Trump Sends in the Gun Confiscation Cops

Reprinted here by permission from Ron Paul Institute.

(The big question is this – are the feds that Trump sent in going to be going by and enforcing only federal gun laws or the much more restrictive gun laws and bans that are on the books in Chicago? If the latter is the case then lots of people who aren’t criminal (as in not gang bangers and drug dealers) and have what Chicago deems as illegal guns might be caught up in this disarmament.)


Photo is from the ATF raid in Waco Texas

Chicago police are keeping busy confiscating “illegal guns.” Last year through the summer, the confiscations were occurring at a rate of one every 59 minutes according to Chicago Police Department figures related by Mark Berman in an October 2016 Washington Post article. This summer, the Chicago police will have some assistance from the United States government in racking up impressive gun confiscation numbers.

Following through on a plan that began its development during the Obama administration, the Trump administration and Chicago Police Department announced last week the sending of the Chicago Crime Gun Strike Force, involving an additional 20 Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) agents plus equipment, to Chicago to aid city police, as well as state and US prosecutors, in a crackdown on illegal guns and the people who possess them.

Gun confiscation has been a big project in the city for years. In the May 27, 2014 Chicago Mayor’s Office and Chicago Police Department report “Tracing the Guns: The Impact of Illegal Guns on Violence in Chicago,” a comparison was made between gun confiscation numbers in Chicago and such numbers in Los Angeles and New York City. The report relates that the 7,624 guns the Chicago Police Department confiscated in 2012 amounted to more per capita than the gun confiscations by police in New York City and Los Angeles combined.

You may wonder what an illegal gun is. US law prohibits gun possession by individuals in certain classes of people, such as people who possess illegal drugs. US law also places special limits on the possession of certain types of guns. The US government, for example, bars people from owning fully automatic firearms, except for some such guns that may be possessed after permission is obtained from and a fee is paid to the US government. Similarly, the US government imposes a minimum barrel length requirement for shotguns. Remember when Randy Weaver and his family were subjected at their home to a US government siege? Back in 1989, an undercover ATF agent convinced Randy Weaver to sell a couple “sawed-off shotguns” allegedly in violation of US law. Weaver then did not appear in court in regard to the entrapment-derived gun charges on the correct day after a notice with the wrong date had been sent. Further US government actions included the killing of Weaver’s son and wife and the siege of the family’s Idaho home.

“Illegal guns” take on a broader meaning in Chicago. In addition to US government laws, state laws expand the scope or what is included in the category of illegal guns. In Illinois, people are even required to obtain from the state police a Firearm Owners Identification card (FOID card) to legally possess a gun or ammunition. Further, legislation signed into law in August by Governor Bruce Rauner makes it a felony for someone without a FOID card to bring a gun into Illinois from any other state in order to sell, deliver, or transfer the gun. The new law is argued to be necessary to stop people from buying guns in other states where gun laws are less restrictive and then bringing the guns in to Illinois, and to Chicago in particular. And Illinois gun restrictions extend beyond these measures. The pro-gun-control Law Center to Prevent Violence so approves the state’s gun control efforts that, in its Gun Law State Scorecard, it ranks Illinois eighth out of the fifty states.

In an October 19, 2016 presidential campaign debate against Democratic Presidential Nominee Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump criticized gun control in Chicago in response to a question regarding his opposition to limits on either assault weapons of high-capacity magazines and his support for a national right to carry law. Trump suggested that gun control is not the solution to violence in the city. In particular, Trump declared that, “In Chicago, which has the toughest gun laws in the United States, probably you could say by far, they have more gun violence than any other city.” Making his position on guns more clear, Trump followed up with this statement: “I am a very strong supporter of the Second Amendment.” Yet, here is Trump less than a year later sending in a newly created ATF strike force to help Chicago police confiscate guns (and to further punish the people who have possessed those guns), all in the name of reducing violence in the city. An explanation is in order.

Even if the US government attempts to prevent the ATF from aiding in the confiscation of guns based on state and local gun control measures, the ATF’s integrated action with the local police and state prosecutors on gun matters can be expected to unavoidably aid such confiscations, as well as related arrests and prosecutions. Now imagine a totally independent ATF presence in Chicago focused on enforcing only US gun laws — a much different mandate than the one that has been presented to the public. Under such a mandate, the ATF’s actions would still significantly aid the local and state gun confiscation and prosecution efforts. The ATF, by taking on some gun matters that the Chicago police and state prosecutors would otherwise deal with, would free up resources so that these police and prosecutors can engage in more gun confiscations and prosecutions related to alleged state and local law violations than they otherwise could.

