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America Heading Towards a Collapse Says Peter Schiff : “According to CEO and Chief Global Strategist of Euro Pacific Capital Peter Schiff, the U.S. economy is heading for an economic crash that will make 2008 look like a walk in the park. Stimulus programs can delay this day of reckoning, but only for so long and only at the expense of making the eventual meltdown much, much worse.”

Does New Tree Ring Study Put the Chill on Global Warming? : “The tree rings “prove [the] climate was WARMER in Roman and Medieval times than it is now,” the British newspaper the Daily Mail reported last week, “and [the] world has been cooling for 2,000 years.”

Taiwan finds H5N1 virus in birds smuggled from China : “Dozens of pet birds smuggled from southern China into Taiwan tested positive for the deadly H5N1 avian flu virus and were destroyed, Taiwanese authorities said Tuesday.”

Behind the smoke and mirrors: Presidential campaign theater unveiled : “Every presidential campaign trip into the heartland has the same goals: craft the president’s image, deliver speeches full of gusto from picturesque, Americana scenes, and wield the power of the incumbent.”

Study says Obama tax proposals could cost 700,000 jobs : “Republican House Speaker John Boehner hammered President Barack Obama on Tuesday after accounting firm Ernst and Young released a study funded by pro-business groups hostile to the Democrat’s agenda. The firm’s results showed that Obama’s proposed tax hikes on the wealthy could cost the already sputtering economy more than 700,000 jobs.”

Obama mocks House Republicans for health care repeal vote : “On a campaign swing through the political battleground of Virginia, President Barack Obama on Friday mocked House Republicans for holding yet another vote against his landmark health care law.”

Hank Williams Jr. – Obama Hates America : “Last year, he infamously compared the president to Hitler during an appearance on Fox & Friends. However, in a new interview with Rolling Stone, the always-outspoken country legend leaves no doubt as to just how much he dislikes President Obama.”

Five Different Shelf Life Studies : Two on Canned Food and Three on Dry Food – how long will your stored foods last?

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  1. On the study that Obama tax proposal will cost 700,000 jobs I believe that is not the true estimate. During the wait for the supremal courtus to make a decision on Obama care it was said an employer with 50 employees would save $1.79 and hour per employee if the courtus decision was against Obamacare. That adds up to $89.50 an hour. They could have hired 10.? minimum wage persons or a mix of qualified people. So that means that now does he have to get rid of 10.? employees because he lost the extra money this insurance is going to cost???
    And now Obama the tax man has more plans to cripple us.
    Hank Williams may have a point. It seems to have been proven over and over again. I give kudo’s to Hank for his strength of lip muscles for using them to say what he says.
    Shelf life of Foods should really be “The Shelf life of Common Sense”. Common sense should last as long and you be able to determine if something is bad.

    • JP in MT says:


      And don’t forget we have already been paying for Obama Care since it was looking like it was going to pass. Insurance companies haven’t been around this long because they are stupid. They started raising rates 2 years ago! Plus, if you put my health care provider out of business, how can I keep what I’ve already got?

      It would help if people would look at using health insurance like they do car insurance; you don’t expect Allstate to cover your oil change do you?

      • Dean in Michigan says:

        Yep…..Mine went up last year an additional $80 a month, and wasn’t cheap as it was. If I didn’t have a child, I would probably drop it all together. Who knows, maybe the fan event will happen by 2014 and Obummer care will be the least of our worries.

  2. riverrider says:

    also in the news in ocala fla, a 71 y/o gentlemen pulled his pocket 380 and went toe to toe with 2 young robbers at a local internet cafe. while one of the robbers was miffed that said 71 y/o continued firing on him while he was down, police see no reason to prosecute the licensed gunner. robbers-zero, grandpa-two……..from my too freaking funny file, tdl is airing a campaign add in Va. showing romney singing America The Beautiful while subtitles claim ,falsely, that rom sent jobs overseas and has big bucks in cayman island accounts. its funny because i’m thinking : at least rom CAN sing America The Beautiful (bet tdl can’t), and he’s smart enough to protect his hard earned cash from the gov’t and dirty banks here. tdl is truly out of touch with the real middle class….. another near 100 degree day, stay cool folks.

