I used to help my df write letters to editors, politicians, etc on a multitude of topics, one of which was gun control. I remember how the fave scenario of the anti-gun bunch was to alert all the garden clubs and such about a call-in radio show so that the suddenly-fearful “little old ladies” could call in and plead for gun control. Little did the call-in media know was that the gun clubs and military reserves had ways of finding out in advance, too. So they’d do some calling in too and try to educate. Hee hee. The media, of course, would try to shut them up real quick.

  8. I would add ” assault rifle ” , there is no such thing . A bolt action Mosin – Nagant was used for assault in not only one , but two world wars . Just sayin

  9. Schatzie Ohio says:

    As far as all the anti gun commotion – I think if a crazy person was going to kill me I would rather be killed by a bullet than be hacked to death with a machete or axe or as the husband put it burned to death by fire from a bomb.
    Too many of the talking heads on TV don’t know what they are talking about. I don’t expect it to get any better.

    • I have to agree , here is a video link on how brutal knife attacks are , ( warning , instructor uses foul language )

    • Schatzie Ohio,
      “If a crazy person was going to kill me”, then my plan is to shoot back, or if unarmed, put up the most fierce resistance possible. There are far too many sheep out there, and I have made a conscious decision not to be one of them.

    • Oh, my first dh (yeah, right, not so d), would either aim a gun at me or put a butcher knive to my throat every so often. To tell the honest truth, I’d rather take a couple of bullets than have my throat slit. At least when he was drunk & hopped up on drugs, there were more of me to aim at (I was the one in the middle, not the 2 to the left or the 2 to the right), so I stood a better chance at dodging a Beretta .25 on more than one occasion.

      And if anybody ever jumps into my car? Oh, that’s gonna hurt getting wrapped around a pole. So point that gun or knive someplace else. Somethin’ to be said about learning to drive in orchards and dirt fields.

  10. Regarding #1 – the part of it that really bothers me about it is that the hoplophopes interchange ‘magazine’ and ‘clip’ routinely – as if they are the same thing when we know they are 2 distinctly different things.
    And as tinfoil did – I’ll add another as well and IMHO it is one of the most damaging to us because we let them create it: ‘gun violence’ – there is no such thing. Guns (as well as knives, tire irons, bats etc) are the tools that are used by human beings to commit violence. It is the human element that determines whether a tool is used for good or ill.

    • GomeznSA,

      “gun violence”

      Let us go back to the hammer – if someone hit me in the head with a hammer, then I guess that would “hammer violence” or if someone kicked a man in his “plums” would that then be classified as “shoe violence”… By listening to the media you would think that firearms have their own agenda and can take action on their own…

      Good one btw… I will add it to my list…

      • Then it’s “Hammer Time”?

      • SurvivorDan says:

        back when I was a ‘yout’ on Oahu, I beaned a friend with a coconut and knocked him out! Coconut violence, brah! Hawaii is run by libs so dey researched my early childhood and gave me a suspended sentence because I had ate too much white rice and very little Spam (lack of brain food) growing up and I was ordered to pick up all da fallen coconuts everywhere for the summer. I could probably still sue for the trauma from da humiliation of being called Dat Coconut Boy! true story. Where did dat come from?
        Ah nutz. I been drinking. I gotta laugh at this sh*t or I’ll just weep for our soon to be reduced gun rights. 😉

        • SD,
          you got me rofl. I would always go to K&L for lunch in Wahiawa and lived on white rice, eggs and spam while stationed at Schofield. Still not a big poi fan but I can throw down on some island pig BBQ teriyaki style.

  11. I have finally had enough…………… last week while reading a Huffington post article about the shooting and those “horiable assault rifles” some lame brain decided they need to school people in the art of personal protection and hunting.
    The post went something to the effect that………Nobody needs an assault rifle or sniper rifle to go hunting use a bow and arrow. And if you need personel protection get a German Shepard.
    I usally read past these idiots but couldn’t help myself when I noticed the little statment next to their name ( are you the sheep or the sheep herder) GRRRRR I couldn’t hold back I had school them on my experience with assault rifles and why they didn’t know their butt from a hole in their head.
    After twelve years in the Army infantry I told this person that in no way would I want to go into battle with a civilian AR15 (well I would but they didn’t need to know that). I explained why they have automatic wepons and the differances between the civilian to military models. And that “sniper” rifles aren’t much different than your everyday hunting rifle. And as far as the dog for protection ……..I love dogs have two geat ones myself but as another poster responded it’s hard to fit them in your pocket. I also asked them to please explain to me what they thought a assualt rifle was or a sniper rifle. Still waiting for their explanation.
    The lame follow up I got from them was I should’nt go through life being afraid. W.hat T.he F.rench was that supose to mean?? I again stated that I wanted them to PLEASE explain to me their idea of and assault rife/sniper rifle. I’m still waiting 🙂

    Some Idiots can make your blood boil!!

  12. cooolwoods says:

    Md, you and everyone should check out this blog post.
    its long but very worth reading.

    “We should ban Assault Rifles!

    Define “assault rifle”…


    Yeah. That’s the problem. The term assault rifle gets bandied around a lot. Politically, the term is a loaded nonsense one that was created back during the Clinton years. It was one of those tricks where you name legislation something catchy, like PATRIOT Act. (another law rammed through while emotions were high and nobody was thinking, go figure).”

    thats a small,small part of the post. the whole thing is a real WOW!

    Please read it! the author wants this spread wide and far and it SHOULD be.

    stay safe

  13. cooolwoods says:

    I guess it would be easier to read with a link

    *feels stupid*

    stay safe

  14. Watch for this one, not gun control legislation but gun SAFETY legislation. After all, who could be against gun safety, right?

  15. The media all get it wrong all the time, there’s no way that everyone of them is that misinformed and stupid , therefore they must be doing it on purpose.

    • Big D,
      You stated, “there’s no way that everyone of them is that misinformed and stupid”. LOL, I think you underestimate these uneducated pseudo intellectual idiots.

