Comment regarding my recent posting of the Discovery Channel Video “Watchmen Militia Rising”.

Recent comment from “MentalMatt” regarding my recent posting of the Discovery Channel Video “Watchmen Militia Rising“.

Sorry to stick my nose in this but I have met and attended meetings form the Michigan Milita. They have been nothing but law abiding, freedom loving people who do nothing but preach the constitution. Never have they discussed or mentioned anything that could be considered illegal. I’m sorry I didn’t get back you earlier MD, and no I didn’t sent this to your e mail, in my humble opinion this is how you can maybe lose a blog, first it was way too much anti- cop, dude it was non stop, and hell me and BC even made peace, ( he has some good video’s on YouTube, thanx BC), now you have treasured members talking about walking away, Michelle you will be missed. Just my 2 cents. God Bless

Response from M.D. Creekmore


I never said that they were not law abiding or that I did not support what they are trying to do (I just posted the video with no commentary) – what I said in the comments, was that I am not nor do I want to join a “declared” Militia group and that I think we can do more good and have a better chance at taking back and preserving the rights that we have left by other methods and organizations like the NRA, the Tea Party and others. If I did not support what they are trying to do I would not have posted the video and thus given them a load of free publicity here.

Below are a few reasons that I personally, would not want to join such a group but if you or anyone else does that’s great go for it, it’s a personal decision that each will have to make – by the way, they say Gitmo is nice this time of the year…

Militia Accused of Plotting War on U.S. Gov’t
FBI raids centered on stopping militia group’s police-killing plot

I’m sure that most members are law abiding citizens and don’t want to kill police or go to war with the U.S. government and that these are just a few of the bad apples – but the federal government see’s all such groups as a potential terrorist threat, and each member as an enemy combatant and most likely have them under surveillance.

As for what you see as “anti-cop” I see as anti police corruption and brutality and by posting about it we are bringing awareness to the problem and offering a ways to protect ourselves and hopefully keeping those officers honest and non abusive in the future. If you think that is wrong then oh well…

This blog is about prepping and keeping my readers (The Wolf Pack) safe and prepared, and that is my number one priority, no matter what that threat may be even if that threat is police brutality or getting caught up in an FBI raid at a Militia compound.

As for “losing a blog”, when the emails in my inbox are over 200 in the past three weeks showing their support for what we are doing here and only 6 complaining – well you can do the math…

If you don’t like what is posted here, and don’t want to skip over what you personally don’t like, then by all means go somewhere else that is better suited to you and your own personal goals. That is your right. I’m not going to change my beliefs or have my right to freedom of speech denied on my own blog just because someone does not like what I have to say.

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M.D. Creekmore is the owner and editor of He is the author of four prepper related books and is regarded as one of the nations top survival and emergency preparedness experts. Read more about him here.


  1. I find that some of the “militia” groups are overly focused on being a military unit and are not prepared for non-military but still important prep areas, like food production and non-traditional medicine, which is the direction you would have to go in it the supply chain is disrupted/derailed on a long term basis.MRE’s are great, but what do you do when you run out? You can’t take your “patrol” out in your half-track to the local Army-Navy store to stock up.I also agree that they tend to draw a lot of attention to themselves, which is what you do not what to do, I wan to be left alone, I think most of those who follow this site feel the same.

    • Patro Kacego says:

      I share those feelings as well. I’m very confused that any prepper or militia member would appear on camera. The producers are looking for sensationalism you’ll never get a fair shake. Note: I’m not passing judgement on any militia members I’m just saying I think it’s better to keep a low profile.

      • I agree to keep a low profile is best, and I agree 100% with with MD…the best and safest way is to support the organizations he listed, if you are going to support a malitia group do so in a manner that leaves NO trail back to you. I am former military and former civilian law enforcement with some connections still within the military and make no mistake if you are a member and or support a militia group you WILL be put on a watch list…that’s not a maybe, if, possibily, could be, it’s with 100% certainty. I know some reading this will think I am full of BS and that’s ok everyone is entitled to their own opinion and I respect that…however when the UN and Blackwater troops and or Homeland Security storm your house and have you face down in your gravel driveway all zip tied up you’ll be thinking “damn it I should have listened to him”…just sayin. And yes I have already seen this happen, it was FBI/ATF joint mission and not UN/Blackwater…yet

  2. I few typos, I apologize, should read “store to stock up?” and “I want to be left alone,”

  3. People tend to see things through the eyes of something they have devoted their life to. I understand full well how insulting it feels to have one bad trucker be responsible for affecting the opinion of joe public, towards all truckers. I suffered, my children suffered, my wife suffered as a result of my devotion to trucking. Being an owner operator wasn’t just a job. For 30 years, it wast life. It defined me. It wasn’t what I did, it was who I was. If I were a cop who had the same dedication, I would be equally as offended when a bad cop sullied all my sacrifice and efforts. I can most assuredly feel the hurt of others who have given of themselves to be successful at a profession only to have people who know nothing of that sacrifice and dedication, kick you in the face for it. I also am a person who us capable of stepping back and seeing a larger picture than just myself and my dedication. The sad fact and reality is , no matter how hard you’ve worked, no matter how dedicated you were to your job,cause, effort, you/we are judged by those that knock the legs out from under that dedication. The trucker who runs a very old man and his wife in a Nash rambler, off the road, is the trucker that sticks in your head, not the one who made 30 years without causing harm to anyone. The cop who shoots an old man while picking up his cane is certainly going to be the one that sticks in your head over the one that helped deliver a baby that didn’t want to wait till it got to the hospital. The militia/ watchmen member who redicilously obese and has given himself the rank if colonel, is the one that sticks your head, not the member who has given up a weekend with his family because he truly wants to be a part if the solution and not just another fat guy who enjoys complaining. The fact is, we are human and we all suffer this natural human instinctual reflex of remembering the worst, not the best. I also believe that deep down, no one thinks that truly every trucker is a mouth breathing Neanderthal , not every cop wants to hurt you, and not every militia member joined out of a desire to give himself an undeserved rank or to play army with real guns. Maybe we can all just chill the $&ck out and stop being so overly sensitive about the little corners of our lives that mean more to us than other folks. Just be proud if who you are and what you’ve accomplished and let other people enjoy their opinions and perceptions. I’m nothing if not long winded,,,,, have a nice day.

    • DB Prepper says:

      BCTruck that is a great comment. I believe we all suffer, as you mentioned in your comment, in our chosen profession by individuals who decided either that they were not subject to the rules or just didn’t care to follow them.

      I am experiencing this firsthand in the financial industry. Bernie Madoff and Allen Stanford really made every financial advisor look like a sleazeball. As a result of their ponzi schemes clients no longer trust statements, question every single minute detail (that frankly they have no insight on what is right or wrong anyway) and personally blame you for any market correction or small dip in the market.

      Prior to 2008, although I was a serious greenhorn then, clients barely seemed to pay attention to statements, they would have meaningful discussions and actually listen to advice and didn’t view every investment as a way to have money deftly plucked from their pocket and into mine.

      For your benefit BCTruck, I do not view every trucker as a neanderthal, nor is every cop a dirty cop.

      FYI folks, don’t get me wrong, there are more than a few dirty financial advisors out there, and you SHOULD question the investments recommended for you even if they sound like good ones…

      • Reminds me of how used car salesmen have a bad reputation too. I’ve met one that didn’t leave me feeling like I’d been slimed. Then again, I’ve met a CPA that left me feeling like I’d just talked to a used car salesman. (No offense to anyone.)

        I work with a couple of different financial advisers and review/analyze statements regularly. Strangely, I’ve never had a problem with what they do, even after all the scandals.

        One bad apple spoils the pot?

  4. Militia groups, patriots, gun owners, “prepper’s”…Anyone can and will be painted in the light that the government and it’s media arm want you to be painted in. If you are not following and supporting the coming tyranny and fascism then you ARE considered an “enemy combatant” whether in a “militia” or not…It’s sad how far America has fallen.

  5. while it’s not a typical militia group,remember Ruby Ridge?

  6. I thought the folks in the video were totally whack–probably propaganda to make anti-federalists look bad.

  7. Hunker-Down says:

    I think you did is a favor in posting the video. Thanks for broadening our awareness.

  8. mindful patriot says:

    MD- I am fairly new here, and a newbie at prepping. That’s my disclaimer 🙂 No matter what you post, someone will always give it a “bent” that you do not intend, take it out of context, etc. And there are those who cannot read/see another’s opinion and politely disagree…if it’s different from their’s, it must be wrong.

