Top Ten Ways to Blow Your Operational Security

1. Start a survival/prepper blog

1x1.trans Top ten ways to blow your operational securitySometimes, I think that there are as many “survival blogs” and “doomsday prepper” sites as there are preppers – why 90% of people that’s been prepping over a week feel that they have to start a “survival blog” is beyond me. There are thousands of such sites online already, and most get little or no traffic and it’s a sure way to blow your operational security.

And to make matters worse the more popular a blog or website gets the less secure the owner is. Trust me, you can use a “pen name”  or list your location as somewhere “west of the rock mountains” but if you run a blog and the federal government becomes interested they will have no problem finding out who is behind it.

I’ve read a lot of comments from folks expressing concerns about reading or commenting on such sites – but really, if they start rounding up ”survivalist” and “preppers” who do you think will be first on their list? Yep, that’s right… preppers with blogs and youtube channels.

2. Telling your neighbors who aren’t already preppers

We all know that long-term survival takes a community, after all, no one survivor can know or do everything needed themselves. We need the labor, skills, companionship and protection that is offered by a group. Unfortunately, most people aren’t prepared and will try to take what you have if they need it and know that you have it. And that includes your neighbors – It’s best to keep your mouth shut for now, then see how they react after the balloon goes up.

After awhile people will naturally start to form groups and communities for their own survival and you can become part of (or the leader) that group if you have skills to offer. Skills are more important than “stuff” when trying to join an existing group after a major long-term SHTF event because they will need your skills but they might just take your stuff…

3. Telling anyone other than your immediate family

See number two above. Not keeping everything on a strict need-to-know basis is one of the surest ways of blowing your operational security and chances of survival. Think before you brag, boast, rant or run off the mouth to anyone, because that stranger that you struck up a conversation with at the local hardware store or salon, and casually mention that you’re prepping and stockpiling will probably be the first on at your door when the crunch hits.

4. Not keeping your children under control

Kids like to talk and brag almost as much as adults, it’s in our nature. If they are teenagers make sure that they know not to say anything about what you’re doing or stockpiling. And heaven forbid, that they would actually, take their friends down to the storage area and show them everything that you have. I know a guy that this happened too – he wasn’t very happy.

With younger children, you’re probably better off letting them know as little as possible about what you’re doing. But remember they listen to everything you say, and know far more about what is going on in your home than you would think. Some “teachers” like to interrogate their pupils in an attempt to dig up dirt on the parents, so if possible home school your kids.

5. Get raided by police

I don’t believe that any of my readers are into or engage in illegal actives, such as drug dealing or manufacture, child abuse etc. and if you are then I hope that you do get caught. But some might have some “shady” stuff, that the law would frown upon and give you a 3:30 AM no-knock visit if they knew you had it. While I don’t advise that you have or own anything illegal, I know that some of you won’t listen and will do it anyway, if that’s you then go back and read numbers two, three and four.

6. The scorned ex-lover

It’s a fact that most marriages and relationships don’t end well and that most of the time the ex-lover knows details of your life that you probably, would not want them to “share” with others.

Keep your preps on a need-to-know basis for as long as possible.

7. Go on national TV to tell the world you’re a prepper

Doomsday Preppers – need I say more?

Probably, 98% of the population in any given town in the U.S. isn’t prepared for even the most basic disaster, but most everyone watches TV. It isn’t difficult to figure out what will happen to those “Doomsday Preppers” who’ve appeared on the show when their neighbors get hungry.

That show isn’t on anymore and that’s probably a good thing.

8. Join a “survival group” or “survival community”

Joining a survival group or community may sound like a great idea, after all, there is “safety” in numbers and everyone wants to belong. But the trouble is that many groups and their organizers/ leaders have their own agendas and not the interests of the group in mind. And making matters worse – most large prepper/militia groups have federal agents or informants embedded within the group structure or at the very least are being closely watched by federal agents even if they aren’t doing anything illegal.

See number two above:

After a while, people will naturally start to form groups and communities for their own survival and you can become part of (or the leader) that group if you have skills to offer. Skills are more important than “stuff” when trying to join an existing group after a major long-term SHTF event, because they will need your skills but they might just take your stuff…

My advice is to stay away from survival groups unless they’re made up of very close, long-term friends or family. And don’t let any strangers in. Never.

