Troops Ordered To Kill All Americans Who Do Not Turn In Guns

Yep, good luck with that – U.N. meet over three million heavily armed preppers who will have something to “say” about that.

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  1. Yep, and with all those blue helmets too. Seems that both of my “first response distance rifles” are zero’d for “minute of light-blue c antelope” at 300 yards. Being “policed” by the UN should be “fun for all”.

    The Lib’s should like them too, as they seem to have a propensity for treating the ladies VERY well!

  2. mom of three says:

    Boy people are nasty! Reading the article, about the three million preppers, was interesting but the comments were amazing at how the USA, thinks verses the United Kingdom.

    • Mom of three,
      The UK, like any country, is not the land it calls within its boarders, it’s the people who reside upon it.
      Yep, firearms are a hard thing to get here in the UK but not totally out of reach.
      However, I get miffed with the sheeple who think I’m raving mad for pointing out the woes of our world and how it washes up at our feet. If you can’t help them then you better make sure they ain’t in your way when you’re dealing with what you know will surly come your way.
      Believe me, there are preppers & survivalists here in the UK that I personally orbit around that are prepped as far as they can be in the personal defense side of things, maybe not as good as 5.56 NATO round but good and quiet enough that UN insurgents should get the point.
      I think it would eventually amaze the survivalist what would be laying around soldiers that kinda fell over 😉 but I do hope things don’t go that far.
      Sadly, I don’t trust our overlords one little bit and I see their worldview would have us all as little worker ants with them on top of the ant hill.
      Watching world events very closely of late.

      Keep safe,

      • Good luck my friend. Hopefully it won’t come to pass in our time but I am afraid that is hope misplaced. Be safe

      • Right is RIGHT-wrong is WRONG says:

        Right on Mother of three. I do believe you have the MOXY to do what you have to do when it hits. When those soldiers just kind of fall over (LOL) what you have is called “battlefield pick up”. I am surprised that no one (I know of) has written a book about what would come out of a successful firefight with against one’s own military. Navy Seals do what they are told to do so I am certain they will ( a few I hope) go after their fellow Americans. Mercenaries OOPs I mean contractors go to the highest bidders so they will go after us Americans and of course America’s military will do what they are told ( only a few I hope). There are articals about what to take off of junk cars and what to take off of lawnmowers to use for survival. What is needed is a book about what can be used off of our own military if we get lucky. Keep on Keeping On Mother of three.

    • Right is RIGHT-wrong is WRONG says:

      Mom of three……….remember that England and America were both born out of violence. What was to become England used the swoard and America was born out of the barrel of a gun and because it was not that long ago (relative to England’s birth) it is still fresh in all American’s DNA. With much respect “mom of three” I suggest you research why Japan did not invade America. Japan was very explicit in recording why she did not invade the USA. It may have had something to do with ” gun behind every blade of grass”.

      • You can’t fix stupid or someone who is willingly ignorant sir. Futile attempts to do so only leads to your frustration and ulcers along with high blood pressure.

        • Right is RIGHT-wrong is WRONG says:

          DOC…..the beauty of reading MD Creekmore’s web page (or what ever it is called) is because that people help people in their comments and replies (regardless of what section you are reading) in the If you are referring to me I could not agree with you more, (cause I can handle it), on the other hand if you are referring to some one else I sincerely suggest you read other areas of You will find that 99% of all of Mr. Creekmores readers are respectful to each other and are honestly trying to help their fellow readers. It is only my opinion that I honestly feel your “can’t fix stupid” comment was slightly off base. You may be having a bad day or night I know I do and often my mouth runs away with it self and I have to apologize later. Any way DOC you have a great day. I am not starting a dialogue with this reply.

    • Hi mom of three, the problem I have with articles like that one, and with shows like National Geographic’s, are that they depict preppers at the extremes. That leaves the average unprepared people thinking that all preppers are extremists, and they have no interest in joining the group. They don’t accept the premise of TEOTWAWKI, and have no interest in making the commitment involved.

