The Top Seven Buzzwords That I’m Sick of Hearing in The Gun Control Debate…

This article was first published here in 2012 but is worth repeating.

1. “High capacity magazines” and “Extended Magazines” 

Folks, these are nothing but Anti-Second Amendment buzz words that are used by the media to gain support for their agenda… A 30 round magazine for the AR-15 rifle is standard capacity, as well as being the standard for many other rifles. Period.

2. “Hunting”

I’m so sick of hearing “no one needs an “assault rifle” or an AR-15 to go hunting. Where in the Second Amendment does it say anything about hunting…? Where? It doesn’t! The Second Amendment has nothing to do with hunting. It is about defending yourself and the country against anyone that would take away our freedoms and rights as guaranteed by the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

3. “Weapons of Mass Destruction”

This buzz word is so stupid and over the top – folks this is a weapon of mass destruction this is not. Any questions?

4. “High Powered Rounds”

This one has been popular with the media since the tragic events in Newtown, the rifle that they are now saying that the shooter used was a .223 caliber. The .223 round is a common caliber used for varmint hunting (coyote, for example) and is less “powerful” than most centerfire rifle rounds, such as the 30.30, .308 Win or 30.06.

5. “Spraying Bullets”

Folks to “spray bullets” you would need to have an actual assault rifle one that is capable of full auto fire. Semi-auto means that you have to pull the trigger for each shot, which would constitute a deliberate action with each shot from the shooter.

6. “Gun Violence”

There is no such thing – it’s just violence… period. By that “definition” aka a buzzword then if someone hit another person the head with a hammer, then I guess that would “hammer violence” or if someone kicked a man in his “plums” then would that then be classified as “shoe violence”… By listening to the media you would think that firearms have their own agenda and can take action on their own…

7. “High Capacity Clip” This one just enforces their complete ignorance of the topic – Modern rifles such as the AR-15 do not use “

This one just enforces their complete ignorance of the topic – Most semi-auto rifles do not use “clips” bug magazines with one exception coming to mind and that is the M1 Garand!

This one just enforces their complete ignorance of the topic – Modern rifles such as the AR-15 do not use “ammunition clips” or a “high-capacity clip” they use a magazine. This is a clip, so is this and folks this is a magazine. If you want to ban it at least know what it is first…

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  1. M.D., couldn’t agree with you more. IIRC the Carcano used a clip to load its magazine, with the clip being dropped or ejected from the rifle once empty, but no matter. A clip is a device to load a magazine, whether or not the clip remains in the magazine or not until empty matters only on design of said arm.

    A part of the argument to close our County range was a person saying they had found a bullet on the pacific crest trail that could’ve killed someone, The person produced a bright shiny loaded cartridge as evidence. The protests of those knowing was a disregarded as the lefty’s and NIMBY’s on the Council heard what they wanted to hear. Yep, I’m sick of it as well. Glad I can shoot on my or my neighbors property.

    • Great editorial! I’ve trekked the PCT in areas where hunting remains legal during “high Hunts”. It is legal to carry side arms in designated wilderness areas and again legal hunting in many areas during open season. The exception remains national parks.
      Liberal greenies nough’ said……..

      • PatrickM says:

        Used to hunt around the Glacier Peak area when I was younger, summited Glacier Peak a couple of times as well. Beutiful country up that way (born in Everett). Know the area well. Living near the Columbia river end of the PCT these days. Sure wished I would have got a goat tag when they were across the counter sales. Cheers!

  2. my four sons says:

    I have always marveled at how those who are trying to besiege our liberty generally have no clue about the subject matter they are preaching. They scream and yell about the rights to free speech and try and twist the first amendment into allowing actually Seditious acts such as flag burning, but could not ban firearms fast enough. I honestly believe that charges should be allowed to be filed on any politician City, State, or Federal that brings forth legislation attempting to infringe the 10 amendments guaranteed in the Bill of Rights. And any judge who attempts to rule in a manner as to attempt to bypass these rights should be removed from the bench and tried on those same grounds. Infringement on these 10 Basic guaranteed God Given rights should be charged as a treasonous act, and subject to any punishment allowed by such an act.

  3. Rural Buckeye says:

    I also agree M.D.

    But, “ASSAULT RIFLE” is probably the worst to me. Anything can be an assault weapon, an assault knife, an assault bat, or heck look what Cain used…. a assault rock to kill his own brother!