9. Allowing people to roam around your house without having your stocks well hidden

Let’s face it… most people are nosy. When you have company at your home, I can guarantee that they’ll be scanning the area and your stuff. When they go to the bathroom, they’ll be looking in your medicine cabinet and under the sink. And if no one is around they’ll stick their head in and have a look inside any room that isn’t locked. Keep your preps locked up and away from prying eyes. And don’t leave any prepper/survival type books or magazines out in the open when just anyone can pick them up and start reading….

10. Stay off the booze

The only people who like to brag and run off from the mouth more than people in general are drunk people. Yep, drunks have big mouths, and being a drunken prepper isn’t cohering with keeping your operational security intact. Lay off the booze. Or at the very least, be like George Thorogood and drink alone then you can talk and brag all you want without blowing your operational security.

Have you blown your operational security? How? What have you done to mitigate the risk now that your preps aren’t secret anymore?

About M.D. Creekmore

M.D. Creekmore is the owner and editor of He is the author of four prepper related books and is regarded as one of the nations top survival and emergency preparedness experts. Read more about him here.


  1. One of the problems I see with MAG’s is that some people get burned out if they don’t make this a part of their life style. Burned out people quit or just slow way down, then when things get tough, expect the other members to pick up their slack.

    • JP: I just got done reading comments on SHTF, several comments were older people who are burned out and stopped prepping (no space, other things they want to do), said they were using up their stockpiles and moving on with their life, etc. Everyone must prep for several weeks for weather issues if nothing else. Hubby got rid of some barter items (one less box in the closet) meaning less stuff . Preppers I knew passed on in last decade or so, heirs tossed or sold their stuff. So, travel, and do fun stuff. Many are tired of hoarding. I have read/heard about “meltdowns” since the early 80’s, hubby is 14 yrs. into retirement. Why don’t prepper websites/blog shut down for their safety now? I only buy items from local grocery stores. Food storage companies will get raided and police will have records of who bought stuff and raid them later. Addresses and zip codes on record.

      • I think the gov. will only seek large warehouses like Walmart, Krogers, big box stores, etc.
        Households will need protection from neighbors.

        • Red tower says:

          After working with disaster agencies, I can tell you that during really bad times, our officials can, may and will go door to door to gather supplies for evacuees or troops. Stage one, they’ll ask people to donate extra. Stage two they’ll go door to door and ask. Stage three, they go door to door and confiscate. Don’t become so complacent that you think you’re safe. You arent.

          • laura ann says:

            Red Tower: Salvation army and red cross have some supplies. Agencies will use up food at local food banks first. People just won’t answer their door. If a stranger knocks on doors around here, people don’t answer, too many women alone in daytime and elderly. Let ’em force their way in, they won’t get far. Some cities have banned door to door canvassing.

            • Red tower says:

              Unfortunately, a government directed initiative to go door to door does not count as canvassing or solicitation.

    • OhioPrepper says:

      The A in MAG is assistance, not babysitting. Each of us has to be prepared in our own situation with no assistance and count on our MAG members to assist when we need help with something that either we cannot do, or something that would be easier and faster with help.
      Likewise, whatever skills or equipment we have, MUST be available to help our members when they need assistance.

    • Encourager says:

      Ok dumb question time. What does MAG stand for?

  2. JJ Prepper says:

    I’ve told friends that I can trust that will be moving to other friends that will 7 people that can shoot(and will shoot to kill) and have skills. 3 women,3 men, 1- 15yr boy.
    A few others that are low life’s and have nothing who will be the first coming to me for aid when the SHTF. Will give them some LEAD! Know you enemies and kill them soon as possible-end of threat.

    • OhioPrepper says:

      JJ Prepper,

      Will give them some LEAD! Know you enemies and kill them soon as possible-end of threat.

      These are the kind of comments that get you noticed by those who you’d rather not notice you.
      Around here, all we’re prepared to shoot are the proverbial MZB’s.