      My guess is that the reason for depicting the extremes of prepping (as in any other subject) boils down to It Sells Viewers to Advertisers.

      I know a lot more preppers who prep quite thoroughly for minor and major natural and “man-made” disasters than for TEOTWAWKI. If my experience is any guide, that means that the shows and articles significantly misrepresent the overall prepping community. My guess is that misrepresentation keeps a lot of people from prepping even for short term emergencies.

      It would be interesting to know what percentage of the readers of this site are prepping for TEOTWAWKI versus short and medium term disasters- say those up to a few months. My impression is that a high percentage of the people who comment and write articles prep for TEOTWAWKI, but who knows what the overall readership is like?

      Prepping for TEOTWAWKI takes an enormous commitment of resources, and lifestyle change, and I suspect only a very, very small percentage of the population will ever be persuaded to do that.

      Prepping, however, for a couple or three months of independence from the supply chain -especially if the supply chain is broken intermittently rather than stopped entirely- isn’t all that hard, nor all that expensive. If the majority of the population were prepared for six weeks off grid, the difference in resiliency would be transformational.

      The shows and general audience news articles have no interest in depicting that. I think they are doing the country a disservice, but I don’t set their policies.

      • I hear ya. In some aspects I have been a pepper for over 30 years, insofar as I always had money on hand to get through 6 months, a garden and a one year food supply. Upped the level of prepping in 2006, and again in 2009, and again 2015. God willing, again in 2016.
        Encouraging people to step on the path is important. Two weeks supply of food, for example. Once they get on the path, they will move forward.

        • Hi Rebecca, “Two weeks supply of food, for example.”

          Exactly. Get started, then add. Even if they don’t, two weeks is a huge improvement over 2 days, and easy to do. Two weeks of food is just a deep pantry of one’s normal canned goods and pasta, with maybe some canned milk and such thrown in.

          Two weeks is daunting for many people, especially when one thinks of water, too. Telling people they need to have a year’s worth, much less self-sufficiency forever, just turns them off in droves.

          Two weeks is comprehensible to most people. Six months or a year are not.

          • I have gotten a lot of people started that way. Just add one thing every week when you shop, and put it in a separate cupboard… they have empty cupboards! After a few weeks they start feeling proud about it. I never mention MRE, guns, or anything that sounds bizarre to them.
            It works.

        • I’m a pepper, he’s a pepper, she’s a pepper, wouldn’t you like to be a pepper too?

  3. TexasScout says:

    Please quit posting stuff from the Alex Jones site. You do us (preppers) no service by doing so. First let me say that AJ DOES have some great stuff that is factual. HOWEVER, not one single person that is not familiar with the prepping life style we even click on a link by him. (Believe me, I have had no luck getting the “great unwashed” to believe ANYTHING on that site) Try to find evidence/proof of what he posts from other “reputable” (read “liberal media”) sources. You will have much better luck getting others to listen.

  4. That’s why we had the first revolution couple of hundred years ago, so we wouldn’t be subject to the United Kingdom. Or any other country or authority.

  5. From what I see the UN troops are dispatched to countries that have a breakdown of there central government, could that happen here I don’t know, I worry more about our own government ordering the round up of non- compliant citizens than the UN, the situation in Burns Oregon should remind everyone what happens when you buck DC.

  6. No crisis goes unused.

    • Right is RIGHT-wrong is WRONG says:

      “No crisis goes unused” said the present mayor of
      Chicago Ill. to Obama when he was in Obama’s admin.

      • Right
        And Obama uses every crisis to whine about the Second Amendment. And Bush used his crisis to get the Patriot Act. And the war on drugs to put in civil asset procedure. No crisis goes unused.

        • Civil asset forfeiture. .. sorry

          • Right is RIGHT-wrong is WRONG says:

            I agree with you whole heartedly, Rebecca. What I am concerned with today is that Obama will use ISIS to further his globalist agenda.

