Tuesday miscellany

1. Obama turning to executive power to get what he wants : While his decision to send drones to kill U.S. citizens suspected of terrorism has garnered a torrent of criticism, his use of executive orders and other powers at home is deeper and wider.

2. What? No gun… I guess people intent on killing will find a way regardless : Man with ‘suicide bomb’ strapped to his chest blows himself up and completely destroys suburban home in revenge attack on its terrified owner.

3. Feinstein fails in Senate, gun ban dropped : “At one time, Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., sought to have every privately owned gun in the nation confiscated. But now she apparently can’t even convince her fellow Democrats to ban certain types of so-called “assault weapons.” Don’t get comfortable folks, she will be back… she is waiting in the shadows for the next “incident” to happen – it may be one year or 150 years but she will be back, with her gun ban list.

4. The Great Cyprus Bank Robbery Shows That No Bank Account, No Retirement Fund And No Stock Portfolio Is Safe : “The global elite have now proven that when the chips are down they are going to go after any big pile of money that they think they can get their hands on. That means that no bank account, no retirement fund and no stock portfolio on earth is safe.”

5. The Internet is a surveillance state : “The Internet is a surveillance state. Whether we admit it to ourselves or not, and whether we like it or not, we’re being tracked all the time.” Folks be smart and were protection when you go online – read this article to find out what you need to do…

6. Why is Obama stockpiling bullets? : Even the liberal-minded “debunking” site Snopes.com confirms that the Social Security Administration has procured 174,000 hollow-point bullets for 300 special agents.” Why does the Social Security Administration need a stockpile of ammo?

7. Arizona Senate OKs armed teachers in rural schools : “Republicans who control the Arizona Senate pushed through a bill Monday allowing designated teachers, administrators or other employees in rural schools to carry a handgun and allowing retired police officers who work in schools statewide to carry guns.”

8. Americans fight back against ‘poisoned’ milk : “Americans are outraged over a scheme to add artificial sweeteners – including one chemical with purported links to abnormal brain function and weight gain – to flavored milks served to school children.”

9. Wildfire destroys dozens of cabins at Tennessee resort : “A wildfire burning in a resort area outside the Great Smoky Mountains National Park in eastern Tennessee has destroyed more than 30 large rental cabins.”

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  1. Mystery Guest says:

    #3. Watch out. I do think it is a trick.
    I do not know what they are up to, but the hair on the back of my neck won’t lay down.

    • John Wheeler says:

      Personally I think the Feinstein action is the distraction. I think the main thrust is getting people to agree to keeping guns away from the mentally ill – and then quietly defining anyone who opposes government as mentally ill.

    • My guess is they pass the background check stuff, then backdoor the ban this / ban that as an amendment probably late night when nobody’s looking.

    • Patriot Dave says:

      MG: Your gut instinct is right on target. It is a politcal trick. the gun control battle has just become covert and behind closed doors. This article points out the strategies they can use in several ways to still get everything. http://americanvisionnews.com/5579/reid-follows-anti-gun-strategy-exactly-as-predicted-by-gun-owners-of-america/
      Stay awake, stay alert, keep on top of your senators and reps. this is not over by a long shot. Keep your powder dry. Molon Labe.

    • They are going to pick away at our Constitutional rights with riders and amendments to spending or ‘gotta have’ legislation in order to get their agenda passed.

  2. riverrider says:

    cyprus backtracked on the money grab. 5 russian frigates off your coast will do that. still, they opened the door for our current regime…..gun ban bill, this is a procedural ploy. they don’t have the votes with her ban attached, but they might get enough to pass the new bill, then attach her amendment with no vote required. i can’t remember what they call it, but its a loophole in the system they are using…..no gun? hammers kill more than ar’s. the leo’s made a point of showing off the “assault rifle” the would-be shooter in fla. was intending to use….IT WAS A 22LR!!!! bet he was a liberal too, and frankly we’ll never hear if he was a muslim.(they said he never looked them in the eye, a devout islam custom). III

    • RR:

      I saw that picture, what a joke that they would get all “up in arms” (pun intended). I have still to figure out what they thought he was guilty of.

  3. Here’s a update from Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund on raw milk bills in 15 states:


    The states covered are:


  4. #1. Weird how so many don’t see Chairman Obama’s agenda.

    #4 I don’t believe that folks are aware just how close we are to open warfare between us and Russia over Syria. My DW does business all over the world and gets to speak with folks often from Russia. The way the Russians see Syria, the road to Iran starts in Syria and the road to Moscow starts in Iran. What the Russians fear most is a Sunni Moslem push up from the direction of Saudi Arabia taking all of their southern most (Moslem) states away from their Federation.
    As Riverrider stated, the Russian Fleet had much to do with this change.
    Of topic: My DW is in Paris now and was surprised by how the crime rate has spiked since her last visit. Home invasions and rapes are becoming vary common as the new French Socialist Government does not have the Euro’s to keep the “Bad Guys” behind bars.