To the extent the ATF is assisting in enforcing gun control laws that go beyond US gun control laws, it is acting in contravention of the US government’s gun policy. Consider state and local police in states that have legalized medical or recreational marijuana. They would be acting properly if they refuse to assist the US government in advancing the enforcing of US marijuana laws against people who are acting in compliance with the liberalized state laws. Similarly, agents of the US government should not assist state prosecutors or local police in enforcing gun laws that are more restrictive than the gun laws that have been adopted via the US government’s legislative process.

It would be naïve to trust that Chicago will be the only city in which we will see the Trump administration inserting US government agents to help local police. Sending the ATF strike force to Chicago appears to be a test case for Trump who campaigned on, and has promoted since his early days in the presidency, bringing “law and order” to cities where he says there is too much murder or violent crime. How far might Trump escalate US government involvement, in Chicago and beyond? Ron Paul, in a Monday Ron Paul Liberty Report discussion of the Trump administration’s Chicago actions, suggested the US government may in the future even send in the US military and implement martial law in the name of fighting crime in America.


  1. JP in MT says:

    So they have a program of gun confiscation, now require Federal help, and still have one of the highest rates of people getting shot!

    I wonder when they are going to get the memo that their plan(s) don’t work.

    • Jesse Mathewson says:

      Exactly my thinking brother

    • Chuck Findlay says:

      (I wonder when they are going to get the memo that their plan(s) don’t work.)

      Doesn’t work????

      It’s working great!!!

      You are drawing the wrong conclusions as to their intentions,

      They could care less if we shoot each other.

      What they do care about is an unarmed public as an unarmed public is not as much of a threat to the government.

      Gun control has always and always be about government power, not public safety.

      • JD & Chuck,
        You will also note that none of these gun control advocates carry firearms or perhaps even own them. That is of course because they have people for that and those people are often being paid for by us.

      • JP in MT says:


        Sorry. I failed to look at it from that angle (and I should know better).

  2. Halfway Homesteader says:

    Meh, meet the new boss, same as the old boss. I don’t trust any politician, red, blue, green, aqua, burgundy, whatever, to safeguard any of my rights. That includes the 2nd Amendment. So to me, the election of Trump did not secure my rights for 4 years, but rather only drove prices down and availability up for a short time to allow me to “secure” them myself. Reminds me, gun show in town next weekend. Time to move some funds around.

  3. Per the Declaration of Independence, our rights are endowed (granted) by our creator; but, that piece of paper along with the US Constitution are simply pieces of paper that establish a concept. Our own Eternal Vigilance is the true cost of freedom, and even Jefferson understood this when he stated:
    “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants alike.”
    With the Heller and Macdonald decisions by SCOTUS one would hope that this stuff would stop; but, perhaps the only way to really secure ones freedom is to move from those states that ignore these rights to the free states that recognize thm.

    • Jesse Mathewson says:

      I am willing to fight and die to preserve my and my families freedom.

      • Metacomet says:

        A double Amen to that. My military oath from years ago does not have an expiration date.

      • Metacomet ,
        That’s really not a different oath than the congresscritters take and IIRC it does include both foreign and domestic.
        We should however note that after the congressional baseball game shooting, the congress did pass a reciprocity bill for DC, over which they have jurisdiction and the national concealed carry reciprocity looks like it is more viable and could soon become law.

      • Jesse,

        I am willing to fight and die to preserve my and my families freedom.

        I suspect most of us have that attitude; but, are you willing to fight and live to do the same?
        It’s often the harder path that takes more time an patience.

  4. I will concede that what is Constitutional (my preference) and what is “legal” are often two drastically different things today, especially in regards to the 2nd Amendment. I’m not going to debate those differences here.

    What I am going to comment on is the image at the very top of this post. That image is of ATFB&E agents storming the Branch Davidian compound in Waco, TX back in 1993 under the orders of Bill Clinton’s AG Janet Reno. To use that image, explosive as it is for all of us who remember it (the deliberate murders of women and children), to talk about confiscating weapons from felons, drug dealers, and gang-bangers is simply over the top. There are likely millions of images that could have been used for this article that don’t carry that connotation.

    I will say that I don’t trust that government will abide by the “law” if doing so runs contrary to their ends. That is why WE must keep vigilant eyes on, and this article is one way to do that. I have no argument with the text of the article, just that image.


  5. I posted this on our Facebook page and was immediately attacked by the Trump cult who started name calling and screaming “fake news” so here are a few more links to back this story up…

    If they take away all the guns from gang bangers and drug dealers that would be great (not going to happen). But If they go by the gun laws on the books in Chicago then otherwise law-abiding citizens who own guns for self-defense might also be caught up in this and disarmed and jailed.

    And yes, I voted for Trump but don’t see him as a God who can do no wrong like many seem to… if I don’t agree I will speak up – if I agree I will speak up – if I have questions about what he is doing I will ask those too. Don’t fall into a cult following like so many seem to have.