  16. We had better hope these gun control nuts don’t see Jerry Michulek run a wheel gun. Our six shooters will be the target along with moon clips, speed loaders and speed strips.

  17. The other thing that really gets me is the gun control nuts fail to realize that violence happens with or without guns. China is plagued by knife attacks in schools. The 9/11 attacks were carried out by terrorists armed not with guns but armed with knives. Not machetes or kitchen knives, but box cutters. The other factor was that people submitted to the terrorists armed with box cutters. On United Airlines Flight 93, when people fought back, the plane went down in a Pennsylvania field as opposed to the Pentagon or World Trade Center. Give everybody boarding a plane who is of age a box cutter. I dare say any terrorist would be killed quite quickly. There is lot to be said for not submitting to an attacker. Compliance doesn’t ensure safety. It ensures the attacker can do what the attacker wants to do.

    • Brendan, had a chart showing what weapons were used to commit murders in 2010. Bare hands-745, were more than shotguns-373 and rifles-358 combined-731,knives-1704, were also used more than double as were ‘other weapons’-1772.Handguns were by far the most 6009. Total for all firearms,including ‘other’ less than 9000, far too many, but in a free society of 320,000,000 people? There is much more that can be done without doing taking away freedom and liberty.

  18. Good for you for providing real information. The world is full of misquotes and misinformation. Everyone in media has a witchhunt.

    Fact is guns are not the issue. The state of the world and human condition are. Most families are estranged and borderline poor than ever. There is no middle class. The excess mass of stress has to alleviate somewhere, and when noone is paying attention it yields itself in places we never thought to look.

    People need to wake up and support each other.

  19. The AP Stylebook (the default reference for editors and journalists) is TRYING to get it right but hasn’t quite succeeded yet

    Older versions stated:
    “assault-style weapon Any semiautomatic pistol, rifle or shotgun originally designed for military or police use with a large ammunition capacity. Also, firearms that feature two or more accessories such as a detachable magazine, folding or telescopic stock, silencer, pistol grip, bayonet mount or a device to suppress the flash emitted”

    But in the 2012 version, it states:
    “Assault Weapon: A semi-automatic firearm similar in appearance to a fully automatic firearm or military weapon. Not synonymous with assault rifle, which can be used in fully automatic mode. Wherever possible, be specific about the type of weapon: semi-automatic rifle, semi-automatic shotgun or semi-automatic pistol.”

    Now if journalists would simply follow that last suggestion, be specific, things would be much clearer for everyone.

  20. Alittle2late says:

    Read this comment this morning.
    “And fans of using the Tragic deaths of the 20 children as an excuse to take away OUR RIGHT to the CHOICE TO BEAR ARMS,
    are by and large, THE SAME PEOPLE who WOULD HAVE DEMANDED the CHOICE to KILL the same 20 children 6 or 7 years ago, when they were still IN THE WOMB.

    A SAD FACT that liberals choose to ignore. Could they possibly be more HYPOCRITICAL?????”

    Hits the nail on the head doesn’t it?

    • Yes it does. Since roe v wade there have been 58 million abortions …. so do we ban surgeons?

    • Alittle2late, this has been my thought right along…they just let them grow up a little bit….

  21. Frank Bennett says:

    Listen, none of us can even remotely understand how 27 families in CT feel right now. There is no need to thump your chest about how you will never give up your guns. when a 20 year old kid can walk into a school and put 5-11 bullets into 20 babies and 7 adults in minutes we have a problem. I understand that in the hands of a sane person there is no problem but when mentally unstable people can get to said weapons there is a problem. I grew up in Maine and hunted all my life. I was taught how to use a gun and when to use a gun. My grandfather could just as easily defend his home with his double barrel shotgun as he could with an AR-15. I am a member of the NRA and hunt religously but I do not see the need for an AR-15. I prep and store for times of no power and if the SHTF. I promise you I can feed my family and defend my home with my pump action 12 gauge and my 45-70 lever action rifle. I do not need an AR-15. I have been listening to Diane Feinstein and all she wants to get off the street that I have heard is the AR-15 not your hunting rifles or handguns. you can make all he rock, bat or shoe scenarios you want to justify in your mind owning assault weapons. and an AR-15 the civilian version of the M-16 is an assault weapon. It is specifically made for combat. you can get full auto conversion kits online. cant do that with my lever action rifle or my shotgun. what is the big deal, if someone comes in your house a good dose of bird or buck shot will make them sorry for it. What are you all so afraid of? the Assault Weapons ban was in place for 10 years and we all dealt with it. I’ll tell you what, I challenge any of you to go to Newtown, CT and tell the 20 families whose babies were just mowed down why you need to keep your AR-15. do that and you will have my respect. But MD Creekmore, you can sit on your compound away from anyone and hide while you write whiny columns about buzz words. But you dont have the Plums (as you put it, so eloquently) to go to Newtown and hold a town meeting in front of those families and convince them why you need your ASSAULT WEAPONS.

    • Frank Bennett,

      What if that 20 year old kid had used a pump action 12 gauge to kill those children? Would you then be calling for a ban on pump action shotguns? A pump action shotgun within 35 yards is a more formidable weapon than any of the so called “assault rifles” do you realize how much more devastating that a 12 gauge loaded with buckshot is in the hands of a skilled user. I can shoot a pump action shotgun all day and never run empty or without a shell in the chamber. If you have to ask how is that possible, than you don’t know as much about guns as you seem to think that you do.

      Would it have made you feel better if he had used a pump action 12 gauge and two 357 magnum revolvers? Let’s say that there is a complete ban on all semi auto firearms and then another crazy person decides to shoot up a school but instead of using an AR-15 he does so with a pump action 12 gauge and a couple of revolvers. Would you support a ban on those too? Thrust me they will be next on the gun ban list… Do you honestly think that they will stop after banning what they (and you) call assault weapons?

      What if he had not used a gun at all? According to the media he was very “intelligent” and I’m sure that because he wanted to kill children at the school then he would have found another way to do it even if he had no gun… Think about it, most of the U.S. casualties in Afghanistan and Iraq have been done with IE devices.

