The TRUTH About the Economic Collapse


  1. The real truth about it is it may be happening as we comment today, I see some moves being made internationally that have got me thinking.

  2. American pacrat says:

    Thanks MD for this new site, I will be checking out his other articles.
    Enjoyed what I had time to listen to before life got in the way.

  3. I know they need a scapegoat, which one will peg? I worked for engineers during 9-11, not one believed they were anything but controlled takedowns. Things are a mess. I gave up chasing my career to live on my 5 acres and look to have 100% of my food from my garden. Hope to heck it works.

  4. Crazy Joe in South Jersey says:

    100 years ago the Muslims invaded South East Europe and killed 1 million Catholics in Armenia .

    A couple of hundred years before that they invaded Southern Europe . 1200 years ago they occupied most of Spain , invaded France a number of times , later they occupied Sicily , invaded the boot of Italy and captured and burned Rome .

    I have never given a US or world wide economic collapse a second thought . If it happens let it happen . My eye is on the 1400 year old war .

    • Crazy Joe in South Jersey says:

      Prepping well covers all bases but when the enemy is in the gate … that puts prepping in a different light .

  5. The “royalty” will always be wanting more peasants to enslave. Please, stay strong.