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That’s right… I have a new website it’s called the Daily Collapse Report, it will cover the latest news, threats and commentary from a variety of sources in the U.S. and around the world. Now you can easily, stay informed and up-to-date on the latest events in one convenient location – all with a prepper slant not found on other sites of this type…

Be sure to bookmark and read the Daily Collapse Report everyday, and don’t forget to tell your friends…

Don’t worry, isn’t going anywhere and will continue to bring you the latest and the best how-to-do-it articles and product reviews. The new site isn’t a replacement but a new complementary element…

About M.D. Creekmore

M.D. Creekmore is the owner and editor of He is the author of four prepper related books and is regarded as one of the nations top survival and emergency preparedness experts. Read more about him here.


  1. seeuncourt says:

    Nice Drudge format.

  2. Nice and concise. The Drudge format works for me. Great place to get a look at what’s happening out there that the lame-stream media hype/ignores/under-reports!

    Thanks for the work!

  3. Like the new site. I would like to see the headlines in a larger or bolder type so I could sort through quicker but that could just be me.

  4. Looks fantastic! It fills a niche that heretofore has been rife with non news. I’m bookmarking it now.

  5. M.D.,

    Can you add the “News Feed” feature (I think it’s Netvibes or something) so we can subscribe to your new site? I would love to add the news feed to my homepage.

    • Oops. I think I just gave myself a thumbs down. I figured out that you can just cut and paste the link to M.D.’s new site into your homepage control panel add feature and the news feed will show up.

  6. Bookmarked!

  7. TexasScout says:

    Drudge for preppers!

    Love it!

  8. I had not seen a site like that before…overwhelmed me. I had to google “drudge format”. ( I have always admitted I am new to following the national and international news ).

    I appreciate the important news I may miss all in one place.

    How many stories will be added each day?

  9. worrisome says:

    Great Way to Aggregate Common Interests. Thanks for all you do MD, Bookmarked it.

  10. this Blog is a member of my family, can’t lose it. It’s the only SANE thing to read

  11. Texanadian says:

    The Creekmore Empire exapands…

    • Texanadian says:

      expands you idiot 🙂

    • Now announcing our new product Exapands:
      Exapands, the only Exoskeleton suit shaped like a panda so there’s plenty of storage for when you just have to bug out.

      Brought to you by the Creekmore Empire

      (When you read this ad be sure to imagine a Don Pardo voice (RIP Don))

      • Texanadian says:

        Warning do not where Exapands in grizzly country during mating season. My not produce desired results.

        • seeuncourt says:

          I thought they were super sized Depends….

        • mountaingypsy says:

          TX, hilarious! humor is healthy, and good for preppers. this reminds me of a cartoon, where a large bear has hibernated all winter, and wakes up, and is totally flat all down one side and his face. His friend reminds him that he should have turned over during the winter…..

  12. Canyonman says:

    Well done, brother. Another place for the right-headed to go!

  13. MD
    Nice set up, but when I went to the home page of your site I came up with a different page……..thought you had been Hello-Jack, if I use the the other term. NSA’s computer will have hairball fit. 🙂

  14. Great site. Great format! Always read Drudge every day News addict.

  15. Great job, M. D.!

    Thank you.


    “Salvation is of the LORD (Jesus Christ).” -Jonah 2:9c, KJV

  16. Great ! Concise and all in one place! What a time saver.

    Thank you M D

  17. Happy Camper says:

    MD, I’m getting a error message ‘cannot open page server cannot be found’, is there any restrictions on opening it in Australia. I will check back in a few hours to see if it’s working. But I’m assuming it’s on the same server, hosted same as TSB.

  18. mountaingypsy says:

    Great new site, congrats! Like all the news in one place.

  19. UrbanCityGirl says:

    Super plan-I prefer to stay up to date and like the idea of finding it in one place. A very nice addition to this blog.

  20. What does the article about Clinton have to do with Prepping? Unless it becomes politicized, your new site appears to be a fantastic new resource to this field. Thanks for creating it!

    • Paul,

      Politics has a whole truckload of stuff to do with prepping, what they do and the laws they pass directly effect YOU, and will be the cause of TEOTWAWKIT… It’s not all about eating roots and berries.

      • I totally agree, M.D., that politics affect our security and freedom. I should have emphasized how important UNBIASED political reporting of real impact is, and how welcome that would be on your new site.

        • One wonders what you would consider UNBIASED? Many different opinions on that, so it’s best to provide numerous sources, let the individual dig out the truth, though it is more difficult to find these days than ever.

  21. Chuck Findlay says:

    Prepper Blogs & Websites

    SHTF Plan
    American Preppers Network
    The Survival Podcast
    Prepper Website
    BCtruck, rebuild, repair,repurpose
    The Prepper Project
    Ready Nutrition
    The Survival Mom
    Backdoor Survival
    The Survival Doctor
    Doom and Bloom
    Modern Survival Blog
    Off Grid Survival
    Survival Cache
    The Prepper Journal
    The Modern Survivalist

    Notice a prepper web site missing from that list?

  22. Jersey Drifter says:

    Real Nice M.D.
    Now if I can only go without sleep,
    Too much to do, too much to read,
    But it is nice to be informed and prepared. : )
    Both being done with your excellent help,
    And the help of the pack with their advice and tips. 🙂

  23. Chuck Findlay says:

    Bingo, MD you have one of, it not the best prepper web site on the net. You should include your address on the other site.

    • Chuck Findlay says:

      Sorry not survivalblog (Sorry but I’m not a big JWR fan)

      PS this will make sense when the other post gets un-moderated.

    • Chuck Findlay,

      Thank you. I have in the right side footer… The Collapse Report is a work in progress and will get better over the next few weeks as I get the “kinks” worked out. That other blog was not mentioned because he sent an email demanding that I never mention or link to his site. So I don’t.

  24. Chuck Findlay says:

    That’s kinda strange, I would think any bloger would want his blog mentioned to drive more people to it.

  25. Mary in GA says:

    I’ve bookmarked it and can’t wait to read it more, later, after work, not enough time right now. I don’t know why he would not want you to link to his site, he has this site linked in his list of links, kind of odd. I would recommend linking Rural Revolution (btw, she has this site in her links) it’s a great site, just a suggestion.

  26. This is a bookmark for me. It covers some of the websites I use but keeps what I am interested in on one page instead of multiple website pages. I like the format, less download time and easy access. Thanks for your efforts, its a great idea.

  27. Bam Bam and the Wolfpack,

    BOWL-A has now spread or broken out in the Congo, with multiple deaths reported, according to a story at ITV. There is now a chance that this outbreak could spread to most parts of Africa, making containment almost impossible.

  28. The computer has one more reson to hate me, I keep jumping back and forth between the two sites. I like M.D. keep up the good work. Thanks

  29. The computer has one more reson to hate me, I keep jumping back and forth between the two sites. I like M.D. keep up the good work. Thanks M.D.

  30. Tom Arnold says:

    Is there an RSS feed for the new site so we can subscribe and read it in a news reader? For example the RSS feed for this site is

  31. Photosniper says:

    Hi MD,

    I’d love to look at the site but whenever I click on the link it’s coming up ‘cannot find server’.

    Don’t know if it’s just me having this problem.

  32. Encourager says:

    Thanks M.D.! Great new site. But please work on the part where we can sign up for daily updates.

  33. With no forum for discussion it’s just another link farm

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