      Plus, let’s be realistic – there are an estimated 300,000,000 (that is three hundred million) firearms already in the U.S. and the bulk of those have semi auto actions. Do you think that just because Washington passes a ban on those that all of the guns are going to just disappear? I assure you that they will not.

      And to make matters worse if semi auto firearms are made illegal, then I see a flood of real assault weapons (capable of full auto fire) flooding the black market. Look at Mexico for example… Criminals and gangs will want these, and where there is a market there will be someone that will provide for that market. How much more dangerous will it be for our police and everyone else.

      I thing you will like the video linked below…

    • Frank Bennett:

      Again I see another person who thinks that the 2nd amendment is about hunting. It’s not; it’s there to oppose an oppressive government who’s intrusion into peoples lives rips their freedom from them. Check you history, you will find out what the Founders were trying to do.

      The fact the you live in this country allows you to not have something you choose to not own, but it DOES NOT give you the right to do that to others. Ted Kennedy killed more people with his drinking and driving, than I have with an AR-15. What he did was illegal, someone died, yet no one demanded his imprisonment, why?

      If that Senator from California was truly interested in getting criminally used weapons, of any sort, off the streets, she might try doing things that are effective against criminals. All she appears to be interested in is making criminals out of citizens. If you would check you facts, you will find that the 1994-2004 “Assault Weapons Ban” did nothing toward getting illegal weapons off the streets. Check the restrictive gun laws versus the number of people killed, by others, in areas like LA, Chicago, and New York City. I think we could agree that these places, and to a lesser extent CT, have the most restrictive/repressive gun laws, yet it has seemed to have done little to deter criminals from killing people with guns. You can not perform “social engineering” buy restricting the ownership of inanimate objects. If in the Connecticut shooting you wish to find fault, the owner of those guns has already paid the ultimate price for her errors in judgements.

      I personally greave when people who are unable to defend themselves have violence perpetrated on them. That includes these children. Yet curtailing the rights of many, due to the illegal actions of a very few, is not what America is about.

      I take it from the words you use that you have never personally witness or operated a weapon on “full auto”. If you had you would not use statements like “whose babies were just mowed down”. Your lack of firearms education is showing.

      You also assume that in a SHTF situation that your opponents will come at you singly or in small, poorly armed groups. If you really are a prepper, you are planning for a situation that is “best case” and you will not survive long.

      PS. Please disclose this mythical place where “you can get full auto conversion kits online” .

    • No Frank. I sincerly hope that none of us can know how those families feel. I have cried several times over this. As I posted below, there are two diffrent perspectives on gun ownership. And I’m beginning to believe they are mutually exclusive. My anti gun friends are as afraid of a 357Mag revolver or 12 Ga shotgun as the Glock 17 and AR-15. Why, because they know nothing first hand. They see these weapons and Uzis etc on TV. If you watch episodic TV you could be excused for believing there are machine gun crimes all the time. So if someone says ban who at least knows something, I’ll talk. Otherwise there is nothing to say. I’ve spoken to antis who have just realized (probably something else seen on TV) that a military sniper rifle isn’t all that diffrent from any scoped (pick your brand) hunting rifle.

    • I’m still trying to figure why you are focusing on the AR-15 in relationship to the Newtown, CT shootings. Not even the gun found in the vehicle was an AR-15. The guns used were everyday, ordinary hand guns. Later, it was reported that a .223 rifle was also found on-scene.

      This, like so many other tragedies, is just being misused as another excuse for the gun-grabbers to thwart our 2nd Amendment rights and further weaken America.

    • SurvivorDan says:

      MD and JP laid out all the important pts about the purpose of the 2nd amendment vs your interpretation. And you stated you don’t care about analogies. But In a SHTF scenario Frank, you should have available to you the best self-defense weapons. If some experienced evil-doers assault your retreat with ARs and Aks you would be well served by your own similar semi-autos which you erroneously describe as assault weapons, though I’m sure U know the difference.

      One class of legal weapons at a time Frank. Maybe after they get rid of all semi-autos they will come after the assault weapon of it’s day – the 45-70 lever action. I have one and it’s indeed formidable. For serious social situations i would always prefer an AR. Real firefights often involve a lot of lead and I’d rather have thirty rd mags. And lots of them. Better to have it and not need it.

      Did you know that the 45-70 artridge was created for the military and when fully developed and issued with the 45-70 lever actions, IT WAS THE ASSAULT RIFLE CARTRIDGE IN IT’S DAY. That’s right Frank…it was designed for only one thing – a military application. TO KILL PEOPLE.
      So maybe your rifle will be next.
      I think you sound like a decent, caring human being but a bit short sighted.
      But you are right in that we all should grieve for the victims and their families and work on actual solutions to help prevent such tragedies.

      • “it was designed for only one thing – a military application. TO KILL PEOPLE.”
        Dan, how dare you say a firearm or rifle cartridge was designed to kill people! I made a similar comment once here (that a firearm was designed to kill while a 5-gallon bucket was not) and a number of people including M.D. jumped all over me saying I must be a member of the Brady campaign to make such a statement.
        To me, it was a simple statement of fact but others saw it differently. Just thought I’d warn you…

        • k.fields,

          When you say designed to kill, you need to clarify what you mean – to kill what? To kill rabbits? To kill deer? To kill game birds? To kill people? What? Many firearms and cartridges were not designed to kill people in a military or self-defense setting, but for hunting and target shooting…

          Making broad statements like; “Guns are made only to kill” won’t win you many friends at the gun club but such statements would likely get you a great seat at Sarah Brady lunch table…

          By the way we hunters don’t kill game we harvest it…

          • If there are folks at the gun club who don’t don’t believe firearms are manufactured to kill, then I’m not sure I want to be around them when they have a firearm in their hands.

            Can’t say I would mind a lunch with Sarah Brady. I’ve found discussions with people who have differing views than mine to be extremely interesting.

