Warning Not to Use E15 Gas in Your Car: FOX Business

I only use 100% gasoline in my truck… Or at least it’s advertised as such at the station where I buy it…

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  1. MY car uses Super, and up here most is Ethanol free. I noticed in OK that you have the choice in many larger stations and some of smaller ones will state that they only have 100% gasoline.

    The motorcycle shop that I frequent said they have a lot of issues with smaller engines who use and leave E85 in them. I told them about the Super. I now only store treated Super for my small engines.

  2. I store large quantities of gas. My usual method of storage was to treat it,store it,then every year around my birthday (so I can remember) I pour it in my pickup and fill them back up. When we started being forced to use ethanol blended gasoline here in Louisiana,I continued with my yearly ritual of using it and refilling the cans. I was astonished at the loss of power I experienced with my blended fuel. What I’ve since found is that the ethanol slowly evaporates leaving you with 84 octane gas instead of 87. I now use it when truck needs fuel. It’s a much bigger hassle to replace that frequently but I believe storing fuel is worth it.

  3. Brad. Stabil makes a product for mesenal. I call it mesenal cause that stuff is a mess.Living in Komradfornia I do not think that I had any decent gas since the 70`s.

  4. JP Not many vehicles really need supreme gas. Lexus and Mercedes and maybe Cadilac say so but with todays cars With the computer systems it is not needed like when they made higher compression engines with carburaters.

  5. nick flandrey says:

    This has been blamed for the premature death of small engines also. Used to be, a lawn mower would last a decade or more. Now, you are lucky to get a couple of years, and pretty much every year, I have to tear down my carb and clean everything.

    The addition of alcohol to the gas has several effects.

    The alcohol corrodes aluminum, plastic and rubber parts leading to decreased life of your equipment.

    The alcohol has less energy per unit volume, which means less gas mileage, less power, etc. As an experiment, if your vehicle can run on E85, run a couple of tanks and see how much lower your MPG and range per tank are. Then do the math as miles per DOLLAR, and you will see that they are (usually) about the same for gas or E85. Given there is little cost difference, use normal gas (E15) and save some of the wear and tear.

    Making ethanol from food (corn) distorts the price of corn and leads to rioting and famine in other parts of the world. It also drives up the price of meat here, as feeding cattle becomes more expensive.

    So, lot of negative, very little positive. Typical gov’t mandate. But our betters have spoken…..


    • I have a flex-fuel ’03 taurus. About 5 years ago as an experiment I tried running E85 in it. After alternating a few tanks of E85 and E10 I was having cold-start problems and rough idle. Didn’t make the connection until a friend suggested I go back to straight E10, haven’t had any problems since. Mileage was awful too, I saved 15% per gallon but easily lost 25% mpg.

  6. I lived in central IL for while and made routine trips to another state 305 miles away and noticed I could get about 330 miles a tank on 100% gas and about 300 on 10% ethanol from the farm friendly IL who only allowed the blend to be sold. So doing my measuring a I got aout 10% less mileage with the mix. And paid about 50 cents more for the blend in the wonderful state of IL , so glad to be out of the California of he Midwest!!!

  7. http://www.buyrealgas.com
    This is one of many sites that will help you find ethanol free gas when traveling .

  8. I run super in all the small engines, mowers, chainsaws, weedeater, etc.. The big chainsaw, a Stihl, required it so I switched them all over. Since starting that I’ve had much less trouble with all of them, So super is what I store.

  9. Good information. Thanks. Switching all small engines over and bringing only premium to the mountain.

  10. Chuck Findlay says:

    I have a 4-year old Toro mower and it runs great, I don’t clean it as far as fuel goes. I never have any problem starting it every spring with last years gas. I don’t put any Stabil in the gas. I don’t change the oil, I don’t clean the carburetor, I just prime it by pushing on the bulb priming thing and mow the grass. I guess I”m a bad person? But the mower doesn’t seem to mind.

    Now my guns, they get taken care of, they get a massage with an oily cloth, they get cleaned, they get top quality scopes, mounts and ammo. And they get taken for a day at the range every chance I can.

    But the mower only gets used because the darn grass keeps growing. Some times I think I should Astro-Turf the whole yard and sell the mower…

  11. Chuck Findlay says:

    Hey MD why do I see this a lot? It seems your computer doesn’t like me and wants to moderate me a lot.

    Has my X-Wife been talking to your blog computer???

    Chuck Findlay February 7, 2014 at 10:03 pm
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    • Chuck Findlay,

      Because your comment is awaiting moderation for several reasons, either you’ve changes IP addresses, emails, placed a link in your comment or used a key word that automatically sends it to be moderated. For example all curse words are sent to moderation among others.

  12. Chuck Findlay says:

    Does anyone here have an idea what stabilizer that would work for kerosene for a cook stove? Being a cook stove it will be used indoors and I would like to keep harmful chemicals out of my indoor air. I’m not sure if stabilizer would add any harmful and or foul smelling things to the air. Not sure how to find the answer to this? I did some net searching but found little help.

  13. Chuck Findlay says:

    M.D. Creekmore February 7, 2014 at 10:23 pm
    Chuck Findlay,

    Because your comment is awaiting moderation for several reasons, either you’ve changes IP addresses, emails, placed a link in your comment or used a key word that automatically sends it to be moderated. For example all curse words are sent to moderation among others.

    I use WyFy from several locations, It sounds like that may be the reason?

  14. Nick said it pretty good above..
    A few stations here in ky sell 10% ethanol, sams club is one of them, I refuse to buy it.
    I feel our corn is food, not fuel, and has considerably drove up food prices since high fructose corn syrup is an ingredient in many, many foods. Main reason for skipping ethanol is its bad for most engines and fuel systems. How many thousands of ethanol users have replaced expensive fuel system components such as fuel injectors and blame it on quality when ethanol is to blame?
    Yeah it’s sometimes a few cents cheaper but the thousands in damage, less MPG, higher corn/food costs are not worth it.
    Tell your congressman to end the ethanol mandate.

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