    I would offer this suggestion: not wrong, just different.

    What works for you may not work for me, and that’s ok. I trust you have good reasons for your opinions, and I do not have to share them, but I always learn from them, and I am not offended if they differ from mine.

    Now that that’s out of the way, after watching the militia video, I have to respect folks who get off their sofa to at least TRY to make a difference. I could not care less what they wear or call themselves. It appears to me that safety is an important aspect in their form of prepping, and I have that in common with them. I also really appreciate the family extraction idea: providing for the safety of their little ones who cannot defend themselves. Someone out there will always pick it apart, mock the terminology, criticize their tactics, but not me. Just because I do not have the fortitude to stand on our border does not give me the right to disrespect those who do.
    Story ab respect: A man who spoke little English was waiting at the counter at our local Dillons with a fat envelop, to use the money order/wiring service. I got in line behind him. The manager(!) walked up to that register, called me by name, and said she could help me. I gestured to the man (standing right in front of her) and said he was here before me. The manager’s racism was apparent, though unspoken, as she hesitated. I continued, “This man works harder in one day than I do all week. I’m not in any hurry. Take care of him.” She did.
    He did not need to speak English, and I did not need to speak Spanish, to transcend the language barrier with respect.

    So, you have my gratitude for variety of content as I have learned so much; and I will not require you to be who or what you are not just to suit me.

    Thank you for helping me to become better equipped and better prepared.

    • I change my comment to mindful patriots,VERBATIM!

    • DB Prepper says:

      Great call mindful patriot. There are some great contributors to this site as well as MD my honorary “prepping uncle” as I like to think of him. I will probably never agree 100% with anyone just because I want to add my own flavor. It doesn’t mean that my ideas are better or worse (certainly not better) than anyone else’s. It is the difference of opinion which leads to new thought!

      • Hunker-Down says:

        DB Prepper,

        You said, “It is the difference of opinion which leads to new thought!”

        That’s why I love a good hard fought discussion; one showing mutual respect and a lack of insults.

        The one about good cop, bad cop came close.

    • Southern Girl says:

      Sorry, hit report comment by mistake. Dang fingers. Been shoveling dirt out of garden boxes today. Just wanted to say 100+ to Mindful Patriot.


  9. Have to point that despite the major publicity during the arrest, the Hutaree militia were acquitted on all charges due to lack of evidence, other than two being prosecuted on illegal weapons. It seems likely that like many of the terrorist cases that the government claims to have disrupted, its more likely that a government plant encouraged them into whatever actions it was that they were accused of rather than originating them on their own.

    • Backwoods Prepper says:

      Don’t think md was talking about hutaree in general but instead the two or three caught in Atlanta going to blow something up.

  10. I believe I am personally on so many “watch’ lists that I no longer worry about it. They know who I am, where I am, and if they come insufficient numbers “they” can “take me out” (or away) anytime they want to.

    Having said that, I only know 2 people who are actively involved in the Montana Militia, and that from working at the gun shows and buying products at their tables. I enjoy listening to them, and they have some valid points. I do glean a lot of information from/through them as an alternative source of information to what I normally get. Their tables have provided me with goods not normally available from other sources.

    But, I’m just not inclined to join groups for most any reason anymore. I do enjoy LMI’s, and having discussions, but I like my time to be “scheduled by me”. I look forward to my DW’s retirement so that I can reduce those things that are currently on my schedule.

    I respect others to have different points of view from mine. I think that is one of the great things about this country, over all the others, including European, that I have been to. However, if you ever want to find out how and old worn-out soldier is like an adult male Wolverine, feel free. I’m sure that it will be a life changing experience for you that you might not want to replete.

    I neither need nor desire government “protection” or “oversight” to “prevent me from hurting myself”. As for hurting others, well, they’ve been warned. It’s on them now.

  11. Oh brother, its amazing how people can rad something and get it so wildly out of context. First MD, I don’t think Mental was referring to your posting as the problem. The ridiculous comments afterwards are what cause the heart ache on most sites. Michelle took things personally and was offended for her husband. Then you get defensive thinking he is questioning your editorial decisions. Just my. 02¢ because this scenario plays out everyday on sites for any interest you can imagine. That’s why I usually avoid the comments entirel

    • 2heavyb,

      It’s obvious by his comment that he is referring to M.D. in the comment because he calls him out by name several times. I’m still trying to figure out why “MentalMatt” and a couple of others got their girly panties in a knot. They should be thanking M.D. for the support and free publicity of the “Milita” groups. All he said was that he was not interested in joining one of those groups. MentalMatt you owe M.D. and the other readers of this blog an apology, and learn not to be so girly and touchy in the future.

      I’m always amazed at the “freedom loving” constitutional supporters that only want to support freedom of speed when that speed is fully supporting their agenda. MentalMatt grow up.

      And another thing how many constitutional rights have been taken away, limited and otherwise molested by state and federal government. What has these “Militas” done about it… nothing that’s what…

  12. Tactical G-Ma says:

    M D
    Thanks for posting the info.

  13. JeffintheWest says:

    People are going to say what they think — especially on web site specifically dedicated to preserving that constitutional freedom (among others). If you disagree, you have a right to say something about it too. However, when you choose to become personally insulting or rude or uncouth in your response, then you have demonstrated an inability to be civil. If Michelle really is leaving the blog over someone else’s comments, I’ll be sorry to see her go. But at the same time, she, like all of us, has to do what she thinks is right for herself and her family, and I would no more second-guess her call on that than I would M.D.’s decision to post anything he wants on HIS blog. If you disagree with what he posts or says, and feel strongly enough about it, I strongly recommend you start your own blog and see how it works with you in charge.

    Personally, I don’t always agree with everything M.D. says or does here, but I certainly see where he’s coming from, and I remember that one of the fundamental underlying concepts behind “Freedom of Speech” is that others have the same exact right, even if I happen to personally think they are wrong. If more of us would remember that, we’d probably live in a better country today.

    • Tactical G-Ma says:

      Michele said she was leaving? No. Where? When?

      I know I and others will be spending less time on the web now that it’s time to work outdoors more but without Michele is no good!

      • Tactical G-Ma,

        Michele just emailed me to say she was leaving. It appears to me that some troll has been saying hurtful things. And M.D. duly called the troll out.

        To the Pack:

        It is our responsibility to monitor the comments here. M.D. put up the “report” button so we could alert him to comments by trolls. Three people have to hit the “report” button and the trolls comments go to moderation.

        • JeffintheWest says:

          Well, if she truly is, I’m deeply sorry to hear it. She will be missed. But again, she has to do what’s right for her and her family, so I’ll support her whatever her decision might be.

          In the meantime, I hope we all remember to deal with trolls as they deserve to be dealt with.

        • Bam Bam,

          I think that M.D. should do like JWR and not allow any comments at all on this blog. Preppers are some of the biggest babies, they are supposed to be ready for “TEOTWAWKI” but can’t even deal with a troll or a couple of comments that don’t agree with them. They get their feeling hurt and run off and hide, forgetting about the information and support that they have gotten from the blog in the past.

          • Kelly – there is much lost when comments are not allowed. I like MD’s format. Admittedly, I’ve never been to that other blog you mention and after everything I’ve read, I doubt I ever will. When you don’t allow comments, you quell discussion. That in turn stifles learning. Discussion can be the best learning experience.

          • JeffintheWest says:

            I’m thinking JWR doesn’t allow comments because he’d come out not looking quite so good. But maybe that’s just me….

          • Tactical G-Ma says:

            If we wanted just one persons perspective we could go to Rawles blog or others like it. Since no one person has all the answers, I really benefit from the collective. If there are those who don’t like the remarks, just read the articles and skip the repartee.

          • axelsteve says:

            I don`t subscribe to Rawles since I can`t afford a fire truck and helicopter and submarine.

          • Nsaneprepper says:

            I disagree with the idea of readers not being able to comment. I also read JWR’s blog and although I enjoy it I appreciate that MD allows interaction among the pack. I learn a lot from people like myself who may not feel inclined or qualified to write a full on article but post simple comments. Thanks MD. And please reconsider Michele.

          • JP in MT says:

            I look at JWR’s site as more articles on prepping where this is more a forum on prepping. I think we actually get a chance to benefit from peoples experiences more than with a 1500+ word “essay”. Some things work well in his format, and I look over what is there, possibly go further. I believe I have printed out more articles from this site than his, as I find them more useful for my “type” of prepping.