  3. patientmomma says:

    I made this comment before but it is worth repeating…
    I have learned thru sad experience trust is a rare thing. I gave up trusting folks a while back because they have proved by their actions that they cannot be trusted. I have seen family members turn on each other, spouses who deceive, children who are selfish and destructive, neighbors who steal, my kids’ x-girl/boy friends can be vindictive, and many more sad situations. I like and get along with lots of folks, there are a few like minded people around about that I cooperate with, and there are many good people who are honest and kind, but they do not know the extend of my preps. While my preps are not in view, my PC is usually running on the stove and I have canning jars in the garage. If someone comments I respond that I have a 1/2 acre garden. Every time a repairman comes to my place, I wish I had one of those “Men in Black flash devises” to wipe their memory clean. In a “you have what I want” situation people would shoot me in a heart beat. Stay safe.

    • OhioPrepper says:

      WOW, I feel sorry for you, since I have not had that experience at all.

    • laura ann says:

      O. momma, etc: Best if repair men , friends, neighbors come in, to keep preps, guns and cash out of view. I learned that as a kid as 5 plus decades back, kids stole from other kids (loose change, bag of marbles, baseballs, small stuff.) Ohio: If you live long enough, you will find crooks and hypocrites in the work place, churches and civic clubs. A friend of hubby’s thrown in jail for embezzlement from employer, church going couple too. Don’t join anything, stay low key and stick will trusted friends or relatives if any (ha ha). Churches, civic clubs and patriot groups have their share of substance abusers, immorality of all types- I’ve seen it in churches and Birch soc, etc. Patriot groups accomplish nada.

    • Trust…..very rare indeed. It’s earned by the recipient of the giver.

  4. PrepperDoc says:

    Really wise advice.

    I don’t ever discuss the extent of our preparations.

  5. Bury some caches in your yard, in case your stuff is stolen. That’s also a way to prep for a tornado or fire that burns your house down.
    If you have someone with a “loose tongue” in your family, don’t tell him/her about all of your preps. THere are some things s/he doesn’t need to know about.

    • Prepared Grammy says:

      I’m wanting to build a combination greenhouse/root cellar. Do you or anyone know of a site that may have plans or photos of one? I want the cellar to be hidden. I’m still mulling over ideas for one.

      • Red tower says:

        Saw some once on Moths Earth News a few years back. When I was younger, we lived in an old country place that had the root cellar dug into the side of a hill, and the green house built in front. With no lighting but what you brought, you couldn’t see the doorway to the cellar. My dad actually used it to hide stuff from neighbors who were light fingered.

      • Grammy, yours will be unique to the lay of your land, $, your particular weather patterns. Basically rt cellar needs a door, some ventilation. Web is full of cellar ideas. Though I tried to prevent it, humidity gets in through dirt floor and canning lids do oxidize. I concocted a greenhouse using old windows. I recommend, plan, draw, assess needs & $, apples don’t keep well next to potatoes, dehydration saves space, and much more that needs research.

        • Apples give off ethylene gas,which speeds the ripening of fruits/vegetables stored near them. Years back, when I’d harvest many crates of tomatoes just before the first frost, I wrapped each in a single sheet of newspaper, and stacked them no more than two high in produce crates. When I wanted ripe tomatoes, I’d place an apple in one of the crates, and within a week, all of the tomatoes in the crate were ripe and sweet.

      • Go on Amazon and purchase “The Solar Greenhouse Book” it is from the 1980’s but it is the best book I have read on solar greenhouses. I have a shelf full of the greenhouse books and this is the only one you will need. The shipping will cost more than the book.

        • Encourager says:

          Emcomm, I found one with that title on but it is from 1978. Is that the one you are talking about??

      • Rodale has a good book on Root Cellaring. Dunno if there’s 1 on greenhouses or combos by same. Rodale good.

  6. THis is part of why I hesitate to post online much about our preps, or what we’re going to buy, etc. Big Brother is watching.

    • If you think you will be watched because you have posted on a site like this you have already gave up the opsec. I personally am not really concerned about it. Everything we do is tracked at some point whether it is through a credit card or debit card transaction,cell phone use,cashing a check, car registration,electric bill. internet access ect. The question is what is or will be done with that info.