            • Right
              I hear ya, but this isn’t about Obama, he is just one more pawn in a long line. Focusing on Obama like he’s the bogeyman obscures the fact that TPTB have already picked the next faux President. I did like Putin calling out the US even though it hurts to hear it.

              • Right is RIGHT-wrong is WRONG says:

                Thank you for the reminder, Rebecca. I needed it because I start watching a TV when I pass by knowing it is nothing more than a DISTRACTION yet it is addictive.Yes, it does not matter who is president. Maybe the BIG boys decided that it is Putin’s turn to be the GOOD GUY out in front.

                • Right

                  I am still a kid… I want my team to be the good guys! Instead, they are focused on citizens like we are public enemy number one. That is pure guilt on their parts, they know their own evil and want to forestall the comeuppance.

                  • Right is RIGHT-wrong is WRONG says:

                    If you are still a kid Rebecca you are wise beyond your years. I am 71 and it took 50 years for me to understand what you are talking about. I hope your wisdom will be appreciated in the future. 50-60-70 years ago we thought our team was the good guys. Unfortunately the truth always comes to the surface and if us oldsters want to be honest then we have to adjust to the fact that the “good old days” as they say really were not honest ( comfortable yes-honest NO). There is a certain influence in Washington D.C. that will stab the American people in the back just like stabbing any foreign country and they do not care if we know about it. (which is the scary part). It is my hope that you younger people will make a difference for our country.

                    • Right

                      Awww I just turned 62 this month, but I got it about 30 years ago. I am still a kid at heart even if it is a broken heart. My country!

  7. I personally believe 3 million is a big underestimate. There are 110 million gun owners and growing everyday. The last few months have a record amount of background checks,people are waking up. Not just preppers, people who are hunters. Think of how many snipers that would be and how many ex and active military people, police, farmers and city folk. It could get real ugly.

    • JP in MT says:

      Thor 1
      I agree with the number of gun OWNERS but I think 3 million gun USERS is a viable number that “international military assistance organizations” should look at.

      • I wouldn’t discount the other 100 million so easily. Heck, Chicago thugs are likely to be the first in.

        • JP in MT says:


          I didn;t think about “big city turf wars”.

          • JP
            I am old enough to remember when towns sent their bad boys into the military instead of into jail. It was a better system, since the rehabilitation rate was high… and no criminal records to make them unemployable. Just because they have turf wars does not mean they won’t fight for their country.

  8. I wish people would wake up to a few facts.
    First: Since the UN has no military forces it would be up to it’s member states to provide them. What nation(s) will volunteer its military forces to come to the US and take our firearms? Belgium? Belize? Nairobi? Ask yourself, whats in it for them? What could they possibly gain?
    Second: Logistics. Other then the USA who has the capability to deploy and sustain a large military force halfway around the world to face such a huge, armed, hostile population?

    It just ain’t going to happen.

    • Right is RIGHT-wrong is WRONG says:

      Ron….perhaps exchanging “UN” with “coalition forces” would better explain a “military”.

      • Maybe calling them Obama Brown shirts fits better!!

      • You can call it what ever you want. It can not change the reality.

        • Thomas The Tinker says:

          voice of reason and reality Ron.. Thank You.
          I wish the ‘folks’ would pay attention the next time the media informs them that some yahoo is loose in town with a gun. The POPOs go ape. the Mraps and ferrets come out of the garage and everybody dons their designer carry vests and color coordinated ARs and strut around the streets or hang off the side of the buss with their fingers on the mag release. Overwhelming! And the rest of the city is stripped of LEOS…. All for one guy… two… No one can ‘control’ a nation populated with ‘folks’ like… US. Ya Can’t do it.

          • Chuck Findlay says:

            Why might a country send military forces to the USA?

