Tuesday miscellany

Israel develops bullet proof grenade : “Israel Military Industries says it has developed a unique grenade that doesn’t explode when hit by shrapnel, bullets or even if exposed to fire.”

Indian Point shutdown could trigger blackouts : To shut the two nuclear-power generators in upper Westchester could bring electricity shortages and blackouts as soon as 2016 from the Catskills to Long Island, say the managers of the state’s power grid.

Desperate Drivers Pay The Price At NMB Gas Station : “Some South Florida drivers double checked their gas bills as they pulled away from the pumps ahead of Tropical Storm Isaac and wondered why it cost so much to fill up. It’s no surprise now to learn the State of Florida could be very busy with alleged price-gouging cases around South Florida.” Thanks to Gwen C for the links above.

U.S. Gasoline Prices: High Price Could Continue Despite Low Demand : “The Energy Dept. reported a decrease of U.S. oil inventory by 5.4 million barrels in the week of last Friday.”

Get Your Money Out Of Morgan Stanley – Fast! : “With the stock price of Morgan Stanley (NYSE:MS) inches from its Armageddon lows of Oct. 2008, whispers of the imminent overnight collapse of this U.S. broker-dealer begin to surface. Client funds, again, are at risk.”

Marines, civilian police officers conduct urban training exercise : Thanks to Scott G for the link.

Military Terror Plot: Murder Case Uncovers Terror Plot By ‘Militia’ Within U.S. Military : “Four Army soldiers based in southeast Georgia killed a former comrade and his girlfriend to protect an anarchist militia group they formed that stockpiled assault weapons and plotted a range of anti-government attacks, prosecutors told a judge Monday.” Thanks to Petnumber1 for the link.

10 Best Vehicles for the End of the World : “Nuclear winter. Worldwide economic collapse. Zombie takeover. We all have a favorite apocalyptic situation that we occasionally find ourselves pondering. One very important question: What vehicle do you want as your trusty steed?” Thanks to KV for the link.

Nearly 1 In 5 Americans Have No Money To Put Food On The Table : “A nationwide Gallup survey involving 177,000 U.S. adults proves what many contrarians have been screaming for some time: For most Americans there is no recovery.”

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  1. worrisome says:

    10 Best Vehicles? Give me an old 4×4 Chevy pickup everytime. 🙂

  2. Homeinsteader says:

    From, “Human Events/Guns & Patriots” enewsletter: (in case you are not familiar with this web site)

    The nation’s mood determines how many spree shooters go off? Makes sense to me.

    Alan Hall, from the Socionomics Institute, has a piece with a powerful chart suggesting there is a link between number of spree shooters and the nation’s mood. When the mood is content, there are few spree shooters. When the mood is anxious, there is an uptick.

    My own view is that we hear about the spree shooters from the media in a way motivated to push the anti-gun rights agenda. As many as there are, in a nation of 300 million, it is amazing to me that there are not more. Having said that, Hall makes a strong case—check it out.

    Also of interest:

    Our presence and posture in Africa may not be in the American papers, it is certainly a hot topic in African papers as we assert our interests at the same time Red China is expanding the soft borders of its Middle Kingdom there, too.

    What do you know about the Pentagon’s African Command? Although still headquarters in Germany, AFRICOM troops participated in 14 joint exercises with African militaries all over the continent. This week, we have an article about infantrymen of the New Jersey National Guard in Botswana, where they worked with central African forces. Our video this week is a live-fire training with the Garden State Guardsmen and Botswanan soldiers.

    Finally, I may be violating a confidence, but next week, the fabled Guns & Patriots podcast returns. Until then, take a gander at this week’s roster and send your feedback to me: [email protected].

    The website address is: http://www.humanevents.com/ and you can sign up for the newsletters there.

    • riverrider says:

      at last count we had a permanent military presence in 113 countries. i didn’t know there WERE 113 countries. we wonder why we’re broke.