  7. Not a real plan. I live rural where I’m the HVAC guy who knows all the neighbors, their skill sets and can organize them. I can’t do it all myself. I belong to CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) we assist sheriff’s. fire dept.& EMS. If the SHTF it’s good to be in with the powers that be and know what’s on their minds. I’m trained to deal with emergencies when they don’t show. Plans Gotta’a have contingency plans & several fall back plans.
    I was the lone prepper before now I’m official because I’ve got this gear. Seriously, I have an official veneer of authority and since most sheeple will seek security I can lead & organize.

    • OhioPrepper says:

      EMA around here is similar. While I’m not officially CERT certified, I do have the training and equipment along with a county issued ID and a badge. No arrest powers or anything like that; but, it also gets me information that is not readily available to the public, except for those nerds who monitor and correlate data from many places.

      • I concur. I want to know what they know, tap their resources and to be aware of any operations like gun, or supply confiscations. My crew will be ex military. Folks who know a bit about teamwork & security. My neighbors have substance & means but will be scared and require organizational leadership, My terrain is terrific and we can seal the area off from refugees.

  8. The extent of our preps are NEVER discussed , except between my wife and I . I cannot think of any one else with a ” need to know” .

  9. j.r. guerra in south tx. says:

    If you’ve blown your cover at work due to answering questions and them putting two and two together, the only way to get rid of that is change jobs. And this time, keep your trap shut !!

    • Red tower says:

      Or start a rumor that you gave all your stuff to a far away relative down on their luck. I did this at work when a family member blabbed to a co-worker when they stopped by. The co-worker (and the family member) asked if I was going to restock. I told them my own money was too low and that I needed the space anyway, so probably not. The family member hasn’t asked for any help since. The co-worker no longer looks at me like I’m a nut-case hoarder, either.

  10. If the SHTF, your obvious ability to have lights, cook food, have water, will be noticed by your neighbors anyway. Perhaps not as widely broadcast as being on TV talking about it, but wouldn’t take long for word to get around, especially if folks are hungry and skinny and you aren’t. The real focus should be keeping your situation hidden AFTER the SHTF.

    • Red tower says:

      DH and I plan on living low-tech after an event. Look like everyone else. Light with candles, don’t cook much for awhile. See how things play out.

    • OhioPrepper says:


      If the SHTF, your obvious ability to have lights, cook food, have water, will be noticed by your neighbors anyway

      I hope so, since many of them are part of my MAG. They are all self sufficient to some degree and are armed and principled people who will have my back. The DW grew up around these parts and I’ve lived here for 34 years, as have most of the neighbors, most of which are farmers.

    • My ex-military buds will be training my son’s feckless local buds.
      I need the muscle to deal with damn near anything. I’m just afraid if things get military then after an initial encounter were going to get hit back real hard. After that, survival requires us to stay on the move.
      My geography gives us a huge advantage.

  11. When I was a youngster in the early 1950’s, an Italian playmate bragged to our play group about the food his parents had. No one believed him so he took us into his basement where legs of proscuitto, hams and other meats hung, along with whole sausages, wheels of cheese on shelves, crocks of olives, and many, many other food items along with huge bottles of wine. The basement was stuffed with food. Naturally, we were dazzled by such abundance. When his mother heard us, she rushed down in a fury and practically threw us out by the scruffs and never allowed us back. I often wondered if it was post-war hoarding reaction or simply thieving from work by a parent, but I never forgot that sight. I’m sure others went home and told their parents of what they’d seen. You never know when loose lips could sink your ship.

    • Mountain Trekker says:

      Gloria just reading your comment made me hungry. Trekker Out

    • During WW II, food was rationed.You had to have rationing stamps issued by the govt and spend only what the stamps indicated what you could spend on food. Each family had separate allocations for meat, for veggies, milk, eggs etc. If a govt official suspected a family of “hoarding” food, they were sent to prison. This even applied to individuals that cut their food intake, yet stayed within ration limits–if you eat less, and try to save “extra” food, you were still sent to prison for “hoarding”

  12. 1) do not tell neighbors about any of your preps/stockpile, even IF they vow they are stockpiling too!!
    I made this mistake and the lady’s husband refuses to help/support her and used all her stocked foods.
    I have several thousand saved for a down pmt., am looking for a smaller house to buy, sell this house and start over–NEVER to divulge what I have again.

