Virginia quake

By now, I’m sure most of you have heard about the 5.8 magnitude Virginia quake that triggered the shutdown of two nuclear reactors and caused the evacuation of many buildings in the surrounding areas.

As far as I know no deaths have been reported as a result of the quake.

If you felt the quake or have seen damage that has not reported by the media please share it with us in the comments below…

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  1. Peru was just hit with a 7.0 earthquake 2 hours ago.

    • axelsteve says:

      wow Lynns. That is a big one down there beacus everyone builds with un reinforced mud down there

  2. Auntie_Em says:

    FWIW—All three notable quakes in the continental US yesterday were in the 37th to 38th degree of lattitude. (And another one not mentioned on the news was in Mammoth Lakes, CA at 38 degrees lattitude.) One was at 37.9 degrees lattitude (Virginia), one at 38 degrees lattitude ( San Francisco) and in Colorado it was at 37 degrees lattitude. You could almost draw a line straight through them from coast to coast. I wonder if that lattitude has any significance?

  3. Auntie Em, The USGS geologists claim that the quakes are not physically connected in anyway.

    Your note on common latitude is quite intriguing, regardless of what has been made public.

  4. mike 1960 says:

    I was at work when it hit and I felt nothing. I guess the reason why was I was pushing my tool cart with a lot of tools; over tiles and focused on finding the problem with one of our lines. The plant noise and wearing ear plugs may have contributed some also. Others in the plant felt it and I think this is the most interesting part. The aftermath in the smoking area with the average blue collar worker non-preppers; listening to the comments.

    One woman, four floors up, instantly knew what was going on. She was in a meeting. She leaped out of her chair screaming EARTHQUAKE! She flew out of the room and went outside. She received a lot of razzing in the smoking area. Come to find out this was her third; with her previous one being a 7.2. Nobody laughed after that. Nobody else had a clue here what was going on and they were freaked out totally.

    Earthquakes of any magnitude are extremely rare here in this area. The first I was made aware of was a 3.8 last year on July 16th. Seems to be a pattern developing even though I slept through it. I read somewhere that the area is now being known as Obama’s Fault.

    My fiancee works in DC. The MARC train traveled at half its normal speed as did the Metro. She arrived safely but the people at the train stations didn’t have a real good mindset and these are the white collar workers. She had no incidents and we are about 120 miles north of the epicenter.

  5. We’re still getting aftershocks. There was a 4.5 early this morning.

  6. I live near Fort Detrick , Maryland , and I did not feel the earthquake. Maybe because I hung a crucifix on my door last year. Iwould not have known it ever happened until my neighbors asked me, did you feel it? Feel what. I survived and didn’t know it.

  7. I found the following website, the US Geological Survey, which gives a history of each state’s seismic activity. I looked up Florida and was surprised to learn that we’ve had earthquakes in the past. Here’s the link if anyone is interested.

    I will be praying for you folks up in North Carolina and Virginia.