  3. Clearly not price gouging for two reasons. 1-You can go to another cheaper store 2-It is an economic fallacy, by another name it is price fixing. http://archive.mises.org/4540/price-gouging-economics-and-ethics/

  4. axelsteve says:

    I thought Obama was the African command.

  5. Just4Rselves says:

    “Nearly 1 In 5 Americans Have No Money To Put Food On The Table”. We have been living at the poverty level for quite some time now. I refuse to get food stamps or get reduced lunches for my school kids or welfare. We are doing fine without a smart phone, fancy “look at me” cars, and a mortage we can’t afford. We garden, hunt, can everything, kids take lunches to school, no loans, not even a mortage (paid off). I shop the sales, never pay full price.When I was growing up it was bad to be on welfare, or getting any help from the government. To bad it had to change, and that people feel entitled.

    • mountain lady says:

      I have had to change the way we live since we are now living on about half of what poverty level is here in the US. I still have a mortgage w/ins and taxes. I will not get food stamps either. I do go to a local food distribution once a week, and I guess I should say that it really saves my butt. We hooked up our old video player and buy movies for .50 at the thrift store for entertainment. I also buy books for .25 for the same purpose. All of our clothing also comes from thrift stores, along with enything else we need. I guess what I am trying to say that when the SHTF I will be well versed in survival.

      • for the first time in my adult life,im now unable to buy what i want ,when i want. still havent found a local driving jpob. wife and i are counting pennies and living off our stored food,but thats what we had it for,emergencys and unforseen occurances like what we are going thru right now. i sold a car we werent using and i have an offer on my land across the street from my house,but the scrimping continues and we dont really seem to be suffering anywhere but our egos.

        • Just4Rselves says:

          We too have been selling alot of extra stuff we don’t need anymore. I just look around and figure if it won’t help me if TSHTF then I don’t need it.
          Keep your chin up bctruck, a job will come your way soon.
          mtlady, we go to the library and can check out dvd’s for free. We also read alot. My only luxury is my computer and internet, but I am making money with it, so it stays.

        • SurvivorDan says:

          Hold your head up buddy. I really pray this leads you to that new better positioned homestead and an even better life.

        • bctruck,
          Sorry to hear that. I must have missed some of your posts. Last I read that you had found a job closer to you with more work but better pay. I hope things pick up for you. If not, South God’s Country has plenty of jobs for truckers in the oil and gas industry. Not to mention the fact that we’re looking to pick up some well established gun manufacturers from the east who are demanding the idiotic micro-stamping. Depending on how November goes we may soon be The Republic of Texas again.

          Sons of Liberty
          1st Texas Volunteers

  6. Price gouging. Chevron has always been higher that everybody else and they still stay in business. I’d be more inclined to this it was gouging if they said ALL the stations were doing this. If you have options and you CHOOSE to pay $1.00 more at this station than others…well they have a name for that….let’s see, it starts with an “S”?

  7. 10 best cars.

    I still think it’s going to be hard to beat my Dodge Turbo Diesel. After I’m through it will carry lots of tools and over 200 gallons of fuel. Grabs my trailer and pulls it up the Continental Divide like it’s not even there. Think I’ll keep it.

  8. Homeinsteader says:

    O.K., so, you heeded yesterday’s warning and fueled up before prices start rising this morning…well done!

    Now go to the bank and pull out as much cash as possible. The rain is going to hang around for a week or more, we ARE going to see wide-spread flooding and, likely, power outages, the ATMs WILL be down, and there COULD potentially be closings due to flooding.

    I don’t mean to gloat, y’all, but it felt really good to hunker down (HD: no reference to you! ; ) when everyone else is running around like chickens with their heads cut off…it’s why we prep, eh, Pack?!! It’s all good.

    • Homeinsteader says:

      Not to mention the tornadoes that always spin off….lookin’ forward to it! (NOT.)

      • village idiot says:

        Home, the storm is heading your way. Are you subject to any flooding issues where you are? Be careful and God Bless, and keep us informed if you can.