    To show how bad it’s getting, a fellow member of the company she is employed by was late to the office today because last night some of the train tracks entering Paris were removed by crooks, to be sold off as scrape.

    In the movie Braveheart, William Wallace’s last words are “You can take my life, but you can’t take my freedom”? Well said.

  5. The problem with the Cyprus thing is not what they did, but that the idea of “taxing savings” is now out in the open. What’s next, “excess profit” taxes on 401K’s?

    • JP,
      Yes I’m afraid you are right. Here in Frostbite Falls MN yesterday the (D) Communist Party announced that they are pushing a 10% extra income tax for the next two years for all people with a net worth over XXXX dollars.

      Off topic, but if anyone needs a good laugh and likes conservative satire, check out “The People’s Cube”.

    • riverrider says:

      jp, its already a topic of conversation in the regime. they are literally salivating at the prospects of getting their grubby hands on part of the 19trillion in ira/mutual funds/ savings. “why do people need all that money?” really, one of the regime lackies said that. which is why i emptied mine. let them try to spend 26% of nothin, LOL! III

  6. worrisome says:

    #3. Frankenstein is NOT down for the count. The woman is not going to give up and YES watch the sleight of hand move towards attaching an amendment to whatever bill they do get passed. We will only be save from her brand of radical empty headed of thinking when she is no longer in office. And that is never going to happen here in Cali.
    Cyprus……………….greed rules. As it does everywhere. Everyone needs to remain hyper vigilant. These are times when we MUST govern every elected official by keeping them exposed and out in the light where their machinations can be seem.

    • Mystery Guest says:

      They have misread and misused the “CONSTITUTION” against us for years. Now they will abuse it further to make the ordinary citizen a criminal.
      The damage will be done before the 2014 elections and even if they are voted out it will take more than an act of congress to undo their criminal acts.
      As all of them are sneaky snakes and do most of their work in the dark we will be hit before we know it.
      So everyone hold onto your drawers cause they’re next.

    • If I understand this right, all the (D) Communists and (R) Communists need to do to get all guns registered is for the Senate to pass the U.N.’s Small Arms Treaty, which they are considering right now. Chairman Obamao has already said that he’ll sign it.
      Apparently a Treaty passed by a Senate vote and signed by The President supersedes even The Bill of Rights/Second Amendment.

      Either way, they’ll keep coming at the 2nd amendment at all levels (States, Federal, U.N.) until the dam breaks and the 2nd is washed away. NOMI

      • If I remember correctly “Sheriff’s” supersede the government rule of law due to the Magna Carta, and sheriff’s are sworn in to uphold the Constitution. Now we all know that some are what I call a “mug wump”, set on the fence and lean which ever way they see fit. It is our duty to see that they do not forget, we hired them with our vote we can get rid of them the same way.

      • The treaty can be signed but I will not be bound by it. I will defend the Constitution and my Country from those who have chosen to attempt to destroy it.

        Molon Labe

      • Rider of Rohan says:

        It only takes 34 Senators out of the 100 to stop the UN Arms Control Treaty. It won’t pass. My worry is that the Obama regime will sign the thing, and Dingy Harry Reid will never bring it up for vote in the full Senate, thus having the treaty in place but never having it legally approved. It would take years of litigation to get everything cleared up, and who knows what might happen in the meantime.

        As for (D)Communists and the (R) Communists, I know which one is stealing my gun rights. And I vote for the party that isn’t. Colorado is a perfect example. Draconian gun laws passed and now law because independents/libertarians either didn’t vote, or voted for the wrong party. We should never forgive or forget the party that voted for these laws that violated our most sacred rights.

  7. worrisome says:

    Back to the determined ms. frankenstein……….see her plan here…


    • worrisome;
      Is it me or is she ready for another face lift??? Just thought you could use a laugh like me since we have live with the ol windbag!

    • tommy2rs says:

      Probably have to stake the old bat to get her to stay down…lol.

  8. riverrider says:

    if they take our guns, they’ll be free to pull a cyprus on us at will…..the dog wagging has begun. syria used chemical weapons, or the rebels used chemical weapons, who knows. either way, the regime will get us involved. how’s that nobel peace prize workin out for ya now? and the anti-christ proclaimed PEACE!, PEACE! but there was no peace……heard that harry reid said sequestration was to blame for the marine mortar tragedy. anybody have any confirmation, i can’t find it ???? every time i see him i think about “weekend at bernie’s “……III

    • River, I think that you mean “Weekend at Barry’s”.

    • John Wheeler says:

      He got the Nobel Peace Prize for destroying the most heavily armed nation on the planet… from within… They gave it to him in advance, because otherwise they would probably have to do it posthumously.

    • riverrider and pack;
      my dh said that he mortar round went off because someone set the time incorrectly. It is one of the safest rounds to fire, he should know he used them all the time in Nam. I will not point fingers, but it has “nothing” to do with this garbage Heir Idiot said. That man should be gagged!

