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  1. Mixed response. Of course I agree with their “message”. Read an interesting essay by a fellow year ago argued that both the left & the right politicians were merely bilking the American people. Lots of hot air, no action but to tax us and empower themselves, send our sons to war. I believe lots of truth there after watching the empty promises of Boehner & McConnel this year. They don’t care about us really at all, so the companies get cheap labor from illegals, and the dems get voters — what’s not to like for these folks?
    So I snooped a bit on the website of the sponsor of the youtube; they are a financial group. Want to sell you a newsletter. Googled the name of the first head-guy — he has an interesting background pitching stocks and especially precious metal type stuff — for profit. I would be careful of these guys, they may be manipulating us just as much as the dem’s and repub’s are…. Perhaps that is why all the top R candidates this year are “non-politicians” or outcast politicians. People are waking up. My 2 cents worth.

    • PrepperDoc

      I’m not sure about the “sponsor” but it you’re talking about the banners that pop up in front of some videos, then you should know that those are google adsense and are auto generated based on the content of the videos, the people who post the videos have no control over what banners are shown.

      • PrepperDoc says:

        Hi, MD: I forget the name now, but at the end of the video they tout a financial company. I went to their company web page, looked around, found the “about” page and it shows about 3 big-shots, so I googled the first name I came to and found a stock-investment-review site that had some things to say about that particular founder. Everyone has their own opinion, but the comments made suggested that this group might be financially motivated to present videos about such subjects in order to find new customers. I can’t prove that of course — and the stuff in the video is clearly true and clearly of great concern! So I just took the good information and didn’t pursue their invitation to go further with them….

        Hope that makes sense. I’m pretty down on most politicians after McConnell made specific promises and then didn’t carry through on them, and Boehner was no better. Sick of that kind of behavior. I want a statesman.

        My 2 cents.

        • PrepperDoc,

          Oh I see; but really if as you said, what they say is “clearly true and clearly of great concern” then why does it matter if they are also running an business that will help them financially and also others who invest in precious metals as a hedge against hard economic times and a collapsing dollar? Nothing wrong with doing something you believe in that helps others and also allows for making a living while doing it. Or at least that’s how I feel.

          • PrepperDoc says:

            I agree completely. The issue the reviewer had was something to do with a previous engagement that appeared to involve a conflict of interest if I understood it right. I would just approach their newsletter with caution. I purchase pm’s myself and have no opposition to people selling them (-and I add that I don’t know for sure what they sell. ). But I would evaluate any sales offer objectively, separate from their video.

          • PrepperDoc says:

            MD, I sent you an email with the info that I found. It gave me a pause about this particular company, but I am simply NOT astute enough to know who is accurate here so I hesitate to put it in public. (Others can do their OWN due diligence!) I just would caution people to be careful of stock promoters who are simultaneously appealing to your political/survivalist viewpoints….that is a red flag. You can review the link/info I sent, if it is worth your time (it might not be) and draw your own conclusions. I stay away from penny stocks.

            My 2 cents worth!!

  2. countrygirl says:

    Illegal immigration is a nefarious conspiracy mostly by the left. California and all their problems are usually cited as the best example of the problems it causes but in fact Nevada might be the best example of the problem. Harry Reid was opposed to illegal immigration at first BUT Nevada’s two big cities are mostly populated by immigrants and many of them are illegal. So Reid and any politician who wants to get elected in Nevada must be soft on illegal immigration. This problem will replicate itself in every state until 10% or so of the voting population controls the politicians. The simple reason is all legal Americans have divided themselves on various policies and beliefs (like 2nd amendment, or abortion, etc.) making two pretty even voter groups. Thus a third fairly small group that will switch their vote based on one issue makes then the go to group for every politician. That is why Jeb is speaking Spanish and advocating for amnesty. The choice is to either stoop it now while it is possible or to give up.

    • PrepperDoc says:

      I think the politicians are just playing us as much as they can, they pander to whatever they think will keep them in power. I sent money to the Republicans in the last presidential, it was money down a rathole. Right now I am only donating to upstart candidates in specific races across the nation to unseat people who made promises and reneged on them. I’m fed up.

      • The next time the GOP asks me for a donation they will receive a note (on their dime) that says: “Dump Boehner and McConnell; then I will think about a donation.” I do help individuals.