  13. Great timing. I looked over and there is a Strategic Relocation, North American Guide to Safe Places by Joel & Andrew Skousen and a 31 days to Survival sitting open on my sideboard. I had been thinking of sharing them with my neighbors in our local outdoor library, now I will leave them anonymously. The postman knows we shop a lot. If he showed up at our house I would adopt him. Can you imagine his skills? I had to withdraw from my AA group ( 8yrs sober this month) so that I wouldn’t feel responsible for them and have had meeting with the 30 yr old kids to shut up about family goings on. News is absorbed by other people -no kidding. I went to a wedding and a ex-relative who lives in another state asked me about things that weren’t his business. How did that news get out I asked the kids? Thru conversations my kids had in the presence of my ex husband.

  14. PrepperDoc says:

    There’s a balance here, I think. I don’t think ONE HOUSE can survive in a really lawless time….I think you will need several houses or more banded together. An entire street or a neighborhood. Obviously, if that is true and NONE of those people are in any way prepared before the bad stuff starts….you are unlikely to be able to feed them long enough to do any good…and then you’re back in the same problem of not enough people to stand watch.

    So a very careful building of trusted relationships where you can, among those who would be of value to you, might be in order — your situation might vary. One neighbor is a surgeon/wife a pediatrician — strong Christians. No firearms.

    Another neighbor is a strong believer, good hunter, several firearms, refuses to store food. Another neighbor has read Patriots, One Sec AFter, asks for more books, has firearms, and is pretty smart….although not a believer he has always bent over backwards to treat me fairly. I have an OB & a family practitioner also down the street, strong believers, intereted in missions, have possibly some preps. All of these families have wells, there is one other family with solar panels. Most have generators.

    So I make small discussion with the more trusted ones, because in a REAL disaster, I’ll need the entire street in my opinion….I want to bar the only entrance! But I keep completely secret the full nature of my abilities, food, ammo, firearms, etc. They all see me growing a garden & I’m sure many approve of that skills. Some have chickens, several have horses.

    I don’t think you can survive all alone, nor do I think you should blab blab blab to everyone. I may not have the exact proper balance, but I have tried.

  15. mom of three says:

    I never tell anyone what we do either my step son, would show his friends in high school, my canning cupboard well my canning cupboard got lighter I put my extras at our storage unit. I had to explain to my step son, though he was excited to show off my wears I could not risk other people knowing what we had. My two kid’s know better than to say anything and they understood loose lips sink ship’s.

  16. No one can tell or predict what would happen. With millions who are hungry one can be certain they will want to eat. if they find or even feel that you have food they being the people will try to get it to survive. does anyone think they can shoot fast or long enough to protect what you and your family have. Even the well equipped community with walls will have trouble. The answer. go undetected until the mob is gone. How? If I had that answer I would be rich. the short answer is no and the long answer is still no. Take care in buying the guaranteed handy dandy tool that will make you the survival wonder. it doesn’t exist. as an aging male with my only goal to see some prosperity for my offspring I can only offer that knowledge is power. the talent to use it a close second. even a hobby that could serve in a society without power will put you and your family on a level above others. the ability to survive is dependent on having something to trade for the things you don’t have. knowledge on how to form government on a small scale set laws and enforce them will also be a much needed skill. the ability to know the difference between someone who will serve the people and a ruler is important. both use power. one constructive the other destructive. maintaining the constructive condition is difficult. be trustworthy!

