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Are You Happy? Ben Bernanke Wants to Know : “The Federal Reserve chairman said Monday that gauging happiness can be as important for measuring economic progress as determining whether inflation is low or unemployment high.” Thanks to Mama J for the link.

Stock Market Crash 2013 : Should you be worried about a stock market crash in 2013… or even sooner? Certainly, there’s plenty of unsettling news to worry about. You know what I’m talking about…the persistent Eurozone debt crisis, Taxmageddon, the fiscal cliff, high unemployment. The list goes on and on But now, there’s one more reason to fasten your seat belt.

Walmart Is Going To Sell The Genetically Modified Corn That Its Competitors Rejected : “Earlier this year, Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s and General Mills all refused to carry Monsanto’s corn, but there’s one giant chain that’s going for it — the world’s largest retailer, Walmart.” Thanks to Gayle H for the link.

Impact of drought-ravaged corn crop on food prices will vary : “A drought covering two-thirds of the country has damaged much of the country’s corn crops and pushed grain prices to record levels, triggering fears that a spike in food prices will soon follow.” Thanks to Gayle H for the link.

11 Signs That Time Is Quickly Running Out For The Global Financial System : “Are we rapidly approaching a moment of reckoning for the global financial system? August is likely to be a relatively slow month as most of Europe is on vacation, but after that we will be moving into a “danger zone” where just about anything could happen.”

Solar superstorm could kill millions, cost trillions : “Weather has been lousy this year, with droughts, heat and killer storms. But a solar superstorm could be far worse.”

World’s smallest revolver : “The SwissMiniGun C1ST is a double-action .09 caliber six-shooter that’s just over two inches (5.5 cm) long weighing 0.7 oz (19.8 g).”

Todays recommended book : The Alpha Strategy – The Ultimate Plan of Financial Self-Defense. :yes:

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  1. riverrider says:

    folks have you seen the new tdl add? it has a guy telling how mitt bought his company, laid him off, so his poor wife died of cancer from not having insurance……only problem is its all lies. mitt wasn’t running bain cap at the time, it was six years later that she got sick, she had a job with insurance until she got laid off too (who’s fault was that?). their hypocracy knows NO bounds. how can anybody vote for somebody that dishonest? disgusting.

    • Hunker-Down says:


      TDL has been lying to us since he was elected. Disgusting.

      A college classmate of his is challenging the reason he will not release his transcripts. Reading between the lines, I’m guessing there is proof in those documents that he went to school as a foreign student; so where is his citizenship?

      Romney should jump on this issue.

      • Gentlemen,
        We all know these guys are dishonest asshats with more power than brains.
        Instead of taking about all the ways the are not suited run our country, or dishonest they are…..

        Can we do something collectively to put our foot down? How do we say NO, this is not acceptable. These are not choices for our Presidency.
        Do we start an Occupy movement to NOT VOTE? If those other guys can do it, why can’t the other half of the 99% do it?
        Demand to wipe the state clean and demand a DO OVER?

        Personally, I am not looking forward to another four years of holding my breath, eyes closed, ears covered, chanting “lalalalala” waiting for something horrific to happen. Really, It is almost like looking forward to another round of chemo.
        We all know we are slowing strangling here…
        I don’t know government law at all, someone help me here. Please?
        Are we helpless to stop it?

        • Mama J.,

          We can all write in “Ron Paul”.

        • A law that allows us to vote against both candidates. None Of The Above (NOTA) if NOTA wins an election not only do we get a new slate of candidates but the first batch don’t get to run again, ever. I would happily ban any liar from ever holding office.

      • SurvivorDan says:

        We all know there is embarrassing stuff hidden in Obama’s background.
        You can’t convince me that the RNC and company don’t have the resources including career spooks, active and retired, who could track down Obama’s birth certificate, college records, etc.
        Sure Romney will make a little noise about it directly and through surrogates but nothing will be exposed that was hidden – from us. They will move on to other points but without a whistle blower we won’t learn anything about Obama ’till after he gets re-elected. I think the fix is in. And so I’m wrong if Romney gets elected. Not much real difference. Same masters calling the tune.

