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Question from Kathleen K

I’m about to turn a closet into a Faraday cage and am planning to put down a layer of heavy duty aluminum foil, then a layer of aluminum screen, followed by a layer of plastic, and then finally covering the floor with plywood. I am wondering if I can attach the aluminum foil, screen, and plastic with standard staples or should I use something else like liquid nails?

Thank You for answering my question.

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  1. hvaczach says:

    I wouldn’t use either one go to menard’s, home depot, lowe’s, they all should stock a foil tape product designed for sealing duct-work. This allows you to have a seamless seal as the tape also provides protection. It is very sticky and very durable.

  2. oldgeezer says:

    Two suggestions:

    1: don’t do plastic because it will trap in moisture/humidity.

    2: line the inside (over the top of cage your stuff) with cedar – it will help keep the bugs out. We did cedar “chip board” panels that were pretty cheap. Besides, everything smells pretty good too.

    • Cedar is a fine suggestion. Trapping moisture is a valid concern, however, solid metal will trap moisture just as effectively as plastic, and providing effective EMP protection with anything less than solid, seamless metal is extremely difficult. More to the point is to keep moisture out and put a good dehumidifying agent inside.

  3. riverrider says:

    did we not have a great article about emp from an in house expert? so why bother with a closet? let’s say all your electronics survive, which they likely will if you do nothing more than unplug them. who are you going to talk too? no tv, no internet, cable, no radio,no cell phone(hopefully), few hams left. okay i get having a backup laptop to read pre-loaded info and books, and maybe a couple walkie talkies for group comms, but a whole closet full of stuff? but hey, who am i to judge? build away.

    • Thisall H says:

      I can think of a few things I’d like to have spares of other than laptop and Phone type Items

      Spare part for your solar system; inverters battery chargers maybe even a couple of backup panels,
      spare for a cars Ignition system.
      spare timers for automatic irrigations systems.

  4. Big Bear says:

    How big is the closet? Do you have so much electronics equipment that you need the size of even a small closet as a faraday cage? Have you considered alternatives to converting the closet? Weigh the costs of your plans versus just buying a large metal storage box, a metal cabinet, etc. If you do modify the closet, your plan should work well. I’d not worry too much about what to do use to fasten the screen to the closet walls. The foil tape will be sufficient to ensure the heavy duty aluminum foil is electrically seamless. The aluminum screen seems to me to be a bit of overkill and the plywood (if carefully installed) will protect the foil from being torn as you move stuff in and out of the closet. Have you considered using Foil Backed Styrofoam Insulation instead of your screen and foil plan? This insulation has foil on both sides of the rigid foam boards. It’ll work if the joints are taped with aluminum foil tape. Remember, if an EMP is caused by a nuclear detonation it’ll probably be a one-time event. Once the period of danger from subsequent EMP’s has passed hopefully you’ll get your equipment out of the cage and begin using it.

  5. EMP is not some omnipotent alien life force. It dissipates as it travels from the point of detonation. It does not change direction and does not pass thru solid objects like gamma or X rays.
    A ground floor interior closet would already provide protection if the electronics are not plugged in or connected to an external antenna.

    • While you’re correct, Ron, about an EMP not being an omnipotent alien life force, you are far underestimating its effects. Here are 3 questions to ask yourself to determine whether a location is safe from an EMP: can you get a cell phone signal? can you get a radio signal? can you use a walkie-talkie? If the answer is no for all three, then that location is probably secure from an EMP. In fact, I would recommend using one or all 3 to test the closet before and after construction to ensure that it is providing protection.

      • Be my guess and test away John.
        The real 3 questions to ask yourself to determine whether a location is safe are…
        1. Size of the weapon.
        2, Height of the detonation’
        3. Distance from the detonation.

        Also keep in mind that the distance the collected emp travels down the grid and still cause damage will far exceed what travels through the atmosphere.

  6. axelsteve says:

    Would having your electronic gizmos on a pluged into one of thse saftey strip things protect them from omp?

  7. axelsteve says:

    emp I meant.

    • I believe the answer is no. An EMP would be too powerful and too fast for those surge protector strips to be of any value. Better to leave unplugged.

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