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LAPD literally trying to execute Christopher Dorner while endangering LA citizens with frenzied ‘shoot to kill’ gunfire : “I’ve never seen a police force look as pathetic and weak as the LAPD does right now. The entire police force has been thrust into a state of complete terror by the actions of one police officer named Christopher Dorner who allegedly has gone on a cop-killing rampage.”

Your dog really does understand you… They’re more likely to steal food if they think you can’t see, research reveals : “Clearly the dogs take the social situation into account before they take any action.”

Doctors Struggling to Fight ‘Totally Drug-Resistant’ Tuberculosis in South Africa : “The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Emerging Infectious Diseases journal warns that the first cases of “totally drug-resistant” tuberculosis have been found in South Africa and that the disease is “virtually untreatable.”

Taking control of the internet : Obama to issue cyber security order Wednesday, by “executive order” of course. Did Congress not reject this plan?

Vitamin D supplement labels may be misleading : “The actual dose of vitamin D you get from a supplement can vary widely from the amount listed on the label, a new study finds.”

North Korea says it successfully conducts nuclear test : “North Korea declared Tuesday that it had carried out a test of a nuclear bomb after the detonation was detected by the U.S. Geological Survey.”

Dollar collapse moves closer as Federal Reserve bails out European banks : “The Federal Reserve is persisting in its conquest of bailing out Europe as it has given $237 billion to foreign banks in the past month.”

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  1. HomeINsteader says:

    If you’re going to take a Vitamin D supplement at all, it needs to be D3.

    Better still, just go sit in the sun every day for 15 minutes. Oh, wait! We haven’t seen the sun in four days. Gonna go take the D3 now…

  2. PGCPrepper says:

    Wouldn’t roll out in a pickup of any model or color anywhere near LA, CA right now. Crazy.

    As an aside: President Reagan: “Some people wonder all their lives if they’ve made a difference. The Seals don’t have that problem.” RIP Chris Kyle.

    Watched the whole thing on YouTube this morning. The Marine who gave Chris’ wife the glove to wipe her tears was awesome. My childhood friend, Randy Travis, did a nice job also. I hope you’re getting straight Randy. God bless.


  3. Mystery Guest says:

    #1 That guy had several years to plan out his crap and the LAPD etc. want to catch him in 15 minutes, don’t think so.
    #2 Dogs will do anything for human food
    #3 We are seeing a lot of drug resistant crap and it is only going to get worse.
    #4 What hasn’t he done behind everyone’s back
    #5 Vitamin D. Sun. Will have to see which one I can afford.
    #6 North Korea is North Korea. The turds.
    #7 As far as I am concerned my dollar has already collapsed and there is no jingling change to put in a jar.

  4. riverrider says:

    they demand we comply with the rule of law yet they do not. telling…..tdl to rail on guns, more spending and taxing tonight. that has worked SO well in kalifornia, hasn’t it? rail on tdl, with every serman we gain more patriots.

  5. I just got up to get a cup of coffee and Bronco our chocolate lab put his nose in my cereal bowl to lap up the milk when my back was turned. I found that out without an expensive study.

    • HomeINsteader says:

      LOL! You probably weren’t, but, it’s funny from here!

    • My lab baby snagged the pork loin chops off the counter when I stuck my head out the door to announce dinner was served to DH and kids. We had pizza that night. And yes, they were boneless, but she and I got the who was Alpha female starting the next day. DH got a little unhappy a couple of weeks later when he told her to heel and she heeled me!! Now she waits for me to go out the door first, be it the bedroom or front door.

  6. HomeINsteader says:

    You know how I love to promote “Made in the U.S.A.”!!

    Betcha somebody out there needs a new belt…


  7. #1, I would wager that the gangs in and around LA have made note of the reactions of the LAPD to Dorner and will exploit it to the gangs benefit in the future.

    I hope this is remembered when the requests, in any city, for increased budgets for police departments come in. I am starting to believe that in many instances that police departments have outlived there usefulness.

  8. SurvivorDan says:

    Remember that NYC shooting not too long ago? The officers on the scene opened fire on the suspect and took him out while hitting many other citizens. No regard for backstop. No regard for the safety of innocent bystanders.
    I have been in situations where I could not take a shot for the innocents around. So I didn’t even though I was receiving fire . I was shocked at that NYC incident and I am shocked at this one.
    As an LEO I used to be shocked at the old Soviet police’s lack of concern for the innocent bystanders. I guess we adopted their SOP for taking down a perp. Kill ’em all and let God sort ’em out!