        They don’t really want to expose Barry.
        There is no other explanation for the incompetence.

        The Conservative talking heads make a bit of a fuss but then it all fades again. Someone gives them all (both parties), if not their marching orders then a nudge here and a nudge there in the desired direction.

        • mountain lady says:

          I do believe the winner was chosen at the Bilderberger meeting in Chantilly, VA last month, or the month before and at 8:02 Pacific time on election night, they will tell who they have chosen.

      • RR, I, too, am offended by this ad and the dishonesty it illistrates. The guy lost his job in 2001 (didn’t Romney leave Bain in 1999 to run the olympics?) and the guy’s wife died in 2006. It is a horrible tragedy that she died, but it was not as a result of Bain closing and Romney had nothing to do with it.
        When the guy was laid off, his wife allegedly had her own insurance from her own employer, but if that isn’t true, didn’t the guy have like 5 years to find another job and health coverage?
        How can any rational person blame Mitt Romney for that?
        And why Mitt’s spokesperson didn’t say just this, I will never know. God help us.

      • HD,
        Yes he should. Can’t figure out why Romney will not hit back. Making me a little crazy, I don’t mind telling you.

        • Hunker-Down says:


          Romney’s team proved they have the means, the knowledge and the will to attack as they proved in how they handled Gingrich.

          I’m beginning to wonder if someone is controlling Romney?

    • RR:
      Just listening to the add, he made it sound like she got sick right after he got laid off. So when he had insurance they didn’t do any annual checkups? Sort of like blaming the car manufacturer because the engine locked up, but then you never checked the oil.

      • axelsteve says:

        Jp from what I heard she died of cancer 22 days after she was diagnosed. She was a dead woman walking unfortunatlly

      • JP,
        I think the guy in the ad wasn’t truthful, or the meaning of what he said was changed by editing. All the papers are reporting she died 5 years after the layoff and she was dead 22 days after diagnosis, so she clearly wasn’t sick when he was laid off.

    • (Blank Space) says:

      My dog got fleas while Mitt Romney ran Bain Capital, he didn’t have any insurance and almost scratched himself to DEATH! sob, sob, boo hoo, boo, hoo….It’s all Mitt Romney’s fault!

      • SurvivorDan says:

        My first wife dumped me six years after Reagan left office.
        So it was Reagan’s fault. God bless him for that one!

        • SurvivorDan says:

          Just kidding ladies! The first Mrs.SurvivorDan had good reason to kick my gun buying, adventure seeking, truck wrecking, caveman ass out the door! She was a fireball! Hee-hee.

        • Mine left during the 1st Bush Presidency. Since we were in Massachusetts, I have to believe that it was because Dukakis lost. She stayed, I left. Got remarried 2 years later.

          I won!

    • Politicians, if their lips are moving they are lying. They pander to the lowest common denominator and then sell themselves to the highest bidder, just like the whores they are. My level of respect for and trust of politicians places them just barely above child molesters.

      • (Blank Space) says:

        If you want to know if you can trust the politicians in Washington, ask the former Republic of South Viet Nam.

      • SurvivorDan says:

        After 40 years paying attention to politics and politicians I can only agree tommy2rs. Other than that local pol whom you have taken a measure of up close and can keep an eye on, THEY are all motivated by greed and power.
        I give ladies of the night more respect as they generally are straight up about what they’ll give and what they expect to get.
        Not that old….”I want to serve the people!”…. bullshit.
        I’m sure that most of us share your revulsion for professional politicians. Get a rope…..

