Water Bath Canning Basics

Water Bath Canning Basics

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  1. Perfect time for this M.D.!
    Pulled 60 Detroit Beets and canned them this past weekend. I’m certain the rest of the pack are up to their eyeballs in jars/lids/and bands. Thanks.

  2. Encourager says:

    I just canned some pickled beets. Must be that time of the year! I was amazed how few jars I got from two big bunches of beets – 3 half pints. Need to can some more, even though I am the only one who eats beets around here. I love pickled beets.

    The weather needs to cool off before I do any more. Canning in an un-airconditioned kitchen at 90 degrees F is crazy.

  3. BUlldog94 says:

    Sadly here in NW Fla I have been flooded to the point where I am not sure how many of my plant will survive. Only been able to do 9 quarts of pickles so far! 🙁

    • Bam Bam says:


      I’ve had the same problem here in north central Florida. We’ve just had so much rain everything is done. At least I got most of my tomatoes in before the rains came. I have to go to the farm store and buy tomatoes for canning salsa. Actually, all I need to can this year is salsa, mango chutney and apple butter. I am good on everything else for a couple of years.

  4. Portman90201 says:

    This is Destiny MD. My DD was married last Saturday and her ‘First’ design idea for table decoration was….. ball jars…. 4 different sizes.,, all wide mouth, Flowers, olives, stuff. She changed her mind! I have One Gross of jars w/lids and rings. Was thinking of just doing it… canning,, for some years. Don’t know what… don’t think it’ll be more than a rack load of each food group. This posting could not have been posted at a better time for this ‘Pack.. er’. The video links are great. Thanks MD>

    • Portman, start with jam. A 2 qt box of strawberries will make a batch. Get a box of liquid pectin and follow the directions. Easy peasy! Then get the Ball Book and you can can (erg…pun not intended..) whatever you want. There is even a chapter on dehydration. Use those jars to store your dry goods, like macaroni and beans. Dry can tea bags, store leftovers! You are one lucky parent of the bride that your DD changed her mind about something that is totally usable!!

  5. Winomega says:

    I don’t read what isn’t typed out.

    But I am having crop troubles and problems with getting out to the farm stands. Plus most of the stuff I would can needs pressure.

  6. seeuncourt says:

    A good source of inexpensive produce and fruit is http://www.bountifulbaskets.org see if they have a location near you. I get a basket each week and cases of fruit, tomatos, etc. Really helps because the grocery store in my location is deplorable!

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