  3. Cold Warrior says:

    Good old boy Hank! He did a song a few years back called “A Country Boy can Survive” which should be the theme song for this site, if it had sound.

    For all of my fellow Christians, we all hate what is happening, I mean HATE IT!!!!,

    Just remember Who is in control and under Who’s wing you and your family is under. In the end, He will triumph over all of His enemies.

    Can I get an amen?

    • worrisome says:


    • AMEN!!! There’s a lot to consider with what Ol’ Hank has to say.I think a lot of us agree with what he says. Keep faith in our Savior and let Him guide us as we prepare for what may com.

    • Hunker-Down says:

      Cold Warrior,

      God told us to hate. Hate lying, hate cheating, hate pride. But we are to love the sinner.

      That said, TDL will reap what he sows. (Next week, I hope!)

      • Cold Warrior says:

        I wrote hate “what is happening”, did I mention a person or group of people?

        I hate communism because I’ve seen what it does to people. Both those that follow this false religion and those that oppose it. Is that clear enough?

    • Amen!

      Let us pray Psalms 109:8 Let his days be few; and let another take his office.

      I feel very pressed to provide for family and friends and fear I’ve not enough time or money to be fully prepared!

  4. While I appreciate Hank Williams, Jr. sharing his feelings about TDL, and share those feelings myself, I am sick of the liberal Hollywood types oohing and aahing over TDL and his no-class wife. Their blind allegiance and fawning over those two is enough to make me never watch their movies/shows ever again. And recently there was a Dem money bundler that is a rich business guy who was upset that they were “targeting” the wealthy with their campaign tactics, yet he still was planning to vote TDL. I wanted to reach into the tv screen and choke him. Someone needs to read him the definition of insanity!

    • SurvivorDan says:

      I do already avoid movies with the more visible high profile flaming liberal celebrities in them. Morgan Freeman is at the top of my no-see list (annoyed TFMrs.SD as she adores him) as an America hating, black racist, commie loving puke.
      Hey Morgan! Give away all your money (made mostly in America) to the folks…you hypocrite! Then…move to Venezuela or Cuba.
      Oh my God! I’m becoming my grandfather!

      • SurvivorDan,

        Morgan Freeman Says The TEA Party & Any Opposition To Obama Is Racist

        Did you take your blood preassure meds today…?

        • worrisome says:

          Morgan; Chris Rock; Cher; Rosie; David Letterman and others ….. and the list is growing. I have written a form letter that I now send to advertisers of any television shows that any one my list is in. The form letter states that I will never ever buy their products again if they continue to be irresponsible advertisers. I can no longer drink beer, am down to one toothpaste company, down to one soap I can use, but I am still determined not to support an advertiser that supports these wimps! 🙂

    • Mrs ACW

      I havent been hooked up to tv for more than 10 yrs and I haven’t been to pro football, baseball etc games in more than 20. I have been to the movies only about 5 times in that (special outings with grands).

      I refuse to watch hollywood “stars” who promote nothing. My money is more important than all the above folks who get paid millions to promote sex, drugs, violence and alcohol. It’s not the movies they are in that I’m talking about – it’s their personal morals, ethics etc. and the newspapers and web sites that put these folks front and center as news! OMG wher’s my barf bag….

      I refuse to help them pay for their insanity. I have enuff of my own! lol

      Seriously – I don’t buy anything/watch anything that promotoes any “star”. More money for preps that way.

      I’ve got your back while you choke the dem.

    • axelsteve says:

      They are just like a bunch of golden calf worshipers.

  5. JP in MT says:

    I liked how Obama’s “non-partisan” report on Romney’s proposal was written by a campaign donor.