            Of all of the site I have looked at over they years, I find this one the most useful. There are tidbits of information on other sites, but most are just “one man’s opinion” (gender immaterial). Even when they allow comments.

          • 123pieguy says:

            While I read JWR’s blog daily, as I do the Washington Post (I know, I know), I feel more connected to this forum and I thank MD and you all for the constant comments and the great insights and info that I have gotten from it. JWR’s blog is a great asset in its own manner, and I partially understand why he does not want to moderate a forum when misunderstandings, poor manners, along with bigotry and close-mindedness too often occurred or are too often practiced by forum participants. I don’t agree with JWR on a number of social and scientific issues, and probably am not on the same page with some of you folks on some of those topics. But his site, in my opinion, provides some outstanding perspectives and reference material.

            Same for MD and the articles posted here, but all your back and forth with each other makes this site more like a club I like belonging to, and listening to all the opinions. It has been good to see how some folks who have unintentionally offended others have attempted and mostly succeeded in making up to those who were offended. And it has been good to see some of those offended being able to accept the hand offered in apology.

            Maybe we all get a little off balance when we talk/listen on subjects about which we have strong feelings. And most (all?) of us fail in some degree to say exactly what we want to others in the way we want to say it. It’s easy to be misunderstood, and to misunderstand. But thanks to all you Wolf Packers who comment so frequently. BC – you stand out in many ways, especially when considering the effort you have put into your videos and the help they have given others. Anyway – keep on keeping on. This site is helping a lot more of us bystanders than you all realize.

          • 123pieguy says:

            “too often occurred or are too often practiced by forum participants.”

            See there – just what I was talking about – that is NOT what I meant to say. What I meant was too often practice by A FEW forum participants. Sorry if anyone took my words to refer to many, most, or all participants. NOT what I meant!

        • JP in MT says:

          Bam Bam:

          I’m sorry to see her go. I am a bit confused as to why, but that is her decision not mine.

          When we are using only our words to convey a point, be humorous, or whatever, and since we (at least most of us) are not professional writers things can get lost in translation. Body language and tonal inflection are missing and can be vital in getting the point across.

          I know I am guilty of it, as my DW reminds me. My sense of humor extendes in ways that most people don’t understand. I try to proof read my comments, but there are times that a comment will hit a raw nerve and “off I go”! It doesn’t mean that I am personally attacking someone I’m not even likely to meet.

          There are people that regularly post here who’s position on a variety of issues I have problems with. That’s life. I find it fun to have LMI’s around, and interesting to have those of diametrically opposed opinions too. Keep me thinking.

          I choose to think of Michele’s message as a “farewell” vs. “goodbye”; things may change.

          • In the last couple of years I have read and occasionally commented on just about every item posted here. I consider this as my second family even tho I may never meet most of you face to face. I am proud of MD and the Wolfpack for being the open and honest group that they are.
            No one has ever tried to tell someone else that the only way to think or do something is their way. (Unlike someother blogs out there) We may disagree sometimes but we learn a great deal from MD and each other. Please everyone remember, that even indirectly, we are a team and a family.
            De Oppresso Liber

          • Donna in MN says:

            I have been heaped on, criticized, and degraded for my beliefs, and I don’t say I am leaving. I’d just disappear and let you all wonder what happened to little ole me.

        • Then again we could all act like adults, and simply ignore the trolls. We’re not adolescent high school kids, and need not act that way. Trolls, once completely ignored, soon fade away on their own, looking for other people to bother.

          • Tactical G-Ma says:

            What a novel idea!

          • Survivor says:

            Roger that, OP!!! Well said!

          • Survivor,
            It was better said by an old man who wrote an article I read more than 30 years ago, and that I still remember. He said,
            “No one can get your goat, if your goat ain’t available to get got”.
            This is about a succinct as I’ve ever heard it, and it has stuck in my memory all of these years.

        • I am very sorry to lose her knowledge, skills and great attitude, especially for us trying to prepare for the unknown of the dark times ahead. Please pass on my good thoughts and prayers for her and her family, as I know she would be the first to offer them for me, who she does not know. She has big shoes to fill, and will be missed.

          • rjarena,

            Apparently, her attitude was not that great if she got her feeling hurt by what I’ve read in the comments here. Looks like she needs to grow up and grow a thinker skin, if she wants to survive a major disaster, because as it stands she would do nothing but run and hide in the closet because she got her feelings hurt.

            Trust me this blog will go on and be just fine with or without her posting in the comments here.

            Tactical G-Ma now there is one with a good attitude and a tough skin that doesn’t get her feelings hurt when someone disagrees with her…

        • CountryVet says:

          Please let Michele know that she will be missed. I did not catch whatever comments caused “hurt” but I sincerely extend my apologies. Please ask her to stay if for no other reason than to piss off detractors. I personally REFUSE to EVER let anyone drive me away from my friends or activities that I enjoy.

        • If she leaves, I want her email so I can order from her (when she is ready). But I really don’t want her to go! Some of you folks are like “anchors” that help keep the rest of us grounded, and we need that function. I come here to learn and grow, and it’s the people that make it so much fun.

      • Tactical G-Ma says:

        Bam Bam
        I am truly sorry to see her go. Do tell her I wish her the very best.

        • Nebraska Woman says:

          I agree, G-Ma. She has been so kind to me over the years I thought of her as a sweet sister.

        • Encourager says:

          Bam Bam, please tell her to come back! We all need her and her wisdom.

        • Donna in MN says:

          Ditto for me as well and I understand. I have left many groups/organizations this way after being attacked time and time again but not by trolls, but the members. Sometimes I think I am a glutton for punishment for staying so long with them until shtf at me and for my own mental health had to leave.
          Strange things happen though,…..right after I left them, they all fell apart and went under. That tells a lot.

  14. augustino says:

    Why is it that all of the shows I’ve seen on television tend to portray these types of groups as nuts. Yes even “DOOMSDAY PREPPERS” portrayed the vast majority of the folks they covered like lunatics. Most come across as gun loving people that practice military drills to hold off the US Army or National Guard. let’s be real… If the US Army wanted you, they would have you. They have tanks, grenade launchers, planes, JDAMS, heck stuff a militia could never secure.
    I think the producers select these types because it makes for good TV.

    • Augustino,

      It is too threatening to portray preppers and militia members as ordinary people. This is a part of normalacy bias. If TV shows portray preppers or militia members as completely whack, then they don’t have to take a real look at the issues that prompt people to prep and join militias. And by not looking at the underlying issues they insulate themselves from taking responsibility for themselves and their families.

  15. I though it was in poor taste to complain when M.D. was showing support for what they are trying to do by giving them free publicity, I guess he got made because M.D. did not fall to his knees in full 100% support of their all their tactics (playing army, camo and fake military ranks etc) and suggest that his readers run out and join the nearest group.

  16. Overweight says:

    Funny how they always pick out the fat person.
    I’m overweight, but I still believe in the constitution, and think there are so many people out there that would rather make fun of the fat guy that work to solve problems that affect us all.
    Just because I can’t run a mile shouldn’t cause anyone to single me out or make fun of me. I have skills, and can do quite a bit that so many others can’t. It’s just funny how judgmental people can be, and why I keep to myself. Most militia I know or have met do not talk of illegal activities. They don’t want to overthrow the government, they just want to make things better and defend the constitution. I tend to agree with them.
    Oh well, rant mode off.

    • preach it fatty!!!
      BWAHAHAHAHAHAH hahahahaheheheheheh!!!!
      sorry yall,its like black folks get to call each ohter the “n” word. we fat folks can use the same liscense.

    • axelsteve says:

      I have always been overweight. Especialy if you go by those blanking hieght weight charts.I used to be in a sport called powerlifting and according to the weight height putzes I was morbidly obese#)&% them and there charts.

      • When I hit 250 I just had to get a bigger horse and motorcycle. On the back of a draft horse I look absolutely svelte. Auto correct almost embarrassed me.

      • Lol,
        I witnessed that in Hawaii. One of the S-1 guys was a power lifter. Must have weighed well over 200lbs but was 5’9″. Of course he would blow that chart out of the water. But nobody in their right mind was going to give him any lip. He was winning medals for the Division left and right. Not to mention his neck was as thick as my thigh.

  17. Very interesting viewing. Still not totally sure what I think about
    it. Some seemed to have it together, others just seemed to be
    playing army. But it does drive home the fact that durring a SHTF
    situation you do need help from others. It’s to hard to try and go
    it alone.