            And yes, I know the use of the term “harvest” by the way, perfectly correct if you’re consuming what you kill.

            But I have never liked euphemisms.
            When I was working for the park service in the GSMNP, one of my assignments was doing “invasive species management”, not actually killing wild pigs. Yeah, right.

            • Tactical G-Ma says:

              k. fields
              I am impressed by your substantiated knowledge and first hand experience. No matter what opinions are, you call a spade a spade.
              Firearms are and always have been lethal tools. Whether you are bringing home the bacon, repelling invading hoards, robbing a bank, or shooting at targets, the purpose of the tool is still the same. One can kill with a claw hammer, but that is not the primary purpose of the tool.
              I like your entries: sound and thought provoking.

        • Remember the audience here. Anything can kill! A bucket can crush a skull. A pen knife can cut a throat.
          And according to FBI stats, more people werw killed with hands and feet (745) than rifles (358) and shotguns(373) combined. So blaming the instrument not the brain behind it is always a red herring.

    • Frank,
      I am quite curious as to where one can purchase these so called “full auto conversion kits.” The manufacture of a drop in auto sear or Lightning Link is highly illegal unless a person or company possesses the appropriate FFL. The cost of a legal conversion kit would be a couple thousand dollars along with a $200 tax stamp and ATF background check. The device would be serialized and registered. Anybody selling a full auto conversion kit is either lying, committing a felony or an ATF agent. In fact, the possession of a unregistered drop in auto sear or Lightning Link is now a felony, event its it not installed. The only way its legal if you can prove it was made prior to 1986. The burden of proof is on your shoulders. But, even if yours is prior 1986, if its installed, then you possess an illegal machine gun. Felony. That will win a person ten years in prison and a $10,000 fine. Please show me a link involving a true full auto conversion. I can’t find. A slide fire stock for bump firing doesn’t count. Show me this full auto kit, I want to see it.

      • There was a drop in sear assembly. It also requires a military bolt carrier to trip the sear. It slipped through the legal cracks when it first came out but is now illegal to make, or own with an AR-15 platform. There are also stock assemblies that work the trigger by recoil. If you’ve ever rock & rolled, it’s loads of fun but it”s usually just a great way to expend ammo.

        • Tactical G-Ma says:

          I liked shooting fully auto M-16 back in the day but didn’t have the strength to keep it on target. Some crows were scared when they saw me coming. 🙂

    • Hey Frank! I highly doubt that you are a member of the nra. Maybe a member of code pink but not the nra. Personaly I have no need or desire to own a ar15. The 223 is too big to hunt turkeys and to small to hunt deer or pigs. That being said I will never deprive someone to own a ar15 that may want to.I know a few veterans that like them and even build there own ar.That is fine with me and they have a right to own one no matter who or how many people get shot.My grandpa fought in ww1 with a 03 springfield and a 45 revolver.He killed many Germans and made it home.He would not cotton to a assult weapon ban. He knew that gun control was just control period.

      • axelsteve,

        Claiming to be a gun owner, a hunter and member of the NRA is just a new tactic that these gun banners are employing in an attempt to gain the support of actual NRA members and gun owners…

        • I would only point out that I’ve known many gun owners, most NRA, including a range owner and several gunshop employees who favored assault weapons and mag limit bans. Fewer now than in the past but there are still some. If you hunt deer, ducks or shoot trap or bench rest, you can see only your own small shooting world. You may think because you don’t need these guns/mags yourself, no one else needs them. We went through this once in NJ and in 1993 nationaly. So while I know that some Brady types do try to pass themselves off as pro gun NRA, we have plenty of our own willing to help them. I still seeth with anger remembering shootert who voted for Perot rather than Bush to get even for the 1989 Assault Weaopons ban. They seemed quite oblivious of having helped elect Clinton, who quickly signed the Brady Bill. I AM NOT MAKING ANY OF THIS UP!
          Oh: I am an NRA Endowment Member. And proud of it.

          • Ethan, was that the same year that even banned sling shots? Pack, if you think many of the other states are strict, you oughta check out NJ. We’re #2 in the strictest state category. EVERYTHING but the kitchen sink is illegal here, and I’m not so sure about the sprayer attachment. And I’m not kidding about the sling shots. But the bad guys still have nightly drive-by shootings, and the media calls them firecrackers.

            • You must have missed it. I’m in the Peoples Republic of New Jersey as I write. I’m certain that the slam fire stocks are banned here. I’m not all that concerned with what’s banned in NJ, nor even the purchase laws, bad as they are.
              What really burns me are the transport laws. I can’t go to the range and get a cup of coffee. Forget lunch. You must go frome your home to the range (or gunsmith) and back, NO other stops! And try to get a CCW. Forget it. And yet a former prosecuter of my aquaintance was not only given a CCW (while a prosecuter only), but a snub 38spcl a box of ammo and no idea how to shoot it. I was told she didn’t even know how to load it! And she got a CCW! So I know about NJ.
              Thanks for listening. RANT OVER!

    • Frank,
      You stated, “I promise you I can feed my family and defend my home with my pump action 12 gauge and my 45-70 lever action rifle.” Perhaps you can; however, if you should face more firepower than you possess, you may change your mind; although at that point it will be much too late.
      And, “I have been listening to Diane Feinstein and all she wants to get off the street that I have heard is the AR-15 not your hunting rifles or handguns.” Listening? Then you haven’t seen the published list which includes dozens of firearms including shotguns and handguns.
      You also stated, “you can get full auto conversion kits online.” Wow, really? Can you post a link, since this requires either a new lower, or some very serious machining operations? Unless you can show me a link, I’m calling this what it is, pure ignorant fantasy B.S.
      And, “if someone comes in your house a good dose of bird or buck shot will make them sorry for it.” But what if someone waits at a distance outside your house, well out of the range of a shotgun. The sorry might just end up on you.
      “What are you all so afraid of?” Actually, just the loss of my constitutional rights, one little piece at a time, because people like you don’t understand simple English. What part of “the right to keep and bear arms, SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED” don’t you understand?
      And finally, “MD Creekmore, you can sit on your compound”. Wow again, I saw the new front porch and the chicken coop, but totally missed the compound, congratulations, MD.
      This has been fun, but leaves me feeling a little empty, like any gunfight with an unarmed man.
      BTW, on Saturday Dec 22, a local gun store started the morning with 50 AR platforms, and was out of them by mid afternoon. Guess a few more folks don’t agree with ya’ Frankie.