  17. Chuck Findlay says:

    3 people can keep a secret if 2 of them are dead – Ben Franklin

  18. insanecandycane says:

    best practice is to not buy your preps online or mail order. always pay for preps with FRN’s. store your preps off site on someone eleses property with out their knoledge. (use your imagination) especially the weapons and ammo and most definately anything that could be considered illegal posses now or in future.
    try to appear to be a mindless idiot that lives pay check to paycheck. be the person that says” when SHTF ill be coming to your house “! not the person that other people say this to!!!
    quit all vices asap. you do not need a monkey on your back in an emergency. get a spare laptop to use for reading forums etc.. and doing searches for information. use your home computer to google search only non prep info and stuff to leave a false impression of who you really are. never access any site with the wrong computer. this way if computer at home is searched it only has who you pretend to be while if laptop is found the only connection to you will be the finger prints on it if you left any!
    always control your temper so you never mention doing violence to anyone, that way you wont be a suspect if you do an act of violence.

  19. Aussie Prepper says:

    We are getting re runs of Doomsday Preppers and probably will for a while yet. I actually find some bits interesting and can get some good ideas so in that respect it is mildly educational.

    Cant believe anyone would so dumb as to go on that show and spill to the whole world exactly what they have by way of supplies and even defences!


    • OhioPrepper says:

      Aussie Prepper,
      Your mention of Doomsday Preppers caused me to search the guide on my satellite receiver and I found a few on National the Geographic channel.
      I don’t know if I’ve seen them all; but, the ones I saw did occasionally provide some good ideas. There will just end up on my DVR and I can then watch, skip, or delete as I see fit.
      Thanks for the mention.

  20. OhioPrepper says:

    I really don’t think the federal government cares a hoot about preppers and prep blogs; unless, they’re some type of anti government group plotting violence.
    I work with my local county EMA, and recently gave about a 2 hour presentation on preparedness. Our group of mostly volunteers are second responders, who help the first responders in the field, and our local agencies, from the EMA to the Fire and EMS services as well as the S.O. (Sheriff’s Office) are all on board with what we are doing.
    As for your:

    2. Telling your neighbors who aren’t already preppers

    Once again your perspective is one of a city dweller or someone who lives in a different environment than I. While most of my neighbors would probably not call themselves preppers, nearly all of them have gardens, various livestock, equipment and skills, and all will chip into help any if the need arises. This is farm country.

    3. Telling anyone other than your immediate family

    Also see #2 above.
    On your #4, my children range from almost 26 to just 46 & 50, and are long gone. When my DD was in high school she was given an assignment in an English class, and asked to list what you would want to have with you should you be dropped in the woods for a few days alone.
    Her list was so well done, that the teacher read it to the class, minus the author and asked everyone who wrote it. No one guessed that my DD was the author, even though nearly all of them, at least the boys, had attended one of my hunter education classes where we covered these same items and skills, so things may not always be as obvious as one might think.
    #5 is a non starter since my work with the EMA requires occasional background checks and puts me in contact with numerous law enforcement folks who know me. Once again, this is farm country in rural Ohio and not Chicago.

    6. The scorned ex-lover

    My first marriage will hit 35 years in April, so no issues here.

    7. Go on national TV to tell the world you’re a prepper

    This is something worth considering. Shortly after the short lived National Geographic show Doomsday Preppers began, I received an email expressing interest in what I was doing, as did others on this forum. We all simply ignored and deleted the email.
    On your #8 my small MAG is just a community of LMI neighbors who provide, well . . . Mutual Assistance when one of us needs help with something. For instance, my freeze dryer is supposed to be delivered tomorrow and the forecast is for rain. I’ll have them set the pallet in one of the machinery shed (our garage) stalls, and a local friend, farmer, and MAG member will help me unpack and bring it into the house. They say this entire thing weighs north of 150 lbs, so the help is much appreciated. This neighbor has also kept us in a ton of produce this past summer when we couldn’t have our normal large garden.

    9. Allowing people to roam around your house without having your stocks well hidden

    We rarely have anyone here who we do not know well enough that they already know we prep. One neighbor has kept my rather long driveway clear of snow for 30 years and I provide his barn on the very adjacent property with electric and water. He’ll also bring his heavy equipment to bear when I need help, and he and his family are welcome in a power outage to visit or even shower. This is the best aspect of community.
    Your # 10 is easy. The DW gets stomach aches with any alcohol, and my consumption for all of last year including New Years Eve was 3 or 4 beers with Mexican food and 2 rum and cokes as I listened to the last 61 seconds of 2016 tick away on the ham radio.
    The only place where I have blown my OPSEC is when I listed my ham radio call here, and that has resulted in several email conversations with a few of the pack, all of which live hundreds of miles from here.
    I dond’t know if it’s where we each live, or if your just paranoid, or I’m not paranoid enough; but, I feel rather safe in my situation, with armed MAG members who listen to their VHF radios most of the time, as do I.