        • Homeinsteader says:

          Thanks for well wishes, vi; yes, it’s heading for us – making landfill as Cat 1 in Nawlins as I type this (well, outer bands are). Our problem, being central MS, is always the same – flooding and tornadoes spawned by the hurricanes. We are already under a tornado watch, not surprisingly. Just cleaned out the “safe room” (master closet), such as it is, to make room for 3 large people and 3 dogs. DD from Nawlins is here with dear ol’ Mom and Bro. DH is in Yankeeland on business, bless him! This thing is big, slow, and dropping tons of rain. There WILL be some serious flooding. DD’s posse in Nawlins is keeping her up-to-date; power is starting to go out, and they’re being informed that they will remain w/out power until the storm passes and winds die below 35 mph (safety for workers). This won’t be before tomorrow afternoon, in all likelihood. Dufuses could have evac’d, but, oh, no! Bet they’re wishin’ they had right about now.

          Our house sits on a small knoll; if it ever floods, our entire city is in BIG trouble. Picked it out after living in the “fishbowl” called N’awlins, surviving 4 personal floods, and working for the ARC (volunteer) for 20-some years.

          But we’re in pretty good shape for the shape we’re in ! ; )

          In all likelihood, communication WILL become a problem, even if we don’t get hit (always does). Callers jam the cell lines, cell towers fail, landlines are clogged with traffic, power is out so there isn’t internet in lots of places, and so on….

          But we’re good – barring a tornado finding the bulls eye on our roof….

          Thank you very much for your kind expression of concern.

          I’ll give you a shout out when things “move on”!

    • REPAIR Mama says:

      I got money but did not get trucks to the station. gas jumed 20 cents.

  9. village idiot says:

    A couple of items of interest, Isaac has become a hurricane and is heading toward NO, La. Not good. Chevrolet has shut down Volt production again due to lack of interest in the product. Ya think! The Volt is overpriced and the seating arrangements are somewhat lacking. And gasoline prices are spiking. Thank you, Home, for the reminder to fill up yesterday. Prices are up 11 cents a gallon this morning. Ugh.

    • riverrider says:

      vi, up 14 cents today! lys,good thing i filled up yesterday.

    • mississippi madman says:

      Yea gas has gone up ten cents here to and the rain has just started. Hurricane season is always a pleasure…

  10. U.S. military + local law enforcement training = scary. Seriously, why would they need to do this? I can only think of one reason. Think about it and prep harder.

    • Waterboy,

      Joint operations on U.S. soil – you know martial law for our own safety.

    • This has been going on for years. Don’t get too excited. The gubermint has to condition the troops too. When the call comes, how many do you think will raise arms against their fellow Americans? I think there will be a large amount of officers that will because they’ve attended the indoctrination process in college. But I still know many NCO’s that will not follow illegal orders at that point. Once the military betrays the populace they will become the focus of retribution. Not all military families live on post. How are they going to eat if no civilian will sell them food or any other goods?

  11. riverrider says:

    question: where the hell can i get a decent pair of work gloves? the box stores only have cheap crap that won’t even stop a briar, much less a wire barb, and they wear thru or the seams come apart on the first day of usage. never thought i’d long for army gloves….anybody?

    • Home Depot had a package of 3 prs of camo gloves for like $9 or something like that, just a few weeks ago.

      Could also try Harbor Freight.

      Could get leather and an awl and take apart a pair that fits you but is too thin, make a pattern, and try to make your own. I made a calf holster holder out of leather that way. I can clip a holster for a small pistol onto it and have it in the leg of my pants. I built it after looking a long time at one in the gun shop.

    • http://www.duluthtrading.com/store/product/work-gloves-mens-duluth-trading-work-gloves-11091.aspx

      Briars, brambles, wild plum thorns, cactus, old rusty sheet metal, rusty barbwire and spanish needles are daily headaches for me and the gloves above usually last at least two years before I manage to destroy them. The insulated winter ones are just as good. Not cheap at 24+ but worth it to me.

    • mississippi madman says:

      I bought 2 pair at Chinamart last week for 3.75 for both pair. Cheap but heavy duty.

