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How Does Gold Prices Fare During Hyperinflationary Periods : “It’s no secret that many currencies around the world, including the US dollar, are choosing the path of inflation. If we were to slip into hyperinflation, there will be disastrous consequences for those unprepared.”

Drug-Resistant Germ In Rhode Island Hospital Raises Worries : “The cat’s out of the bag,” says Dr. Leonard Mermel of Brown University Medical School. “It’s spreading,” he tells Shots. “But we need to do what we can — nationally, globally and locally — to curtail its spread as much as possible.” Shout out to Bam Bam for the link…

Journal Publishes Details On Contagious Bird Flu Created In Lab : “Anyone and everyone can now look in the journal Science and read about how to make lab-altered bird flu viruses that have been at the center of a controversy that’s raged for months.”

Obama tells the world that he is a muslim : In his own words… again thanks to Bam Bam for the link…

Swine flu outbreak 15 times deadlier than thought, study finds : “The number of people who died of swine flu during the 2009 H1N1 pandemic may be about 15 times higher than originally calculated, according to a new study.” Thanks to Mama J for the link…

Your health : 6 Timeless Home Remedies Doctors Love.

Jimmy Carter Accuses U.S. of ‘Widespread Abuse of Human Rights’ : “The former president blasted the government for allowing “unprecedented violations of our rights to privacy through warrantless wiretapping and government mining of our electronic communications.”

“While the attention of the financial world and the business press have been focused so completely on the daily developments in Europe – though there’s not a game changer among them – other economic news from around the world has been largely crowded out.” The real news is that the depression is going global.

Retired Green Beret shoots intruder, gets court martial : Taylor, at age 80 the oldest member of Chapter XXXIII of the Special Forces Association, was on trial by his peers under the charge of “failing to use a weapon of sufficient caliber” in the shooting of an intruder at his home in Knoxville, TN, in December.

Government wants more people on food stamps : “More than one in seven Americans are on food stamps, but the federal government wants even more people to sign up for the safety net program. The campaign is targeted at the elderly, working poor, the unemployed and Hispanics.”

At Amazon.com, coupons galore save a buck or two...

Supreme Court upholds key immigration status check provision of Arizona law.

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  1. Huckleberry says:

    If anyone has any advice on buying gold, I’d appreciate it. Trustworthy places to purchase gold or a good, unbiased resource for information would be great. The only things I’ve found so far are on the sites you can purchase from.

    • JP in MT says:

      Advise on when to buy PM’s is like advise on buying stocks, very subjective.

      The real question is why are you buying them. My reason is for wealth preservation and it comes after my preps and debt reduction. Usually as a result of money coming in I hadn’t expected. Right now its a balancing game that the economy will last until my debt is gone and we have a new place. Still the timing is a crap shoot.

  2. Mother Earth says:

    I watched Contagion and it’s scary how close a real pandemic is. And I can’t believe how people are just ignoring how bad everything is getting. I think they just don’t want to believe what they are seeing or choose to ignore it. I am quite happy to say I’ve got 5 of the 6 home remedies covered! I’m surrounded by doubters so to read I’m on the right track is great!

  3. The Green Beret article is great. I love some of the comments about the caliber he used.

  4. Good for Smokey! Loved the article.

    Guess I need to get a .22 handgun (oh, darn). I have a .12 gauge shotgun, a .22 Ruger rifle and a .45 Glock 21. However, even with the .45 I am unlikely to have a stray bullet go into a neighbors house – since we all own 5 or so acres around here.

  5. Huckleberry: Asking for ‘advise’ is like going out in the rain. Here is my few drops…. Go on line. Find a local shop.. coin or bullion. Go see them. Go to more than one! Know what the current spot price is.. that hour… Don’t know the spot price….. go on line and look it up. If the ‘dealer’ tells ya he’ll find out for ya…. they don’t know either and may just tac on some $$ to cover the market for the day. My second piece of ‘advice’…. think about Silver first! Third… if your getting into PMs with the idea that it will skyrocket in price…. your right. It will one day… Thing is if you cash out when its near the top of a spike…. you have to understand what that ‘paper’ they trade you for .. will buy you. You must remember that there are people with enough cash.. paper.. to move the ‘price’ of PMs where ever ‘they’ need it to be. Look into the ratio of Gold vs. Silver and the uses of each. Try thinking of PMs as a time machine of sorts…. it is something you will want, need …. ‘When’ you are on the otherside of events that prompted you to buy it in the first place. Beans-bandaids-bullets first cause like the add on the right side of this site says…. “Gold doesn’t taste very good”. Now that I have you ‘damp’….. think about what is known as Contitutional Silver…. i.e. minted, pre-1964 coin. The Feds will tax sales of bullion PMs when things get to the point of parity with gold. If the Feds renounce the face value of coin over the silver value….. you/we will have far more important issues to deal with.