            What if Obamey (or the next dictator we get) offered up property (and mineral / mining rights) to pay off some of our debts (debt that we can’t ever pay back as it’s too big) if they would send over a force to help crush a bit of domestic dissent?

            • Right is RIGHT-wrong is WRONG says:

              Chuck….maybe what you are describing in ….we get) offered up property (and mineral… what is called “sovereign debt”. I think this when a nations debt gets to the point that it cannot pay it back and creditor takes the nation’s oil, gold, and anything it wants like Yellowstone Nat. Park for example. The whole idea of certain BIG BOY creditors is to help nations into debt (IMF-because the nation asked for help) to the point that they are in over their head and then they become easy pick’ins for the big boys.

    • I wonder if anyone actually read the document. There was no mention of confiscating anything. When they are talking about “states” it is not referring to US States, it is referring to Nation States….It is about reducing standing armies, not guys sitting in their basements stuffing AR15’s into couch cushions.

    • Bwhntr61 says:


      Well said and I often point that out myself. Or when people think we can be invaded by conventional forces. Anyone doing so has to big oceans to cross in ships, no our Navy ain’t exactly sleeping on the job. And that is the only way to get appreciable numbers of troops here.

      If they try to fly them in lotsa luck there also. Our F-15, -16 and Raptor pilots would have a field day, sorta like a modern Marianas turkey shoot ( Battle in the WW2 Pacific theater in which we shot down over 400 Jap planes ) .

    • Anonamo Also says:

      Just consider the troops that come over here to train… in cross training exercises. There are a number of Chinese and Russian troops here every month out of the year… and some of our ex-military have revealed it is several thousands in several bases, Texas, Kansas… the other states named that have troops present. But I do remember what he said,” if your state has filed papers to enforce their State rights, then your state is one of the first targets the sights will be set on.” so get set and stay that way!

    • China.

      • Axelsteve says:

        I was in Arizona a few years ago and I met a pilot of the German lufwaffa or however you spell it. They were doing training. You think the Jerries would have changed the name of there air force after ww2.

    • China, Russia, and any Middle Eastern or African country that hates us.

    • Think New Orleans and Katrina. It was ‘our’ own people —-OK guard 45th Infantry, for one — who, with force of arms, stole guns from citizens who legally owned them.

      A pair of years ago I went to a minor league baseball game on a special team day for veterans. Part of the opening ceremonies was an enlistment of about 30 people into the military. We vets in the stands were shocked when the recruits swore to obey the president. We all swore to protect the Constitution from enemies at home and abroad. (No veteran can say that they honored that oath.)

  9. That video is almost FOUR years old.
    A treaty needs 2/3 approval from the Senate and this ‘treaty’ is a direct violation of the US Constitution. It didn’t happen.

    • Chuck Findlay says:

      (A treaty needs 2/3 approval from the Senate and this ‘treaty’ is a direct violation of the US Constitution.)

      Since when did the Constitution stop Obamey from writing new laws?

    • The treaty just sits there awaiting Senate approval in the future.

  10. America is the greatest country in the world. Because we are are the country of the Constitution, and the laws and rules enacted thereunder. This gives us rights. Rights that we can enforce against the government. From the Bill of Rights. Rights that we enforce in Court. Because we are not a nation of men, but of laws.
    And every single person in the government takes an oath to uphold the Constitution. And accusing multiple people in the government of being part of some attempt to subvert the Constitution and violate their oaths of office based on some random bullshit is kind of dickish.

    • Right is RIGHT-wrong is WRONG says:

      Aaron please research “NEOCON” influence in Pres. Obama’s office and Paul Craig Roberts (he worked for Pres. Reagan) on neocons on youtube. At one time I also believed as you do, Aaron, but I found that I was watching to much MSNBC, FOX, and CNN. plus I believed everything my gov. was telling me and if they told me that the moon was made out of green cheese I would have replied by saying, “yes SIR boss I know it is”. I suggest that you be a little more decerning when making the above statements plus your language is off base here on this blog.

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