We can prevent mass killing in our schools. Here’s How.

Since, the tragic murders of 27 people, including 20 children by a deranged lunatic at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown Friday, several readers have sent emails asking for my opinion on how to prevent anything like this from happening again…

Unfortunately, there is no 100% effective way to guarantee that such an event will never happen again, however there are several things that can and should be done that would greatly decrease the possibility.

And no it’s not more gun laws… Someone intent on killing  others has no regard for any law in the first place – why anyone would think more laws are the answer is beyond me…

Okay, here is what I think should be done – but regrettably, the powers that hide behind secrete service protection could not care less about my (or your) opinion, but here it is any way…

Considering that these shooters always seek out the weakest target…

  1. I would place an armed guard at the entrance drive that leads up to the school – these could be trained volunteers or plain clothed members of the national guard, or police department. National guard and police officers are paid for their service to our country anyway, and they could work on rotating shifts to coincide with their regular duty times and pay thus costing the tax-payer nothing or very little.
  2. I would have locked doors at all entrances of the building where anyone entering the building would have to be” buzzed in” after being visually inspected by a school employee inside.
  3. I would place “alarms” inside school building at strategic locations that when triggered would automatically call the police.
  4. I would allow teachers (on a volunteer basis and after training)  to be armed inside of the school and on school property – weapons could be concealed and the children would not even know that those teachers are armed.
  5. Classrooms would be affixed with strong attack resistant doors and with automatic locks that would automatically lock in the event that the alarm (see #3) was triggered. Or as one reader suggested a simple fortified door bar that teachers can engage from inside the classroom upon hearing the alarm.

These five simple steps are real solutions that would be more effective at preventing this type of thing from ever happening again, than would be any “feel good” gun bans and more useless laws on the books….

Please feel free to pass these five steps to the elected officials and school administrators in your county and state and to anyone else that will listen… Thank you.

About M.D. Creekmore

M.D. Creekmore is the owner and editor of TheSurvivalistBlog.net. He is the author of four prepper related books and is regarded as one of the nations top survival and emergency preparedness experts. Read more about him here.


  1. riverrider says:

    good measures all, m.d. the NG one is a little more complicated than that, but its still do-able under state duty orders. there are always NG members needing work/jobs, and many would do it on a limited basis for free. the next big attack likely won’t follow the same MO. we have a long history of preparing for the LAST attack. the jihad is looking to run a fuel truck or other mass casualty attack. therefor we need to put in zigzag concrete barriers and block vehicles from coming right up to the doorway and other measures of the like. i know, poor kids will have to walk a whole hundred yards to the door in the rain, boohoo. you could just use gates at the entrances that are closed except for bus loading/unloading. teach bus drivers to seal in anybody trying to break in the line of buses coming in. there are many low tech, low cost things we can do, but the libtards have proven their agenda is more important than real safety. hell, it don’t cost the israeli’s a dime, and they haven’t had a SUCCESSFUL school attack since 1974.

    • riverrider says:

      come to think of it, the shooter drove right up to the door in this case. what if he woulda had to sprint from a far parking lot before he got to the door? wouldn’t it give just a few more moments to the staff to react?

    • Doorways are not the only problem. I was thinking on this yesterday. A lot of buildings have posts in the ground, etc. that prevent vehicles from driving up to the doors, but what about the rest of the building. A determined individual, which we have seen overseas, could “armor up” the front end of a truck and simply smash it into the wall where there are no barriers.

      How about a”decorative” barrier, solid or broken, that was solid enough and buried deep enough that a vehicle would be unable to break through. It could be made so it was still pleasing to the eye and keep it from looking like a prison. And installed far enough from the building to provide a “blast zone” that would keep the building from being damaged.

      Then you install your anti-personnel barrier devices. These are designed to keep unauthorized “foot traffic” out; i.e. video id, steel doors, shatter proof glass, etc.

      You would be able to retrofit most rural schools, inner city school would have other issues. You may have to close the road in front of the school. A problem for those living across the street but much more “doable” and effective than more nonsensical gun control. It would actually address the problem, not the symptom.

      • SurvivorDan says:

        Indeed a car bombing of a school or mall is inevitable. We have to harden up. With barriers and an armed/trained citizenry….ala Israel. Sadly there won’t be the political will until another great tragedy happens.

        • SurvivorDan says:

          We already have had attacks and foiled multiple attacks by radical Islamacists. I fear it will take multiple near simultaneous attacks for the people to be aroused enough to provide our pols with the political will to override the liberal naysayers and arm and train the people. The world wide radical Islamacist movement watches our reactions to these terrible mass murders and will plan their attacks accordingly. They laugh at our Government’s knee-jerk reaction to ban guns from the citizenry. The more poorly armed we the people are, the more emboldened they will become.
          Evil likes nothing better than to have hapless sheep ready for the slaughter.

    • As I read on, we seem to be focused on what to do once “they” “get in”. All well and good, but it’s safer and cheaper if they are kept out!

      Yes, an armed pair of guards, who check in every adult entering the facility. You bring the individual through the 1st door, and if anything is amiss, they don’t get through the 2nd.

      Keep all vehicles at least 50′ away from the building. Change the shape of the outside of the building to a “sloped” configuration (think sloped armor on a tank), to deflect blast energy up and away from the building and it’s “contents”.

      First and finally, we need to take the threat to our children seriously. We spend a lot of money on our school “system” and they always cry “But it’s for the children!” So, let’s make it “for the children”.

      Security measures mean that things will be inconvenient. They also mean that the terrorists have one, because their actions have changed the way we live our lives. We don’t want a “castle” mentality” but then again, for our children’s safety, maybe we do.

  2. vlad strelok says:


    Harrold ISD near Wichita Falls TX has had armed
    teachers for several years.
    So far so good.

    • I worked as a Navy Recruiter in Houston TX (Not Houston ISD but nearby) in the early 1990’s and there were multiple armed Police Officers at the front of that school building every day. Granted it was a bad neighborhood, but this is not a new idea. It is a good one, MD don’t think I’m criticizing here at all, just trying to say that KNOWN problem schools have been doing this for over 20 years so it shouldn’t be unthinkable for schools to accomplish this. Maybe even properly trained parents would volunteer to help keep the kids safe, with the appropriate clearance first of course.


    • When my kids were in school in San Antonio in the 90’s the school district had it’s own police force. They covered from elementary to high school.