    Anyone and everyone that I know that has bought a ar15 or similar weapon, has never bought one to assault someone else. On the contrary these have been purchased to defend oneself or the Constitution if need be. Some of us swore that oath and will stand by it.

    Once again a material item has never assaulted anyone, just the demented person who has possession of it.

    I will continue to refer to mine as a “dessault weapon”.

    • Prepared Grammy says:

      I never heard about assault pressure cookers after the incident in Boston.

    • I once saw a movie in which Sean Connery deployed an “assault” thumb against an evil fatguy in a bar. I think it was called “The Presidio”. The movie, not the thumb…

    • “ASSAULT RIFLE” is what ticks me off the most too. Besides being a sniper, was one of those guys who would strip a weapon down and build it back up in a minute or less. Do you know the last time a civilian had an assault rifle? About 1932-the tommy gun. Technically an assault rifle is: you squeeze the trigger once and the clip or magazine (depending on what it is) empties. Jimmy Carter banned them from civilians while he was President although almost everyone had the common sense not to have one. I don’t know if you saw the video (I think the NRA put it out) most black weapons “that’s an assault rifle.” AR-15s, AK47s Sig Souers they thought weren’t because they weren’t black. Remember Pulse nightclub? That’s exactly what the guy used, but they were right in a way. Snowflakes don’t know a weapon from a toaster.

      On a different note; I think it was MD who said bury your guns in the backyard after carefully wrapping them. I work in the gov’t., and hate it, but I do get to talk with gunsmiths.That’s dicy. Here’s what I do; first have a toy gun either hidden or in plain view, they come for your guns and they’ll walk away laughing. In the meantime a rifle is in the shower, another is on the top shelf in our closet. A pistol is next to my head, there’s a sanctuary city an hour away, why take chances. Yep almost anything can be an assault weapon. Actually the best one is my crossbow (I’m always needing more bolts, but why buy them) I whittle branches. Other parts of the tree are good for fires. Oh a we’re all in this together; did anyone else get an ad for a ham radio? It’s cheap, about $20. I’m not selling it. A little bigger than a credit card but it gets the job done for your area. Let me know if you want the ad.

  4. Prepared Grammy says:

    Assault rifles.

  5. What about the statement recently said by (Maryland?)–or one of the other states…
    They say ‘the 2nd amendment doesn’t mean to cover ‘weapons of war’…etc…???
    Well I say ” Hey when they wrote the amendment basic muskets WERE weapons of war’ at the time!!! So what’s the difference? That is such a stupid comment! I dont believe our forefathers believed there should be any distinction, otherwise they would have ‘Stated’ it in the Amendment!

    • TQN, don’t tell them that, they might want to make flintlocks illegal too !!! Lol

    • Supreme Court ruled in US v. Miller that it ONLY covered weapons of war. Judge the recent case obviously slept through that class.

    • TechQN,

      They say ‘the 2nd amendment doesn’t mean to cover ‘weapons of war’…etc…???

      More ignorance on their part that too many often dismiss or argue in anecdotal futility, when the facts are clear. In United States v. Miller, 307 U.S. 174 (1939) which was the initial and seminal case supporting the National Firearms Act (NFA 34) in regard to the interstate transport of a sawed off shotgun. One of the main points; however incorrect it was, is the following:
      The Second Amendment protects only the ownership of military-type weapons appropriate for use in an organized militia.
      Therefore, that statement alone basically says that the 2nd amendment specifically protects weapons of war.
      When you add to that the recent Heller and MacDonald decisions, it should wrap it all up; but, to the anti gun left, stare decisis (settled law that should not be changed) only applies to Roe v. Wade that manufactured the right to an abortion out of whole cloth.

      • Axelsteve says:

        Gun crime
        When did a gun ever commit a crime? It is the miscreant who comited the crime.

    • TechQN, in the NEVER revisited Miller Decision (1937, I think), the Supremes ruled that Miller was in violation of the NFA because a short-barrelled shotgun was not a weapon suitable for military service (they were ignorant, left-wingers appointed by FDR), and the 2nd Amendment only guaranteed the right to bear weapons suitable for military service. You can guess why that decision is never revisited…

  6. I totally agree !!! The Constitution says: the right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.
    That means if I want and can afford a tank, I should be allowed to have one without any red tape because, that would be an infringement.