  18. I appreciate all the info and insight from MD and all of the rest of you. The pack is full of brave, caring, and intelligent people. Just don’t mock one another, okay?

  19. Once again, it appears I missed something. This time I went back and skimmed through. People (me included) don’t always take things the way they are meant, especially when one bad apple throws in comments that are totally inappropriate. I really hope Michelle doesn’t leave because I love seeing her posts – full of energy and good information. Everybody here offers a different point of view, whether we agree with it or not, it’s good information to have. The majority of those here seem support similar ideas – we just have different ways of doing it. It doesn’t mean one way is wrong or right; it just means my way is right for me and your way is right for you. It seems we are needing reminders of that, which is probably indicative of the stress we are all under (in different ways).

    • Well let’s keep an eye on the asshats around here, especially Occam’s Disposable Razor who has been trolling around for a while.

  20. So, M.D. what’s your opinion on the militia video?

    Do you think this is government propaganda to make militia members look completely whack? Do you think this video is to militia members what Doomsday Preppers is to preppers–i.e., only showing the extreme, not-so-believable preppers? Would you really not join a militia if your area were threatened? What do you think is the difference between militia that exist today and the militia that kicked out the British a few hundred years ago?

    I am inclined to think that if left-wing nut jobs can make militias out to be law-breaking radicals/terrorists then there really isn’t any constitutional right to bear arms? (Because in their thinking the right to bear arms is only the right for militias to bear arms and not ordinary people. Since all militia members are nut jobs like the folks in this video, we need TDL’s military to disarm the terrorist militia.)

    • Oh, these questions are open to the whole pack–I was just curious to hear what M.D. thought. Since I am never shy about telling ya’ll what I think . . . I am grateful that M.D. posts videos like this because we can talk about them.

      • Hunker-Down says:

        Bam Bam,

        I’m an opinionated foot in mouth loose cannon, gullible, antagonist with a personality like a hat full of a$$holes. So it shouldn’t surprise anyone that I think the guys on the Southern border have a serious problem and are responding in an adult way. The other groups are just playing the modern version of cowboys and Indians.

    • Bam Bam,

      “Do you think this is government propaganda to make militia members look completely whack?”

      Nope, not in this case – I think that the shows producers are to blame for most of it, but the groups themselves make it easy for the producers to to it…

      “Would you really not join a militia if your area were threatened?”

      We are all part of the militia – so I have no need to “join” a group with a pretty patch on my sleeve. We will all come together and defend our areas if needed… As for these groups taking on the government during martial law or whatever… we all know how well that would turn out.

      “What do you think is the difference between militia that exist today and the militia that kicked out the British a few hundred years ago?”

      They were more organized and dedicated and worked together toward accomplishing a specific goal (defeating the British) and they actually did something, even if it could cost them their lives.

      • Thanks for taking time to answer my questions. I am on the fence here. The folks in the video were made to look like nut jobs–and I am sure the producers did everything possible to reinforce this appearance. But I also think there will come a day when ordinary citizens must rise up to fight tyranny. But like you said, we don’t need uniforms and patches to do this.

        I want to thank you for posting the video. I know you’ve taken a lot of heat. But I like the fact that we can talk about and disagree on controversial stuff. I am grateful for all the work you do to make this community possible.

      • Survivor says:

        “What do you think is the difference between militia that exist today and the militia that kicked out the British a few hundred years ago?”

        And they had a leader that most of them would die for…George Washington

  21. Msgtretired says:

    23 years Air force retired. Now 3 years you can all try to survive what is coming as individuals or you can join your local militia as our founding fathers did. Only 3% of you will have the guts to particiapte in a fire fight for what is coming. America is on the decline and ALL our enemies are on the rise and obama is loving it. Missing flight 370 will be loaded with a nuclear bomb and be flown into NEW YORK. The pilot and co pilot are now confirmed muslims. That jet is the perfect nuclear delivery system. Martial law will come and obama will claim power until the crisis has passed. If I am wrong so what…… I’m just a kook but if I am right you all better prepare in groups. If you fear our federal govt. you have already lost and just keep hiding in the shadows because that is your future. I will stand tall and proud as an American fighting man. Better to die on my feet defending OUR nation than to live on my knees. Man up and join your local militias today the time grows short. The MILITIA is the back bone of this country . The left has given the word a stigma and defeated you.

    • Msgtretired,

      I don’t remember anyone saying anything about surviving alone – for most of us our family and close friends make up our prepper group (I’m not going to give numbers here, but in my case those numbers are greater than those most of the militia groups I’ve been in contact with), and when it comes to defending our streets and towns after a disaster the people in the area will pull together and do just that. If anyone wants to join a militia group that’s great they should go for it, with the federal government trampling on the Constitution consistently and with the Constitution being pretty much destroyed over the past 12 years, I have to ask you what will be the tipping point for action? How far does it have to go before the talk stops and the action starts? Those are two questions that need to be asked by anyone joining a group and the group needs to be ready to answer.

      • Msgtretired says:

        Just as the revolutionary war began we are training and hoping to take our nation back through the power of the VOTE. The militias will not be the aggressors but we train to respond to aggresion and to respond to natural disasters. At this point who knows we may be invaded by Russia as obama is so weak he would probably go on vaction if we were invaded. I never invisioned the America we live in today.

    • JP in MT says:

      “Do not mistake my silence for ignorance,do not mistake my calmness for acceptance,and do not mistake my kindness for weakness.”

    • ok! ok! I’ll join a militia,but im NOT SHARING MY BACON!!!

      • BC,

        I’ve got your t-shirt design already in my head: Bacon Lovers Against Tyranny: Kiss My FAT Pig Butt”

      • Bacon? You got Bacon? Me join too, just gimmee BAAACON!!
        🙂 🙂

      • BC
        BYOB (Bring your own bacon)
        Well said. I enjoy most of the comedians on here, but you are in a class of your own! I read most all of the posts,; even when I don’t necessarily agree, I find them thought provoking because they come from a different perspective. Variety is the spice of life, but I never tire of bacon.
        Molon Labe

    • Those who fought in the Revolutionary War did so only with the consent of the people–while they were fighting, others were growing crops and protecting their families.

      • That is not exactly true, and I would recommend two books for you Bam Bam.
        1776 by David McCullogh
        and The Fort (fiction) by Bernard Cornwell.
        I suspect that many may be surprised to know that Paul Revere was court martialed and his actions are detailed in The Fort which led to the cour martial.
        I would also recommend Triumvirate by Bruce Chadwick which gives a very good account about how the Bill of Rights was hard fought for against the Constitutionalist. We were just as divided then as we are now.

    • Hey MSgt. I hear what you’re saying and I appreciate your passion for your militia. However, to blatantly shout out who will or who will not “have the guts” is an irresponsible accusation. The idea of Join the militia or die is ridiculous. I’ve seen a few of the militias around. Most of those guys are lucky they haven’t shot themselves. I served 21 years in the Marine Corps I’ve done my share of shooting and being shot at. I certainly don’t need a bunch of “soldier of fortune wannabes” to have my back. Especially when most of them haven’t the slightest clue as to what it’s like to “have the guts to be in a firefight”. If and when it comes down to fighting, I mean true -fighting- I will stand my ground just fine and I have a lot friends who will be next to me. You can bet that if necessary I would have your back as well, any time any where. Semper Fi.

      • JeffintheWest says:

        Amen and +100 Gunny-T.

        No one knows what they will do the first time the chips are down, until the chips are actually down.

      • Msgtretired says:

        And I would have yours as well. Read my post below on the importance of now is the time to train and make contacts. Since my name is on the web site I have been contacted by some of these other militias and I discuss them.

  22. here in the state of MO.,,,the State Militia worship Nixon and Mc.Caskill as there GOD’S,,they care NOTHING about the Constitution of our state AT all,,it’s just KISS @$$ time for them..LOW LIFE SCUM !!! they lie all the time..

    • Hiplains says:

      The thought that continues to roll through my mind is this: Militia, Preppers, Survivalists, etc, etc simpy can not be allowed in broadcasting (via television, web, whatever) to be shown as peace-loving, patriotic, balanced folk! Repeatedly the survival, prep, militia, etc. people group is and will continue to be depicted as waaay out of balance so the general populous is convinced that they/we all are dangerous whackos….. and nothing further needs to be done….mission accomplished. The bonus is that it causes infighting amongst the very people that are being attacked!
      Ignorance and division are powerful weapons, my friends. They require only the tool of managed mass broadcasting.