      • OhioPrepper,

        I’ve been all over my property looking for it but still no luck in finding a compound…

        btw Diane Feinstein is on record saying that if she could that she would take them all (firearms) every last one…

        • I just heard Dick Schumer say he is a strong supporter of the 2nd Amendment. Really! And his nose didn’t grow. I looked.
          The late Sen Metzenbaum, in an ungaurded moment during the Brady hearing in 93, said “this isn’t about regulation, it’s about banning guns”. I saw it , heard it on C-Span.

    • Surviving in Ky. says:

      Mr. Bennett, I am going to have to disagree with you’re assessment of the so-called assault weapons. The tragedy in Newtown or anywhere else could have been carried out by anyone without the need of the Bushmaster rifle. If that young man had walked in and just used the 2 pistols it would have still been terrible. There are many issues which face this country and I feel we all need to look them to find an answer. Had he used just pistols, the call would have been it was because they were semi-automatic and that was the problem. I have no doubt that the gun laws in Conn. already limit the magazine capacity to 10 rounds. Not one reporter has asked the question of why he was allowed access to firearms, much less train with them suffering with a mental illness. I am no doctor but I have talked to a couple of friends with autistic children and they were told by doctors that at least 10% diagnosed with this have no empathy and are prone to violence. His mother may not have known this but she should have. Did anyone knowing the family question the guns? I don’t know but there are lots of questions that need to be asked but I can assure you that banning the so-called assault rifle will not solve this problem. Look on the internet, there have been more weapons and magazines sold in the last week then in the last 3 years. A semi-automatic shot gun, lever action rifle, pistols with limited magazines could have just as easily been used. I don’t need a .50 caliber Barrett rifle either but I respect anyone’s decision to purchase one. If we start giving up our rights on one weapon now, what will be given up tomorrow, your shotgun may be next. You may say that won’t happen but ask our neighbors to the north, Australia, England and see what they say. Our country is headed in a direction were the “evil black rifle” may come in handy, I pray not. But always remember that when you start giving up certain rights, were will it stop. I pray we never see another tragedy like we have seen, but knee jerk reactions never really ever address the real problem and banning so-called assault weapons will not address this one. God Bless!

  22. Frank Bennett says:

    great, you deleted my post. hit a nerve did it?

    • Frank Bennett,

      Nope it’s posted – but I can delete it at any time – btw are you near TN I would love to talk about this with you face to face…

      • Frank:

        If you want to discuss this further, face to face, and it’s easier to get to Montana and TN, I too will meet with you and discuss this issue.

        We may end up agreeing that we disagree, but hopefully we will come to better understand each others position.

      • I hope you don’t delete Frank. That’s left/liberal tactics. Ban or shout down what you don’t agree. I’m, happy to discuss, or even argue with people like Frank. The free exchange of ideas is what we are supposed to be about. Unfortunately the bias of the MSM is making that more difficult. Never stoop to “their” level.

    • Frank:

      You assume that M.D. is sitting by his computer 24/7 and moderating comments. There have been many times that I have been surprised at how quickly comments are posted; and which ones he allow to be published.

    • dear Mr Bennett, please read this

      it is very informative and perhaps you might understand why we “thump your chest about how you will never give up your guns”
      its actually to protect people like you from your lack of understanding.

      stay safe

      • Thankyou “cooolwoods”; I thought the article was GREAT. (But long)
        I thought enough of it that I’m going to look into his books.

    • Surviving in Ky. says:

      Mr. Bennett, I live in the great Commonwealth of Kentucky and I to would be willing to sit down over coffee some day and discuss this further. We may end up agreeing to disagree but conversation is good. I would like to find out how many politicians which agree with partial or total gun bans have body guards, live in gated communities and drive armored cars, wouldn’t you. Would also suggest as others have that you read the 2nd Amendment again, study the history of your 45-70 and lastly please post the link for the drop in sear along with a good machinist address. God Bless!

      • Modern tech is making Gun Bans irrelevant. CNC machines can make that drop in sear in minutes. Actually anyone handy with tools can make one. Finding a military bolt carrier is harder. There was a company that made a bolt in mod for that. I believe thats now banned too. But someone handy with tools could make them, no trouble.
        Then ther are the 3D laser printers. In an AR platform the lower, “Registered” receiver takes none of the firing stress. Hence the .50BMG cal conversions. Soon these 3D printers will make higher grade parts. They might not last. But they would only have to work a few times.
        So once again, the gun grabbers are locking the barn after the horse is gone. And only we honest types (as usual) will be affected because the criminal/terrorist element won’t care that it’s illegal.

  23. offshore day says:

    i have a variety of “assault weapons” in my house, knives, machete, sword, handgun, shotgun, AR. The average time for police response to a 911 call is 8 minutes. My response time…. 3200 fps

  24. Alpha Squad says:

    @ Bennett and other liberals:

    You do not tell me what I need. You do not tell me what I can and cannot have. You do not use a tragedy as an excuse to advance gun control agendas and leftist thinking. I am sick and tired of this non-educated diatribe of “gun control” drivel that is flowing from the left as of late. The solution is simple: the leftist agenda of telling what people to do/see/own/eat/think/fart/cry et. al. needs to come to an end. If you really are an NRA member then perhaps you need to rethink your stance instead of emotional, knee jerk reaction. The pervasion of Communist thinking in this country has become both alarming and disgusting. Wake up, my friend. It is not your place to tell anyone what they need and what they don’t.

  25. Tactical G-Ma says:

    MD, I am not going to type anything I will feel sorry about later. So I am just going to say…MD, I got ya 6.

