According to KIRO 7 News Tyler Smith was Arrested on Weapons Charges after Apearing on the Show Doomsday Preppers

Tyler Smith appeared on the show Doomsday Preppers where he bragged that he planned to survive a disaster by stealing from preppers.

The guy was a joke on the show and in my opinion was only featured to make real preppers / survivalist look like a bunch of nut-jobs.

Anything to spike those ratings for National Geographic Channel. The guy, does not even meet the definition of a prepper / survivalist, a prepper preps to be self-reliant and to help his neighbors in times of need, not to steal from them.

It’s dumb-asses like this that make real survivalist / preppers look bad to folks that don’t know any better.

Sadly, he will likely be back “on the street” in a week – if he isn’t already…

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  1. Muahahaha! I’m glad this lowlife scum has been arrested.

  2. I don’t watch the show but the idea that this POS could take anything from anyone is laughable, but that thought is secondary to the fact that this pedophile is in ANY way connected to the good folks who strive for self sufficiency is saddening.

  3. Survivormann99 says:

    Made a grammatical error earlier!

    “Doomsday Preppers” began as a series with a strong, although not sole, focus on the more bizarre examples of preppers. This last season, it seemed to me that it took a more sober approach than it did in earlier episodes. (Of course, “more” is relative.)

    Tyler Smith was a deviation. He represented a whack job extreme. With his expressed intentions of using his group and taking what he and his members needed from others after a societal meltdown, rather than preparing in advance, he probably does not fit any definition of prepper, except with regard to his weapons purchases.

    Nevertheless, the unfortunate truth here is that he definitely represents a mindset of a certain portion of the population. It is easier and cheaper to buy firearms and ammunition than to prepare on multiple levels as a true prepper/survivalist would.

    A true (or at least sane) prepper/survivalist should be prepared post-Apocalypse to defend himself from individuals such as Tyler and his ilk.

    Not doing so is equivalent to placing a large “kick me” sign on one’s back, but with potentially fatal consequences.

    “Forewarned is forearmed.”

    • A man like Tyler hastened my purchase of my first firearm. I was carpooling with a man named Mark, who when I suggested to him that it might be a good idea to put away a little food in the case of emergency told me “I don’t have to – bullets are cheap and store forever.”

      I went out the next day and purchased ‘Mossy’, my 12 gauge shotgun, and told him so.

      But Survivormann99 has a point – Tyler was a ‘good’ example of the type of people who are out there, and what now decent people might become when society breaks down.

      • Good for you, Michele. Buying a gun for defense is a tough decision for some people, but the Tyler’s of the world won’t leave us alone just because we are unarmed.

  4. When he came out on t.v. he said he was watching videos of assisted childbirth (surgery) for his wife and he was going to do this himself in the barn, I hope his wife dumped him and ran for the hills before he got the chance. This person is insane and needs to be dealt with and the criminal justice system is the most humaine way of dealing with him. May god have mercy on his soul.

    • I watched that episode, Ronald. In my opinion he is the smartest one of the bunch and he is dumber than a box of curly hair!!!

      • You know how some people are a total waste, Well he’s the kind that make me feel dirty just because we share the same air.

    • Ronald,
      If TSHTF, jail may be the safest place for him. Roaming around and trying to loot the preppers I know, would get him the triple S (Shoot, Shovel, Shut Up).

  5. a previously convicted felon, and sex offender, who wasn’t registered with local authorities.

    Looks like karma has caught up with him.

  6. ‘A pepper preps to be self-reliant and to help his neighbours in need…’

    That, MD, is the best, most simple and most Christian description of why we prep. Great.

  7. IndianaAli says:

    He’s better off in jail… if he tried to “work his plan” during doomsday he would have been terminated immediately by real preppers when he came for their stuff.. what a joke he is. It’s a shame though that uninformed people will associate him with real preppers, who are not into violence, theft or sex offenses. Hope he has 3 hots and a cot for awhile.

    • And a brand new BOYFRIEND named Bubba!!