  6. worrisome says:

    I tend to be simplistic in my thinking and am told often that as a result I overlook the subtleties but The Big Flapper is out there telling everyone that successful businesses are not the result of the hard work of those interested in forwarding whatever the business is. He seems to think government is the reason a business is successful. I think he is, as usual, thinking ass backwards. For without a business being successful and realizing that by contributing to taxes and to charitable pursuits, there would be NO GOVERNMENT!……..It is very possible in the next few years as this country tips farther socialistic that more and more people may wake up to this. There sure seems to be a disconnect over all the municipalities, states and yes even big Fed on where the money comes from to spend so flagrantly on $1M trips to Hawaii; conferences with palm readers; flying around in AF1 politicking.Oh! Sorry, my simplistic thinking missed the point! They don’t think it comes from ustaxpayers……….it comes from the Fed money printing machine!

    • Mother Earth says:

      And before he flys anywhere, the secret services gets there 2 weeks before doing their thing…wonder how much that adds to the trips?

    • mountain lady says:

      I no longer have TV, but I do have radio, so did hear his soundbites. He is out there spouting the Progressive Manifesto to all that will listen. I just re-read the first part Atlas Shrugged, and the similarities are frightening. Give it a read if you have the time.

      • tommy2rs says:

        Atlas Shrugged, 1984, Lord of the Flies (Check the news on flashmobs for similarities) and my personal favorite example, the movie Idiocracy.

    • axelsteve says:

      Tdl thinking is perfectly normal. For a communist. The state built your business like they did everything else for you.

  7. Ms ACW,

    I totally agree with the Hollywood thoughts. I gave up on that crowd leading up to the invasion of Iraq. I haven’t been to the movies, or rented a movie, since Training Day was a new release. They have a right to their opinions but not my money.

    • Ms ACW,

      If you want to see a great movie watch ‘Act of Valor’ the seals are amazing! I doubt there’s a liberal in the bunch.

  8. I’ve been hearing estimates as high as 2 million jobs lost. There has been talk of a mass exodus from the healthcare industry happening Jan. 1, 2014 if this law is not repealed.

  9. TarHeel says:

    Interesting article on food storage. I still have canned food stored in my cabinets from Y2K. Once in a while I open a can of something I’ve run out of and its still tastes and smells as good as the day I bought it and that was over 12 years ago. My wife has terrible allergies so in the spring when the temperature reaches 70 degrees the air goes on and is not turned off until the temperature drops to 65 degrees in the fall.

  10. recoveringidiot says:

    A friend sent this
    We are headed for trouble no matter who wins potus.

    • village idiot says:

      Wow, that was something, recovering. You know what’s strange, we have trillions of dollars of natural resources, yet the government is preventing their use. Whether we like it or not, someone or some entity is going to get our natural resources. It would be best for our nation and our people if we get it, but our creditors will get it at a discount price if we are too stupid to use it.

      One of the most bizarre things ever to happen on this Earth is our government ban on resource development. Like I said, some entity, likely China, will get our resources. The environmentalists ought to give it a lot of thought, as we can now control the environmental damage and limit it, when a foreign power gets control they won’t care how destructive they are.

      • recoveringidiot says:

        I saw a bumper sticker today,

        Then we strip mine the other planets.

        Cracked me up.

    • Prudentman says:

      Blunt….. leads me to think of other ways to protect what ‘assets’ I have left…. like tangible goods.

      What are your top 10 or 5 picks?

    • Hunker-Down says:


      Thanks for that very understandable piece. It defines in dollars the idiots in Washington.

      For a different view of how the ‘idiots in charge’ are ignoring in our cities;

      We have already pushed ourselves over the cliff and the hard a$$ answer, I think, is in the post of July 18 at
      She says congress is a dead horse and we are wasting our time beating on it (congress) in hopes of it conjuring up a fix. Ammo is now at the top of our prep list.

