Volcano Collapsible Stove Review

I’ve been interested in the Volcano II cook stove since reading about it in Backwoodsman magazine, so when Emergency Essentials offered to send me one for review, I jumped at the chance. That is one of the perks of having one of the most popular survival blogs on the web (30,000+ page views per day), is I sometimes get free stuff to review and write about.



But, as I tell all companies donating products, expect an honest review, if a product is junk, I will say so. If you are not willing to stand by your products – don’t send them.

After agreeing to write a short review of the Volcano II stove, it arrived in less than a week from Emergency Essentials. Very fast shipping. I like that. Waiting for five weeks for an order to be delivered is not my idea of a good time. This has never been the case with Emergency Essentials – they have always delivered quickly no matter what I’ve ordered.

Weighing in at around 20 pounds, the Volcano Stove II was heavier than expected, it is a well-built unit but not one you would want to carry in a bug out bag, but that is fine, as it was never intended for such use.

Where the Volcano II is most useful is as an emergency cooking source at home or bug out location. With the ability to use several different fuel sources (wood, charcoal or propane) it is versatile and well suited for the needs of preppers.

Volcano-Stove-II egg cookingAnother great thing about this stove is that it isn’t one of those products that you buy and then put away for the when the poop hits the fan, it can be used for everyday cooking, or on weekends while grilling at the park with family.

Opening and closing the stove is easy, simply pull up on the handle and the stove pops open with the legs locked in place. To close the stove, lift up from the bottom and the stove folds in on itself, and the legs retract underneath for storage.

Cleanup after using wood or charcoal is as simple as turning the stove over and shaking the remnants out and wiping down with cooking oil to prevent rust.

Cleanup after using propane is just as simple and straight forward, first let the unit cool, wipe out any residue that might be left over from cooking, and then apply a thin coating of cooking oil before putting it away – in either case clean up isn’t a bother.

Overall, I think the Volcano II is a great cooking unit and one of the better choices on the market.

Volcano II Collapsible Stove – Emergency Essentials Video

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  1. This has been by backup cooking source for some time. I like that I can use Propane (with optional equipment), charcoal, or wood. Means I’ll have a way to cook, even if I have to do it in the garage.

  2. I have a older model that I love. One of the key features of the volcanco is that is designed with Dutch oven cooking in mind. That aspect should be covered in your review.

  3. Im surprised this got such a good review. I ordered one is f tgese a while back after you previously recommended it. Mune fell apart in less than a year. The legs no longer work and the items that connect the exteriot to the middle quit working so i cant fold it was nto itself anymore. For $100 i was expecting more i guess.

    • Art,

      What kind of maintenance did you do? I have have cleaned and oiled my volcano stove after each use and it has lasted for three years and it looks as good as new.

    • Are you sure you bought one of THESE stoves? $100? Mine cost about $140 for the stove itself, plus the propane guts, plus the hood to cover it, and I paid about $200 out the door for everything at Sportsman’s Warehouse. I LOVE mine–it got a lot of use for the first year or so I had it, not as much in recent years, but still is ready to rock and roll when I am. Did you contact the manufacturer? I’d be shocked if you got one of these that had some defect and the manufacturer wouldn’t make it right. These stoves have been wildly popular for about 20 years that I know of.

  4. TPSnodgrass says:

    We gave these as Christmas presents to our adult kids and their families last year. They work as advertised! My son’s has been on almost 20 cam pouts and still survives. It has been camping with my wife and I’m and I usually use it in addition to the BBQ grill for smaller more delicate items. Works like a champ. We love ours ! And, we also ordered through Emergency Essentials and while not the “Best online price”, their customer service is stellar in our experience with them, I prefer to shop online with proven online retailers. Nope, not related to anyone at EE, nor do we own stock.

  5. Thomas The Tinker says:

    I was pointed toward the Valcano on this site a few years ago. I’ve sense picked up the propane unit for it and a dutch oven that fits right in the ring. It is our go to kitchen, grill, and tailgate rig. It has also stood in as the deck fire pit.

    It’s ugly and it works.

  6. I have had my volcano grill for several years. If maintained, it lasts. The key is to clean it and put a coat of oil on it so it doesn’t rust. I would recommend this product to a friend.

  7. Had one for years. A 12 in dutch oven fits down in the top and you can actually cook a stew with only 12-15 charcoal brickets.

  8. Dang. Here I bought one at the swap this morning -same make, same model- and here is a nice review. Thanks!

  9. Crazy Joe in South Jersey says:

    Howdy All ! As an alternative view ….. I purchased something similar for only 11 dollars . Collapsible legs , just about the same size as a basketball ( it is roundish as well ) , has the bottom grate to hold my smaller dutch oven or 10 inch skillet , and there is a half size smaller up top grate for putting rolls on – it is removable if need be . It will burn charcol or wood . Suitable for 1 to 5 people . It would provide heat in a not airtight space . It weighs about 18 pounds less than the Volcano . I used Engine paint to 700 degrees on the inside as the factory paint seemed thin . It has a carrying handle on top . The money I saved , over 130 dollars , went towards other things . I think frugal at times . Although not heavy duty like the Volcano it has been doing well for over a year now both at home , a friends house cookout and some tailgating parties . In regards to prepping I will balance ever view , every alternative . To bad this has not helped me with blondes over the years .

  10. I’m still trying to find a really light yet sturdy stove for long term survival that doesn’t put much weight in my back pack. In long term I mean like possibly a year or even longer. I’ve seen a few in videos. But nothing was identifiable as to who makes the product. And I don’t want to be having to carry any fuel. I wouldn’t want any more weight than what I already have…with the exception of the stove of course.

    • Stewart, My DH bought me for Christmas last year one of the Solo stoves and this summer he bought me the pot that it fits in for backpacking. It is not as small as some, but it burns very well on twigs and such and also works with an alcohol burner for when you are not allowed to gather twigs. I have been very happy with it!!!

  11. I was given an ammo can stove as a freebie w/some other items I purchased…. anybody else use 1 of these? My experience positice, but little use….

  12. M.D.; In the video there is a shot of this stove on longer legs. Is that an option? I looked on Amazon and didn’t see any. Thanks.

  13. i purchased the volcano stove from amazon 2 1/2 years ago, as a backup grill that would use less fuel than my 1976 classic lime green webber. also, that it can safely use wood, which i would not use in the weber.
    i took it out of the box and played with it a bit, then packed it back up and stored it. i was impressed with the ease of set up and take down, as well as the sturdiness of the product.
    thanks for the review, MD. made me feel good that i invested in a versatile back up for cooking.

  14. PSYOP Soldier says:

    I have owned used one of these for years….Awesome piece of kit, should in everyone’s stash…Here’s a review a did waaaay back on 2011, been using it since..in fact, gonna buy a new one to replace the current one, and ad propane ring….


  15. I have used one of the original Volcano stoves, and really liked it. This looks like a new and improved version.

  16. Crazy Joe in South Jersey says:

    … CORRECTION ……….. I wrote 700 degree engine paint . In garage last night working I see the can on the shelf and it is 1500 degree engine paint … Brand … VHT Flame Proof Coating – SP 102 Flat Black . I have used it on 3 gas grills , 1 large Charcol Char Broiler and the one I mentioned above .

  17. This is a great post! Iv been looking at a small survival stove to put in my tree-house! Do you know what the BTU out-put is?


  18. Do you know where to buy this other than Amazon?

  19. Bought mine at Sportsman’s Warehouse. Got the model that also had the propane burning kit. Paid about $160 out the door! Works GREAT…

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