      • Survivor
        You made me LMAO………….
        Catching up on the blog before I head into town to have the truck checked out by the repair shop. You made my day 🙂

  8. That episode is the reason I quit watching…………

  9. The “prepper” that plans to hurt people and steal from them is a felon sex offender… welp…. there you go. That explains it! XD

  10. My freind was on an episode recently. His YouTube channel is “subtac”. He is the one that built a lookout/treehouse that had reflective material on the outside so it would blend into the trees around it. Not long after his episode aired,his BOL was found and vandalized and a bunch of expensive equipment stolen. It seems the only good thing to come from that show was the arrest of a pedophile.

  11. I watched a.couple episodes but I didn’t see that one. Strange enough I had a conversation with a guy recently that I thought was likeminded. I was actually kind of excited since I rarely discuss preps with anyone but he brought it up and is a friend of my brothers and I like his wife. She was teasing him about his “survival” closet and he explained to everyone how he started storing food and other things. We were talking about water and I mentioned the well bucket BC linked and how in worst case scenario a person could yank their well. Next thing I know explaining that his biggest plan is to set up check points at one of our many bridges and take from others with his guns. Wow….I hoped he was joking, but as he talked I really don’t think he was joking. It was a real wake up call.

    • N2Y,

      You bring up the good point that grammatically speaking, these people are prepping, but unfortunately their plan and preparations are founded on both immoral and irrational world views. It really makes it clear that moving around after TSHTF will be very risky.

      • To me they are worst than the people who refuse to prep. They have thought about the possibility, and actively have decided that they will use force to steal. I can understand people being desperate because they didn’t prepare and doing whatever they can to feed their family. But to prepare by planning to rob people, that is pure evil.

  12. riverrider says:

    this brings up a subject i hate to think about….what about the prisons? what’s the state’s plan for these folks for grid down? turn them loose or let them rot? when i think of that concentration of animals i shudder and block it out, but it needs to be considered if you live near one, or between one and civilization. ( yes, i realize some folks are wrongly in prison and/or are otherwise good people that made a mistake. not including them in the animal group.)

    • I wonder if anyone on this blog knows a gaurd who might enlighten us with what the plan is under those circumstances? Ill bet somewhere in the chain of command there has been talk of such things being needed in conditions that would prevent them from feeding or watering the prisoners. what do ya do? kill the violent ones and let the druggies go? kill em all? let em all out? Im real curious what the answers would be.

      • My dil’s mom is a prison guard for the state of GA. I will see if I can contact her to find out if they have a plan.

    • That is a good question. I imagine that any plan would be dependent on the state the facility is in. Here in NY, I would think the NG would be called in, at least at first, and I could see the non-violent offenders (DWI, drugs, etc) being turned out so they could focus on the real bad actors.

      Conversely, they could just as easily be put to use as a source of guaranteed free labor, in some form. I don’t see them engaging in a wholesale slaughter to deal with the problem, but again, I’m not privy to any plans that may or may not have been made. For all I know, there isn’t a plan in place for that possibility.

    • I sure would factor proximity to prisons into where I would want to live. There is no telling what the warden would do in a total breakdown, and that ignores the possibility of a take over of the prison when their are no outside forces available to contain them.

      No thanks.

      • suburban housewife says:

        Oh great Riverrider and Penrod – thanks a lot – I won’t be sleeping for quite a while now with those scenarios running thru my head! geesh – now I have to go google to see how far I am from a prison…

      • axelsteve says:

        Komradfornia is so overcrowded in there prisons that they may release a bunch of them cause of a court order. Problem is one third or so of prisoners are illegal hispanics in gangs . Most of them are a higher risk for offending.

    • Well we all know that MRE’s have ‘for prison or military use only’ on them, I would assume that suggests prison’s do have some stocks to feed the inmates if they are cut off (but I don’t know). I would assume that after TSHTF we would have a similar situation to hospitals where fewer and fewer people show up for work. I don’t know what happens if electronically controlled doors loose all power, but I would hope they are locked shut. The next question is, would the inmates be able to get out or would they starve. I think the scariest possibility would be guards kicking out the inmates so they can use the state built fortress. They are made to keep people out, but I don’t think its too easy to get in either.

      • Crazy Stevo says:

        I worked in a vault, before we got a generator the power would go out all the time. When the electric lock was locked we were screwed! No one could get out or in. Which means we were hungry some days waiting for the power to come back on.