  26. My friends are divided about 50/50 between hard core pro gun and hard core antis. The pro 1/2 already know all of these points. The antis will not listen to any reasoning. Perhaps abortion divides people like this. The antis are SO AFRAID of guns it aproaches paranoia.
    My own experience with my anti friends convinces me as nothing else could that there is NO middle ground with gun grabbers. They are afraid. They are defenceless. So they want us all like them. Helpless. They will never stop half way!


    • EthanP, “paranoia” is the same word I come up with too. Lack of any knowledge of firearms contributes to their paranoia. Hunting horrifies them. They’d drop if they ever visited a meat packing plant. And you’ve got “helpless” pretty well pegged too. So many of the anti’s that I know are absolutely 100% helpless when the electric goes out. Not even a flashlight in the house, but they’re the first to jump up & down and scream and yell for the guvmint to come help them. One analogy I spotted years ago was when I lived in low-mid income housing and the teenagers with babies (yes, often more than one) didn’t want to be alone so they’d beg their friends to have babies too.

  27. By the way. I recently looked up crime with machine gun/full auto. Despite reports in the news, the only examples listed were the North Hollywood bank robbery and before that the Florida FBI shootings. Two in 40 + years. If I’m wrong, please let me know.

    • I think there were a couple more (one by a police officer in Ohio who used a mac 11 to kill an informant), but the argument is still valid.
      Be careful about using that statistic though because there were A LOT of crimes committed with select-fire weapons BEFORE the 1934 National Firearms Act. It would be easy for someone to look at your statement and say, “See – gun control laws work.”

      • k.fields,

        Most of those full-auto firearms were stolen from National Guard armories if I’m not mistaken…

        • MD,
          Not prior to NFA ’34. A citizen could purchase a Thompson Sub Machine gun with stick or drum magazines or a Browning Automatic Rifle. These were both rather expensive at $200 for the Thompson and $200-300 for the BAR, at a time when a new Ford automobile ran between $400-500. The use of these firearms as weapons in the gang wars during prohibition, resulted in the first gun control act NFA ‘34 (National Firearms Act of 1934), which means that the first gun control in the country was a direct result of violence due to government action and regulations. The BAR was BTW, the firearm of choice for Bonnie Parker of Bonnie & Clyde fame.

          • Actually, the myth of the 1934 Firearms Act is that it was because of crime. In the late 20s and early 30’s there were several cases of company gaurds shooting down strikers using Tommyguns. There was also McArthur’s violent surpression of the mostly peaceful DC “Bonus March” made up of WW1 veterans. The new, “progressive” Roosevelt administration was concerned all those veterans (who included lots of those strikers) might resort to armed rebellion and legally purchase automatic arms. Remember, you could also purchase a .50cal MG if you could afford it. While Tommyguns were involved in some criminal violence, most notably the “St Valentine massacre, most used weapons stollen from local National Gaurd armories. BARs were much better for penetrating car bodies and cover tha a .45 SMG. They also commonly used hand granades. The govt then, like the govt now was affraid of an armed public.
            So even before NFA 1934, crooks used BARs more than Tommyguns.The BARs were free. The confusion is partly Hollywoods fault (even then). It was much easier to rig an M-1921 SMG to fire blanks than a BAR. They were also cheaper.

    • EthanP, the CDC’s website has annual reports that lists and categorizes all death figures. 2009 was the latest year for which I could find the complete list in the report. (They’re still working on 2010.) Sorry, I didn’t note the direct URL but it’s easily found by googling. Personally, I didn’t think the deaths by firearms was broken down enough (and I kinda take the total # as bogus), and it certainly didn’t include death if the police fired upon and killed someone. An interesting number was 59% of firearm deaths were suicide.

  28. JeffintheWest says:

    I’m confused. You seem to expect, honesty, integrity and intelligence from the anti-gun crowd. All of those things are so completely outside their intellectual comfort zone that I’m pretty sure they couldn’t define them if asked. I KNOW you know better than that…. 😉

    Merry Christmas, btw, everyone!

  29. JeffintheWest says:

    Here’s another meme that bothers me — the whole idea that the Second Amendment is somehow restricted to members of the National Guard as the “militia.”

    Title 10, U.S. Codes specifically describes the “militia” as “all able-bodied males between the ages of 17 and 49, and all females that are members of the National Guard or Naval Militia.” It then further subdivides the “militia” into two categories — Organized (the National Guard and Naval Militia) and Unorganized (everybody else). While the Code is outdated in that all able-bodied and mentally sound persons regardless of gender or age should be legally defined as members of the militia, it is still far from as limiting as these yahoos think.

    And another one — that somehow the Second Amendment, unlike every other amendment, only applies to the technology of the day — that is, that gun owners can only have muskets, whereas all other Amendments somehow manage to absorb the many technological advances that affect their meaning. Knee-jerk liberals are such idiots.

    • Original intent was for any free white male. Now this would include anyone male or female with the right to vote.
      And knee jerk liberals may be idiots. But they are well organized insidious idiots with the vast majority of the Media, Education System and Govt Beaurocracy behind them. Look whats going on in Texas Education.

    • JeffintheWest,
      The technology things have always bothered me. As both an engineer and a firearms instructor, I’m pretty sure I could take any of the founding fathers and have them understanding the operation of a semi-auto firearm in at most a few hours. Their firearms had an ignition system, gunpowder, a projectile, and they experienced recoil when they fired them. Explaining the slight differences between their version of this system, and the metallic cartridge using the recoil or gas to operate the action, would be pretty simple.
      Moving from their movable type printing press to radio waves, radio & TV, digital communication via satellite, and internet and world wide web, would I think take a lot more time to explain, since these are orders of magnitude more difficult in concept and implementation than the difference between their battle rifle, and ours.

    • Jeff –
      I think the Supreme Court cleared up the “technology of the day” issue in their decision of DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA v. HELLER.