      • At least child molesters are choosy about their victims. Jeff

    • SurvivorDan says:

      Yeah Obama with his Chicago style of politcking is a pig.
      The Republicrats aren’t much better. Only I figure they are the lesser of two evils. But, I don’t know that I can hold my nose and vote for any of them.
      Romney will carry Arizona anyway and all the rest of the blood-sucking pols running for federal office can go to hell.
      I think for the first time in nearly 40 years of voting, I will stand by my principles by sitting this one out. If I know a person is bad – I won’t give ’em the time of day. Why then should I support this crop of FEDs and wannabe FEDs?
      These Libtards and Republicrats get in and rob us blind and either party in power drags us inexorably closer to the Abyss.
      Why should I vote for any of these scoundrels?

  2. Hunker-Down says:

    Bernanke is throwing in the towel with his “the enhancement of well-being” statement of distraction from the financial hole he put is into. Lets forget about disappearing purchasing power of our dollars and focus on well-being and butterflies. Yeah, right.

    What else can that one trick pony (Bernanke) do, except print more money? Many, many financial articles remind us that every civilization in the history of the world drove their fiat money to a value of ZERO. I read one article that said it is a phenomenon that happens about every 30 years. It scares me to know how common it is. But we are immune; we have Bernie! Yeah, right

    Walmart and GMO corn: Every time we are at Walmart we will tell whoever checkout clerk serving us that we will not buy groceries at their store until they stop selling GMO corn. If the clerk asks “what’s that”, my response will be , “ask the food manager”. Also, we will be asking our local grocery if they sell non-GMO corn.
    If enough of us do this, we can raise a stink.

    Solar Super-storm: Replacing big transformers take up to 2 years, smaller, telephone pole type take 2 months. The article failed to mention that they are not made in this country and we have no control over which customer the manufacturer may service first. If our grid is down in the summer, how many additional transformers will be destroyed by tornadoes?
    Gas stations cant pump gas if the electric motors don’t work and the tractors cant get produce out of the fields, delivery trucks will not run, so do you have 2 years of groceries? I’m gonna put up another bag of M&M’s.

    • HD,
      I like the way you think.
      Put up 2 bags of M&M’s.

      • I think I saw an article that since the peanut shortage of last year mars is now using GMO peanuts in their peanut m&m’s!!!!

        • George,
          GMO in my peanut m&ms? Please tell me you are joking 🙁

        • Hunker-Down says:


          That means when I take a leak, I’m polluting the planet.

          I have no basis for this question; is there a connection between GMO seeds plants and food, and the frightening rise in autism?

    • village idiot says:

      Well done, the best, if not the most famous, of all the Hunker-Downs. And you have me thinking, I’m going to go look at hand pumps. One that can pump gas from my vehicles to a can, and a larger one that can pump gas from an in-ground storage tank into a can or vehicle. I might make some extra cash on this one, and be able to get gas no one else can. MtWoman also gets some credit as she mentioned some Indians having to use hand pumps during their power outages last week.

    • Has anyone had a look inside a modern gas station pump? Have they gone to digital pumps, like a metering pump or do they still use the same old pumps? Used to be if the power was down you could remove the lower cover and there was a belt driven pulley that could be driven with a lawn edger and a v-belt to pump gas. Did that many times during the aftermath of hurricanes back before I got fed up with dealing them and the insurance company rate hikes and moved inland.

      • Hunker-Down says:

        Where will you get the gas for the lawn edger? (1 is none 2 is 1).

        I would be dumb enough to put the gas from the lawn edger into the car, then drive to the gas station with the dead pumps.

    • sw't tater says:

      I agree, if we don’t buy gro at wally world and do tell them why it should have an impact. I think a date needs to be set , so that it can be done in UNISON….Like starting sunday… we also need to have a copy of any articles that have come out to expose GMO products and harmful effects. It wouldn’t hurt if we bought nothing else from them either, but our medications are bought there. We bought some at another store for a few months and they were hundreds of dollars higher.

