Top Expert: Zika is Biowarfare

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  1. I have read that as well. The Rockefeller Foundation has had its hands in various population control schemes since before WWII. The were involved in the US Eugenics movement that would later inspire Hitler to utilize the same methodology in Germany. They also provided funding for the Max Planck Institute in Germany where geneticists such as Josef Mengele once worked…before he became the “Angel Of Death” at Auschwitz.

    • Maud’Dib

      I’m glad you posted here today. I wanted to send you a message, and frankly, when our host posts videos, only a small handful of people reply, so I hope you get this.

      During Saturday’s WDYDTPTW segment, I referred you to with a number of names. And at some time I’m just going to start calling you “Frank”. That said, I hope you know that I meant no offense, and I really hope you understand where I’m coming up with the names. I love your handle BTW.

      Hey, just to let you know, since Saturday’s article and we were debating orienteering, it took me about a minute and a half to find and download the Army Field Manual FM 3-25.26 on orienteering. Surprisingly, what I could not find and download was the Boy Scout merit badge book on the same subject. Apparently they protect their copyrights like a religious order does with their nun’s virtue.

      I haven’t seen your nickname before, so if you are new, WELCOME! If you have been here before and had to change your handle, welcome back.

      The way you were responding to me on Saturday…ish, personally I thought was a bit forceful. My personal opinion is to tell you to lighten up just a tad. Then again, my personal opinion on this blog doesn’t mean Jack Sh*T. My skin is thick enough that I can take worse. Just keep in mind that there are those who post regularly whose skin isn’t that thick, and the Saturday fiesta is where everybody shows up. We don’t want to loose members because everyone, at sometime, contributes something very valuable.

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      I hope there’s no hard feelings.

  2. Crazy Joe in South Jersey says:

    After the intro Alex goes into his sponsored DNA pills and being healthy , eating healthy .. yet ……. he is a fat pig …. Above Maud’ Dib mentions … US Eugenics …. is he talking about the 1920’s Left Wing Feminist Woman who went back and forth to Europe for the Socialist Workers Conventions ? Is Maud’Dib confusing birth control for women having 8 children with some kind of forced population control ? Mosquitos , fleas and other insects have transmitted disease to humans for a million years . I will stick with Alfred E. Neuman ” what , me worry ? ” Pass the Jack Daniels ………..

  3. My 1st thought after reading that this disease greatly affects pregnant women, was “is this natural”. I do know there are, and have been, proponents of using a targeted disease to “decrease the surplus population”, especially in 3rd world countries. But like all Bio-Weapons they are extremely had to control, easily mutating or migrating.

    • I didn’t watch the video but did see my local news report on it. The disease that this mosquito spreads will make you almost as sick as a cold or flu. The reason pregnant women are so susceptible, is that the unborn fetus is particularly at risk, not that it hurts the women. If I remember correctly… alcohol, smoke, fish, bending, lifting, and if my sister is any indication… arguing and not being treated like a princess, can all damage the unborn fetus.

      I don’t think that this mosquito with this virus is a bio weapon. It is a perfect example of how a VECTOR can be weaponised. The really scary thing is that if a weapon like that is used and released… it will already be too late.

      And hey Frank… or should I just call you Herbert…? There was never any hard feelings. I appreciate you calling me friend. I consider you the same ESPECIALLY since we share an admiration for the same author.

  4. Bravo Sierra. Just another boogie man under the bed.

  5. I don’t know if you guys recall this legislation but it was a big deal when it was first announced back in the early 2000’s. As soon as I read about the Zika pandemic, and its potential for being a bioweapon I immediately thought of this Act.

    The Model State Emergency Health Powers Act (MSEHPA)

    The powers granted in the MSEHPA would be broad and sweeping, forcing citizens to submit to physical examinations, tests, quarantine and vaccinations against their will.

    Here is an explanation of the ramifications of this legislation.

    Broad Definitions

    A “public health emergency” can be declared not only for bioterrorism attacks, but also for epidemics, pandemic disease or natural disasters.

    The wordage “epidemic disease”, “pandemic disease” and “natural disaster” are not defined, leaving public health officials ample room for their own interpretation.

    There are no limits on the number or types of tests that can be performed on individuals, or on the bodily specimens that can be collected. DNA and genetic testing are not excluded.

    Although due process is allowed, the Act permits state officials to identify and train personnel to serve as “emergency judges” to deal with citizen appeals of forced quarantine and isolation. Such training may be biased.

    Citizens are required to submit to medical examinations, vaccinations, and quarantine against their will if a public health emergency is declared.

    Public health officials are given authority to “collect specimens and perform tests on any person” even if they are healthy with no history of exposure to disease.

    Health care professionals who refuse to provide forced medical examinations or vaccinations can be charged with a misdemeanor.

    Citizens who refuse to comply can be detained and charged with a misdemeanor.

    Police officers will be placed under the authority of health department officials.

    According to Wikipedia… As of 2007, 33 states had introduced 133 legislative bills or resolutions that were based upon or featured provisions related to the articles or sections of the act. Of these, 48 had passed

  6. Crazy Joe in South Jersey says:

    Rockefeller Institute on John D.’s purpose which was Progressivism , the little brother of Socialism …. ” JDR Jr. hoped that support for family planning initiatives would help solve pervasive social ills, including poverty and crime. ” . At the time his view was based on overly populated and crime ridden areas of most of the major northeast cities . The term “Slum” came into being .

    The crazy Progressive / Socialist Feminist is listed on the RF site …….

    ” Following a request by Margaret Sanger’s American Birth Control League for $10,000 to fund research into contraception methods, RF trustee, Raymond Fosdick, expressed his thoughts on the importance of the proposed research ……… ” Personally, I believe that the problem of population constitutes one of the great perils of the future and if something is not done along the lines that these people are suggesting, we shall hand down to our children a world in which the scramble for food and the means of subsistence will be far more bitter than anything we know at present.[1] ” .

    This view has continued through the whole 20th century . A religous view to help Million starving in India and the American Taxpayer helped bail out , many millions . It is unethical to let people starve , right ? The Socialist world view or the Christian view of no birth control and God will sort us out . In both cases millions die of starvation , crime is rampant , TV commercials with native children with flys in their eyes and noses .

    The Tin foil hat crowd , I personally know many , believe in the Sci Fi version of the Nazi pure race only left to breed . But they are not sure which of a dozen groups will win , could be leftists or rightists or aliens ( according to Bob ) .

    What all groups keep forgetting is the Natural Order and survival of the fittest . There is a reason a certain disease only affects Africans ( not a plug for Black History Month ) yet the other races have no immunity to that mosquito bite . Sickle Cell sucks but ……. there is a reason . Just as the European Race got through measles but it kicked Native American butt .

    Man made virus’s are what they are and not all will succomb . I am always amazed at humanity having a great fear of death and ” christians ” are supposed to see glory in death …… yet ………. time for a cigarette .

  7. Crazy Joe in South Jersey says:

    after looking … I did spell succumb wrong …. son of a gun .

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