    • Encourager says:

      Vlad, great article! What a wise school district. That should be the policy across the nation. No one would know who was armed and who wasn’t. I think it is a great idea that the teachers had to attend training classes, get licensed and use non-ricocheting ammo. And this happened back in 2008!!!

  3. If our pilots are now armed (or have a choice to be), then why can’t our principals? Every time something like this happens, it’s in a “no weapons carry zone”. Malls, theaters, schools, etc. I really believe that people are willing to stand up and protect our “brother” or “sister” if given the right to do so. But instead of looking at the reality of these things and learning from them, they are used as an agenda crutch. God bless those children and families. May our leaders learn instead of overreact.

  4. All accessible ground floor windows should be shatterproof so you couldn’t just shoot them out and walk in, buying more time for lockdown. We have volunteer firemen, why not have volunteer security. Who would be more dangerous to the bad guy than a well trained parent of a child at the school. Two would be great, one to man the door and one to check emergency exits, relieve the doorman, and escort visitors to and from the office during their visit. I would gladly volunteer my time to make my kids school safe. This along with the measures you stated above.

    • JKing67,

      If secret service personal can be trained and paid to protect “our” elected officials then we should be able to find the funds to protect our children.

      • I agree, i was thinking along the lines of taking the government and politics out of it and handling it through the community with the help of local law enforcement and training facilities. Let the government handle it and we end up with the equivalent of the TSA guarding our schools which isn’t very comforting.

  5. vlad strelok says:

    Berserker in Oregon mall shoots two, then
    is shot by an armed citizen with CHL.


    • Backwoods Prepper says:

      He wasn’t shot. The CCW holder said the shot did not present it’s self but the shooter knew he was there and retreated to the stairwell and shot himself.

  6. I think this is a step in the right direction and certainly a ton better than more laws telling me I can’t do something. A few problems I see:
    1. There are so many school that perhaps the only way to put an armed guard in every school is to utilize the national guard; I don’t see the police force contribuing much to this effort.
    2. If someone knows the guy at the front is an armed guard then they’ll be the first one shot.
    3. Schools are built so differently that saying we can beef-up all classroom doors would have to be a costly endeavor that, inevitable, someone would be against (you know, we’ll have to cut teachers back or something like that). Maybe you could do this with any sub-par exterior doors or even main hallway doors.
    4. Even lunatics learn to change strategies. Instead of walking into the school they might just attack while the kids are out playing during recess. Every school my kids have been to have their play areas or fields readily accessible near parking lots. Maybe a lot of fencing would help but some schools are really big!

    • millenniumfly,

      Like I said there is no 100% effective way to prevent such a thing, but we can make it much more diffecult. As for an attacker shooting the guard first, yes, that could happen but then the school would have time to react by locking down, alerting the police and armed teachers would be ready to meet the threat inside.

      • SurvivorDan says:

        More often than not the criminal or homicidally bent chooses a softer target than one with guards. My local BofA only seems to get robbed when they intermittently don’t have a guard on duty. I’d a thought they would have figured out the correlation by now….
        To dispense with the armed-guard-target argument…. arm a teacher or two or have the armed guard (palin clothes) only act under extreme conditions thus maintaining a very low profile. Ala sky marshalls. They often stay out of it and allow other flight personnel to handle minor problems in order to maintain their anonymity.

        • SurvivorDan & all,
          One thing that has come out in the news with this incident that I hadn’t heard before has to do with the Aurora Colorado Theater shooting. The perp in that case passed at least two theaters, one of which had a large auditorium, on his way to the incident theater. It seems that the theaters he passed by had a carry welcome policy, and the theater where he perpetrated his carnage, had a no carry policy. Seems simple enough to me, but then again I’m not a democrat with an agenda.

          I’m also afraid that this one is going to be expensive. Time to send NRA, GOA, or whichever gun rights organizations you support, whatever you can afford, because I think the fight is just around the corner.

    • SurvivorDan says:

      Get rid of some of the dead weight in school district administration personnel and it might pay for the armed guards. Not being ornery….it’s just that most school districts are top-heavy in administrators. According to my cousins who are retired teachers.
      Though I agree with MD’s idea #4 among 50+ teachers or support personnel one could find two that could be vetted and given tactical training under the auspices of the local gendarmes. Volunteer reserve officers and deputies routinely are non-compensated yet the can donate an incredible amount of hours to the community when called upon to do so.

  7. Security at a school is a no brainer in my opinion. But when we start with security there and perhaps already at the banks, where do we stop? There are churchs, malls, theaters, workplaces, everywhere people gather are targets for madmen. It is going to take a generation or more to fix the mental health issues this nation has neglected over the last so many years. Drugs, movie violence, video game violence, not enough fathers and mommies in the same homes, a liberal society as regards drugs, alcohol, abortion, dark and dangerous websites, the f word and other curses dropped in every sentence everywhere, need I go on? We are exposing our children to way more than even the best amongst them can have trouble absorbing…and they think that is the way it is and accept it. Then you add the element of a child already identified with a world of emotional and neurological problems a mother and father that failed with him……..and potentially he could never be reached anyway and you have recipe soup for this horrible event. For me? The biggest mistake in the whole thing was the mom’s choice to use guns as a method to bond with her already disturbed and broken son. Doesn’t sound like there was either any help there or she was in denial far enough that she couldn’t ask for any help. Either way, moms just keep on keeping on with their children, pushing, prodding, encouraging, loving, hoping, praying that it will all eventually work out ok……….in this case, it most assuredly did not. That she should have locked her guns up or never had them and/or secured the combo or key was the initial mistake in the chain of events for the day. But the chain of events started at birth for this guy…and no one felt powerful enough to break the chain.

    • Guess I am not done with my rant. I want to add all of the atheists pushing to take God out of school and out of our society in any way they can leaves a big vacuum that hasn’t been filled in with any other method of teaching right and wrong, loving your fellow man, respecting others, etc.

      Still not done……The Obama crusade to divide this country leading and amping up hate and divisive theory and what he is doing to our economy leaves multi millions of people feeling insecure………..this also can do nothing for the insecurity of someone already as screwed up as this dude was………now I think my rant is done…….but I will let ya know if something else comes to mind. But MD? Yeah for the short term, guarding our babies is a damned good place to start.

      • Village idiot says:

        Wow, that was one fine rant, worrisome. Well said.