  21. When, IF (and we all know it’s coming to some degree), SHTF, pandemonium will break out for the first week. Then violence by those who have exhausted their food and water stores. After a time, this will subside and those who prepared will be left. This is the time for Community. NO, not to pool resources but, to survey the skill sets of your fellow preppers. Plan for the immediate and near future. Everyone will have a job they are accountable for. Security will be paramount (been a long time since I served guard duty). The perimeter has to be secured, that is why I have several GMRS Radios and a Base station for communication, also a couple CB’s and a couple Short Wave radios that cover all bands to monitor the situation near and far. One can garden anytime during the summer and you can start in the early spring. Organizing for the immediate and near future will guarantee your survival.

    • Way to go. That’s a plan man. I got the ham radio setup last year and my goal this year is to have my home power generation system up & running. I’m about to retire and making my electric bill go away is my primary goal. Everything has a survival aspect. I don’t talk about it because average folks just think preppers are nutz or paranoid. Believe it or not the wives are far more open to hoping for the best while preparing for the worst.

  22. Nothing is conspicuous at my home and I shop at multiple supermarkets.

    • I too shop at multiple stores but occasionally I get asked why I’m buying more than (small amount) of an item. ‘It’s supplies for a church fundraiser/dinner’ usually finishes any interest and makes me forgettable. Never offer any further info.

  23. A couple of years ago my parents came to visit and saw our long term storage bags and ao’s. Thinking this is my folks and we can trust them I blew our opsec. It has been a nightmare trying to keep them silent, and in fact has not worked. We live an hour away from their small town but…we suspect everyone at the coffee shop heard about it from dad, along with all the ladies in mom’s Sunday school class / other social groups. Just this past week we were sitting in a crowded doctors office and mom blurts out ” are yall still storing up food for the future? “. Of course my answer was a resounding NO,we used it all up and haven’t done that anymore. Also, thought we could trust our SIL, he has skills we can use,WRONG! As someone else said, while at a function his dad walks up and ask how the prepping is going. I walked away after giving him ” the look ” of disgust of being turned up. Disheartening not to be able to trust even family.

  24. Wow can I tell you about my experience with # 6? My wife met me at the gunrange, to make a long story short she told her lawyer to tell my lawyer that I was a survivalist (true) and that he had better be careful. If that’s not the pot calling the kettle black I don’t know what is! Thank God she left!

  25. None of the above would we fall into any of the catagories. We have four grown kids, two know that if SHTF that they should come here. The other two are so consumed with themselves. But the two that would come are iffy at best, one just got a new home in the woods. The other owns a pawn shop and has a big boat he could disappear on. The neighbors don’t know anything except that I have horses and I am grumpy when their dogs get in the pasture. The other neighbor live on the opposite side of the reserve. The kids came over one night and where throwing stone at my stallion. Some 22’s in the dirt by the barn sent them flying away. But they got caught at the state biology site were the endangered turtles are. Trouble big trouble. Every body around thinks we are the grumpy old couple who use guns on a regular basis.

  26. Wow, if this wasn’t a ‘only way to survive is be a lonewolf’ post if I’ve ever seen one, seems to be a common theme among blogs these days. While opsec is important you are not a island. Even those who live “off the grid” in all those Alaskan shows proves you can’t be totally isolated.
    As to a MAG stories, back in 2004-06 I was part of a mag with 6 other families, I was the only single male in it. The land owner ended up having a affair with one of the wives. I personally lost near $3 grand worth of equipment and supplies because in the eyes of the court I couldn’t prove with receipts the items were mine. Story #2, longtime prepper friend turns out to be nothing more then a con artist who was looking for people to be HIS supply warehouse if SHTF.

  27. survival comes down to preparation, education, instinct and will

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