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  1. crazy joe in south jersey says:

    I like the ” unknown distance ” , ” prepper burnout ” ? ? how does one burnout with a ” way of life ” ? ? I like the comment ” prepping is fun for me ” which is how I view it and all others should , he has a nice quiet property – a great party location .

  2. Son of Liberty says:

    Nice place indeed, looks secluded, but who knows what’s on the other side of the trees? A major sub-division? IDK, but have been to places like that.

    One big question. Where’s his large garden to feed family long term? I like the chickens, and hope there are other small animals on site as well.

    Not to minimize what he has done and all he has accomplished. I’d like to be in that good of a condition; not there but thank God, I’m moving in that direction. I do have the beginnings of a good, well producing garden, however. Now I need to build a good root cellar to put it all in.


    Son of Liberty

  3. I think that we all should be ready for whatever might happen and take care the best we can this should be part of every body’s lifestyle.

    • Right is RIGHT-wrong is WRONG says:

      Right on Speed. In the final analysis I believe your Sep. 15, 2016 5:59 pm comment is all that we need to think about. Nice concise, to the point and uncomplicated. Thank you.

  4. Ronald Beal says:

    I appreciate your time in making the video. But to let you know for a fact: My wife is Russian. I have traveled Ukraine, Russia and Crimea. The ‘coup’ you mentioned is a fact, where the democratically elected President was overthrown by the CIA and Blackstone. Within hours, there were over 150 ‘advisors’ in Kiev and may still be there. The US has provided weapons and money since. Biden, McCain, and Kerry spent much time in-country advising the puppet the put in office. For the information for all reading this- the ‘war’in Ukraine is the Obama puppet killing the civilians who refuse to accept the Nazi government set in by Obama. Thousands of civilians have been killed. The regime fire rockets and shells into civilians neighborhoods on a daily basis. By this time, Russia may be providing weapons to the rebels, but the war has nveer been against Russia. Common sense- where have battles been fought- how many Russians killed- where are the videos of the action? there are none, period. Bush and Obama have established ICBMs along the Russian border for years- their explanation – protection from Iran ! Russia/ Putin are not idiots. Those countries surrounding Russia have been paid millions in order to allow US Divisions to settle near the border. The US / Obama has pushed Putin for years, under the lie that Russia attacked Ukraine. The people of Crimea voted unanimously for Russia to annex Crimea and protect them from Kiev. Obama, as the entire world knows is naive in everything- he is deliberately pushing Putin to start WW3. But Russia lost millions in WW2 and says that will never happen again. First strike will come from Russia, most likely an EMP, leaving the US at the mercy of the world. Being helpless, Korea will take advantage, backed up by China. You can thank all of this on Obama, the Muslim, manchurian candidate who is even now opening the doors to Muslim terrorist.

    • Right is RIGHT-wrong is WRONG says:

      HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM…. let me get this straight. If we were to add up all the numbers of Russian troops that “THEY SAID” were going into Ukraine since the change in the Ukraine government the total number of Russian troops would be about (give or take a few 10’s of million) 80,000,000 troops. OK OK OK I know this is a tad high but at the same time I am sure you get my drift. The people who the above article talks about living through a 1st nuke exchange are “NEOCONS” (see Paul Craig Roberts-under sec. of treasury under Pres. Reagan who by the way ran the neocons out of his admin.). The neocons are very willing to sacrifice millions of Americans in a 1st nuke exchange that “THEY” think they will survive. If this is not a prime example of our government turning against it’s own people I do not know what is. It is my opinion that making Obama the bad guy is just a silly waste of time because if it was not him THEY would have another puppet in charge.

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