      They stated, “Some have made the argument, bordering on the frivolous, that only those arms in existence in the 18th century are protected by the Second Amendment. We do not interpret constitutional rights that way. Just as the First Amendment protects modern forms of communications, e.g., Reno v. American Civil Liberties Union, 521 U.S.844, 849 (1997) , and the Fourth Amendment applies to modern forms of search, e.g., Kyllo v. United States, 533 U.S. 27, 35–36 (2001) , the Second Amendment extends, prima facie, to all instruments that constitute bearable arms, even those that were not in existence at the time of the founding.”

  30. MountainSurvivor says:

    America was fine till the pinnochios stuck their noses in and came up with all those ignorant fancy terms. Duh…who wouldn’t know a bomb that causes a lot of destruction is a bomb of mass destruction. Most of us are edumacated so, I think they had to re-word everything so that THEY could understand. Shows how slow they are. They ain’t foolin me, I ain’t fallin for their line of craptalk. Best to throw their stuff into the wind and let it fly back in their faces. Reality…Three weeks back, I saw a photo of a man in Communist China who was on his knees. A Christian, a person who “disagreed” with the communists and their government and would not obey them. Two militarized police standing behind him. The one on the left had the end of a nice semi in the center of the kneeling man’s back. The one on the right was adjusting the barrel. China wants Americans disarmed. The United Nations want Americans disarmed. American anti-gunners want Americans disarmed. Our new Socialist government is working to disarm Americans. Hillary and clan think that their treaty will have to be obeyed by Americans but I’ve got news for them. The U.S. Constitution. No one, nothing, can void it. It’s permanent, and the colors of the flag don’t run.

    • I judge by our enemies. I’m proud to have the UN, Commie China and the EU as enemies.

    • SurvivorDan says:

      Hope you are right in that last, MS.
      My buddies in Australia scoffed at the idea that the gov’t would take their guns.

      ” No bloody way, mate!!! Over our dead bodies!!!”

      THEY took ’em.

      • MountainSurvivor says:

        I hear ya. There are some good people working to keep the s from hitting the f in this regards. I think hope is still alive and until it is totally gone, we should not believe that we are sunk. You have no idea how many petitions I have signed, letters I have written and prayers I have said, all for the salvation of our nation. I’m not too bad at running my mouth, either. I wish that every person reading this would sign up with organizations beyond the NRA that are fighting for our Liberty and our country because there is power in numbers. Or start their own organizations or companies in support of Our Rights, etc. Anyway, there are some things brewing in the background of which, if the courts are sound of mind, will bring sanity back to our nation.

        • SurvivorDan says:

          I am planning on retiring to the PI soon but that doesn’t mean I have to be a disinterested expatriate.
          I will try to be more positive because, as of late (Obama and Co. ), I have lost my confidence regarding our rights.
          But I pray you are correct with your optimism.

          ” I think hope is still alive and until it is totally gone, we should not believe that we are sunk.” MS

          I will amend my negative attitude of “THEY are going to take our guns” to “THEY are going to TRY to take our guns.”

  31. MD love to read your post. Will quote Thomas Jefferson wish the libs would read or could understand our founding fathers. “I would rather live in a dangerous freedom then a peaceful slavery”

    • Ernie; I don’t know if this is true, but I heard that Constitutional Law classes don’t teach the Constitution per sei. They teach Case Law. Precident. Perhaps a lawyer out their could enlighten us.

  32. IMO the problem with all these arguments is that they are arguing about the wrong thing.

    IMO the only weapon of mass destruction or assault weapon is the human brain. Everything else is a tool to exercise the choices that that brain makes.

    • Forgot to add – that’s why when someone kills another, it’s the person who is charged with, and tried for, murder, not the tool that they use.

      • Swabbie Robbie says:

        Except in the case of SUVs. You always hear or read how an SUV went out of control and hit a person/car/house, etc. It is never the driver of the SUV that is mentioned. Why? Because the media cabal wants to eliminate those large automobiles.

  33. SurvivorDan says:

    A little danger makes freedom and the peaceful moments in life all the sweeter.

  34. PGCPrepper says:

    NY discloses a map of homes with gun permits. This is sickening and serious overreach. Wow!

    • Not sure how much it would cost, but I’m thinking if it were my neighborhood \I’d be looking to take legal action.

      • There is an organization that is taking up causes such as this..I am going to think on it. I wonder if there is a way for us to get Md to be able to put them on the website.

  35. They can have all of my high capacity assault clips, infact they don’t even have to pay me for them.

    Because no civilian has any need for a high-capacity assault clip when a P-mag exists 🙂

  36. mom of two says:

    I’m keeping a close eye on the gun standing in the corner of the room. I fear it might jump up and start shooting at me. (smiles)
    Happy Birthday to Jesus. Merry Christmas to everyone else. May God bless you all.

    • SurvivorDan says:

      I had the same worries about my weapons.
      I’ve got them locked up in the gun safes.
      I can hear them plotting against me in there.

  37. Uncle Charlie says:

    LOL: the seven +1 buzzwords are all my pet peeves and it sets me off every time I hear them. Practice heavy breathing and counting to ten, because it’s going to get a lot worse in January.

    My son, who is very cynical, hates all politicians but usually votes Green is even a bigger 2nd Amendment “fanatic” than I am. He thinks that civilians should be able to have all the weapons (tanks, missiles etc.) that the military has in order to protect us from a tyrannical government. Actually, I think Jefferson would go along with that.

  38. Encourager says:

    I am in the process of reading and digesting the book – or should I say, tome, “Unintended Consequences”. I like to read at night, but by then my vision is getting blurry and the print is so tiny! This tome has 861 pages of tiny type.

    I am amazed, appalled, shocked and saddened by the history of gun ownership recorded in this book and the consequences that happened in various countries when these weapons were banned. And by the brave souls who said no way are you taking my gun! In fact, I was completely unaware that the revolution was started because the British decided to come on over and confiscate all the guns of the patriots but…they said NO!! Even though they were outnumbered, they fought with such zeal and conviction they won, and we are now the United States of America. I have just finished reading about the few brave souls in the Warsaw ghetto. “…With less than 20 weapons, a starving band of resisters had held off the German Army for 27 days and nights before being defeated. When the German Army had conquered the entire country of Poland in 1939, it had taken them just 16 days.”