  11. Stop! You are scaring me! Really. Obummercare is wrong wrong wrong. I went without health ins.for years. Got lucky & was only sick once. Paid all my medical bills and the kids too. Defaulted on none. Finally have a job with good ins. Paid ins. So hard work & doing without gets me “ew-scrayed”. Of all the people I know (omitting family) outside of my work place, a small handful work gainfully. Not counting elderly. Most are government teatsucking scum. I am already supporting them. I work, do without, drive an old truck, no cable (no tv) and they collect checks & go camping with their boats, beers, steaks. Ok, now I am p!$$ed . So now I, what? Lose my good ins? Have pay because my company can’t carry it all? Or just quit & fake disability & ride the rides for free? I’m scared I did this all for nothing. It’s so so defeating.

  12. MtWoman says:

    I am politically weary. There’s good & bad on all sides. Me, personally…I believe our current political system is beyond working, no matter who’s what. It’s been taken hostage by myopic greed…and we’re on our own. Therefore, I find it a waste of precious prep time to argue politics, or even give it much time at all. “They”….all of them….will be who they are and do what they do regardless of little ole me. And, frankly, being outraged all the time is bad for the health. Life isn’t politics…it’s Life. And in the end, how aligned our souls are with the Spirit is all that will matter. And also frankly, I find what’s going on with the environment (drought, disasters, etc.) much more compelling and requiring thought than what political idiots do. I am choosing to take care of *my* sandbox, being as self-sufficient as possible, being helpful when I can, and leaving the angst of politics alone. I think my heart thanks me. JM2C….or maybe 25, with inflation.

    I am grateful for the prepping info I get here…it’s why I come to the blog. Thanks for the shelf life studies MD! 🙂

    • village idiot says:

      I might feel the way you do, MtWoman, were it not for my 3 children and grandson. But if they are going to have a life worth living, then it’s way past time someone stood up for what will give them a chance to prosper. I could care less about myself as I’ve had a good life. My children and grandchildren should have the same opportunities. And I’m going to do everything in my power to see that they get them.

      • VI…I understand. I have a grandson myself. But what I think at this point is that it is not possible for him to have the ‘same’ financial, physical, and mental security that I grew up with (that my parents worked so hard to create); that train has left the station imo, so I don’t go that route. What I do instead is give him experiences that will develop his personal skills & well-being and help him survive…and hopefully thrive…in the world he is inheriting. I try to give him physical challenges, mental challenges and a lot of laughter, so he remembers what life really is.

        I believe that each generation has their own opportunities to create. What I consider my opportunities to have been/be may not be what is best for my grandson. I trust that he is intelligent enough to build his life, in this, his own time, with what he’s given to work with. And I let him know that all the time. After all, we’ve all done that, and mostly in spite of whatever challenges there were.

        What I’m trying to say is that I believe my grandson will have the tools and the means to forge a life for himself in the world that is forming. He hasn’t known that other stuff anyway, and looks at the world with new eyes, unencumbered by the angst of the changes going on. THAT will carry him. 🙂

    • mt woman…the writing is on the wall…and so I only focus my energies where it will count…i.e., what I am able to accomplish – in what interests and affects me and my family in the days/months/years I have – and that includes taking time out for fun, friends, visiting new places and also prepping…and taking all things a step at a time – as balanced as I can…and I don’t lose sleep over what the politicians get up to. Cheers.

  13. Obama needs to feel the same thing many Germans did in Stalingrad………..a 7.62 x 54 …… the head

  14. MENTALMATT says:

    I just dont see any way out of this comming easy. Reagan where are you? We need the second coming now!!!

    • village idiot says:

      MATT, I remember very well when Ronald Reagan ran for President. I worked in his campaign. He was accused of being a lightweight, unqualified, a racist, in the pocket of the rich, a war-monger, etc.

      Nothing ever changes.

  15. Prudentman says:

    Mt. Lady…. “My Sandbox” sounds like a good name for a ‘blog site’ or chat room!

  16. Not only the US is heading for collapse , most of the industrialized nations are as well . If its going to be as bad as people are saying , expect some governments all over the globe to be overthrown ……..I know ours needs it .

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