    • cooolwoods says:

      tractor supply has a 3 pack of hobart welding gloves on sale for $15.
      all leather and decent, I’d call them large not extra large

      stay safe

    • Homeinsteader says:

      How about “Gempler’s”? You can get different kinds of gloves: different finish materials, different kinds of thumbs, different cuffs…and they even tell you how to measure for a proper glove fit!


    • riverrider says:

      will give them a try.thanks!

  12. Yippee! I just read an article about a guy with a concealed carry permit shot an armed robber at a Dollar Store in Jacksonville, FL! And they said no charges will be filed against the citizen!!!!

  13. They left off the Ford Focus. Yeah, it’s just a front-wheel drive, but they’re tough as nails, parts are cheap and plentiful, it doesn’t use much gas, and it’s not half bad in the snow and rough roads with the right rubber.

    • Homeinsteader says:

      Hey, Rick! What’s the “right rubber”? Snow tires of some sort? Which ones? Our BOL is in snow country, but we haven’t had to deal with serious snow in a very long time…may need a little help “remembering”!! Thanks, and blessings to you.

  14. EB.Esquire says:

    Still going to keep my 4×4 Crew Cab Titan with bullbars, cargo carrier, fog lights, and run flats. Besides, bugging out mad Max style is my last option!!
    For every dollar I spend on bug out plans, I spend two on Bug in preps.

  15. Why didnt these guys be “detained ” by the patriot act . By definition , they are terrorists . Reality , they are probably nothing more than a self righteous street gang . Send them to Auschwitz …….I mean Guantanamo . I dont have a problem with folks thinking they may need to take up arms against the government , or even making preparations and organizing for that . Overthrow the government ? ……….Stars and Bars ! I’m all for it ! …….but what are you planning to replace it with ? whats your plan . Overthrow the tyrant and replace it with liberty ? then count me in . Anarchy or communism/socialism /fascism ? then I’ll be shooting at you . They appear to be just a group of malcontents with no plan , no real goals other than self aggrandizement . People like these turds are one reason I prep , just sayin .

    • I honestly think that only militias formed under the Second Amendment will have a chance of Liberty. It will have to be states rights over the collective Federal gubermint that has amassed such great power that it amounts to tyranny. It will have to start with like minded people who are willing to take back control of their lives. That means thinking, which has in the sea of short attention span America become a rare commodity. So easily have we been lulled to sleep repeating the mantra of “I don’t know, someone will take care of it.” That we woke up in chains with a yoke on our neck. Here we all preach Liberty and American values but when was the last time we have been to a city council meeting? When was the last time we printed flyers to voice our opinion against a new tax. Voting is not enough. Organizing is where it’s at. Who to trust is the greatest hurdle to organizing and “they” know that. That’s why they constantly monitor. That’s what they’re afraid of. I will put a new post on my site that will help show the way. The way of the greatest men who ever lived. The founders of The United States of America. Be strong, prep on.

      “In the Fall of 1774 and Winter of 1775 I was one of upwards of thirty, cheifly mechanics, who formed our selves in to a Committee for the purpose of watching the Movements of the British Soldiers, and gaining every intelegence of the movements of the Tories. We held our meetings at the Green-Dragon Tavern. We were so carefull that our meetings should be kept Secret; that every time we met, every person swore upon the Bible, that they would not discover any of our transactions, But to Messrs. HANCOCK, ADAMS, Doctors WARREN, CHURCH, and one or two more.” – 1798, Letter to Jeremy Belknap describing Paul Revere’s ride

      Read more: http://www.revolutionary-war-and-beyond.com/facts-on-paul-revere.html#ixzz24uOwcWns

  16. MENTALMATT says:

    T.R. I totally agree with you, I’m totally pro small government, big States rights, and the 2nt Amendment is part of my life. You make one hell of a point!!!!