      • worrisome:

        We can’t stop them all. I agree with a lot of your “rant”, just didn’t put mine into print. But part of the problem is we have to recognize that there IS a problem and not hid from it. We have attached such a stigma to mental illness, that many won’t get help because “what will the neighbor’s think” attitude.

        This kid had a problem(s). They were known. We probably won’t know all the why’s, Dad may have some of the answers. But we do have to remember that more of the problems are handled appropriately. We’re not ever going to be 100%. In this case, I’d rather it was holiday shoppers, than children.

      • Rant away, Worrisome. You elegantly put into words what has been in our minds. Thank you.

    • worrisome,
      Rant on my friend. You’re not saying what most of us aren’t thinking.

      As for protecting churches, malls, theaters, workplaces, etc., there is only one thing I can say; Responsible citizens with concealed carry ability, and places that post that these folks are welcome. Here in Ohio, CHL holders can carry in any church with the permission of the pastor, priest, etc, and in any non-government building that is not otherwise posted. There is an Applebee’s here locally that is posted, and they have not gotten any of my money in years. They have the right to not allow me and my firearm in, and I have the right to spend my money elsewhere, and many of us have let them know that that is the case.

  8. GeorgeisLearning says:

    wow those are great ideas A buzzer style electronic locking doors on all class rooms with various panic buttons around the school. Well done MD

  9. M.D.,

    You pose some interesting solutions. I’d like to make two suggestions for improvements. For item four, you should forget trying to keep the weapon a secret. Kids find out. Especially when they’re younger and dont have personal space rules. I cant tell you how many times my youngest has snuggled up against my side while standing and bumped her head on my pistol. All the kids will know. There’s no real problem though. Kids are taught that police officers are good guys, same with teachers. (till high school that is)
    For your last suggestion regarding automatic locks, it would be better to have a code access also. Otherwise, as during a lock down, someone will get locked out of a room and trapped in the hall.
    Overall, good ideas though.


    We need to let God back into America.
    (if ya know what I mean)

  11. MD
    These are some really good common sence ideas that would make a difference in protecting our children. A couple things I would ad maybe a similar guard inside the building and escape exits in the classrooms. And if we need voluteers I’m ready.
    Make it hard to get in and make them sorry if they do.
    My neighbor says we need more laws to make guns illegal then nobody would have them…but he smokes pot, which is illegal, and has no problem getting it.

    • Sw't Tater says:

      Yeah, Agreed,gun bans make all the weak… be sitting ducks…for the thugs don’t have a problem breaking laws..
      Something to think about….Lots of good ideas!

    • Your neighbor belongs to that great big “social” club. Pomposity United. They go there because everyone knows there name….Pontificators all. Knowledge none.

    • Big D:

      Great analogy. Guess it never occurred to the rule makers.

  12. button crazy says:

    The shooters all pick places that are gun free zones. You can not keep people with mental issues from doing crazy things. A better mental health system would be a big help. But we can not tread on their civil rights. Well that is enough of rant from me. I could type for an hour and not tell you all the things that need to be done to make this world a better place.

  13. I like the suggestions with one exception: If the alarm goes off and the doors automatically lock….. and the kids are at recess, it could be counter productive. I’d suggest a simple fortified door bar that teachers engage upon hearing the alarm…. and making sure all of their kids are inside.

  14. SurvivorDan says:

    Anyone been to a gun store today? Madness! Shortages of ammo.
    Does everyone think a gun grab is forthcoming. Ummm…..yes.

  15. Petticoat Prepper says:

    How about this? When you get/renew a CHL you are required to volunteer X number of hours per year to a local school. Then you wander around said school hallways. None would be the wiser aside from school officials.

    • Petticoat Prepper:

      I have 2 problems with this.

      1. I is a requirement. Not much in favor of having to have a permit to begin with. Then an added requirement. Not so much.

      2. I for one, don’t do well with children for long periods of time (with some children that is over 5 minutes). So I would not be one that is suitable to be inside. Now having said that, I do have the time (which many do not) and would be better utilized on a walking patrol or at a check point.

  16. What a sad thing that you can’t see your responsibility for this culture of violence.

    The mother of this murderer was a gun lover. And that obsession killed her, her son, and many, many innocent people.

    I don’t know how you sleep at night.

    • Troll Jim Wilton,

      I sleep great – on my back most of the time, and with a 12 gauge pump shotgun loaded with 00 buckshot beside my bed and a Glock 19 on the nightstand – thanks for asking…

    • JimWilton: You’re in your home and you hear someone trying to break down your front door (ala a home invasion). The room you’re in has no means of escape (like a basement room). You hear multiple sets of steps approaching your location. You have 15 seconds to grab one of the following: a semi-automatic rifle or a Brady Campaign pamphlet rolled up into a self-defense weapon. Which do you choose?

      Since you don’t believe in guns, you have got to choose the pamphlet, and hope you can paper cut them to death before your head gets caved in.

      The mother’s “obsession” – if there was one – didn’t kill her, it was her insane, murderous son. If our insane gun laws hadn’t prevented someone at the school from possessing a handgun, how many of those innocent lives would have been spared. The son was responsible for the killings. US and CT gun laws increased the body count.

    • Village idiot says:

      I see we have more low information commenters coming on board. Gun use is a response to the violence you libs have unleashed upon America when you decided that criminals have more rights than victims. You people are responsible for thousands of deaths. How do you sleep would be a better question? You are in over your head here, dufus.

    • JimWilton,

      I figure some on this site will be describing your idiotic post in very colorful terms; I have to chalk it up to blind ignorance resulting from an overexposure to an unhealthy dose of media/political leftist drivel. You obviously do not spend any time on this web site reading the content posted here. Had you bothered to read the articles contributed by myself and others, you would know that this is about people helping each other, sharing our knowledge, offering advice, self-responsibility, and self-reliance. There is no gun obsession or gun culture here as you claim. This site is about disaster preparedness; hence the “Emergency Preparedness and Survival Strategies for Families, Preppers, and Survivalists.”

      By the way, it is called a firearm. A gun is an artillery piece or slang for a male sexual organ (reference Full Metal Jacket movie). Please use the terminology correctly so to avoid being viewed as moronic in future posts.

      Regardless of the reason why people prepare, many here will tell you that when disaster strikes on a mass scale, don’t expect help to come right away; if at all. Hurricane Katrina, Sandy, and F4 and F5 tornados in the Midwest have proven that our federal government is inept at best in times of a disaster. FEMA representatives have admitted on cable news that they are incapable of adequately dealing with disasters in urban settings. We have Emergency Management professionals on this site contributing to and learning along with the rest of us about disaster prepping. In an emergency, we want to protect our family and close friends. Prepping is not done out of selfishness, but that of love and care. If you are unable to understand this, maybe you should go gently caress yourself on some other website.