    One last rain drop…. know the difference between ‘inflationary depression’ and ‘deflationary depression’ and the type of ‘liquid’ assets you will want to deal with each. Thank you for you patience and do towel off……….

  6. I LOVE that link about the retired Green Beret. Shows how things should be done. He gets in trouble for not using force excessive enough. He should have saved the taxpayers the expense of a trial. I LOVE it. That is home defense at its best.

    In Canada our defense laws are deplorable. It’s typical socialist/left winged idiocy of making victims into criminals and criminals into victims. Our military is even more laughable – one of our military captains got a trial and was dishonorably discharged and is narrowly escaped serving jail time for showing mercy on the battlefield in Afghanistan. An Apache gunship shot some insurgents. This Canadian captain found him with a giant hole in his gut and missing a leg and was clearly suffering and shot him in the head as a mercy killing. It’s absolutely disgusting that he even got in trouble for this: http://www.globalmontreal.com/canadian+soldier+avoids+jail+battlefield+mercy+killing/3626120/story.html


    • tommy2rs says:

      Thought it was interesting that the .22 caliber bullet failed to penetrate the burglar’s skull which was attributed to being “old ammunition”.

      • I’m wondering if it was the ‘old style’ of .22 – not the short, LR or magnum, but the original really tiny ones. I tried to find a picture but couldn’t. If you know which ones I’m talking about, the ones where the casing is really short, like a 1/2″, the length of the round is mostly bullet?

        I could see one of those bouncing off the skull maybe – after all the thickest part of the skull is the forehead.

        • SurvivorDan says:

          I have an acquaintance who got shot in the front of his head at point blank range with a 45. It furrowed along his skull and exited near the back. He woke up two days later in the ER with a tremendous headache. Gives him a strange crooked part in his coiffure to this day.
          Thirty + years ago, I had a bullet embed itself in my flak jacket. Bruised me. Any old grunts know what a non bullet stopper those jackets were.
          Bullets can do strange things.

        • tommy2rs says:

          You mean CB or BB caps? Yeah they probably wouldn’t penetrate the forehead. Haven’t seen any of those for sale in a long time but then I haven’t intentionally looked either. Used to use them to go rat shooting at the dump, back in the long ago and far away.

  7. JP in MT says:

    Today we have hit many of the “worry points “. not just inflation but hyperinflation (the reason I buy PM’s, long shelf life consumables, and am working toward being debt free).

    Obama a Muslim? Really; that came out of the blue. 🙂

    Jimmy Carter saying that we are bad people and owe the world something? Shocking!

    Then there’s the potential of pandemics and the people who are “studying” them having things get out of hand. Sort of like sorting old dynamite with a hammer, something bad in bound to happen sooner or later.

    • tommy2rs says:

      Jimmy Carter, who gave us all the contents of Cuba’s prisons, added all immigrants to the Social Security lists despite their never having paid in a dime, the interminable gas lines and who responded to the taking of the Tehran embassy by leaving Americans in the hands of the Iranians for 444 days.

      What a President he was. Couldn’t even kill a swimming rabbit.

    • Lol, ’nuff said

  8. I really like these daily miscellany posts. Where else will someone find these articles without hours of searching?

  9. sw't tater says:

    Pack and esp.Mother Earth,
    There are many substances that are anti-viral and anti-bacterial and natural… usually easily available…. To protect our families we must do the research now..to know how to use and have them prepared, and using them removes part of our need for the medical establishment….. the articles just referenced,..those threats are real, and impending. Herbs are available now and most persons just think of them as weeds…let them continue to think of them as weeds and us a eccentric. …. Also, on topic of the post on increasing food stamp use..a few years ago I found it necessary to use that system. To apply you have to either lie or reveal every income and resource you have had in the last 60-90 days. Every car you have or had and disposed of what you received for it and how you spent the money…and if you spent it on something you can’t prove then “you were just wasteful”. Now why would anyone with dignity want to even go thru that process? They have to justify hiring all those government workers to give our money away.So now they advertize that people are qualified, and not receiving benefits, to get persons just outside the “availability range” to apply so they can tell them you make Too much!…so they can get all their personal information.

    • Mother Earth says:

      Sw’t Tator, I’m enjoying learning about natural substances more than most of what I’ve learned over the last few years. My kids laugh and call me a hippie or witch…and of course come to me for advice all the time. All I know is I’m having the time of my life learning self sufficiency! It’s great fun making stuff and gives me a huge feeling of accomplishment having the knowledge. I used to be right in the middle of the mainstream life style but have taken many steps back and will continue stepping back.