    Oops, the Mrs. doesn’t want me to have a tank and she has shoes lol. I hope there is no shoe violence today. LMAO

    • ROFL Thor!
      I used to be a total shoe pig! Now? I’m a firearms pig!

      And hells yeah I want a tank too! Ooohh maybe a Bradley too?
      Dang Xmas just got more expensive! LOL

      • TQN, Lol…..Buying a tank has a whole new meaning now, it can protect you from shoe violence. Lol
        We all have the right to self defense ……LMAO

      • TechQN,

        And hells yeah I want a tank too! Ooohh maybe a Bradley too?

        Assuming you can get one with a hitch and a PTO, you could haul a rototiller, plow, disk, or other cultivation equipment and do some really big gardening, LOL. It would beat a John Deere Gator for general running around, both before & after TSHTF.

    • tommy2rs says:

      Same with rocket launchers because, hey, stump removal. But I’m not allowed to have any good stuff after the whole home built bowling ball cannon incident. So I loaded a bit much powder and the bowling ball went a tiny bit further than I thought it would. The trees grew back and I fixed that wall good as new. That’s why more testing is called for but nooooooo. I just have to make do with shooting anvils on occasion.

    • Plus.. who here REALLY thinks that a guy who wants a nuke and actually has the bread to afford a nuke doesn’t already have a nuke, regardless of what the Second Amendment “means” or “doesn’t mean?”

      • Considering I get lots of ads “Build an off the books AR-15” or “Glock.” I would think people know how to build a nuke, the only problem may be the fissionable material, but buy enough thermometers and you might get it that way.

  7. Anonamo Also says:

    Agreed! I have never witnessed any weapon to do anything on it’s own… Not a hammer, crow-bar, baseball bat,knife, pistol or rifle…Just don’t happen!
    Violence occurs when those who have no self- control or morals decide they are going to impose their willand judgement against another.
    Violence does not equate with punishment executed by officials against those who are proved guilty and ADMIT said guilt. (..those who see no harm in distressing others.)
    Those who murder, maim, intentionally inflict pain or distress on another should recieve their just reward sooner rather than later, they will be repeat offenders and hurt other helpless ones, be it children , ones percieved weak, elderly or women…no use in feeding the scum, just wasted resources.

  8. GomeznSA says:

    “gun violence” is one of the absolutely worst terms ever created. In the first place a gun is incapable of violence since it is an inanimate object. Second, it is actually the projectile that does the damage, not the gun. Third, neither can do anything without a person (NOT a human being) activating them, for good or ill.
    We (gun people) need to quit using the terminology of the antis. Period. They use it to deflect and minimize the personal accountability and responsibility of the user that misuses a tool.

  9. swabbie Robbie says:

    Re: #3. “This buzz word is so stupid and over the top – folks this is a weapon of mass destruction this is not. Any questions?”

    The subject of both pictures is extremely hot! I comes down to the definition(s) of hot.

  10. OutdoorsGuy says:

    I sure am glad I found this forum of gifted scholars in the ways and means of the Rights we have in this country. I want to relate an incident to which I personally witnessed just last summer.

    Down here in FL, we locals operate barefoot most days in the warm months, that’s just the way we roll. Well, here I am one day, sittin’ back in a foldin’ chair, surf fishin’ and mindin’ my own business when this barefoot guy comes runnin’ down the beach yellin’ and hollerin’ somethin’ about some other guy chasing after him with shoes on!! SHOES!! ON THE BEACH! Well, I din’t know which way to turn so I told the guy not to worry that the guy chasin’ him must be a furner or mebee a tenderfoot. I heard about those kind before but ……… well, not to barge off down a side track, ….. so this guy keeps on runnin down the beach and here comes this big guy catchin’ up to ’em real fast! Well, the first guy steps on a broken shell and down he goes. As he was tryin’ to get his balance back, the big guy hauls off and kicks him in the kahunas as hard as he can!! Right there on the BEACH!! Well, I din’t know whether to “sit” or go blind so I run up by a jetty and hid …….. Well, heck, I din’t have any weapons with me and, to top it off, I WAS BAREFOOT too!!

    Now, question is, with the circumstances bein’ what they were, would this little fella been better off carryin’ a bowling ball or a rocket launcher to combat against this flagrant act of shoe violence?

  11. Red tower says:

    Whenever I hear “gun violence” or “assault weapons” I think about how my uncles taught me to use things as simple as a book, a comb or a pencil. Best be cateful, they might outlaw reading, writing and good hair days.