      Before I discard you like a bad habit, here is my final thoughts regarding your post and the incident hinted at…

      To blame firearms in this situation is akin to blaming the foul stench emanating from an unwashed, homeless alcoholic as to reason why this person is homeless and an alcoholic. Just because you can wash away the stench from the alcoholic doesn’t change the fact that you are still dealing with a homeless alcoholic. Same applies to this lunatic in CT.

      This monster was insane; filled with intense hatred and anger. It wouldn’t matter if every firearm in existence was banned from public use. This guy had made up his mind that he was going to kill people. Someone was going to die. He attempted to purchase a firearm prior to this incident but was blocked by the waiting period. With the information coming out now about this monster, I am of the opinion that he certainly had the intellect and mechanical capability to construct more lethal methods of killing people.

      In the 1800s, this type of person would have been institutionalized long before his 20th birthday so that he would not have been a danger to the public. Today, they roam free and it is the war veterans and disaster preppers that are being targeted. Make sense to you?

      • +10!!!!!

      • Cain,
        You state, “Today, they roam free , , ,” and all I can reply is, “Thank You ACLU”. Civil liberties for all except those nasty gun owners.

      • SurvivorDan says:

        Well done Cain. Much more eloquent and constructive than my knee-jerk response.

        Though I did really enjoy :

        ” By the way, it is called a firearm. A gun is an artillery piece or slang for a male sexual organ (reference Full Metal Jacket movie). Please use the terminology correctly so to avoid being viewed as moronic in future posts.”


        “Before I discard you like a bad habit,….”

        +10 kudos

        • SurvivorDan says:

          And another Cain gem:

          ” Prepping is not done out of selfishness, but that of love and care. If you are unable to understand this, maybe you should go gently caress yourself on some other website.”


      • You rock Cain!!! Awesome post! +100

    • Sw't Tater says:

      The system failed this this mentally ill man.
      Emotions are normal, many persons receive training to suppress those to perform duties that are difficult, but those even must be pulled out and examined..
      .Anyone who shows/displays no emotions IS a danger to them self and society, this was true 50 years ago and will be true until eternity begins….anyone who must be observed closely when using a solder gun because of injury to self. This is not fix-able. He should have been confined to a mental facility!…Oh, I forgot they closed those places, in the 1980’s..(except for emergency 3 day care)..and placed them out in society to preserve their rights.. BUT .how about the rights of society as a whole to feel safe?…no institutions to take care of such persons, we better have the ability and guts to protect ourselves… This person was a walking time bomb!
      The gun did not kill anyone, the person this child became did the deed. He is/was responsible. Not only was he a murderer, he was a coward. He didn’t like his life and he wanted to take others with him,he chose the defenceless to target. These persons will always exist in society…it is up to society to isolate them, lawfully, to protect them and Us.

      • I couldn’t agree more. Seeing the danger of this first hand at a young age really pissed me off. Back home (Canada) we have the three day pass thing. Mentally unstable people are allowed out into society to run amuck with no supervision. As young kids and teenagers we knew to stay off the busses on Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays if we didn’t want to have to deal with mental patients – literally!

        During those days when it could not be avoided, self-defense classes for instance, I have seen many a crazy thing. I saw a man urinate onto the bus shelter glass not two feet from the head of a terrified girl of about the age of thirteen. I have seen a crazy woman do things that women do somewhere she should never have been doing it – in the open. And even an elderly man singing with his pecker out and pants down at a bus hub.

        The thing that pissed me off most with this PC ‘letting-people-of-no-sense-of-their-rights-have-rights’ foolishness was on the way home from a movie night with my girlfriend at the time. I had been seeing her for quite a while and as some on here may remember about me I have attended self-defense and rape classes for a long, long based off of what happened to her. She was raped by her grandfather at the age of fourteen and was told to say nothing of it. Obviously this infuriated me and all I could do was these classes to try and get an understanding of this thinking. But anyway… me and her are sitting on the bus on the way home on a Friday. A man comes and sits right in front of her (the stupid bus seats were designed to allow group conversations) and tells her she is very pretty and that I should be glad to be with her. Immediately I was ready to go because he wasn’t right, I thought. He starts a conversation with her and pulls the bell for his stop. He tells her it was nice talking to her and me a little and asks for a parting hug (not an unusual thing where I come from as people by and large are very open and friendly). She hugs him as he leans in and he starts licking her face and pulling on her breasts. I hit him so hard he lost two jaw teeth instantly. I stomped him when he was on the ground and stopped when he started crying like a little boy. The man was thirty-five years old and I was fifteen. I realized he was a lunatic and stopped. He ran off the bus at his stop and the driver actually told me to get off because he was harmless.

        The driver told me to get off because he was harmless. I told him what he did and the driver says, ‘Yeah! He does that with all the girls! He is gone, by! Gone in the head! You can’t hit him he is retarded!’ To which I replied, ‘I will have killed him if he didn’t stop and would anyone who would try and stop me. Who the …. thinks it’s okay for a girl to be groped?! Where is his caretaker!?’ It was Friday. Day pass. Free time to be a happy, groping simpleton according to the driver it seemed. The driver actually got off and comforted the thirty-five year old, slow man and let the fifteen year old girl cry like she did something wrong… again.

        Speaking with my mother tonight we had the same conversation. I stated that these people need help and should stop being ignored by those that care for them and those that spot the signs. Mother says, ‘You can’t so that though, Honey. People have rights. They are people too you know.’ My own mother all the way up in Canada literally defended what this piece of crap did the other day to all these children because he got rights to do what he does and we all have to suck it up. Needless to say my thinking of my mother is lowered and there was quite a heated conversation in this house. The funny thing was that when I said, ‘What if it was my child this happened to? What if your grandchild was a victim?’ She said that should if ever anything like that even come close to happening that I kill anyone that tried to hurt her.

        I guess what I am trying to say is that people get to be all high and mighty when it isn’t their heart on fire.

        • On behalf of girls and women who have been insulted, abused, molested, raped ~ and then BLAMED for what happened, I thank you Burrr for being a MAN and protecting that girl. Wish I could put you in a copy machine and reproduce you a few million times!