      Humans can’t grow in a vacuum. We need the differences to cause us to think differently or more deeply. Often when I have been offended, it has caused me to see holes in myself I otherwise would not have been willing to look at. Hey, I don’t agree with everyone on every subject but even then, there is more to learn from everyone! As iron sharpens iron.
      I will go so far as to suggest that when push comes to shove, I’d be better off back to back with the core of this pack than not. There’s my nickels worth.

      • Hiplains says:

        Oops, I got all serious and forgot….my cartoon mind now has a picture of an “ass” wearing a ball cap and eating bacon! Yikes! See what ya’ll have done?! LOL!!!

      • JP in MT says:

        You may have a point. We (whatever politically incorrect group you belong to) should not give the “powers that be” have an opportunity to present us in a bad light. It’s almost like Jeff Foxworthy talking about rednecks – “Have you ever seen a yacht with a glitter finish?” Or the Jerry Springer show. We can be our own worst enemy with the public.

        Graymen Rule!

    • Msgtretired says:

      Sorry don’t know what militia you are referring to we DO NOT worship ANY politician.
      We train to help our neighbors become more self suffcient. Pecrhance are you a troll ? Or do you have any FACTS to back that up ?

  23. Survivor says:

    I’m not a fan of local militia’s, especially the ones that promote themselves in such a high profile manner, ie going on TV. I believe that the gov’t agencies know who these folks are already and are tracking them. When martial law is declared those folks will be the first to get set on fire.
    So, as one commentor indicated I should do, I’m going to hole up and wait. No militia can take on the federal forces. Better to engage as a saboteur and go after the OPFOR logistics such as food, water and electricity. The military is so dependent on the internet these days. That is one very soft target!!

    • Survivor says:

      Dadgum it….I was going to say further. I appreciate MD and this blog. The information contained herein is crucial and pertinent.
      I don’t agree with everything everyone says, but I spent 20 in the USN to protect that freedom, that right. If one doesn’t like what is written, move on. Getting angry over this stuff doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to me. After all, what are you getting angry about…it’s a computer screen with writing. Turn the freaking page!!!

    • Msgtretired says:

      We train gueriila war fare. You are correct a militia could never go toe to toe with a govt military. In he milita you are trained on how to make a plan what to do when the plan get’s blown and how to still accomplish the mission. The russians could invade any day now or new york get blown up by a missing 777 . We also train on earth quakes for MO and tornado season is almost upon us again. Survival training fire starting, edible plants medical training HAM, CERT , CCW we are a wealth of knowledge. Bring your knowledge to the table the life you save may be your own. And you might make some new friends.

  24. Wow! I go to work and don’t check in for a few days and I miss everything…

    Michele, I hope you’re checking in and at least reading some of these comments… I’m pretty sure many here feel the way I do and think you are a cornerstone to the blog and many of us turn to you for advice and would hate to see you go because one or two idiots don’t know their heads from a hole in the ground…

    MD, I learn something from everything you post… even if it is to reaffirm something I would not do myself, like join a militia group, but you are putting the information out there for us and letting us decide how we want to handle, and respond to, the information. Unfortunately, that also opens the door for “haters” to walk through and try to disrupt that sharing of information and ideas with their hate and intolerance.

    The Wolf Pack crosses all races, ages, genders, cultures, and creeds… we use this to strengthen ourselves and each other because we all have different life experiences. I truly feel sorry for the trolls who visit the page and try to disrupt the flow if information you have facilitated here on the blog; they will never understand… that being said, the “Report” button will become my new little friend, where as in the past, I simply ignored their comments and moved on.

    • Survivor says:

      You’re letting the trolls control you. They’ve changed your attitude and your approach to the blog. I like Ohio Preppers attitude..simply ignore them, don’t answer them and don’t let them change you. They will go away.

      Do you remember the Halloween after 9-11? People wouldn’t let their kids go trick-or-treating because of the attack. It changed a lot of people’s attitudes. The terrorists won. They’d be so proud if they weren’t worm crap right now!!

  25. I’m a newbie – that being said; I appreciate the comments, I have learned a great deal and have picked up snippets from the posts. I have looked at other sites, but like the humor and the willingness of people to answer my “stupid newbie questions” I hope Michele reconsiders but respect her right to do so (michele- please this newbie is seriously lacking in that dept). That being said, I watched the video and didn’t feel need/desire to comment-just figured it was like the other “reality” shows – over the top in order to get viewers. Whether one decides to join or not is a prepping decision some feel it better and some do not-and like other decisions it depends on an individual’s circumstances. Thanks for the info about the report but, as a newbie I had no idea-tho I have hit it by accident (sorry MD)

  26. Encourager says:

    Interesting posts. I spent last weekend in a CERT basic class. I would say almost 1/2 of the class had people dressed in fatigues. They were all members of a ‘group’ and they made sure to tell all they were not part of the Michigan Militia. A number of the instructors were part of this group. They get together often and run drills, practice first aid, train the younger ones (there were quite a few teens) in discipline and tactics. Every single one of them was polite, helpful, respectful – especially to us ‘elderly’ folks. I was VERY impressed with them individually and as a group. I haven’t been called Ma’am so often, ever!!

    I spoke at length with one of the leaders. The majority of the older adults were retired military; many were active, and many were in the National Guard (although you could join the group even if you had never served). He said that they do have shooting events, but privately, as they do not want to alarm the public. At all of their public gatherings, they are required to not have weapons displayed. (I do not agree with that.) They dress in fatigues to show unity. Each person has a name tag and rank. They excel in helping others – training CERT people, working at events, helping in any disasters. I was very impressed.

    • Tactical G-Ma says:

      Can’t wait til our CERT class starts in May. There are a lot of folks who don’t think too highly of FEMA. But your local EMA, formerly Civil Defense, is a good group to tie in with. I belong to many groups including, EMA, NRA, local Gun Club, HAM radio, to name a few. DH and I hope to be able to assist those in need in the event of a crisis.

      If you are an ostrich and stick your head in the sand you are definitely part of the problem. I understand how some already have more on their plate than they can handle but at least try to make it to the occasional town or county meeting, anything to help you be aware of what is going on.

      You can’t rely on Fox news or CNN to tell you from their Ivory Towers when people need to take action.

      • Encourager says:

        We spoke at length to a very nice gentleman who was in his 80’s, taking the CERT class. He was the head of the local HAM radio group. He was SO interesting that now dh is interested in getting his HAM license. The gentleman said if you join their group, the class you have to take, AND the test are both free. Free is good!

        • Tactical G-Ma says:

          That’s a win-win. The test is easy with a little study and you will eventually come across other people interested in self-reliance.
          We don’t have the resources to put up the tower and hi powered transceiver but we communicate, have the radios for preps and they will come in handy during an actual emergency. We also have CB walkies.

          • Tactical G-Ma,
            Depending on your situation, you don’t need a tower. In fact, the tower I have is used for the lower power VHF and UHF gear, not the higher power HF gear. A simple dipole can be made for each band with nothing more than some lengths of wires, something in the middle as an insulator, and the coaxial cable to the radio. Radios are available in the used markets that are perfectly serviceable. It’s something well worth looking into in the medium to long term.

        • Encourager,
          Good for you on the DH. While you can still spend thousands of dollars on equipment, the basic equipment to get started in style, is less than $100 per person. Any of the Baofeng UV-5R series radios, a speaker mike, spare battery, and an external magnetic mount antenna will get you going in good stead.

      • Encourager,
        You state, “At all of their public gatherings, they are required to not have weapons displayed. (I do not agree with that.)” and although I understand your sentiments, there is good reason not to carry openly. The idea is to let people get to know them and not have to get past the schock value of seeing an openly carried firearm. As an NRA Instructor and TC we train our instructors and run our classes with specific instructions to always use “firearm” or “gun”, but NEVER use the word “weapon”. It is the word used by our opponents in this fight, and we do not let them set the terms. Likewise, showing up to a room full of camo, where there are no firearms displayed, and nothing but polite and kind words, gives the enemy no traction or images to use against us.

      • Tactical G-Ma,
        Your statement. “I belong to many groups including, EMA, NRA, local Gun Club, HAM radio, to name a few.” could have come from me. In fact our local HAM and EMA work together closely with ARES (Amateur Radio Emergency Services), RACES (Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Services), and Skywarn, who are the trained weather spotters. Looks like preppers all find ways to help the community, train, and keep their skills honed.