  17. AgoristTeen1994 says:

    T.R. I have some questions for you. What do you think anarchists want? What do you think they believe in? I’m not talking about the dumb asses who claim they’re anarchists because it’s “rebellious” but I mean guys like Murray Rothbard, David R. Friedman, Lysander Spooner, etc? As well as those who read their writings? I can tell you that for most it’s not a society where the stuff in “The Anarchist’s Cookbook” is commonly made and used by everyone. Also what has formed your opinion on anarchists?

  18. SurvivorDan says:

    I believe true anarchists maintain that the state is undesirable and harmful. I have spoken with an anarchist who maintained that all organized social groups should be entirely voluntary and without a hierarchy of leadership as that leads to despotism. He does not advocate violence and chaos as some would accuse all anarchists of wanting. Do I have the basics in a nut shell?

    That said, this Utopian view of a classless society with few laws and regulations (I do prefer smaller gov’t and more freedom) and no real leaders is….well…..the practical application of such a societal structure (or de-structure) escapes me. True – one man one vote – democracy sounds good to me but is not practicable. Too many of us on this planet. As one with Libertarian leanings I embrace the idea of limited government, particularly n the Federal level.
    But to even grasp how that anarchist’s goal of say, 300,000+ one-thousand-person non-hierarchal social groups would work is beyond my limited intellect. How would that work?

    • SD,
      You really do crack me up! I enjoy going back over your posts. You have to be one of the most educated people I have ever met (street smarts to book learn’in) or have more multiple personalities than Karen Overhill herself. Me, I just blame it on my meds or lack there of. MSgt

    • Rob Crawford says:

      Modern anarchists are nothing but Marxists unwilling to admit their allegiance. They base their “anarchism” on Marx’s “prediction” that after the dictatorship of the proletariat, the “state will wither away”.

      It’s pure fantasy, of course, but it lets them delude themselves into committing acts of violence and thinking they’re doing good.

      • AgoristTeen1994 says:

        @Rob Crawford Oh is that so? I guess you have never heard of David R. Friedman (the son of Milton Friedman and a anarcho-capitalist, that is an anarchist who supports FREE MARKETS) his son Patri Friedman, Hans Herman-Hoppe, Murray Rothbard, Stefan Molyneux (who is admittedly not the best example of anarchist thought) Marc Stevens who runs (this site http://marcstevens.net/), Jeffery Tucker, Walter Block, and Stephan Kinsella?

        Also what about the numerous people those aforementioned ANARCHISTS have influenced such as Thomas Woods Jr. author of such conservative book club favorites as “Nullification: How to Resist Federal Tyranny in the 21st Century” and “Meltdown: A Free-Market Look at Why the Stock-Market Collapsed, the Economy Tanked, and Government Bailouts Will Make Things Worse”?

        And even among those anarchists who ARE communists not all are marxists. To put it another way, all marxists are communists, but not all communists are marxist. Much as I vehemently disagree with them, I have done heavy research into them and their ideology as part of the whole “know they enemy” system. There have been several communists who were not Marxists. Some such as Peter Kropotkin, merely disagreed with him on the means of achieving their communist society, others such as Mikhail Bakunin, vehemently despised Marx and thought of him as a total moron (which he was)

        But aside from those anarchists who ARE communistic, there is a rich tradition in the U.S. esp. and particularly during the 19th cnetury of individualist anarchists. Such as Lysander Spooner, Benjamin R. Tucker, Henry David Thoreau, Josiah Warren, William B. Greene, Albert Jay Nock, and Roderick T. Long.

        In summary before you should make a gross generalization of a diverse and varied group of ideologies, you should consider, I don’t know LOOKING INTO what they actually believe instead of what the mainstream media, and the gov’t SAY the believe.

  19. Sgt Survival says:

    Wonder whatever happened to the EM-50 Urban Assault Vehicle?

  20. Homeinsteader says:

    Wed. 8/29 – MS not yet feeling the effects of Isaac, as it still spins over N’awlins. Entergy now reporting 380,000 w/out power in LA. Billy Nungesser (Plaquemines Parish President) was just talking about a “local hero” who rescued a woman and a 5-month-old baby from the top of the levee in Plaquemines; apparently, the woman drove her truck to the top of the levee to avoid the oncoming water, and, it didn’t work. She and baby were on top of truck in heavy rain when rescued.

