Top Five Guns for Home Defense.

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  1. Will Fehlow says:

    Paul Harrell is awesome, experienced, thoughtful, and funny to boot— two thumbs up!

  2. In addition to the options presented I suggest checking out the IWI Tavor rifle for a home defense weapon. It’s a bullpup designed for urban warfare and close quarters battle, shorter than most rifles and shotguns, very maneuverable indoors and easy to hold even with one hand.
    This is what battle-tested Israeli troops use when fighting door-to-door.

  3. Informative video. But for those of us on a budget, who may only be able to afford one gun for home defense, my vote goes to the King of all versatility; the pump action shotgun. I load it like this; first 2 shots; #2 bird shot, next 2 shots # 4 buck shot, last shot; the Brenneke Black Magic 1 3/8 ounce slug. Just sayin……

  4. Interesting. Very interesting. I’m going to go through this video one more time just before our local gun and knife show. I would like to find a gun that I can load and use quickly that also isn’t going to be painful and keep me from psychologically using it due to fear of the pain. Although the fear of not using it when I am faced with the alternative may be the motivating factor to practice often and deal with the extra pain. My current gun is a small rifle that I do not use up by my shoulder and is used to dispatch four legged night stalkers. Hard to load, easy to use.

  5. I do like the way he presents the pro’s and con’s of his personal choices. I have recently changed my “out camping & ATV” gun(s) to 44 mag. I’m not a big fan of a full recoil load in a handgun, so I will be trying a load that is about a 44 Special +p load (1100 FPS w/a 200 gr JHP). For the rifle I’ll still load up some heavy 44 Mag rounds, probably in the 300 grain load and let the DW take a try with it. I find that magnum handgun loads in a lever action rifle are VERY easy to handle/

    • Curley Bull says:

      The only real difference between us is I prefer the 45LC and am also looking at trying a 300gr for the rifle.

      • Try 320 grain Bear Loads. I run them in my Black hawk when out in the woods as there are many bears around where I live. Haven’t tried them in a rifle as I don’t have any that shoot hand gun calibers.

        • Curley Bull says:

          Truth is I’d love to do a 325gr for the rifle, but haven’t found any info to go by. If I could push a 325gr out of the 20″ barrel of my Henry, I wouldn’t be afraid to shoot ANYTHING on this continent.

          • Curley Bull says:

            Forgot to mention push it out at 2,000 fps. Also, I’ve been shooting a 240gr SJHP out of my Black Hawk (7.5″) at 1,300fps so figure I’m getting about 1,900fps out of the Henry.

            • Chuck Findlay says:

              Lever guns that shoot handgun cartridges are a good choice. My Marlin 357 Mag gives me a boost of 600 feet per second over a 6-inch handgun.

              I bought the 16-inch barrel lever gun for it’s ease of swinging it around, it works well for a house gun.

              And it’s a lot of fun to shoot, other then having to reload all the ammo I shoot up with it.

      • Axelsteve says:

        I like Paul better than shotguns suck guy. That Paul can shoot!

      • Axelsteve says:

        45 lc shoots a big chunk of lead. Very useful to have.

      • CB:

        I really like shooting the 45 LC, and have several. Just that finding a good double action revolver is hard. I really like the way the S&W Model 69 carries and shoots. Now that is a platform that would easily make the conversion to 45 LC and 41 Mag.

        • Curley Bull says:

          That’s one of the reasons I was looking at the relative new Ruger Redhawk that is chambered for 45LC and shoots 45ACP with the full moon clips.

          Truth is thought, ever since I saw the demonstration of the S&W 460 Mag. I have been in love . . . Just can’t justify the price of gun and/or ammo . . .

          • Curley Bull says:

            PS: What I have my heart set on right now is the 45 cal. air rifle w/hand pump and extra tank. Am actually looking at selling my cowboy 45s w/leather to pay for it, but am having a hard time giving up my Rugers . . .

          • I got to handle one of the new 4.2″ barreled 45 LC Rugers – What a club! I you get a chance to handle a S&W 69 do it. Then we
            ” wait for them to rechamber it.

  6. My favorite is the 12 gauge, then my 30.06, then my AK47. For handguns I prefer my AK47 “pistol” and of course my .45. Nothing beats a 12 gauge. I like the versitality of the AK47. I have confidence in my ability to get close enough to a vital organ to do the job.

  7. Fit the tool to the job.
    You will use what you have, so know how it’s used best.
    Master your tools: Let them work for you / NOT against you.
    YOU are the weapon / Your BRAIN is your safety.