      • sw't tater says:

        .try this Bee for your bonnet…….might want to see what the thieves oil consisted of…during the plague…I think there is one named that available today. I am allergic to many scents, so I must be extra careful…what I grow and use…but you and others might could use it without adverse effects…

        • JP in MT says:

          Mother Earth & sw’t tater:

          Thieves Oil – I found an independent distributor who sells it. The brand is Young Living. Retail price is about $45 if I remember correctly.

          Glad you brought it up, as I am down to my last bottle and need more.

  10. worrisome says:

    The Obama video explains a lot about where we are being led at this time. Hard not to believe it to be true when he is coming out and saying more than once on this video.

  11. Why would Smokey Taylor get a court martial for defending himself? Is there something I am not getting here? Am I having a blonde moment?

    • Bam Bam says:

      Mama J.,

      I wouldn’t figure you for a blond. 🙂

      • you need to read the article! Not just the headlines on that one.

        The comments are great, the situation is explained as he lives in an Urban environment, and he is being judged by real Military Vets on the virtues of not using a big enough calibre.

      • Really? I have dark blonde long hair. Past my waist. Liberal amounts of gray beginning to infiltrate the masses. LOL.
        Isn’t it funny how folks can look completely different than you imagine them?

  12. tommy2rs says:

    Best political news I saw today. Democrats have a $27 million deficit in their Charlotte NC convention budget. The poor dears had cancel the kickoff event at the Speedway because they didn’t get enough donations.


  13. MuddyFork says:

    MD and BAM BAM, Thanks for the link and the reminder, I almost vomited watching that.

  14. MENTALMATT says:

    I totally believe in tangible assets, as i posted earlier think about Canadian money, as their debt is relativly low compared to most, and the country is rich in natural resources. They are also shifting out of socialism, as we are shifting into it. Just a thought. I also plan on purchasing more gold, and silver.

    • village idiot says:

      Matt, I like the Canadian Maple Leafs, either gold or silver, but only own the silver ones. For someone living in the “D”, I like your idea of having Canadian dollars. If I were you, I’d also have a bank account in Canadian currency at one of the small towns near London, Ontario. Who knows, you may need to evacuate there, and having a bank account could come in handy. Not too much, mind you, as most of your assets would need to be in cash and PMs. Just a thought.

  15. michael c says:

    The medical research – for Lemon Balm – must be just getting out now. No one knows about Lemon Balm (except me) including my Thyroid doctor. I mentioned the plant (and it’s effect) but the doctor knew nothing. Asked her to “look it up” – nothing found. The treatment for a hyper-thyroid is to cut it out and take hormones the rest of your life. I have avoided that and 7 years later – no thyroid storm.

    Thanks MD for that article – it proves me right.

  16. Bam Bam says:

    Debby just made landfall about 60 miles west of us. Things outside are getting dicey. Winds are picking up significantly.

    • village idiot says:

      Hang in there, Bam Bam, we’re praying for your safety and that this darn thing gets far out into the Atlantic ASAP. Are you at risk for flooding?

    • Bam Bam,
      Stay safe Pack Sister.

  17. Isn’t it an amazing and sad fact that you can list two links regarding the worst two presidents the US has ever had, and both of them have been in office during our lifetimes?

  18. why is it a note worthy that obama “admits” he is muslim? who cares. He is a bad president. yes but what does that have to do with him being muslim?

    • sw't tater says:

      Just… another lie told and revealed….one of many….He is a “good president, a good man, a good husband and a good father” If you listen to supporters and those who are welfare dependent. I am not saying that he could not be those things….since he is not my Dad, husband, brother or spiritual leader…I don’t really care how good he is in any of those positions…but I care deeply that he is spending my great grand children’s earnings..only.to give them to his crony’s.

      • I understand that. It just seems that everyone is attacking him for being a muslim. I understand that we are in a war with (extremist) muslims. However, thats no excuse to attack someone for being a certain religion.

    • MountainSurvivor says:

      Look into the Muslim Brotherhood and what they’re trying to do.

  19. Hunker-Down says:

    From the “How Does Gold Prices” article;

    “Keep in mind that hyperinflation is not a rare event. Since Weimar Germany, there have been 29 additional hyperinflations around the world, including those in Austria, Argentina, Greece, Mexico, Brazil, Taiwan, and Zimbabwe, to name a few. On average, that’s one every three years or so.”
    ONE EVERY THREE YEARS???? Now I am a knocking knee paranoid. I haven’t wet my pants YET.

  20. village idiot says:


    Read a book called “The Vampire Economy” by Guenter Reiman. It details how the Germans did business under the Fascist economy. It is so relevant to today’s events, and it is available from amazon.com. If you order it, remember to use MD’s link. Thanks, HD, and you are not paranoid.

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