    • JimWilton,
      I personally sleep quite well. Safe in the knowledge that a tactical flashlight and a loaded handgun is within reach of me at all times. This is probably not unlike many on this blog.

    • SurvivorDan says:

      MD is too kind to you. I rarely get personal but you are the biggest holierthanthou simpleton we have seen in a while.

      The kid could have stabbed his mother in her sleep you cretin.
      He could have blown up the school (been done before) or used a vehicle to kill many (been done before) or set the building on fire with gasoline (been done before).

      The SAD THING is that you can’t see past your obvious liberal agenda. You are a committed sheeple content to let the gov’t attempt to protect you. Because you are too lazy or too frightened to get training to protect yourself and your loved ones. You must fancy yourself too insulated from violence by dwelling in a literal ivied tower or an intellectual one.
      I am a former combat soldier and ex deputy sheriff. I have seen it all. The local LEOs can’t be everywhere. I was often called after the fact. Too late. Get it! Too late!
      Thank God my formerly bleeding heart. anti-gun, liberal mother (86) had a change of heart after her home was burgled, with her in it. Now she has pepper spray, an alarm, a little alarm dog and a gun. She has taken up her Constitutional right to protect herself.
      Should she just have a whistle? You pin head!
      Have a nice day.

    • Bam Bam,
      Good read. I had seen this earlier in the day when someone on the Fox News program, “The Five” mentioned it. Very different perspective. Talking about your kid in the PhD program somewhere is pretty easy to do; however, talking about your kid in the MRDD program has got to be a lot harder. It’s something to think about.

  17. Here in Tennessee in Public County Schools they have School Resourse Officers. They are Sheriff’s.

    A few years ago back my freinds mother was sick, so she called me to pick up his brother from school. When i Entered the school a SRO officer meet me at the door and walked me into the office to pick up my freinds brother, then escorted us out to are vehicle….

  18. AHHH common sense solutions to some of these problems!!! It’s to bad that the govt,( local ,state, and fed) and the media do not operarate on common sense so none of these things will come to pass. What will happen is more money will be spent on taking away more rights of individuals and there will still be terrible tradgedys committed by crazy lunatics.

  19. I am putting this list in my local Newspaper,,,I will give credit to M.D. of course,,,unless he does not want me to,,,,if everyong of us,,over 12,000 do the same,,,just imagine the response,,,it has to make an impact…

  20. The idea of arming teachers is not that radical. In Muslim areas of Thailand there was a problem of students shooting their Buddhist teachers. The government issued the Buddhist monks assault rifles to carry around while they taught. Needless to say it cut down on people wanting to shoot at the teachers.
    Israel has also had armed school personnel since the 70s. It definitely makes certain that the people in schools are not sitting ducks. I had to talk to my students today about the incident on Friday. As a former military man, the students said they knew I would help them survive in the event of something like that. Sadly, the best alternative if a gunman came into the class would be to charge like a bunch of Vikings and hope to hell they can knock him down before all are shot. There are better alternatives but none are very effective.

    • Sean,
      Israel also has armed students, especially on field trips.
      As I understand it, Utah allows carry nearly anywhere, by anyone with a concealed carry permit. Haven’t heard of too many incidents in Utah.

    • All of our children should be taught that everything can be a means of self defense.
      Virginia Tech is a prime example of students “allowing” themselves to be killed.
      Teach our kids, of all ages,that you can do something. Teach them that today is the day that you survive, by whatever means necessary!

      • riverrider says:

        richard,amen, and the libtard tech president still won’t allow legal guns on campus, even after another shooting of a police officer. some folks are so smart that they can’t add 2 plus 2 and get 4.

  21. JaimeRoberto says:

    #1) Creates more overhead for schools at a very high expense. I get that it’s for the children, but it would not be worth the cost.

    #2) Good idea which should be part of an overall security plan, but I think that the school in CT had such a system.

    #3) Also a good idea, though I wonder about how many false alarms this would generate. A group working together could easily use such a system to create a diversion. Perhaps it would be better to have such a button in places accessable only to teacher and staff.

    #4) Totally agree. This is the best way to provide security in depth. And if a teacher doesn’t want to carry a gun, allow them to carry pepper spray or some other non-lethal protection.

    #5) Good idea.

    • JaimeRoberto,

      #1 would cost very little or nothing at all if trained volunteers, police or National Guard are used as part of their regular duty. Most police and sheriff departments have reserve officers (most are volunteers) that could be used.

      I would be happy to volunteer one day a week at my local school and I’m sure four more volunteers for the other days would not be hard to find.

      #3 like I said in the post “strategic locations” you would not want to have the alarm buttons place where the kids would have easy access to them, after all kids will be kids and no doubt would push the button to see what would happen…

      • SurvivorDan says:

        Indeed MD is correct. I was a non-compensated reserve deputy sheriff for many years. Though I worked full time I found 450 – 700 hours/year to give to my community.
        People are still intrinsically good (especially when it comes to protecting the children) and there would be no shortage of volunteers. The parents and grandparents of students would be very highly motivated to offer their time. By the way in this county reserves pay for their own uniforms and all equipment so costs would be individually borne. The local gov’t entities would only have to provide vetting, training, certification and oversight.

  22. Easfarthing says:

    The armed guard will be the first one to be shot. They will sit in the school day after day and become complacent. They will not be ready, they will be talking to someone or day dreaming. Start by limiting the number of cartridges to 5 in any weapon. There is not reason for any private citizen to own or possess an assault rifle. The culture of fear in America is what is wrong. Can you really say you would stand face to face with a determined person firing an assault rifle and trade fire with them to the death?

    • Easfarthing,

      “Can you really say you would stand face to face with a determined person firing an assault rifle and trade fire with them to the death?”

      Yes without hesitation. If I had to die to save the lives of 20 children I would do so gladly. Not everyone is a self-centered coward as you appear to be. There are a few real Americans left within this nationwide mental institution aka the U.S.A.

      For your education “assault rifles” are already illegal in the United states without a class 3 license – an assault rifle is a select-fire (either fully automatic or burst capable) rifle that uses an intermediate cartridge and a detachable magazine. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Assault_rifle.

      • Eastfarting, The culture that is wrong with this country is not fear…turn around and look in the mirror!

        • SurvivorDan says:

          EastFARTing worrisome? Really? .
          Lol. Spat out my coffee cake!

