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Jeff (aka the Berkey guy) wanted me to mention his newly updated site. Go on over and take a look

I’ve said it before – the economic collapse won’t happen all at once or in every area at the same time. A collapse will have more of a domino effect with one area after another falling into decline over the course of several years. The Largest U.S. Cities Are Becoming Cesspools Of Filth, Decay And Wretchedness.

Visit Natalia’s blog for free Kindle e-book downloads for homesteaders, survivalist, preppers and do-it-yourselfers.

Hope and change Obama style: Saying goodbye to the middle class concept of retirement – many workers plan to work up until they are 80 well beyond the typical life expectancy of Americans.  How long will $25,000 last in retirement?

AT AMAZON, A SUMMER SALE in Patio, Lawn & Garden.

Your Health : Key gene found responsible for chronic inflammation, accelerated aging and cancer – Researchers at NYU School of Medicine have, for the first time, identified a single gene that simultaneously controls inflammation, accelerated aging and cancer. Who wants to Live Forever?

Great news! After continuously being sold out for several weeks on Amazon.com it looks like my new super-duper prepper / survival manual “31 Days To Survival” in finally back in stock and ready for  shipping. Be sure to read the reviews of “31 Days To Survival” that were posted by Claire Wolfe, TheSurvivalMom and Joe Nobody.

Tropical storm Beryl gives South hurricane prep test : While Tropical Storm Beryl left little damage after making landfall with 70 mph winds around midnight Sunday at Jacksonville, Fla., it gave the city the chance to put its natural disaster plans to the test. “You can call it a dry run, but we were prepared,” Jacksonville Mayor Alvin Brown said.

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  1. Caoimhin says:

    Hope and change Obama style………
    If you watch and read the news you should be aware that BO has redefined the classes, The Rich = Billionaires. Middle class like himself = millionaires. The rest of us are no longer the lower class but we are now called “workers” or working class. Funny thing is when he talks raising taxes we are all rich except for the middle class millionaires like himself. And he sure won’t raise taxes on the middle class. Pay attention and learning to understand politician talk will be much easier than learning Spanish.

  2. First I’d like to say thanks to whoever mentioned the “Kindle for PC” and then in the same breath…. say you need to be shot. Now I am spending a whole lot of time looking for and grabbing the free books of interest. LOL

    Anyone know if you can print the books out into a hardcopy?

    • LOL, SW, so glad you are getting lots of books. No, you can’t print them off that I know of. You need to find other formats, like pdf or word for that, unforunately! Copyright thing, I think. There’s a way to do individual pages, which is to use the PrintScreen function. On my keyboard there’s a button at the top that says “PrtScn;” That saves the screen. Then I open a Word Document and do the copy function (on my computer its Ctrl+V). Then I use picture editing in the document to crop, etc. It’s not very efficient; I’ve only used it for a few recipes so far. I don’t know if anyone has another tip but that’s all I’ve found.

      Here’s what Wiki says about PrtScn:
      “In Microsoft Windows, pressing Prt Sc will capture the entire screen, while pressing the Alt key in combination with Prt Sc will capture the currently selected window. The captured image can then be pasted into an editing program such as a word processor or graphics program. “

      • Yah… .now I have your site bookmarked as well. My head was spinning when I went to amazon to look for the free books. The sheer number is just staggering…. and that was just for “survival”. Id hate to see what gardening, canning, prepping, and homesteading brought to the surface.

      • tommy2rs says:

        You can use calibre (ebook collection management, freeware) to convert ebooks to pdf, rtf or txt then print them. But just because you can doesn’t mean it doesn’t violate copyright law. Make your own choices in this.

  3. I notice the city article was put up by a company that sells gold and apocalypse supplies = take with a grain of salt . I dont know if you have been to New Orleans after Katrina , I have . They have a lot of work to do still but I can tell you that its actually a better place than it was before the hurricane , the whole atmosphere has changed for the better , its cleaner , less seedy and openly deviant , almost like they got their pride back . As fr as genetics goes , after the genome project , it is now theoretically possible to engineer a group or person specific disease . Who was one of the main funding source for the genome project ? The US Government …………take that the way you want to …..just sayin

  4. I want to say a delighted thanks, MD, for putting that link there. What a little shock to see when I opened up Miscellany this morning! 🙂 Thanks for all your hard work on this blog. I love it here though I’m still such a newbie.

    And yes, I guess I should say it more often, but no, you don’t need a Kindle to read them, just a computer! Most books are available for the Cloud Reader which takes no computer space. A few books aren’t set to work of that but basically all will work on the free Kindle for PC, or Kindle for Mac, or Kindle for iPhone, iPod touch, Android, Windows Phone 7, BlackBerry, or Kindle for IPad or Android Magnet. All these free downloads are here: http://www.amazon.com/gp/feature.html/ref=sv_kstore_1?ie=UTF8&docId=1000493771 Download your reader for device of your choice!

  5. Bam Bam says:

    Beryl has mostly past. Now what remains are remnant thunder storms. It rained pretty good yesterday, last night and most of the morning and afternoon today. We got about 4 inches of much needed rain. The retention ponds are minimally fully. The rain water is just soaking right into the earth.

    I did think of one thing I want to get before the next storm–a battery powered fan. We didn’t loose electric with Beryl, but we have lost electric before. It’s not the heat that’s bad. It’s the humidity. If you’ve never been in the South, when it rains here, the sidewalks steam like a sauna.

    Other than the battery powered fan, I really can’t think of anything else we need.

    • We have a couple of AC – DC fans here in the RV. Made by 02 Cool. Power goes out? Just disconnect and the batteries take over.

  6. IMPERIALGIRL63 says:

    anyone read the article about a crazed individual who was shot for eating the face off another person in miami? i swear it gave me the heebie jeebies… chicago memorial weekend the homicides were terrible … My family have started to come on board with prepping ..yeah !!! I feel overwhelmed sometimes but like your posts say a little at a time…. I read all your posts and in a way it guides me and re assures me and gives me faith and i just want to say thank you… i almost gave up on my family ..son … daughters.. for awhile they were how you say sheeples… while reading your posts i kept my faith and it has blessed me.. at least with two more by my side…

    • Bam Bam says:

      Imperial Girl,

      I just looked up that article. That guy had to have been on PCP. I just don’t know of any other drug that could cause someone to disconnect with reality enough to eat off someone’s face. The article I read said police called it “cocaine psychosis”. I am thinking it’s more like PCP.

      I am incredibly grateful that I am far out of reach of a tank of gas from Miami. I went to Miami once. I felt like I was in a foreign country–and I am fairly well traveled.

      • michael c says:

        No, a new kind of LSD – called “Zombie Faced”. If this stuff ever gets into the water supply…

        • michael c says:

          The new kind of LSD is LSD with K2 “Spice” (synthetic Marijuana) added for special effects.

          • pugetsoundsurvivor says:

            its new called bath salts or plant food. its syntthetic like lsd or pcp. ive been folowing it closley as i thought for about 12 hrs it actually was a zombie or human inflicted with some virus. what i learned from the video is that nearly 20 people wtnessed it and there where only 5 911 calls and zero attempts by citizens to stop him.weak sheeple.or people more interested in ones own safety than sacrificing oneselves for another in dire need.also we are in such bad shape economicly that people are coming up with the next crack super cheap but super deadly.on a final note 6 people have been shot 4 dead here in seattle today we are on track to double our homicide rate over last year.look around and dare tell me we arent falling into colapse

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