    This was an Obama plan to send in the ATF to confiscate guns in Chicago but then Trump followed through and put it into action. But if that jackass Obama had followed through with it before he left office then I’m sure that the same people who are on Facebook screaming “fake news” would be up in arms worrying and defending otherwise law-abiding Chicago gun owners while bashing Obama for the same actions.

  6. Coming to a city near you. Trump has always been an antigun Dem and he wont change. The proverbial wolf in sheep’s clothing. The first time we have a major shooting on his watch, he will go after the guns. Just go back a few years and look as his stance on guns in NY City. Only the rich should own guns for their protection. Everyone else can rely on the police.

  7. Would this Gun confiscation have to do with gangs and MS13 ???

    • Jesse Mathewson says:

      It doesn’t matter

      • How about if the police found out where the gang members were after they had killed your wife or children?

      • Jesse,

        It doesn’t matter

        Unless MS13 had set up shop across the street from your home.
        In our case we may not need a task force; but, for sheepish folks in Chicago who have let themselves become victims, it’s definitely a problem. We could tell them to move to a safer place; but, the reality as we all know here is that not everyone can just up and move, because of they did there would no doubt be few if any city folks on this forum.

  8. Jesse Mathewson says:

    OP I live in a neighborhood that has MS13, several WHITE meth rings and a few black wannabes…honestly I fear the blue far more than then I fear them.

    • Jesse Mathewson says:

      However, I do not expect any here to actually understand this sentiment, after all- I doubt many of you have actually seen combat outside of prescribed military action…ive done my time for the “law abiding” side, and realized that we are led by the worst gang of all.

      I will stay where I am for now, why? Because thanks to the precious government you people continually ELECT I am FORCED to. I could not live in the country today if I wanted too. But most East Coast living people have no idea what we Westerners go through with BLM, FEDs and your ridiculous laws being forced on us.
      We in Arizona face international RIDICULE because of idiots on the EAST coast WHO buy all the drugs and outlaw them at the same time.

      silly sheep, keep voting, I for one am done moralizing for the dictators that rule us

  9. The feds can’t enforce state or local laws, gun or any other, that’s a fact.
    That’s why it’s a task force. A task force consisting of fed’s with state and local law enforcement.
    The ATF can only assist by filing those cases that can be tried in Federal Courts, and use their real expertise of tracing guns back to their source.
    The constitution won’t be abandoned at the city limit. Any confiscations can only take place incidental to street arrests for crimes on view or during the execution of a probable cause warrant signed by a judge.
    I will join your concern if they go door to door confiscating weapons under martial law.
    I don’t believe you’re about to see that. Yet….
    Illinois, and more specifically, Chicago and Cook County, are on the brink of total economic collapse due to years of socialist rule. Their criminal justice system has already collapsed. There is no money to keep criminals locked up, so they hit the streets again almost immediately after arrest, even for gun violations. For years, rather than address this revolving door policy with the real problem, the criminal, they have just created more restrictive gun laws, that of course are ignored by the ones who are the problem.
    If you live in Illinois, you should flee if at all possible. It is within a year of becoming the first of several socialist run states to go the route of Venezuela.

    • Dennis ,

      I will join your concern if they go door to door confiscating weapons under martial law.

      Same here with many of my neighbors and something like 30-50,000 members of the Oathkeepers.
      We are not alone.

      • Jesse Mathewson says:

        Feds can’t enforce?

        Where do you live?

        How many articles of them enforcing and or making up things do you need before you wake up?

      • Jesse,
        In answer to your question, I live in the U.S. and reality.

        The reality is that federal agents are limited to enforcing federal law. With “gun law” they can only enforce those laws enumerated in the U.S. Code. For example, there is no federal law forbidding carrying a weapon, other than certain federal lands and buildings. Federal agents detain person on the streets of Chicago because informant told them he was in possession of a “machine gun”. Search reveals he is actually in possession of a semi-auto clone of a mac-10 with a thirty round magazine. No federal violation, either for carrying of a weapon or prohibited weapon. If that weapon violates state or local law, he would have to call one of their officers to effect an arrest, or turn him loose. If the fed is part of a task force, a local officer would be immediately available to make that arrest, but it would be under his authority, not the fed’s.

        I’m wide awake Jesse, but I also know how these things work. I tend to not over dramatize events like the one coming to Chicago. They’ve taken place numerous times in the past. There will be an immediate (though short lived) drop in the crime rate, due mainly to the spike in manpower and visibility of law enforcement in targeted area of the city. Many guns, at least in the early stages, will be seized from, dare I say it, profiled individuals. If you’re not dressed like a gang-banger and driving a 6 year old BMW with gold rims, go about your business as usual, you have nothing to worry about. After the 6 months of grant money runs out, the task force will go away. The drug trade will come back and the murder rate will rise back to previous levels.