          • SurvivorDan says:

            Brilliant thinking Easfarting. So there should be no armed guards ANYWHERE including airport police, municipal police, deputy sheriffs and sky marshals as they would all become complacent and be the first ones shot. Most armed professional law enforcement (public and private) learn to stay alert and to pay attention to their surroundings. And yes we accept the fact that we may be the first targeted.
            Maybe one of us engaged in even a losing firefight may give others warning enough to escape. We get targeted by the uniform and do the job anyway for civilians….even you.

          • Yeah………….and I must admit, I did it on purpose……:)

    • Easfarthing,

      You ask, “Can you really say you would stand face to face with a determined person firing an assault rifle and trade fire with them to the death?”
      The answer to your question is an unswerving, “Yes”.
      Why don’t you take a minute and read the following essay, “On Sheep, Wolves, and Sheepdogs”, By LTC (RET) Dave Grossman, (http://www.gleamingedge.com/mirrors/onsheepwolvesandsheepdogs.html).
      While we euphemistically call this group “The Wolf Pack”, I think that you will find that in most of our hearts we are actually sheepdogs. Sheepdogs run toward the gunfire and not away from it. We know in our hearts and believe in our brains that we can make a difference.
      Also, when I charge into the fight I want the most firepower I can manage, perhaps not because I need it, but because I want it, and having a right means I don’t have to fulfill someone elses idea of what I might need. It’s really that simple, but a sheep like you will undoubtedly never understand.

    • “…they could work on rotating shifts to coincide with their regular duty times and pay thus costing the tax-payer nothing or very little.”

      What about the above quote from MD’s article did you misread? When would day after day happening when on a rotating shift? Do tell…

      The police at my local grocery are not complacent let me tell you. They hate the shift and are looking for someone to take it out on. I’ve seen it. I’ve seen them tackle a man over an unpaid dry cleaned suit when he flipped the bird and ran.

      Don’t paint everyone with a yellow stripe. Some of us won’t have it.

    • Petticoat Prepper says:

      Yes, I would stand face to face, this last shooting has hardened my conviction. I’m drawing a line. I am the line. THEY

    • extexanwannabe says:

      My wife, a timid school teacher for 30+ years, last night informed me that she was willing to go through the training and get her CCL. Without any prodding by me, she indicated that she would, in fact, stand in a classroom toe to toe with another armed person, and shoot until they were dead, or she was dead.
      So would I.
      Incidentally, her school already had a shooting incident this year involving a jealous husband. He was charged with three felonies, including assault with a deadly weapon, and was released on bail a week later.
      I am guessing that you would lie down and die, instead of defending yourself and others against an armed assailant.

      • This is good to hear, extexanwannabe. I hope you are not offended by what I wrote. I am just going by those that I know and love. I think it great that your wife is arming up. The more the safer!

    • Easfarthing:

      As I trained my soldiers, complacency kills. When you start to take things for granted, someone comes along and shoves a knife in your kidney, then kills your friends who are asleep because they depended upon you to do you job!

      “Can you really say you would stand face to face with a determined person firing an assault rifle and trade fire with them to the death?”
      —- Yes I can. Who would die if I didn’t. My wife, grandchildren, others I don’t even know?

      I take it you have never accepted responsibility for the safety and security of others. It seems as though you even believe that your personal safety is someone else’s responsibility. Good luck to you in the future. I hope you never have to find out how weak and self centered you position is.

    • Easfarthing:

      Secondly, the 2nd amendment has nothing to do with hunting, etc. It has everything to do with citizens being able to stand up to a repressive government that ignores the will of the people and tramples their GOD GIVEN RIGHTS.

      Use your intelligence to void your ignorance. Look at the founding of this country, the why and the how.

      This IS a Christian nation! Founded by Christians for the betterment of ALL persons of faith, a respecter (read: Supporter of a particular one) of none. Read the original charters of the early settlers. Stop regurgitating the warped lies of progressive educators. Go to the original, founding documents are LEARN FOR YOURSELF. Don’t take my work for it. Get mad at me, do the research, and PROVE me wrong!

      The culture of fear has been brought on by “those that know better” and have tried to force others to comply. They have failed to convince me with their logic, so now they intend to force me to kneel with force of arms. If the Department of Education needs weapons, what has your “society of reason” come to?

      If you choose to not posses a weapon, so be it. Whatever your reason. I think bright yellow pickup trucks are a travesty, yet you don’t see me trying to keep you from owning one (and yes it is the same thing). If you choose to put your future in the hands of those you HAVE SHOWN they DO NOT have your best interests at hears but theirs, by their words and actions, more power to you.

      “May you live in interesting times.”

    • SurvivorDan says:

      “Start by limiting the number of cartridges to 5 in any weapon.”

      Note the word – ‘start’ .

      “We’ll just start with 50s. No one really needs a 50 caliber. When they are confiscated we’ll start on all handguns. When they are all gone, we’ll start with hunting calibers. When they are all rounded up we’ll start on the 22s and pellet guns.”

      Step by step…..

      The creampuffcaspermilquetoasts and Big Gov’t folk of the world see this horrible event, not as the senseless tragedy that it is but as a golden opportunity to exploit.
      THEY are going to come to eradicate your right and ability to bear arms. Soon….

  23. “Unfortunately, there is no 100% effective way to guarantee that such an event will never happen again”

    Actually, MD, there is a way to prevent school shootings: eliminate public schools. That’s not as outrageous as it may sound, and here’s why. Most of us agree that parents are responsible for their children. If that’s true, then why do we turn them over to the government at age 5? Why do we let the state teach them and train them in the ways of the state?

    To find out what the state’s real motives are in “education,” do a little reading. I strongly recommend “The Underground History of American Education” http://www.johntaylorgatto.com/underground/index.htm or a short pictoral of the same book here: http://www.johntaylorgatto.com/historytour/history1.htm. This will be a real eye-opener. I know it was for me.

    Some will say that they can’t homeschool because “teachers” need to be specially trained. I say, “hogwash.” Most of us managed to teach our kids how to walk and talk without the assistance of the state. And ask any homeschooling parent and they will eagerly tell you about the myriad of teaching programs and materials available on the internet.

    Others will say that kids need to be “socialized,” that they need the company of kids their own age. I submit that kids are better “socialized” when they regularly interact with people of all ages, with the added advantage that they won’t be so influenced by “peer pressure.”

