Special 1/2 price offer for TheSurvivalistBlog.net readers…

Unspyable.com (one of our advertisers) is offering one full year of offshore VPN services exclusively for the SurvivalistBlog.net readers for $40 (normally $80). This VPN service will hide your location (and you) from spies, and is the service that I use to stay anonymous online.

Please use this link to find out more and to take advantage of this special offer… :yes:


  1. Thanks MD, done!

  2. HomeINsteader says:


  3. MountainSurvivor says:

    Interesting, thank you.

  4. Does this VPN only allow one connection? Meaning, would I have to buy one for each member of my family or can more than one use this? Does that make sense? Thanks

    • You are allowed one simultaneous connection per account. So you can share the account with family but only one person can use it at any given time.

  5. Thank you M.D. !!! My computer savy son reviewed your internet security info from a previous posting, and we had all of it except the unspyable VPN. He signed up my computer for it last night, and will sign up one for my husband for his computer tonight. Thank you for getting us this special half price offer. I hope others will see the value of not being spyed on!

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