      • riverrider says:

        b, roger that. i’m quite familiar with the 60mm. i saw ol harry make the statement, then his office tried to backtrack.. i do wonder why so many marines were close enough to get hit by one little 60mm. my bet is it missfired and as usuall a crowd gathered to oggle, then something went way wrong. we used to get hangfires all the time. after kicking the tube a few times we had to debase it and turn it upside down while another guy tried to catch the round before it hit the ground, lol! a crowd usually developed to watch.

  9. Tactical G-Ma says:

    I do not want to remark on our government.

    I do wish to say how sorry I am about the fire in Pidgeon Forge and other parts of the country.

    I have a question about a recent article saying NASA saw a solar flare this past weekend that should reach us by Sunday. I went to the NASA web page and saw no such report. Do we need to be concerned about a CRE this coming weekend? Does anyone have any further information?

    • T G-Ma;
      I saw the article, I am racking my brain where I read it. If I locate it I will let you know. As for the CME, depends on which side of the earth that gets hit. If you have a metal garbage can you can ground it with a copper rod. Place the items you want to protect inside, cheap cage for electronics, saw that on a prepper show two years ago.

      • MtbriderWV says:

        The trash can will not protect from a solar flare or EMD blast. It may be better than nothing but it will not prevent damage. The best protection would be a sealed nickel box. Your goal would be to stop a magnetic field. Steel will disrupt it but not stop it. Next time I mess with the flux meter at work I will check on a few cheep ideas I have (thinking of useing nickels glued in an overlap formation) and you absolutely cannot test your “faraday cage” with jumper cables like they did on doomsday preppers. You can use an emf detector app for your iPhone and a very strong magnet to test your magnetic insulation / disruption.

        • WYO Ryder says:


          Would ammo boxes work, sealed with that aluminum tape? How about those special Mylar type EMP bags?? or a combination of both??

          Also, since you seem to be knowledgeable in this area, may I ask….short of finding an car w/little to no electronics to fry in an EMP situation, what types of extra auto parts should i have for a 1997 Ford Diesel or even a car with an electronic ignition? I want to put some spare parts in a faraday cage.

          Any thoughts are greatly appreciated :0) thanks!

          • MtbriderWV says:

            The biggest problem is not knowing how big of a field could hit. So I would say protect any electronics the best you can however you can. I am an electronic eng at an ignition coil company so I have a little experiances with magnetic fields. I think an ammo box or old microwave would be better than the trash can. I don’t know about the Mylar bags.
            As far as spare parts: I think you would want extra fuel injectors (they have small wire coils that would be damaged) but they are expensive. Spare fuel pump. I would also have a spare ECM (the “brain” of the vehicle) I am sure some sensors would be damaged but lots of vehicles have “limp home mode” that allows it to run even if some sensors don’t work.
            I will get back with you if I find a good and cheep way to make a faraday cage.

        • WYO Ryder says:

          darn, my posting disappeared into cyberspace…here’s the shorter version
          MtbriderWV- what about those Mylar type bags for EMP attacks or ammo boxes or a combo of both?
          Also, what type of car parts should i have in a faraday cage? have a 1997 ford diesel p/u and a ’99 ford taurus (yes, they are old but paid for :-))….assuming i would need spare batteries and electronic ignitions…anything else? any advice is greatly appreciated. thanks!!

    • worrisome says:

      I think MD mentioned it one of his previous posts? A miscellaneous one? maybe?

    • riverrider says:

      check spaceweather.com

    • No need to worry about a solar flare (cme – coronal mass ejection). The earths
      magnetosphere protects us. Should that fail there is always Homeland Security.

      • Tactical G-Ma says:

        My point was that an article posted in Monday’s miscellaneous, was dismissed by the pack as a non-event and I found nothing on NASA’s webpage confirming the solar emission.

        As for a faraday cage, CME have long wavelengths so metal screen on a wooden frame can protect as well as any thing else. I use my safe. I have a large combo safe and along with special documents, I store DH’s back up insulin pump and at least one meter.
        Monday’s article did not say the Earth would be effected. But last night was a segment on the local news about upgrades to Alabama power and preparations for natural disasters. Just gave me the creeps.

  10. Rider of Rohan says:

    Given what has happened in Colorado, I hope it has put to rest the meme that it doesn’t matter which party you vote for. All the Rs voted against the gun/magazine bans, the Ds passed the sorry legislation without one R. No, the Rs are by no means that good, but given a choice one had best vote for the Rs over the Ds every time unless you have first-hand, personal knowledge that your D is not a gun grabber.

    • riverrider says:

      and then somebody voted G, for bullet to the face, as in the warden murder. could be lots of things, but it could be the opening salvo. i hope not.

      • Rider of Rohan says:

        I hadn’t thought about that angle, riverrider. I do know this, the thing that sets everything off will be totally unexpected, and not recognized at first, but will snowball into something big and take on a life of its own. What do they call it? A black swan event.

        • riverrider says:

          roger that. there are sites calling for the battle to begin with taking out the regime puppets. maybe somebody took them seriously? they’re looking at a arab shiek or something now tho. timing was interesting. brings back the solzinitin quote.

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