    Folks, this is a problem in every hurricane/flood. People who just won’t go. They put themselves and everyone else at risk, unnecessarily. It is just plain foolish.

    Plaquemines Parish issued a MANDATORY evac order on Monday. But there are always those who will not heed the warning, then want somebody to rescue them when they get in a mess. Saw a lot of it in my years of volunteer work with the ARC. They used to send us (volunteers) in after these fools as soon as they screamed for help, but, thank goodness, they stopped doing that. They no longer put the volunteers in harms way. The rescue personnel did not rescue this woman and her baby; a very brave local man, in his own boat, who knew the lay of the land and the waters (even changed waters) very well, was able to rescue the two of them; per Pres. Nungesser, “the rescue personnel would not have been able to rescue them at that time” (didn’t know the waters/land layout well enough to safely make the rescue).

    What point am I trying to make? Don’t try to second guess what MIGHT or MIGHT NOT happen. If you KNOW such an event is imminent, GET TO A SAFER AREA – GET OUT. If a voluntary evac order is issued, GET OUT. If a MANDATORY is issued, GET OUT. Don’t put others in harms way because you are stubborn and/or fearful of leaving your “stuff” behind. It will either be there, or it won’t, and you can’t change that, even if you stick around and live to brag about it.

    Note to self: send check to MD for rant….

    Hunkering down in Mississippi,

    • Seven years ago I was down there gathering up money for a company I worked for. Myself and about fourteen other guys looking like Rambo. I just called a friend who still works for them. They apparently didn’t learn a damn thing. For his safety (not the company’s) I won’t go into detail but they didn’t learn nothin.

      How does it go? Those who don’t learn from their mistakes are doomed to repeat them. What a bunch. MSgt

      • Homeinsteader says:

        Yep. If you’ve never spent any real time in N’awlins, it’s difficult to internalize the mindset, how things work, and “why”…

  21. AgoristTeen1994 says:


    You do have the basics in a nutshell with the exception that some anarchists, mostly those who classify themselves as “anarcho-capitalists” are not opposed to hierarchies per se, if they’re voluntarily joined and left, though they prefer non-hierachical alternatives.

    Also which is more utopian, the ones who recognize that gov’t can be recognized as an evil, and thus strive for alternate solutions, or the ones who think that any government which for all intents and purposes is a monopoly on the use of coercion, with very few exceptions, can ever be restrained?

    As for how such a society would work: There have been numerous authors over the years who have wrote on such matters. My personal favorite is Murray Rothbard even though I vehementy disagree with him on a few things. Now having said that there is a difference between democracy and anarchism. With democracy if the majority of voters vote one way, it is enforced on everyone else. In anarchism, with several exceptions, people have what could be considered “self-rule”

    Finally note that the etymology of anarchy translates from Greek into English “as no rulers” not no rules/laws.

    Now if you’d like to continue this discussion would you be open to doing so through email since I doubt M.d. Creekmore wants the comments section cloggrd with our debate?

    • Patriot Dave says:

      I don’t think most self proclaimed anarchists know themselves what it means. To them, they use it as a shield, “you can’t judge their lifestyle”. Then as a sword. They can judge others. Ie, if they think you are greedy and not giving them what they are obviously entitled to. a double standard.

      • AgoristTeen1994 says:

        Some perhaps may be like that. I wouldn’t know since I haven’t met any anarchists who are like that. All the anarchists I’ve met, both over the internet and in real life, were individualist anarchists/anarcho-capitalists.

  22. Patriot Dave says:

    the list of b.o.v. was either very tongue in cheek or considering its msn, poking derision at preppers. They missed out on having a real mad max vehicle on the list. I am in agreement with something pre-electronic to survive an emp. I also like a multi fuel diesel. while I am dreaming, all wheel drive and a few other accessories.

  23. !0 best vehicles ? that was a joke right ?

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