        • OhioPrepper,

          Another way to help people, make friends and get some training is to join the local volunteer fire-department or search and rescue.

          • MD,
            You’re right on other services and training opportunities. In our case, the local EMA has all of the common equipment for rehabilitation, hazmat, extra communications, etc. and works closely with all of the local department (mostly small VFDs), meaning that they all don’t have to have the support equipment, acquisition and maintenance costs, etc. We quite often work with Police, Sherriff, Health Department, etc as well for SAR and sometimes in the past for securing sites, like small plane crashes. There is also a lot of training available. Anyone with some spare time should look into these opportunities in their area.

        • Tactical G-Ma says:

          OP and MD
          Our participation is not totally altruistic. If there’s crap coming down the pipe, I want to be among the first to know. Also, this in no way means that I will fall in line for unconstitutional or fascist acts.
          Lord knows, our volunteer FD has saved our bacon a few times! They are real heros and heroins!
          I recommend folks get involved as much as they are able.

          • Tactical G-Ma,
            Hmmm. We’re sounding more alike by the minute. A lot of information comes my way that doesn’t always hit the public. Nothing classified, but it’s still good to be on the inside of the loop.

  27. Real Sergeant Major says:

    Do these little 8-10 man “Militia” units have a chance against the federal government that has turned against the citizens? No, and they could all be brought down in an hour by federal raids and put in jail when the federal government decides to act, and guess what they can haul members off and detain them FOREVER, without a trial because they are considered enemy combatants.

    Have these “Militia” units done anything that has helped us preserve the Constitution? Have they done anything to preserve the Second amendment? Sadly, and honestly, the truth is no they haven’t. Do they make a difference? Again no they don’t.

  28. moonstone says:

    A wolf pak sticks together.The strong look after the less strong.There are hunters,defenders, leaders,nurturers, young and old. They all look after each other. Sometimes there are conflicts and things can get a little out of hand, But a pak always sticks together. We need each other to help on this journey we are about to go on called survival.We are all in this together and each pak member has something special to contribute to the well being of us all.When a valued member leaves us, for whatever reason, the rest of the pak mourns.A pak must stick together in order to survive.We are the Wolf Pak! I say LETS STICK TOGETHER!!

  29. MentalMatt says:

    Wow MD, I feel important as I really tried to sound as diplomatic as I could, I have angered you. If not you wouldn’t have made me a post for comments. Please forgive me as I tried to shed some different point of view on your blog, (and yes sir I know its your blog). I find it mildly surprising, that my short statement has gotten you so riled up. I’m also sorry that more people in this subject didn’t rip me apart. It really wasn’t meant as that, I thought I was being pretty respectful. I also apologize about any wrong doing on the part of any law enforcement officer in this county, I really don’t have control over that, I’m sorry that for the year and a half that I have read and commented on your blog that lately it has turned for a different direction. I have never hidden what I do, nor will I ever. You know when they find a so called prepper who is a nut job, killing or destroying someone else, or just being a fool, I don’t take it out nor should I ever on this blog. That’s just foolish. I don’t want anyone to join anything, I just kind of gave a shout out to the gentleman I have met in the Michigan Militia. That’s all. I’m not mad nor do I harbor any resentment to anyone that has ever posted on this blog, maybe some arguments, Lol I remember me and tinfoil hat going at it for awhile, but we made peace. MD just do me this favor, and post this!! anything else I swear to you I will not put on this blog. You have my email, I would love to discuss this between each other if not I will not bother your blog again. I leave you all with this message God Bless

    • MentalMatt,

      Contrary to how you took my reply to your comment, I’m not “riled up” as you put it – if I had been riled up I would just have deleted your comment altogether, and went on. I posted your comment with my reply simply because it asked questions and made points that I wanted to respond to and believed that other readers would be interested in reading.

      But your comment did seem to go on the attack towards me for posting my thoughts and opinions on my own blog, and as an attempt to force me to stop posting content that you personally do no agree with. But it’s all good, you said your thoughts and I allowed it (even made it into a post so more readers could see what you have to say) and I posted my response and thoughts to what you said, and now we can all move on until the next toe stomping.

      btw you have no obligation to apologize for the wrong doing of other law enforcement officers in this county, they are responsible for their actions not you.

  30. Worrisome says:

    A point for all tonight. I am up at the Bol so typing this is difficult on a kindle. A good career Sheriff died today in Mendocino County, California. He died in a hail of bullets as he was ambushed responding to a call for help. The a$$ that killed him had been raining mayhem down hwy 101 all the way from Eugene, Ore to a small town on the Mendocino Coast. There are many many dedicated people wearing uniforms and doing their jobs. Yes, there are plenty of jerks in uniforms but there are plenty of jerks without uniforms…..both kinds of jerks are capable of having a gun and doing something stupid with it. Paying attention to jerks is the answer. Anybody with a big mouth, a misplaced ego, some testosterone poisoning & an ignorant attitude is a danger….period!

    While discussing this terrible event here today with a friend in another county where he has a job as a sheriff I want to quote him about how he feels about what is going on these days in our country. He was responding to my request for him to be careful…. “Well I worry about myself sometimes dealing with these thugs. you never know what they are thinking and then they snap… Our jail is full, crime is up and the liberals think it is ok. It is Not Okay! Why should any person have to worry about their homes getting broken into? Or gettin car jacked at a stop sign or redlight? I get asked why I carry an off duty weapon. Simple answer is I will not be a victim or let anybody hurt my family. It has come to this awful place and the government wants to take our guns away? The people that are for the ban on guns don’t worry cause in their own minds they can’t be victims. But who do they call when they need help? A cop who has a gun… Go figure”. Sounds to me like he is pretty much thinking just like most of us in this blog! Y’all can draw your own conclusions..

    I can tell u that he is as fine a person that there is on earth. A family man with lots of kids, loves his wife and is a great friend. We need to be building bridges people not dividing ourselves into artificial groups. This needs to be about banding together as a group for good whatever the occupation, color religion,etc We need to be able to stand with others as something so awful is just around the corner.

    We are pulled apart by those with evil agendas every day. The race baiting, those using whatever scam for profit or power. There is evil everywhere not just one profession or one place. Keep aware, alert, thoughtful. Do not be naive or gullible or quick to rage. You need all your wits together all the time. As for the rest of this yes there are some trolls on here. And there are some folks on here who are not what they are pretending to be. if you read their comments carefully you can pick them out. Open you eyes folks, be discerning. But to blindly go on thinking that everyone in a profession are bad? We’ll that is just wrong.

    MD is right you have to know and weigh the circumstances as these are not the times to trust blindly but neither is it a time to isolate yourself thinking that all are bad. Think and evaluate folks and here is where I go off the rails…. Never ever trust a politician!

    • mindful patriot says:

      Well said.

    • mom of three says:

      We know that area very well, we vacationed over 10 years on that coast. Very sorry to hear about that officer, what a tough job they do have.

    • Rider of Rohan says:

      Amen, worrisome. Just as in the past, if we don’t hang together, we will all hang separately. Over the past few weeks here, I’ve noticed some new commenters who seem to want to stir the pot and cause contention. We know who they are, and whose purpose they serve. The last thing they want is for people to band together, yet it is the only thing that will save us. So, they come here and set one person against the next, one side against the other, try to create dissention, etc. And, it’s always easier to tear something down than to build something up. That’s the reason savages have ruled the world many more times and for much longer periods than the civilized.

  31. moonstone says:

    mindful patriot when i was 12[many years ago] my Grandma gave me a gold ring with a moonstone.It was always a lucky ring for me.Still have it.Am still lucky and blessed in life.

  32. Jersey Drifter says:

    WOW, I guess I have to remember to be real careful when ever I post anything. It is impossible to see my facial expressions or to hear the laughter in my voice.
    I for one don’t post all that often, mostly because it is late in the evening ( or early morning ) when I get to the bottom of a story, post, question, or debate. Like now.
    I for one have never been mad or insulted by any comment sent in my direction, nor any advice or corrective action anyone has ever given me here. All advice is always welcome.
    And I have never wanted to be unkind or insulting to anyone on this site. Sometimes a heated debate is a good thing. But when it’s over, it’s over. Don’t beat a dead horse. Just move on.

    Michele, I for one would hate to see you leave the Pack. Your knowledge and advice has always been VERY MUCH APPRECIATED. I pray that you remain with us.