        We are facing some very real threats in our country. Enemies from outside and from within. I have no illusion that there are not factions that would love a door to door gun confiscation, but I also know that even those folks have no desire to see a battle for Mosul take place in one of our major cities.

        Those type battles take place only in a civil war/revolution. That is what keeps me awake at night.

      • Jesse,
        I live in rural central Ohio and I am fully awake; but, that being said, what is your suggestion as a course of action?

      • Jesse Mathewson says:

        OP I know you are awake, I also know you see the ineffectiveness of any type of armed conflict at this stage sadly, too many still believe the order followers will actually protect us.

        Honestly, I just keep showing people what is really going on and reminding them, we never think it will happen, but it always has historically.

        Dennis, that is incorrect and actually interesting, especially considering both police and national guard as well as military elements and feds confiscated firearms during Katrina…Seriously, I do not understand how it is you still actually believe laws apply to the government. After the last 8 years alone, or 30 years or better 120 years since Lincoln trampled the 10th amendment.

      • Jesse Mathewson says:

        Side note, unlike Iraq where they have been fighting us and others for over 22 years now, or Afghanistan where USA is the 5th or 6th in 600 years major power to try and control them…Americans have become very soft, and this the responses seen to this type of action shows anyone in power, there may be a Mosul, but most of the country, would bend their knee quickly.

      • Jesse,

        OP I know you are awake, I also know you see the ineffectiveness of any type of armed conflict at this stage sadly, too many still believe the order followers will actually protect us.

        I don’t believe; but, I do think that at least locally, the order followers will leave us alone. I know too many of them personally who in a crisis would rather stay home to protect their own; but, would go into the county to help where they could. Through my volunteer efforts with our local county EMA these past 18 years, I have worked with many who still really think that Public Service is just that, Service to the public many of which are neighbors and members of other overlapping organizations. Perhaps my experience only works in a small rural community and a mostly agricultural county.
        On Memorial Day our local EMA worked the parade to help keep order, especially amongst the younger children who may run into the streets to grab a piece of errantly thrown candy. We were wearing our EMA hats and high visibility gear and equipped with only radios and brooms to sweep the candy from the street to the kids, so not a really hard job; but, I had two police officers going past us in cars who saluted and thanked us for the help and another one after the parade who also thanked me for helping as we were retrieving yellow tape and signes.

        Honestly, I just keep showing people what is really going on and reminding them, we never think it will happen, but it always has historically.

        You do however realize that historically there has never been a nation quite like this one, and even King George III said early on about George Washington when told by the American artist Benjamin West that Washington was going to resign, “If he does that, he will be the greatest man in the world.”
        Our founding father said the following and meant it:
        “We mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes, and our Sacred Honor”
        I think that there are still quite a few US citizens who would gladly follow this same plefge, and a few may even be in the ranks of elected officials and government employees. To think any different than this is to give up all hope and I refuse to do that.
        I still however prep for myself and my family, my MAG, and my community and think that in a real SHTF event, I will be of more use to the first responders by not being another problem for them to handle or in some cases being able to offer assistance

  10. Jesse,
    Katrina was a clusterf##k, and yes, some confiscations took place. It was illegal and prosecutions took place where it could be proven. Could it happen again? Of course. As I recall, Martial Law was kinda sort of declared by some timid, in over their head, liberal politicians. What really took place was WROL.
    But…….. the fact that these anomalies took place doesn’t change the fact that the law as I’ve described is correct. The fact that it has been abused and broken by individuals doesn’t change the fact that it is the law. Whether it is your intent or not, you seem to be telling everyone that I’m wrong on the law, while using examples of when these laws have been broken.
    If and when the scenarios you paint become, pardon the pun, the rule. Then my friend, we will be living the definition of WROL. If that takes place in Chicago due to Trump sending in federal agents, post a meeting place and time, and you and I will join the resistance against that tyranny side by side.
    No one has analyzed, dissected, scrutinized, and studied government abuses more than I. As a career law enforcement officer, military veteran and patriotic American, what happened at Waco, Ruby Ridge, Katrina, etc. was a slap in the face to all I stood for and believe. It angered me at the time and I damn well haven’t forgotten, but I have not lost faith in the law and the constitution that they spring from, just in the people that stand ready to ignore them. So, you and I are not that different, I may be a little more pragmatic. I don’t set an ambush until I’m sure who my enemy is and what trail he’s traveling.
    Hang in there friend, there is a fight on the horizon, I am not your enemy.

    • Jesse Mathewson says:

      I don’t want to fight, because no one else will show up, however, to assume this is not the same…is unfortunately exactly what they want. Trump has always been anti gun for the plebes, and he is a great player in the political game.

      Eh., 🙂

    • Jesse Mathewson says:

      Side note, the wrol in Katrina, was because of government not in spite of it.

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