  9. SurvivorDan says:

    I can’t remember what scenario it was but I recently saw a picture of LEOs surround a suspect in a circular firing squad formation. Circular……
    Blows the mind…..

  10. RIP Chris Kyle. Wanted to get that out before going into the Dorner issue. If the guy isn’t a strawman, he’s an insane genius (if he isn’t dead yet-by his own hand or the LAPD). Not wanting to give the impression that he’s right by any means, but as Mystery Guest pointed out, he’s had years to plan for this, and that could mean he’s holed up somewhere safe watching all this play out. If he is a strawman, it can backhandedly justify a lot of otherwise illegal moves LAPD and by extension the state of California may have planned. I’ve heard the phrase “Never let a good crisis go unused” before (or something similar), and it occurs to me that this incident may be used as a cover to start confiscating weapons now, rather than wait for it to become “legal”.
    I wouldn’t be surprised if it didn’t also allow those above-named entities to identify and target potential “undesirables” before they take their next step. Just sayin’ folks…

  11. I am firmly convinced they do not want to take Dorner alive. And where is the media’s outrage at the “shoot first, second, third, etc. before we have identified the target?” I don’t even think that FOX News has said anything about it.

    • SurvivorDan says:

      Getting us (the folks) inured to the idea of executions (drone or otherwise) and acceptable collateral damage all in the name of public safety. After all, what are the odds of any one innocent bystander (voter) being caught and killed in the crossfire?
      At least the ‘maniac’ has been neutralized will be the spin. THEY saved you again…..
      Like THEY saved us all from that ‘maniac’ survivalist at Ruby Ridge. That white supremacist,survivalist, illegal gun manufacturer and dealer…
      That ‘evil criminal/subversive’ was later completely exonerated by the courts. And much later won a large civil judgement for the wanton slaughter of his son and wife, Oh and for getting shot in the back.
      Dorner may force the authorities to kill him but whether he resists or not he WILL be killed.
      Taken alive….? Not a chance in hell.

  12. North Korea set off another nuc. All who are surprised please raise your hand. “Look we have nucs, but we can’t feed our people!”

  13. Looks like the Fed has decided that we need more people to man the sinking boat.

  14. The LAPD cop is an expert marksman with both a pistol and a rifle. Yeah, they should be scared. The only people capable of catching this guy are probably special forces personal, they know how he thinks. This isn’t just some cop who has gone off the deep end. If my family were on the list, I would get the hell out of dodge and not tell anyone where I was going.

    • riverrider says:

      don’t believe the hype. he was probationary cop for two years, as they transferred him all around the dept trying to find a home for him. he was about to be terminated for the good of the force when he decided he remembered his supervisor kicked a perp way back when. in the navy reserve he was part of the “ground crew” for nuke subs while they are in port. he’s no spec-ops guy at all. i suspect he’s a popsicle by now, but you never know. what this does show is: a) planning is everything. b) leo is ate-up, as we say in the military c) the machine is NOT invincible.

      • Rider of Rohan says:

        riverrider, I read Dorner’s manifesto(the whole thing, not the sanitized version in the press) and he’s nothing but a leftist jerk. That’s not to say I want to come to the defense of LAPD, but one needs to look at the whole picture when making a determination on this guy. He’s no hero in my book.

      • SurvivorDan says:

        Exactly. A lot of hype. My youngest boy, an average Marine groun- pounder, has more training and skills than this murdering idiot. The scary hype was to justify going all out with resources to get Dorner and execute him.
        For the good of the Folks! He’s like….Rambo! He’s trained to live off the land. To track and counter track while infiltrating and exfiltrating. He understands tactics! He can shoot straight!

        Dorner is a fat rookie cop who could shoot straight. Wouldn’t frighten a decent experienced hunter. Gotta have a boogie man. And an excuse for the execution certainly to come.

        • HomeINsteader says:

          I fear they’ve done it.

        • SurvivorDan says:

          Sadly the guy could shoot straight enough or throw enough lead (if it wasn’t friendly fire) to kill another young police officer. For that I despise him even more.
          Tapes of LEOs saying, “Burn him out!” Not surprised. Not right but there was a lot of anger.
          But I am puzzled at the strange behavior of this ‘maniac’ towards civilians he encountered during all this. And the strange saga of San Diego’s attempted hijacking to Big Bear’s carjacking and hostage taking. Very strange.