  8. Axelsteve says:

    I like Pauls idea about the hammer shotgun for safty reasons and not wearing out the sear spring. I think Norinco repops that gun. Might be a viable alternative if you can`t find a winnny 1897.Well one in good enough shape to trust for defense .

  9. My favorite home defense gun is the one I own that is loaded and accessible, and that I know how to use. Handguns are my favorite, as then I can always home carry when I am home.

  10. Wow, some interesting comments here about some high-octane cartridges. Is the motive behind that macho B.S. to stop the threat or to blow someone to smithorines? Someone interested in this type of article “Five Best of Anything” to me is a newbie to firearms. I wouldn’t advise some new shooter to use a high powered firearm, as I could see them taking that gun to the range, shooting one round, boxing it up, and never want to shoot anything ever again. Just Sayin…..

    • Cavtrooper says:

      Steve you make an excellent point. This was one of the more thoughtful home defense video’s I have watched recently. The presenter obviously knows his business.

      • I agree Cavtrooper, it is a good video. I can only WISH I could shoot like him! Jeez!, does he ever miss?!!!

  11. OhioPrepper says:

    Due primarily to my vision issues I’ve given up most 12 gauge and my 5.56 & 7.62 rifles, and most everything else I have is either .410 or a 9mm variant such as .380 auto (9mm short) or the old standard 9mm parabellum. My newest carbine is a CZ scorpion in 9mm and I carry either a small .380 auto or a full size 9mm. On occasion I’ll also carry a J-Frame in .38 special. With the newer cartridges and practice so you can hit what you point it at, these cartridges are very effective.
    Another rifle that might work Is a 30 carbine, which slings a reasonable projectile, has little recoil, and can easily be shot with one hand if required.
    In a crunch the best gun is the gun you can bring to the fight and have practiced enough to be comfortable deploying.

  12. TPSnodgrass says:

    Excellent intelligent video, without the incessant tacti-cool CRAP! some ninja-wannabes “think” they know is bestest ever.
    Having been in law enforcement for more than 25 years professionally, in this Republic’s most populated state, and having been shot AT, more times than I ever thought would actually happen….tacti-cool, ain’t worth spit.
    You will fight with what you have, period. The video gave excellent advice, as it does all depend upon Your personal needs and WHERE you live. I at present am not in bear country, so do I really need the bear revolvers (I lust over) mentioned above?
    Nope, do I want at least one? Yeah, I do. I am also a hardcore fan of the . 357 lever action rifle for “self defense” and my California travels “back home” when I visit siblings and their families. I started out with a six shot .357 revolver and never felt under gunned. I carried a BAG of speed loaders since most of the time, we were patrolling solo, and I don’t care for running out of ammunition, since my last name is not Custer.
    Great advice to consider YOUR budget, YOUR personal needs, YOUR geographical area of residence, etc.
    Each of us is responsible for our own salvation, we are the Cavalry, there is nobody coming over the hill to save us in “the nick of time”! That’s all Hollywood screenwriter poop.
    Stay safe, vote early and often, it works for the Democrats….

    • I agree TPS. Like I said; enough to stop the threat. Like you said, people all over have different “threats”. Bear country peoples threats are different than apartment building living folks “threats”
      And for those of us on a budget (read everybody) we try to get the most out of the least. Versatility rules, and the king of versatility is the shotgun. As i said above; I start with 2 bird then to 4 buck, to 00 buck, to slug. That about covers many scenarios in a single loading from a single gun. The very reliable, relatively, inexpensive 12 gauge pump shotgun.

      • I agree with the pump action shotgun. In regard to ammo selection you might find the following article interesting: Firearms Tactical Institute Tactical Briefs #10, October 1998
        Sorry I couldn’t put that in a hyperlink format for you but I’m sure you will find it easily with a web search.

      • Don’t forget the 20 gauge. Lighter and easier to maneuver in close quarters than a 12G. My go to house long gun is a 20G mossberg 500. And yes I’m very much in black bear country.

  13. Will Fehlow says:

    Excellent discussion as always, even better because the video is so good. Paul has many videos up, and imho they are among the best of the best on youtube, for the experience and thoughtfulness, but also the man is self aware and tres entertaining! ( I think I love him!:) If you haven’t yet, check out his most excellent and super-crucial “Five things to have for concealed carry:

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  15. Great video, I love how you talk about the ease of use and maintenance for each gun.

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