  12. JP in MT says:

    1. & 2. Well, if you want to hunt in Montana, you can use your 100-round Beta mag (why I don’t know)!

    3. Weapon of mass destruction: I sure would like a couple dozen Claymore’s (both wired and electronic remote detonators – please).

    4. I’m having my 22-250 re-barreled to use 60-65 grain bullets vs. 40 grainers. It’s reported that the SS109 in a 22-250 will go through 1/4 of 550 steel! (a .223 won’t)

    6. Gun Violence makes as much sense to me as Hate Crime (that would imply there is something called a Like Crime).

  13. The lie that the 2nd Amendment is for hunting….
    Did Revere & Dawes ride through the countryside shouting: ‘the deer are coming’?
    Regarding ‘gun violence’, I’ve donated blood for years….. A recent email from my usual recipient group contained the words ‘gun violence’, used thusly: ‘w/the recent uptick in gun violence, your type is more necessary then ever. I was put off mightily by that one….. The nerve of these barstids is amazing. Then I thought on the matter a bit more: the gun violence referred to is that perpetrated by the gang bangin, low trow slinging miscreants in our in our big cities. I’m patronizing them w/my gift of life! That bugged me. I’m now looking for a new group to donate to, 1 pint @ a time….
    Amazing how this cultural marxism has crept into every vestige of our proud country, actually it’s sickening.

  14. That beautiful lady in point 3 is definitely not a weapon of mass destruction…..there is a very happy husband or boyfriend somewhere.

  15. PatrickM says:

    The historical references are a compelling argument, canons were on the list of things to be seized when the british marched on Concord and Lexington.

    Whenever the lefty’s in the family decide to bring up gun control* around me with the usual quotes, I ask them if they will give up their computer, I-phone, and other devices in favor of the quill pen. I shoot everything from flintlock and caplock, to more modern fixed ammunition arms.

    *Gun Control. The ability to maintain an accurate, sustained rate of fire.

    • Upriver from Washington DC there are old plantations that have cannon on display. They were privately owned cannon. The rich could purchase cannon, which would help them get elected an officer of their militia.

      “Arms” mean armaments, which means weapons of war. “Keep” means own. “Bear” means carry around outside of your home.

  16. Mechanic says:

    No one who wants to deminish or remove your ability to defend yourself has your best interests in mind.
    The 2A is the 800 pound gorilla and they know it.

  17. I’m alive today due to a smart man carrying a so called assault rifle. As a wild boar charge my daughter and I . It took 3-4 very quick bullets to stop it ten feet before us. That is a good reason to have a semi auto.
    Turn in my mag for the AR15. Cold day in hell. I carry everyday with permit. The last time I had to unconceal was when three punks started harassing me in a strip mall. They thought they had a 65 yr old woman to bother until I raised my shirt. They took off. I will never be with out my weapon.

  18. We need a new national holiday were ASSAULT rifles are half off and every one buys them. Lol

    I want one of the new fiber optic lasers and a plasma cannon!

  19. I remember years ago reading an article and the left wingers said something like… the shooter used rifle/pistol loaded with…..(get this) “High power Bull Ettssss”. they just never know when to stop with their nonsense.

  20. AgentSmith says:

    From what I recall of the Sandy Hook Elementary incident, during the first “media conference” law enforcement stated Lanza shot his victims with handguns and an AR15 was found in the trunk of Lanza’s car, but not used in the shooting. I had been home from work (overnight) about 30 minutes that morning when I turned on the TV and began to eat dinner (otherwise known as the lunch I was too busy to eat at work) and whatever channel flashed to breaking news of the news conference. That evening, new was stating he used the rifle for the shooting and mentioned he had pistols, as well.

  21. Axelsteve says:

    another example of fake news from the media. I wonder when they will give academy awards to the news people.

  22. Axelsteve says:

    the midstream media.

  23. My most unfavorite is “reasonable gun control measures”. I bristle when I hear that.

  24. They have half the population fooled so they are making headway……..

  25. Another should be “Ammunition shortage.” Everything is there, yes Obama closed down the only smelting plant, but they import bullets. With this fraud the price goes up, but there are a few places that will still sell at a decent price. If you were a sniper like me or just very proficient, use an air rifle. You won’t run out of pellets and shoot the guy’s throat. He’ll panic as he chokes on his own blood.

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