  15. Thomas T. Tinker says:

    What ever ones opinion may be regarding Mr. Donner, it is very very instructive as to the reaction of LAPD etc. Love him or hate him, look what (1) one, uno, ien man can do to a city.. the county.. that part of the seventh largest economy in the world.

    I attend IDPA matchs twice a month April > October…. Average turn out is +/- 90 souls. For the three gun, make that about 110 souls. Makes me wonder and adjust my foil hat.

    • riverrider says:

      just started my foray into the patriot groups and i can say there are at LEAST tens of thousands on the books, and many more daring-not to write their name down. and i have just begun to scratch the surface. i believe there is but a thin veil remaining of the regime, that will unravel like a knitted scarf.

  16. Re: Dollar collapse

    Of course the Fed is bailing out Euro banks with our money – it’s a private bank corp run by some of the worlds biggest bank owners, and they are covering their exposed asses in Europe with our dollars. What do you expect to happen when you hand the national Treasury to a bunch of bankers?

    • Thomas T. Tinker says:

      Rev. food for thought…. if the fed dumps enough digital cash out there…. who benefits? Who holds the ‘paper’ when it all settles. Who in the world benefits? Other than North Korea…. what nation does not run their economy without ‘dollar’ backed bonds, trade, debt intruments…… It’s a “Petro-dollar” right…. not a Petro-Yen er a Petro-Peso….. Just wondering here… I can’t wait to read the history on what is going to happen… just to see if there was a plan or it was a giant spasm.

      • T3 – Who benefits is the bankers who do not go broke because we bailed them out. Who pays the bill is, in this case, American working class. Who suffers? Again, American working class because we’re stuck with the bill. The Euro nations have already cut back and those people in the affected countries are suffering there – but they don’t have to foot the bill for the banks because they have entire economies in the honey-hole and nobody has any wealth to bleed out any longer. WE here in the USA still do, and it’s happening, on the pretext that if we let the banks in Europe fail, it will cause ours to fail.

        And that may be true. But at some point shouldn’t we just stop paying bankers for their greed and bad bets? How do you stop a gambling addict if you pay his bills? How do you stop a drug addict if you cover all his problems?

        It would be bumpy, but we could do it. Check the FDIC stats – there should still be some 9000 banks in the country, and only about a hundred big enough to need to be bailed out. If they were permitted to fail entirely, the other 8900 would just suck up the business and assets and fill the vacuum. It might be disruptive while your employer found a new bank and got everything set up – but in short order the nation would be fine again.

        And it does not matter – under ‘modern’ monetary theory – if the money is digital credits or worthless paper or beans, just so long as all nations agree to the value. So it’s ‘good to go’ in that respect – except that the system is failing and some of the major players have been cashing in their credit beans for gold coin and bar stock. And THAT implies imminent failure of the system and will make other players try to pull out too.

        So the banks are playing this ‘prop me up’ game and buying gold on the sly to hold whatever values they can – and probably also so that the bosses who ordered the gold buying can cash in their bonus ‘credit dollars’ for gold bullion and hide it somewhere at home.

  17. Question : Has anything GOOD ever come out of that department ( LAPD = Laughed At Police Department )
    Rodney King
    Wife killing female officers
    Constant racially motivated abuse
    and now , This guy .

    If it was me , I would dissolve and fire the entire department , then start over from scratch at every level . Just sayin

    • SurvivorDan says:

      Mexico has done just that. Dissolved entire departments, firing the lot of them. Not saying it helped. But it couldn’t hurt.

  18. HomeINsteader says:


    Buyer Beware: Fake Silver Eagles Surface Amid Rising Precious Metals Values

    An unknown number of counterfeit 2011 silver American Eagles have been introduced to the marketplace. Many are believed to have originated from China and sold to unsuspecting buyers via online auction sites. But now the coins are popping up at local gold and silver shops around the country, suggesting that holders of these fake coins are likely selling them into the domestic US market.

    (Read the article at the link provided, above)

    • Rider of Rohan says:

      I mentioned the fake Eagles in my WDYDTPTW post on Sunday and explained how to tell if you have one. I don’t suppose anyone read it. Oh, well.

      • RoR:

        I read it and another article on the same subject. I had a couple on order, so the it’s thing I did was check them.


      • HomeINsteader says:

        I’m sorry, Rider; I don’t get all the posts, and have been ill, so, I haven’t been reading all the ones I do get. I’m sure others did read it. With apologies,

        • Rider of Rohan says:

          Dang, Homeinsteader, I reread what I wrote and that just came out wrong. No ma’am, my apologies for sounding like a jerk.