  3. This mass “migration” is intentional. It is classic overwhelm the system and collapse the system. The Central Planners will then step in to save us (with the required golden handcuffs). Blessings

  4. I believe that America’s best days are behind us, & things are going to get worse. However, ppl in power will do everything they can to keep their power & look for ways to increase their power & authority. Have to believe that Wash, DC is not going down without a fight, even if the America they rule suffers. They will always put themselves first.
    BUT I am leery of predicting specifically when or how America will end. I have seen similar vids & articles & seen to many such predictions to be false or premature.

  5. Renee Collins says:

    What does everyone one feel the most important items to be stocking up on at this particular time, or things that we should be doing? I have been prepping for a couple years now, but I really like other preppers insight!

    • MD has a great “ten things to do right now” and another ‘next ten things to do” — have you covered THOSE bases? If so, then it is worthwhile to delve deeper.

    • Sister Judi says:

      When I first started looking at the conditions in the world,and in my country and in my town,I knew I had to make changes.So I started readingWell I learned there are many suggestions and lists and I attempted to follow them all
      Yes I went crazy,lol
      Then I started to look at my location and knew I had to move,and not to an area that has tornadoes or snow or people.
      I found my homestead and learned about the weather ai could expect and I began there.Then I looked at medical needs and took care of that and as I grew I found MD and have learned much from him and his suggestions.He is level headed and caring.I suggest you read everything you can of his work.Good luck,God Bless,
      Sister Judi

  6. Hi MD,
    I am with Prepper Doc on this one. I understand/agree with the message, but don’t like the style of the messenger.
    I am HORRIFIED that about 25 years ago when I lived in Kentucky, I actually GAVE to Mitch McConnell’s campaign, and I STILL get solicitations even though I have moved to 2 different states and four different addresses since.

    The only consistent explanation I can give to geo-political-financial events is that there is a deliberate attempt by the elites to crash the system (world wide) to facilitate gaining control of everything. This implies that they are setting up in advance.

    Permitting or even quietly encouraging an influx of illegal Hispanics and enabling birth rate increase in Afro Americans through social programs (at least there appears to be a correlation) while burdening the middle class (formerly mostly white) seems like a deliberate attempt to set the stage for race wars. Europe may soon fall into this trap in view of the rate the influx of refugees. However, I still think that it will be a financial event that is the final catalyst.

    Overseas, it appears that the only “consistent” goal of the US is to create total, utter chaos, starting with the Middle East, provoking Russia, enabling Iran, while the rubble continues to fall in Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Yemen, Libya, etc. ISIS is the “Phantom Menace” for which the start of a more widespread war will be justified. I am sorry, but I just can’t believe that such a huge amount of weapons just accidentally fell into ISIS hands without any of the US Government/Pentagon’s awareness. My brother says I need to read the Pentagon Papers if I have any doubt about the government’s ineptitude. I fear it’s worse. I think it is deliberate.

    Anyway, I am perplexed as far as what to do from here as I have no land or BOL, have a family who thinks I am nuts, (for example when I go try to work on my HAM radio, my wife tells her friends that her DH is out talking to the aliens).

    I have constantly been re thinking my strategy, but without any friends or family support, having relocated cross country a few times with no roots, I guess I still cling to my strategy of a few acres parcel of raw land, maybe install a well on it for water access, no building, but a 16 foot utility trailer to haul my preps to it if things get sticky. It’s better than no plan, but my best case scenario would indeed be to locate in a fairly rural town and try to make some acquaintances and build relationships with some sensible, reasonable, like minded people.

    My 2 cents. I enjoy reading comments here.

    • Chuck Findlay says:

      (I have no land or BOL, have a family who thinks I am nuts, (for example when I go try to work on my HAM radio, my wife tells her friends that her DH is out talking to the aliens.)

      Honestly were I in your shoes I would give my relationships a good, hard look to see if they are worth it. If your wife shows so little respect for you that she openly belittles you in front of others your relationship is in my opinion on shaky ground. She obviously values her friends more then you if she feels the need to make you out to be a fool.

      • Hello Chuck. I know that your comment was not meant for me specifically. However I would like to think you for your words of wisdom. I been going thru something for a very, very long time now. Thank you for helping me finally put things into proper perspective. I can tell you from experience that your advise is right on the money. Wish I would have read you comment 20 plus ( almost 30 ) years ago. Could have saved me alot of money and heartache / grief. You indeed speak the truth. Thank you Sir.
        Forged by adversity also comes to mind.
        Good Luck All…

  7. Its time to take our country back.

  8. Anonymous is a joke!

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  11. Sister Judi says:

    In my small group we practice exercises.Like I will call someone at 4 am and say they have 5 minutes to get out.Really sharpens your thinking process.
    Have fun,do your best and enjoy the ride

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