    I wish the sheeple, media and liberals would realize we KNOW it is not about a certain weapon that they want banned, but about the 2nd Amendment and how weakening it will weaken the entire safety of our country. Like someone said, what if the murderer in CT used a shotgun instead? Didn’t he have one in the truck of the car he drove? What if he had grabbed that instead? Me thinks the media/liberals would still have twisted this into an assault weapon thing. They have an agenda; and nothing is going to stand in their way. Especially something as silly and outdated as the Constitution of the United States…. God help us.

    • Swabbie Robbie says:

      or that murder, an intelligent young man despite how screwed up he was, decided on building improvised explosive devices, or jellied gasoline? or emulated McVey and the Murrow building bombing?
      Perhaps the media would be blaming the internet and demanding an end to access to information and free speech. Oh wait, they do.

      • Swabbie Robbie,

        They are working on “controlling” the internet…

        • SurvivorDan says:

          Control of the net is coming. Inevitable….
          Perhaps in time, we’ll be reduced to brief shortwave broadcasts (underground/off shore) to get alternative news to Big Gov propaganda.
          Hopefully it will be a while before THEY get bold enough to censor THEIR ‘enemies’. But it’s coming…..

    • Encourager,
      It is indeed a tome, but well worth the read.
      As for the Warsaw ghetto, they held off the Germans longer than the entire country of France. I guess some things never change, LOL.

      • OP, when my oldest son saw the book on my chair yesterday, he picked it up and started skimming it. Then went online to order it….wow. Apparently, this is a very valuable book – over $100! Gotta love the library! So he found a place online and downloaded the entire book to read. Must admit, felt kinda good to have him want a book I was reading . I have problems with my hands when I do too much and that tome can only be held up to read so long before it gets too painful.

        About your statement re France—you were surprised? LOL

  39. …b-b-but these are scary guns!!!!

    I had a conversation a while back with a co-worker in college. It was centered on the topic of gun control and huge grey/vague area that the various terms, assault rifle, high capacity magazines, and armor piercing rounds brought to the discussion. He was rather anti-gun and I was the opposite. After describing the confusion that the above terms created in any discussion, he went full-retard and said, “Well, they are kinda scary guns.”

    After I finished laughing, I asked him why he thought that. He said for 2 reasons. He’d be scared to have one of those pointed at him and just seeing one invoked a fear response in most people. I’ll summarize from my albeit distant memory of my response.

    Is there any gun you would not feel scared to have pointed at you? Would a pistol or a shotgun make you feel any less afraid?

    Why does an AR-15 style rifle or any rifle invoke a fear response? Is it because the news is plastered with images of the local PD kicking in doors and taking down criminals all while decked out in storm trooper getups and swinging their AR’s around? How many images have you seen of murderers with their rifles? None. They were killed or apprehended and the news shows a photo of the killer from his highschool yearbook/family album and a stock photo of a rifle. The media is upholding it’s mantra “if it bleeds it leads” with a clockwork orange-esque conditioning of,

    …murder…death…kill… soundbites, followed by stressful images of police kicking in doors, shrouded dead bodies, grieving families, and beseeching community leaders.

    I don’t remember at what point he walked off, or the moment I realized he walked off, but reading your post MD, made me remember this conversation.

  40. Sometimes I think that one reason so many anti-gun folks concentrate on the “you don’t need that for hunting” reasoning is that if they can get folks to think of the 2nd amendment as restricted to hunting uses – and then later they manage to restrict hunting or outright ban it (there are groups out there that have that as their plan), then they can restrict gun ownership further. If we can’t hunt and the only good reason for gun ownership is hunting, then obviously there is no need for the 2nd amendment, right?

  41. Since the 2nd Amendment is in place as a final check on power against the government in theory we should have access to any and all technology the military employs. That renders an argument over a magazine or particular rifle model moot. Also, once the weapons ban is put into place, and it will be, the illuminati will have their New World Order one world government. What the rest of the world doesn’t seem to comprehend is that the right to bear arms in the USA is subsidizing their freedom and when that right is lost in the USA the tyranny will soon reach all corners of the earth. Last point, everything that is happening right now is in preparation for the appearance of the antichrist. Maranatha.

  42. NoCompromise says:

    Another one is “sensible gun laws”

  43. Frank Bennett says:

    sorry, been out of work for awhile. First, Yes I am a member of the NRA, second, I would not meet any of you whack jobs in person simply because you think that an AR-15 is your right, Third, I did my four years in the military and DO know what it is like to fire and M-16, 50 cal, and M-60 on full auto. I would like to know how many of the people hating on me did their time in service to their country. And just to let you people know, I prep for power outages and to make sure that i have what i need in an Emergency. you all do it because you think some apocalypse is coming or someone is going to take down our grid. if any of that stuff comes to pass i dont want to be here to see it anyway. This will be my last post. not because i am afraid to defend my position but because of all the rude and hateful posts about me for having an opinion. I’s sorry, isn’t that freedom of speech? so to all of you paranoid freaks, good luck with your prepping and I hope that when all the dust settles you are not left with a lot of guns you didnt need in the first place.

  44. Frank; I assure you I’m not “hating on you”. We have a disagreement.
    I would like to point out the the gun grabbers won’t be satisfied with big mags and AR/AKs. I’ve heard antis point out that a .308 scoped hunting rifle is the same as a military sniper rifle. Some want to ban scopes, others hi power rifle ammo. (I know. Your 45/70 is safe). The wicked witch (AKA Diane Feinstien) would ban ALL magazine fed semi auto pistols. A mossberg 500 holds 6 rnds. (5+1). Banned. This isn’t about what guns you or I have Frank. It’s about our freedoms! About our rights! And I’m glad you are a fellow NRA member. One of our freedoms/rights is to be able to have a civil disagreement. On Any topic.

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