          • HomeINsteader says:

            You did not sound like a jerk at all, RR – you just caught me not using my usual better job of reading everything posted! But I do admire and appreciate anyone big enough to apologize; thank you!

      • Alittle2late says:

        I did.

  19. Rider of Rohan says:

    Good news, folks. I was able to buy 4 bricks of .22lr ammo at a gun shop here in town this morning. They were a little pricy($40 for 550) but it was great to see some for sale. Maybe things will start to settle down a little.

  20. MENTALMATT says:

    Dorner is a mad man and a savage, he has killed inocent people that never knew him, please dont give me the anti cop B.S. He is a disgrace to my profession, he is a total piece of Sh–. I have never agreed with a bad cop, never will, it kills me that some people are trying to make him out to be some type of hero. My GOD he killed family members of officers, who had nothing to do with him!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Mental Matt, Agreed! He is a rogue with a hate on. As of tonight, he did not kill some that he tied up or pulled out of cars, it seems that he is intent on only firing on and killing officers. Were he mad at someone from the LAPD why are officers dead in other counties…’tis the senselessness of a madman. What makes it also difficult is when other officers let loose rations of ammo at innocent drivers in trucks of different make and color because of the level of concern going on in So Cal. This is will be a mess that takes a long time to sort out and I can imagine all the new training procedures that will come out of this.

  21. As for the Dorner situation, there is just something not right in my mind. I don’t know what it is, but I just don’t buy what I’ve been seeing with the talking heads media. There just seems to be some dumb things he has done if his goal was to take out as many as he could with the expertise he reportedly has. I don’t have a criminal mind, but the way this has been playing out just doesn’t make sense. Giving himself up I never saw as an option because if he did he would be killed before ever going to a trial. I do believe our observations of how law enforcement has been gun happy against innocents is a precurssor to what we may all be subject to as our society continues to spiral into the toilet.

    • SurvivorDan says:

      ” I do believe our observations of how law enforcement has been gun happy against innocents is a precurssor to what we may all be subject to as our society continues to spiral into the toilet.” marti

      More spray and pray tactics by law enforcement coupled with reducing and even eliminating police coverage while disarming citizens will lead to defenseless folks being victimized until they cry out for the FEDs to send in troops. THEY will ‘save’ us.

  22. HomeINsteader says:

    An update to NK’s Nuclear Testing. – HI

    What Does North Korea’s Latest Nuclear Test Tell Us about Its Atomic Ambitions?

    On Tuesday, the country conducted its third underground nuclear explosion, a blast estimated to be the same as a six- or seven-kiloton atomic bomb

    North Korea’s latest underground nuclear weapons test Tuesday sends several messages to the international community, most of them unwelcome. For starters, this was the country’s third nuclear weapons demonstration and the first since Kim Jong-un took over in December 2011, indicating that Kim Jong-il’s successor has adopted his father’s confrontational approach to foreign relations.

    In addition, the detonation—about 380 kilometers northeast of Pyongyang—touched off a seismic event measuring between magnitude 4.9 and 5.2, which corresponds to a weapon with an estimated explosive yield of six or seven kilotons, according to South Korea’s Defense Ministry, as reported by the Associated Press. The explosion surpasses the yield of North Korea’s 2009 nuclear test (estimated to have been between two and six kilotons) and a one-kiloton test in 2006.

    Despite several United Nations Security Council resolutions to prevent North Korea from testing nuclear explosions or missiles, the country in December launched a rocket that put the country’s first satellite into orbit. This followed a failed rocket launch in April 2012. The takeaway is that the North is developing not just a nuclear warhead but the means to deliver it great distances as well.

    For its part, North Korea accuses South Korea, backed by the U.S., of stepping up the “development and deployment of ballistic missiles with a firing range of 800 kilometers, capable of striking the entire region of the DPRK [Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, aka the North] as well as the deployment of Aegis destroyer’s ship-to-ground cruise missile with a firing range of 500 kilometers and a long-range air-to-ground missile for fighters,” according to the Korea News Service. Aegis is a combat system developed by Lockheed Martin and deployed by South Korea’s navy on some of its ships.

    Scientific American touched base with Frank von Hippel, a professor at Princeton University’s Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs and co-founder of the school’s Program on Science and Global Security, about this latest turn of events in North Korea’s quest to become a nuclear power.

    See the rest of the article @ Scientific American:


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