    • Riverrider,
      I had not thought of that scenario and while I am not close to a state prison the county jail is just over the hill. 🙁 Most inmates (if not all) would most likely be allowed to leave. If they decide to go toward town then it would be away from us.

    • In NO’s during Katrina they left the inmates locked in and left. Most lived but some drowned locked in their cells.

  13. I watched the show a few times the first season but none of it really related to me. I did not have extra thousands of dollars for bunkers, bol locations hundreds of miles away that are fully stocked with full solar arrays etc. Don’t even get me started on the crazy guy and his family building the castle who knows where .
    That is why I am here on this site and buy M.D.’s books because they and all my wolfpack family are relevant to my lifestyle and ultimately with the depth of knowledge in the group the most help to what I need.

  14. Stupid is as stupid does! That just might have saved his life. A real prepper or even a casual prepper might have allready had a fmj 30/06 round with his name on it to pennitrate his white trash engineered bulletproof vest .Do some real world testing on it with the dumba$$ wearing it.He may be back in Jail for a while since he has to felony parole violations. I hope he finds a nice husband in jail/ prison.

  15. Pineslayer says:

    Kinda scary that this level of stupid is walking the streets.
    Hopefully he does some serious time.
    He should run for office when he gets out.

  16. I do have to agree that IF the premise of the show is/was to show different aspects and attitudes that are out there in what the general population call “prepper society” then the HAD to do a show with a nut with this attitude. It’s way too prevalent.

    I ran into it when discussing Y2K with my UPS guy at the office. He ran into a guy who’s idea of getting ready was to by another box of 30-30 ammo each payday. Then when the ROL fell apart, he would just take what he needed/wanted from those who “stocked UP’. The UPS guy asked him if maybe those that “stocked up” had thought about people like him, he said nothing. But the look on his face told the driver that “No, it never occurred to me.”

  17. This reminds of the so-called survivalist group I ran into in Honolulu in the early 1980s. Their plan was to steal a big sailboat and sail away.

    No explanation what they planned on doing if nuclear war did NOT happen.

  18. suburban housewife says:

    I am actually glad they ran that show. It really raised my awareness of the fact that there really are people like that out there. Yeah – I’m a little Pollyanna-ish and naive I guess. It’s just so hard to really believe that there are people like that. (OK – maybe I’m a lot Pollyanna-ish). The other reason I’m glad they aired that is because he got caught – maybe much sooner than he would have other wise, possibly saving some other kid(s). Stupid pedophiles should be stoned publicly! (I mean with rocks – not the other kind – LOL). I pretty much like the show – for looking for ideas I can adapt and for dreaming/wishing – (for me it’s a lot like watching HGTV, only better). And while I define “prepper” the same as MD and you guys – apparently there are people with other definitions.

    • Oh, there are a LOT of nasties out there. I figure on average that 60% of people during normal times are good folks who are good, another 30% who wouldn’t hesitate to do not-good stuff if presented the opportunity, and watch your back on the final 10%. I guessed that many many years ago, and did a ROFLOL when a Vanity Fair article reported pretty much the same numbers. Depending on where we live tho, that 10% could be closer to 15 or 20%.

      I’m with you re the show. While some things are just plain dumb or totally out of reach, there are plenty of adaptable ideas.

  19. I am new to “officially” prepping, although for years I have stock piled food, water, camping, and self preservation supplies, and I grew up in a home where having back up supplies for emergencies was what you did.
    I am wondering if it is a bad or good idea for the “outside” world to not take us seriously. We advise that we should be careful who we tell about our preps, that we should not draw attention to our self-reliance, so maybe it is good that we are publicly mocked a little bit. I don’t know about you, but I think the less people coming to my door the better.
    Don’t get me wrong, I think everyone should prep, I just know that most will not, I just don’t want to stand out.

    • Bingo! Opsec pretty much commands keeping quiet. I do think the show perhaps got a few more folks into at least having stuff such as some food/water/flashlights, to get thru storms and short-term power outages.

    • rjarena,
      It sounds to me like you’ve been officially” prepping for quite a while, and just didn’t know it. My parents generation were nearly all preppers at some level, but didn’t call themselves preppers, because to them it was just the way any responsible person or family would conduct themselves.