  33. Eric - XVIII says:

    Hello folks,

    I have lurked and lurked. Many times I had some useful tid-bits to add but did not, I don’t like “joining” per-say. I did go so far as to send an email to MD asking how to join. He quickly and graciously told me it was as simple as putting my name and email, which isn’t shared. Thank you MD.

    Now to the point.

    Poking fun is poking fun. I find it humorous that the militia thing has some so full of flatulence, especially the former military. Busting on each other is an art form in the service.
    I have seen an overwhelming number of these folks with their tough facebook and inter-militia names posting all over the internet about the suspicious convoy movements and men in blue hats. They post pictures of their meets and training exercises and them posing in their battle rattle. I have only one conclusion. They will be like the blowhards that were all tough as steel in the rear and wilted cried and were unreliable under fire. I have seen it firsthand, even from our CSM.
    In theory, it seems right and logical. In reality…to be seen. As many have pointed out, it is ones own personal choice to join such a group. Giving your opinion on the groups does not make you any less a “Patriot” or lower your chances of survival in the future.
    Any of the groups I have seen have been measured and come up short, in my opinion. Short is nice, dangerous is more the truth.

    I don’t want to ramble or stoke fires. I just want to reiterate what many have said.

    So to sum it up.

    Thicken your skin if someone doesn’t agree with you and don’t attack personally. I have seen alot of friendships and genuine caring on this blog, so take the jokes for what they are.

    If looking to join one of these groups, think and research first. You may be putting yourself and your family in undue danger by following someone who is not in a position to lead.

    Sorry for the verbosity.


  34. Knowing other people’s opinions even if some are disagreeable, is info and gathering info is a major part of prepping. To me this blog is a great value regardless of the views I don’t share. And while this blog will continue to be a great value to me I still think that value is enhanced with Michele on it. So Michele, please reconsider.

  35. Msgtretired says:

    I guess I find it disconcerting I am the only person pro militia. Now during the time of peace is the time to make contacts plans, back up plans and and SOP procedures. Program all those UV5r radios . Help members get CCW , HAM and CERT training and Monthly medical training. We have a rank structure so no bickering about who is in charge. By joining your local militia you are part of the solution and you will be surrounded by like minded people. MO militia were the 1st responders to the Joplin Tornado and had up the 1st HAM station. check us out and start learning how to do it right. I can tell you I have gone to some small group meetings of other so called militias I asked them to join us and have been told no because they didnt want to lose control of THEIR group. When SHTF these little groups are going to be bumping heads like in the walking dead and Jericho. Their comms wont be set up and compatible. In order to run a 24 hour operation you need to have group of no less than 16 people any less than that and your toast. you won’t have enough security and you will tire out or you will run out of food. Unless you are just a lone wolf and stay on the move. But then you arent really part of any solution to fixing the chaos or helping your neighbors. Be a point of light don’t hide in the shadows.

    • Msgretired:

      I think you missed a very important point. First there is a difference between being anti-Militia and pro-Militia. There is also a difference between being pro-Militia and screaming your support from the roof tops.

      I appreciate your outspokenness on this. From just the responses here, you have support. From what I’ve read in the past, a lot of support.

      Just don’t be let down by the fact that few here have openly “rallied to the flag”. It would be a mistake to underestimate the patriotism and dedication many of the people who post here have.

    • Militia doesn’t make sense where I am – extremely rural, everyone knows everyone else. Lots of retired medico’s and LEOs or military. If the SHTF, we’ll be working together to protect the roads in (we have townies and then there’s us “edge-of-townies”). We already have CCW, don’t want CERT, and lots of ham operators (it was primary comm before cell phones). No highway, too far up here for most to care about. Our biggest problem in a serious emergency: detoxing druggies, non-Preppers, and the elderly. No hurricanes, limited earthquake threat, long winters, and no jobs. Paradise! I had rank in the military, I had rank for 30 yrs after. Don’t want it. I want peace and to be left alone. If some yahoo came on my property with a made up uniform, he’d be asked to remove himself. If the town manager (elected) comes by, I’ll offer him a cuppa coffee and a chair. Nothing personal, just reflecting a different area of the country maybe.

      • Private property is private property , doesnt matter who is on it ….if you dont want them there , you have every right to ask them to leave . Civil war on the other hand is a different matter , private property does not exist , both sides will come on your property if they want to , and both sides will shoot you if you try to kick them off , sort of like the last civil war . Short of that ….kick em off or have them arrested .

    • Not having any personal experiences w/ militias, I have no opinion or strong feelings one way or the other. After the Okla City Bombing in ’95, it seemed like popular opinion decreased, & govt monitoring increased. But historically, the US’s revolution was fought by many militias (probaby varied a lot in size, logistics, trained skills) who rebelled/opposed Briton’s taxes & supremist attitude. So I’m neutral at this pt. If the US ever gets into a civil war again, we all will be forced by our circumstances to choose sides. I’d love to see an article on Just War Theory & its application to the current US govt & militias, but I’d guess those critical of the US govt would be hesitant to post their views online, given NSA surveillance. Also, it seems that most preppers view the fed govt differently from most other Amer’s.

      • Tactical G-Ma says:

        Could you please elaborate on the last sentence that most preppers view the gov differently from other Americans?
        I am hesitant to say thing in public or on the internet. Aren’t you?

        • Being a new prepper (just 2-2.5 yrs ago), & a mostly typical 50-something middle middle (vs upper or lower middle) class citizen, I clearly recall having mixed feelings about the fed govt – disliked the skyrocketing nat’l debt & debt-GDP ratio that economists use to measure a nation’s debt level -but voted most elections, went to hear candidates & US rep/sen when they spoke in our area. B/c preppers are by definition less dependent on govt help, many preppers see increasing dependance on govt financial assistance as a bad thing. Most preppers seem to want LESS govt. Thus, some or many lean toward libertarian views, more than most Amer’s. Some or many preppers are critical of US govt, but attitudes toward local & state govt seem to vary.

  36. medic mom says:

    Interesting conversations. If we are this acrimonious on a blog sitting at home, drinking coffee and considering “WHAT IF” I wonder how we will relate when TSHF and everything suddenly counts? For me I have shied away from organized groups because, well, I hate fighting over stupid shit and that’s really most of what I’ve seen. I would love to be part of a group and have tried a couple times to get one going here, but everyone is suspicious, mistrustful and full of themselves. You can’t ask a simple question, like, How do you store ____ (fill in blank) without people getting weird or what gun do you use? etc and they instantly think you’re the ATF informant or something.
    As for me and mine, we will do the best we can when and if the time comes and will help others when we can and that’s really it.
    Can’t add much more than that. I would be pro militia if there was a group I knew of that was not as crazy as they appear to be. I believe very little of what TV and the mainstream media present to us as fact. Time will tell

    • Before I started reading this blog I thought I was alone, except for those guys on TV, and I wasn’t like them. I thought you had to spend all kinds of money, which I didn’t have. So of course I did a lot of the wrong stuff. Since reading this, I have been canning, dehydrating, etc. I’ve gotten interested in herbs and weeds, and completely changed what and how I am prepping. This group has been responsible for helping me try new things. It’s been invaluable. I think most folks here genuinely LIKE each other, which is why there is so much give and take. If we weren’t family, it wouldn’t matter and I for one, wouldn’t comment at all. This is the only site I “talk” on.

  37. I saw a brief report on that spurred these thots:
    I think we’re going to face harder questions about rebellion in the future. For ex, as we see reports of govt agencies like Homeland Security, Social Sec, etc, buying weapons & ammo, & more LEs using military gear & SWAT units (remember when it was rare of hear of a sherriff’s dept using swat teams; now it seems like every US county has a swat team), will some militias secretly start consider scenerios where they may need to fight govt agents/troops? (None are going to do that openly.)
    If ur loved one spoke about joining a militia, would u encourage or DIScourage him/her from joining? If u heard that a fed govt agency was considering coming into your local community, would u pass that info along to someone u know in a militia? If u saw any signs of tension between militia & govt leaders/rep’s, would u consider supporting the militia with food, water, finances?

  38. Another related case: Chris’ article mentioned that society teaches us from a young age to follow rules, color in the lines, & fit in like sheeple. There have been cases where history texts/curriculum used in public schools in US, have “rewritten” history to make it more politically correct. If u found repeated ex’s of that kind of “sheeple training” in your child’s or g-child’s school, would u consider moving ur child or g-child, to a private school or homeschool? Or providing some private advice/tutoring to ur child on how the school is misleading them or not telling the whole story?