    If we’re honest with ourselves, the reason most of our kids are in public schools is because we’ve just accepted that that’s the way it is. And if we do think about taking them out, we realize that we’ll then have to be full-time parents. We will lose our government babysitters. Well, that can only be a good thing, especially for the kids.

    And one other advantage? Homeschools are not targets of deranged madmen.

    • The answer to the problem is to “de-centralize” education. Children don’t have to go to school 5 days a week – they could (should) stay home and use the internet for class. They might show up (at school) 2 or 3 times a month for tests (or special events) and the rest of the month would be education at home. Most parents have cable which means they have high speed internet.

      This is the 21st century and people telecommute to work now. Most of the class work done by students can be done via the internet. This would also reduce the paper waste.

      The advantages to the school district – reduce the number of school buildings needed. Brick and mortar buildings cost a lot to light, heat and cool – using them less would be a win-win situation. Since the students only meet 2 or 3 times a month then more students can “occupy” the same building.

      The “big school” target would be gone.

    • But that would…gasp…require parents to be responsible for and available to their children all day. Yeah, that’ll happen.


    • akaGaGa…very well put.

  24. J.D. in Ohio says:

    Great post MD! Rock solid suggestions and I hope people pass them on. I spoke with a teacher in my school district the night that this happened and he asked me what would I suggest to make schools safer since I am a police officer. I asked him if he wanted an honest answer and he said yes. So I told him that armed and trained teachers/staff were the best answer. I thought his head was going to explode!! I went on to explain that the goals of these cowards are media attention and body count. If they are stopped by armed staff as soon as they enter the school/grounds, then the body count doesn’t happen and it’s nothing more than a blurb on the evening news.

    One suggestion to reenforce classroom doors in to take two of wooden door stops/props and connect them with a piece of rope. During a lockdown, hammer the stops under the bottom of the door. Once in place, the only way that door is gonna open is to chop it down or blow it off the hinges. When the threat is over, you can use the nail puller end of a claw hammer to hook the connecting rope and pull it out. With a small amount of practice, one could pretty adept at installing and removing these stops.

  25. Mark Fuhrman hit the nail on the head this evening when he voiced his comments about prevention. He said in today’s atmosphere there is no way of picking these type of deranged people out of the populace until this kind of thing happens and it does no good to try and enact tighter controls since they will always obtain them. He said the one thing in common with all of these incidents is they always happen with a bunch of defenseless people in a gun free zone where they will encounter no opposition to what they plan on doing. He said the solution is so obvious, simply put armed security in plainclothes in all gun free areas..Amen to that Mark but that is not only too simple but not in keeping with the liberal agenda of disarmament of we the people

  26. Fantastic ideas! In fact ideas pulled from the very conversation me and my wife had minutes after hearing about this madness. We noted that our local grocery stores have armed policemen (no, not guards or rent-a-cops), policemen who are on a rotating shift as I have only seen the same person guarding twice in an area we frequent hundreds of times a year. Our food is safe from mass shootings. Why not our kids?

    Locks – yes. Why not? They are on most any government building. Some of those we enter have check points and armed guards. This is just to file a form for a passport.

    Alarms – I thought they were installed to begin with. What madness not to have a panic button after all these years. Columbine was recent it seems.

    I am not sure about arming the teachers. A lot of the teachers I know are very timid. Not to say that there are not some great shots that educate kids out there but for the most part what I have seen are people who are afraid to see a gun. Maybe some intensive training on your second suggestion until the concept of armed protection becomes less repulsive to these folk. Also a lot of teachers that are surfacing lately are not people I want armed. bad enough with all these sex offenders in classrooms without them having a way to further intimidate or harm.

    The door bar sounds great. Like the second to last reason I think it could be deployed easily and taught to folk easy enough. Fortified doors cost a lot of money and like guns in schools to protect there are some folk who think big scary doors are not wanted in their nice, happy school.

    For me and my wife though… me in the house home carrying while homeschooling our kid is the way to go. We will not avail of public schools until they clean them up and lock them down.

  27. Petticoat Prepper says:

    gurr…button again.

    THEY don’t cross the line, not today. I’m done. The lib’s can cry for more restriction on self protection but my family has fought for many generation for my right to keep and bear arms and I’ve decided to stand the line.

    I’m not leaving home without my pistol. I’m a CHL and train at the range a couple of times a month. Next year I plan on weekly training. Right now at 50 feet I can group my shots so I can cover them all with one hand. My goal is all in the center red dot. After all those babies being murdered by a vicious criminal (ill or not) I’ve made my choice.

    Easfarthing, feel free to stand in front of me and talk them down if you’d like. When you drop, I’ll drop them.

  28. Thanks for talking about this. We want to protect our children and others as best we can – it involves training, practice of a emergency plan, etc. Just like all of you are saying.

    I think the idea of armed security and staff is realistic, currently being done in many schools. States could create a security jobs for returning veterans who need work.

    Win win, in my book.

  29. j.r. guerra in s. tx. says:

    No offense intended, but I think its a bit of an over reaction. For me, I would ask for – two (2) armed police officers in each school campus during school hours. Police presence would have instant police department backup calling. These officers should also have the ability to teach gun safety classes – NO AMMUNITION INVOLVED, simply how firearms work, how to check if they are loaded and to disable them. Hey, you want to save lives of curious children – REMOVE THE MYSTERY.

    Never going to happen (especially the last part) but thats how I would approach it.

  30. In Israel the teachers are armed. Part of their job is to protect the students.

  31. “Considering that these shooters always seek out the weakest target”

    It’s not just shooters. Have you ever looked at the progression of serial killers? They usually start with small animals, work up to children, then to women and ultimately men. The one thing they have in common is that they are often seeking fame.

  32. Annie Nonymous says:

    We HAD armed security at the high school I went to, plus we knew that some of the teachers had the “lethal force” option available… Know how many kids died because of some deranged fruit-bat-for-brains (no offense intended to legetimate bats that live on fruit) psychofizzle? ZERO!

    We arm pilots to protect us. Why not arm teachers to protect our kids, instead of using them for socialist indoctrination tools?

    What makes me ill – violently ill – is how the antigun nut politicos and their media lackeys (From NBC to Fox, BTW) are USING those LITTLE KIDS who were MURDERED to push their PERSONAL POLITICAL AGENDA.