      • Hi OP
        I saw your response to rjarena…….I can remember when my dad had two large gardens for my mom to put up, plus we had almond trees on the place where we lived at. It was wonderful in the summer to eat the fresh fruit an veges, the only thing I did NOT like was when I misbehaved I had to weed the strawberry rows. They were a nice 20ft long, and he had 10 rows of strawberries in each garden. Almost made me like city life, no gardens, livestock, chores, etc. When I matured I realized he did best thing for me. He taught me to garden, and love what I hated.

  20. I unfortunately watched this episode. Tyler Smith and his cousin attempted to make body armor out of welded metal that they picked up from the local recycling yard. The weight of the homemade amor was around 100 pounds. He said, “Soldiers in Iraq have to carry about 80lbs worth of gear and kevlar … I can learn to do that.” It made me chuckle since he obviously lived a very sedentary life style. Once he was finished, he demostrated the capabilities of his new armor by having his cousin shoot him point blank with a 9mm. The “armor” was incomplete and left gaps all over his body. His abdomen was exposed, his neck was exposed, and his face was exposed, yet he thought he could show up at a “preppers” house and successfully rob them – as if they would kindly only aim a low powered handgun at the 4-inch X 4-inch plate he had over his chest.
    If that weren’t enough, he then demonstrated on his wife how he planned to cut her open and deliver their baby. Everyone in the world could see the fear in her eyes as he practiced in the dirty barn (oh, but he laid down plastic and his cousin was his nurse). I bet this guy planned on using a hand stapler to close her up after he cut a 16 inch incision across her lower abdomen. I guarantee you the moment he sliced through her abominal artery he’d panic and let her, and the baby, die. Guy’s a real winner! Can’t wait to read about him winning a Darwin award. I’m sure he’ll eventually be a contender, with the help of his cousin, of course.

    This made my day! Thanks for sharing, M.D.!

  22. Goldfinger says:

    As someone who works in security and TV production, I can tell you that the producers did not do their due diligence when researching this guy for the show. And if they did, then they are part of a larger problem. Trying to depict preppers in a negative light. If they knew about this guy, then they knew what sort of dots people would connect about him as well. Nat Geo is not helping the situation, or furthering the cause (of prepping), instead they seem content with exploitation an creating a spectacle.

    • Goldfinger,
      That was also one of my first thoughts. In the eyes of Nat Geo I wonder if they adhere to the old saying “even bad publicity is good” a sad thing for the rest of the good folks that are trying to take care of themselves and others by prepping. Another thought that crossed my mind is if this guy was able to lay his hands on a firearm what makes the powers that be think that criminal elements will not have access by taking away the rights of responsible gun owners? More proof that these are crazy times and we should look beyond what the mass media is feeding people.

      • Goldfinger says:

        Angel, I used to, and I think a lot of people have a sort of “respect” for National Geographic, mostly due to the magazines of our youth, which obviously has not translated well to their role in TV production. I think they, like most production companies, are exploiting this genre in a sensationalistic manner, because its simply “entertaining”. Its easier to present entertainment than serious prepper principles and good examples. I find the show “entertaining” the few times I saw it, but at the same time, I could see the angle they were taking to cast preppers in a certain light. And this guy is not the first to appear on the show and subsequently get arrested. Yea, this guy deserves what he got, but some of the others didn’t. Production companies will always take the path of least resistance, and go with “what sells”. I wouldn’t recommend any preppers that are serious about their preps to go on the show. All it can do is open a can of worms for you.

  23. David: San Antonio says:

    Although I’m not a fan of ‘Doomsday Prepper’, I watched that particular show. As ‘Buggs’ would say….”What a maroon”.

  24. Its a sad fact but some people can’t wait for caous to rule and Im not talking about the people in Washington. Its their life dream so you will become important

  25. Back in the mid 70’s I was worried about conditions, high inflation, depression, President of the US and vice president both unelected, i moved to a rural area and hooked up with what I thought was a fellow prepper. I found out he was a Nazi and his real plan was to organize a group and take from every body on what was needed. Until I finally got away from him my plan was when the things fall apart I was going over and put a bullet in his head. There are people and groups planing what this jerk said he was going to do. That is why trying to get with the local sheriff if he’s not a total political and form an association to help us all try to make it through.