    Our children were young adults when i started prepping a couple yrs ago. But if we had children or g-children, I’d be more concerned about what my child’s school was teaching about US govt & history & social studies. My wife home-schooled our kids for 4 yrs; so I know what that was like & the financial sacrifice. At this pt, I can’t imagine a public school teaching a child to question govt & probably nothing positive about survivalists (unless from an undercover prepper teacher).

    In this time of 1984-style govt-paid NSA, do u really want ur child’s school encouraging ur young sheeple in training? Can u imagine ur child’s teacher saying anything about some military leaders being forced out b/c they refused to go along w/ the idea of “fighting” & possibly shooting Americans? Is your child learning anything about oath-keepers, the Convention of States (state’s rights vs fed govt authority), etc?

    s schools have gradually moved to more smart-boards & online curriculum, textbooks are gradually being replaced. So it may be harder to find out what ur child is actually being taught. One way would be to just ask ur child’s teachers; if it was me, I probably wouldn’t say my opinion unless asked by a teacher I knew & trusted. But many teachers would tell a parent/g-parent what the curriculum covers or doesn’t cover.

    • Personal opinion, but I do believe all education should be supplemented by parents. It is the only way to truly teach our own personal beliefs and our own personal interpretation of history.

      As for history being re-written, both the DH and I remember FDR being touted as the best president in US history. On the other hand, our children (all in college now) were taught that his policies and jobs programs were detrimental to the economy. Strangely enough, that should make them more economically conservative than my generation, right?

  39. Here’s an old ethics ex: Say u’re living in the Netherlands during WW II, when the nazis occupied that small country. & u’re hiding a couple jews in your home. When German soldiers come to ur door & ask if there are any Jews in your home, do u tell them the TRUTH & let them take away the Jews (that u care about) to be hauled to a German prison camp & possibly executed? Or do u LIE & tell them there are no Jews in ur house, to protect the Jews, even tho u risk getting arrested & questioned?

    The residents of E Ukraine are facing hard questions like that, in recent months. Sometimes situations force one to take sides, even tho some of ur replies will seek ways out of such ethical issues.

    Living in a long time super-power nation, it may be hard to imagine foreign troops occupying your area. But historically, every empire & super power has eventually become weakened to the pt where foreign troops have occupied or conquered parts of that empire.

    • Screw western media , the crimea has always been Russian , its people are predominantly ethnic Russians , the government in Kiev is ILLEGITIMATE , nobody points to the fact that the government was changed by force of arms , not by election , some of its officers are active neo-nazi’s , they are violent people . That being said , the people in crimea ASKED the Russian government to protect them , and petitioned for the soldiers . The Russians agreed and moved in to protect their bases and ethnic Russian neighborhoods . Deeper into the Ukraine , again are predominantly ethnic Russians close to its border with Russia ( no surprises , thats about as unusual as finding ethnic Mexicans in the US , next to our border with Mexico ) Those people have been attacked by the Ukrainians in that area , which led to the people of crimea petitioning Putin for protection , which he gave . Then the west starts calling foul , which is bullshit , we do worse with less legal president , and any treaty we had with Ukraine , was with the OLD legitimate government , we just pretend that the kiev government was installed by peaceful means , and that the guy they are elevating as a national symbol , was on the side of Nazi Germany ………we dont mention that . The vote to leave was monitored by international observers , all reported NO signs of foul play or manipulation . The fact that we just dont like the outcome , doesnt make it invalid , we didnt like Egypt’s election outcome either and whined about that and tried to manipulate a valid election . Dont listen or believe any of our media , they sold out long ago . Russia is in the right this time around , as Americans , we need to get over and get passed all the cold war bullshit we have been fed for decades . Half of that lies as well . Just Sayin .

      • JeffintheWest says:

        Unless you were physically present, in the Crimea, you don’t know the facts, any more than I do. In the meantime, to present the Russian position as if it were the only position is not necessarily intellectually honest.

        • Our media only presents our position , whats the difference , their position must be heard as well or people are just being led .

        • I might add , that WE did the same thing , but we conveniently forgot , or think that because we do it , its ok , just not for anybody else ……………ring a bell ? No ? Ok , one word ….TEXAS . Yep we did the same exact thing . We went into a sovereign nation ( Mexico ) to protect our people living there , because they petitioned the US Government to do so , we invaded and annexed it .

          • nick flandrey says:

            The only reason the region in question is full of ethnic russians is that they were relocated there after russia removed the original inhabitants.

            There is a long and complicated history in that area, and simply looking at recent events is not enough.

            jerry pournelle has a lot of history and analysis lately on the issues of the Crimea, as well as others, starting at


  40. Encourager says:

    Wow…I am so sad. First Michele and now MentalMatt. Maybe it is time to move on, too.

  41. MD , dont change a thing , we as people need to step back and take a look in the mirror once in awhile . If some comment on some post on ANY web site gets you so worked up , that you feel you have to leave …………….then its YOU that are the problem , and not some faceless nobody on the screen with an alias for a name . Its YOU that have allowed that faceless nobody to have the power over you and your emotions , its YOU that are taking the internet way too seriously , its a tool nothing more , what is said on it should have no impact on your life or emotions whatsoever . Who cares , you have never met them , and never will , its you that have lost focus on what is real and not real , important and unimportant . Just sayin .

    • Tolik
      I agree with you. Had a First Sgt tell me, if you think you are so indispensable stick you hand in a bucket of water and see the impression you leave, so quit your complaining.

      How did you come up with the handle “Tolik”?? Every time I see it I laugh to myself as one of my grandfathers used the word all the time. And no, it is not a bad word, but then you probably already know that.

      • Its a short name for Anatoly for Russian speakers .

        • Tolik:
          Thanks for the information on the name. Never crossed my mind. Other than for a few phrases I do not speak Russian. Tolik means: so much, or as much of in both Czech and Slovak. Again, thanks, learned something new today.

          • I’ve heard Czech before , its a pretty language , like many slavic languages , a lot of words cross over from one to the next . I was listening to music on youtube and the women were singing a language I never heard of , but what messed me up was several words were the same as Russian , but the rest ..not , turned out to be Slovenian . To my ears , it kind of sounded a cross between French and Russian .

  42. Bwhntr59 says:


    You are entirely correct on keeping a low profile. militias are definitely on a domestic terrorist watch list. I would venture that Tea Party activists are also on such a list, as the current politicos despise them so much, from both parties I might add. keep a low profile, if that is even possible in this hyper surveillance age.

    • Tactical G-Ma says:

      I’ve come to the conclusion that to join or not to join may depend upon demographics as well as other factors. I know that when in the military, I couldn’t hold a security clearance if I was affiliated with a lot of these groups.

      But when I lived in the upper tier, groups were fairly common. But some were scarey to me. Maybe if I got to know some of them I would feel different. Belonging to the NRA is about as controversial as I want to be openly.

      • Tactical G-Ma,

        I don’t agree with EVERYTHING that the NRA does, but we all know that if it were not for the NRA and us members that the Second Amendment would just be a distant memory by now. They are a group that matters and thay can and do get things while others are off playing batman in the boondocks…

      • Tactical G-Ma says:

        How true!

  43. MD Stick to your original plan, it was a good one. It was the reason I chose to follow this blog, and not some of the others. There is heavy content on how to survive, and even information we can use before TEOTWAWKI,

  44. As for crooked cops, political agenda, and who’s doing what to whom, if I want drama I would watch glenn beck. Stick to your plan more people need that type of info than need to know what anybody else is doing. I have about 300 pages of information directly from your blog, and all of it useful and current. good job bud, keep it up. thnx drifter.

  45. Allright I'm Awake says:

    Just a comment… some one mentioned “iron sharpening iron”… a while back some friends were arguing and it was causing dissension in our group. They brought up this saying to excuse their fight. So I gave this saying some thought… If the iron that sharpens iron is two swords the opposite effect would happen. The swords would nick and dull each other and could possibly break one or the other. If the iron was a sword and a iron tool (a rasp… is that the right name?) to sharpen it, it could be beneficial. Our replies should benefit each other not make the discourse devolve into anger. Also, using a sword to make a point can be picking a fight. If you are challenging a friend, point out the problem with something softer than a sword or you might skewer them unintentionally. If you are on the receiving end of a sword thrust try not to pick up a sword yourself but use a shield to deflect the thrust. Remember “a soft word turns away wrath”. And as our mothers use to say… “now Children Don’t Fight”

    There are a lot of “turning away wrath” in these comments lets keep that up. I really like this blog and would hate to see it change.



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