    How many of them PRAYED for this to happen to push that agenda? Kinda like the anti-abortion nuts killing doctors, nurses, and patients in clinics to “save lives”. I think those who continue to use these murdered children to push their political agenda should be treated like anyone else who uses violence and murer to push their agenda… last I heard, Gitmo was still open…

    Sorry, but when I watch the talking heads still using the terror attack of a lone nutcase, it makes me blame the media for MAKING nutcases. Arrghhhh…

  33. ( I promise this is not intended to be rude or insensitive)

    1) This is unrealistic. Armed gaurds in every school in America
    2) They came in through a window
    3) We have fire alarms. Still didnt maek a difference
    4) 100% certain that this woudl result in people getting unnecessarily hurt.
    5) Not realistic.

    As terribly horrible as this event was. I am not sure it is somethign that can be avoided completely even witht he most elaborate changes.

    • John,

      I don’t think that I have ever had a comment posted by anyone as completely clueless as you appear to be. Or as wrong on all points that you’re trying to make. Do you actually believe what you wrote or are you just trying to look like you know what you’re talking about?

  34. How about this? We hire unemployed vets (ex-military) to work at the schools as janitors, landscaping, etc…, and require them to get their concealed carry. We would be employing people that need jobs and they are already trained! I am all for teachers carrying at school too, but most are so liberal that they would not even consider it. So, this would take the pressure on having educators carry.

    In my area, all the middle schools and high schools have a police officer that works part time at each school which is great. I think that we should have the JROTC officers in the high schools carry too…then we would have at least 3 people armed at every school.

  35. Hunker-Down says:

    Why cant our society pass laws that criminals will obey? Why cant our society see its own failures in this regard?

    Police always show up too late, unless they just happen to be at the right place at the right time, through no preparation of their own to get there.

    Police do a great job defusing hostage situations but not so good when an unarmed crowd if fired upon.

    No one but God knows (He gave us free will) that someone is going to pull the trigger two seconds from now, why do we assume the police do?

    Well, we know they don’t. That means, since they cant travel at the speed of a bullet to get to the scene, they are always too late. Sure, sometimes they knock off a perp just before he kills victim number 17, but what about 1 through 16? In their case the police are too slow to be effective.

    We need trained, armed people at the scene before the perp grabs a killing tool. That means cc people in the classroom, churches, theatres, ball games and anywhere our society currently demands that a gathering of people be unarmed.

    Every teacher should step forward to protect the physical safety of their students. If they don’t like guns, they should be able to demonstrate that they can take a shooter down with a baseball bat; failing that, they should not be allowed to teach. However, if one teacher boasts of ‘carrying’ that person could become the victim of an attack by several students to get their firearm. A way to keep the students ignorant of who may be carrying on any given day is to invoke a program where 50% of the teachers are required to be covertly armed, and that list needs to have a 75% change every day.

    Training should be rigid and tuition free. TDL should appoint a czar for that.

  36. MENTALMATT says:

    Hey sorry for the late post, been a hell of a week, I totally belive in training and arming the teachers, principals, whatever. Oh and yes new measures like armed guards, vets coming home whatever. Pack I still have three kids in school, the twins are in the 5th grade. It’s not the guns it’s this nations screwed up morals, along with alot of things. Oh and by the way I do like the idea of the National Guard, they belong to the state. A gun did not commit this horrible act, a deranged horrible person did, may he rot in hell forever. God Bless

    • Thanks MentalMatt, glad you chimed in.

    • village idiot says:

      Amen, brother! It looks to me like the tide is beginning to turn on the gun-grabbers. People aren’t quite as p-whipped as I thought after the last election. Kinda makes me think that the TDL might not have gotten quite as many votes as were tallied in his favor. In any event, it’s time to close ranks and beat back the sheeple.

  37. As someone who deals with security & emergency management disciplines on the national level, I have to wonder why each individual state has not initiated a comprehensive “Physical Security” survey, along with mitigation measures, IOT secure our schools from Nut-jobs?

    This is Physical Security 101, but the states seem to be waiting for more Federal $$$ or politically correct guidance from the Teacher’s Union, or something known only to them, which seems to hold common-sense school security back.

    There are national guidelines out there to secure military installations, federal buildings, etc, but schools seem to have fallen by the wayside.

    Come to think of it, there are not that many resources I have come across related to school security:
    -IS-36 Multihazard Planning for Childcare
    -IS-454 Fundamentals of Risk Management
    -IS-813 ESF #13 Public Safety and Security Annex
    -IS-892 Physical Security Criteria for Federal Facilities
    -IS-906 Basic Workplace Security Awareness
    -IS-907 Active Shooter: What You Can Do
    -Physical Security Planning and Implementation Course
    -Introduction to Physical Security

    My big question to the school, would be: “When was the last time you exercised your ‘Active Shooter’ plan?”

    Better yet: “Do you even have an ‘Active Shooter’ plan?” Because from all reports I read, none of the adult’s actions were in-line with current ‘Active Shooter’ response methodology.

  38. Keith Taylor says:

    Your country is becoming as bad as South Africa.
    There was a time when people could leave their house doors unlocked and sleep peacefully, knowing that the most dangerous criminals were in prison. Today, people have to barricade – literally imprison – themselves in their own homes.
    It is really a sad reflection of the level of degradation to which your country has sunk when sane, caring individuals, like yourself, has to suggest turning grade schools into maximum security prisons in order to protect your young children!
    I’m afraid that there really is only one answer: a return to the old, “barbaric” style of hierarchical rule. Corporal punishment was the order of the day when I was a kid and I have to admit that I really DESERVED most of the thrashing I received.
    Did it embitter me, filling me with thoughts of suppression, torture and revenge? No, of course not. It warmed my seat and taught me, very quickly, what was, and what was not, acceptable behaviour. It also taught me to have an abiding respect for my elders, a value that is sorely missing from the kids of today.
    I do not agree with modern schooling, but then again, I had no kids, having decided this at the tender age of eighteen, by which time I had already seen the trend our country was taking – for the worse, that I would only have kids if I could absolutely ensure that they would not have to become slaves of the “system”.
    I know how to do that now, but it’s too late, as I am 63 and my wife is 56. Anyway, with our current government and the attitude of the “demo(n)cratic” majority who go on mindless rampages at the drop of a hat, I would not consider having kids, even if I COULD have them.

  39. This problem is more about mental health than it is about firearms.
    Mental health is always the poor cousin in health care.
    We need to put more resources into this issue, identify, and address individual needs.
    Mental health issues are increasing in an increasingly stressful world.
    Is there anyone who hasn’t experienced less than optimal mental health to some degree at some stage?

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