  26. I saw the show and believe me this guy made idiots look intelligent. I especially like the part where he made his own bullet proof vest. Proof all we need to do is remove warning labels from products and stupid will weed itself out of the gene pool. His poor idiot savant of a pregnant wife also. She is going to let this moron cut on her if she goes into labor and has to deliver during a shtf scenario. She must have let him practice on her by doing a frontal lobotomy first.

  27. seeuncourt says:

    I’m still worried about the rest of the 80 dues paying members of his group. If he was the leader, what are the rest of the members like?

  28. I did not watch the show.
    Does anyone know the name of his group?
    I live in this guys neck of the woods and may decide to keep tabs on this outfit.
    Pretty dumb guy to tip his hand to the world.
    A good knife fighter will cut you before you ever see his knife.

  29. The prison guards I know can’t wait for him in WA DOC! HA HA! PREY UPON OTHERS hmmmm. Sex Offfenders do so well in prison. Can’t wait for this 300 lb POS excuse of a human being to get to the inmate population. Film at 11:00!

    Feel sorry for the wife and children. Saw the episode and it really made me angry. He fronted off his entire family with his (false)bravado and painted a target on them that won’t go away. He already moved once since the show aired I heard. When he gets out of prison (if he makes it), he’ll be moving again. His parents must be sooooo proud! Gosh!

  30. Sara Raindancer says:

    I am just beginning my preps. I live in a small duplex apartment in the middle of a small town. I have made my location as secure as possible. I am stocking up on supplies slowly as I am on a fixed income. Every little bit adds up tho. An extra bag of beans or rice, a box of salt, it all adds up. I cannot stress enough that you must have water. Recently my pipes froze and thank God I had stored water. The minute the plumber had the pipes fixed and was out the door I refilled all my jugs. Just a small thing like that can set you back. So even tho we all may be preparing for what will come, everyday things can and will happen that we must be prepared for too. God bless you all and that’s just my two cents from a lady who has been eating poor lol its the best tasting food to me cuz my mammaw taught me how to cook it and living well for almost 50 years now. Take care and remember to always help your neighbor because you may need them one day.

  31. A guy was telling me he wasn’t worried. if he ran out of food he would just go kill someone elses cattle. I didn’t tell him so but If I catch some one rustling cattle or stealing ill hang them. Might have to shoot them first. No matter what happens with the government ect. the ten commandments are still valid and 50% of them deal with taking that what doesn’t belong to you.

  32. NC Prepper says:

    What concerns me is how this idiot and convicted felon obtained weapons. Obviously not legally.

  33. Proof that there is a god, and she has a wonderful sense of humor.
    It also proves that Tyler really is the moron he appeared to be on the show. Egad!!!!!

  34. Will Wynn says:

    Fat…stupid-no way to go thru life…

  35. The only marauding he is going to experience is his butthole being marauded in prison, what a loser.

  36. I suggest everyone read Lucifer’s Hammer. It’s from the 70s but it’s the best survival fiction I’ve ever read.

  37. facebook santa says:

    There are some good ideas on Doomsday Preppers. I think it was a good idea to let that inbred moron spout off on the show. There’s an obvious lesson there: DO NOT let anyone know you are a prepper, except those you are prepping with. People you can trust with your life, your wife, your children, your property, etc.
    I had a neighbor who discovered I am prepping, a neighbor who said; “when TSHTF you will feed my family”! WTF? They were always “borrowing” a cup of sugar, a gallon of milk, a loaf of bread, etc.
    I hatched an elaborate scheme where I “fell on hard times” and used up all of my supplies and started “borrowing” a few things from them, I tried to but came away empty handed most of the time. Anyway: I am no longer “the go to guy” any more!
    Advertising as a prepper will not only have that inbred moron lurking in the bushes; the “alphabet boys” will kick down your door with the same brutality they use against the “jihadists” in Iraq and Afghanistan.
    Those guys on the show will be taken out long before the local trash has the chance.
    Our real enemies are headquartered in Washington, Wall Street, city hall, and Tel Aviv.
    We now live in a Zio-Nazi fascist police state.
    Trust no one who wears a civilian or military uniform, carries a gun and a badge or the “elected officials” (all of whom are also inbred morons) who get their marching orders from the above mentioned locales.

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