Training for a First Strike – Self Defense


  1. The echo needs to go.

  2. That was awesome! I am going to practice this. I got a different viewpoint on taking the initiative.

    • Here’s another viewpoint to consider:

      • Leonard,
        I loved this one, too. The only time I got blindsided by a man, he knocked me down. I came back up and clocked him with a rock. He crawled out of my presence. I am looking for better self defense moves than smacked down from the back and a lucky rock.

  3. Remember:
    …if you hit the target once, you’re going to lose. Hit it and hit it and hit it and hit it and hit it until the target has disappeared…
    if the target is going to give you time to grab its head, then you have time to twist and pull and step backwards or twist to the side and drop the target to the ground as you twist the head off…
    …elbow strikes to the head are fun until you feel your elbow crush and the pain is tremendous- a rising elbow strike to the xiphoid process (where the solar plexus and sternum meet) will disable the majority of people not expecting it regardless how strong their abs are. Once the ziphoid is struck, press the attack until the target is on the ground writhing: anything less is going to get you killed…
    …if you have time to hit the head with two strikes, you have enough time to put the second strike directly into the eyes- both of them, even if you use two hands. And don’t remove your hands until you are forced to by a counter strike, then change the angle of your attack to the throat…
    …if you have time to hit the throat twice, then you have time to make the second strike a grab and squeeze. Grab the throat and squeeze and step back dragging the opponent with you. Do not let go the throat until the opponent is on the ground, then stomp until your legs are falling off…
    …don’t ever count on the target standing still while you employ your super ninja powers, because they wont. Follow the target until it runs off…
    …any time you show mercy in a fight, you are going to lose. Count on it.
    Severe techniques? How severe do you think your death will be?

  4. Babycatcher says:

    That exercise tuckered you out a bit, eh? However your opponent will be on the ground, either dead or wishing he was…

    • …tuckered you out… and then his buddies show up.

      If this burned you out, then you’d better get your carcass to the gym and on the road before you do become a carcass. (Note use of generic “you”, not a specific individual.)

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