    • Dang,

      I don’t have any M&Ms in storage. Even if I bought 10 bags from Sams Club, my dh would eat them all. LOL

    • SurvivorDan says:

      How much do we pay that ass clown Bernanke to occasionally lower/raise interest rates or print money. The Washington Pols all extoll his greatness.
      I think TFMrs.Survivordan with her little tape calculator and a coin (to flip) could do better.

  3. axelsteve says:

    I am not sure if Romney has the backbone to jump on anything. If my opponnet was lying about my taxes and life I would throw it back at them.I would ask Barry for his educational transcripts ,Tax records ,health records,Immagration status.Ask about his religious beliefs in 25 words or less.I would demand that he deny Islam. Romney could beat Barry over the phone if he took a gut check.

  4. I like the mini gun!

  5. Begin rant…..

    Mr. Bernake,
    Does this look like a happy face to you?

    Really? Monsatan freely admitts they soak this corn with toxic chemicals! Ergo, the name. Round Up Ready Genetically Modified Corn. Slaps hand on forehead. (for the millionth time) And you still don’t care.
    Are you going to have little free sample cups of Roundup to hand out to all your sheeple who will come in flocks to buy your poison corn? With food stamps.
    Since the sheeple that buy your food live in a fairy tale, have the lady handing out the Round Up samples dress like an old crone. Cloak, wart on nose, you know. Shouldn’t be a problem since you probably already have the Halloween stuff out (in August). When they all get sick and fall into a coma, they will be taken care of on Obamacare and we will be rid of them.
    Why do I even bother to continue to state the obvious? Big sigh.

    We are waiting to see if the global economy will collapse because most of Europe is on vacation?
    Am I reading that wrong? Do they need to be home for that?

    I worked late last night and my chores are done for the day. My brain has be addled sufficently. I am going to pick fruit and let my beautiful mountains heal my sprirt. Maybe some fly fishing is in order? Go rock hounding for some crystals?
    I remember saying something about not letting the news do this to me.

    • Mama J, I completely agree with everything you said. Only problem is I cant join you up in the mountains to heal my spirit. Why oh why did I move out of Colorado. LOL.
      I too cant stand to watch the news anymore. So depressing.

    • riverrider says:

      so, bernie is right, you are happy? i have to go shoot something now…..

    • sw't tater says:

      Mama J, Those last few lines all sound soooooo, good I wish I was close enough to help with all those chores! My Hubby would even enjoy all those as well.

    • Hunker-Down says:

      Mama J,

      You forgot Monsanto chemicals in river water and Monsanto chemicals in human bloodstream. If you’re going to rant, SCREAM!!! (Just playing the instigator). he-he.

      • If I have monsanto chemicals in my blood does that mean I will get sued since my “kids” had reused the “seed” just like if my farmer buddy replanted his soybeans???? I guess when my grandkids need something I can send the bill to monsanto!

      • HD,
        Did you forget that I owe a GMO free hug?
        I have screamed from the roof tops and gotten on the news. Actually, I went as far as going topless ( back in the day….damn, secret) to get folks to pay attention…..I was arrested.
        I got alot of attention, 50/50, what i was asking for, but got attention! In my 30’s. Too funny. My husband is a very patient man. With a great sense of humor. And cash for bail. He loves me and my passionate craziness. He actually waits to see what happens next. With a shrug and a smile.
        I live where the river water is glacial. No Round Up possible.
        Now I am happy to give hugs with my clothes on and live in non GMO peace with my family and happy to rant from the comfort of my living room.
        Top on.

  6. (Blank Space) says:

    About the Corn thing and Wally World, I hear that they also sell “Solent Green” which everybody knows is “PEOPLE” !

    Really, we all got to die of something. If it comes down to eating my cat of some chem’ed up corn, it’ll take the dang corn. (Unless it turn me into a Zombie, in which case, pass the stewed kitty please)

    • But wouldn’t you love a third choice? Like food that had not been doctored up in a lab? I know I would. Big. Sigh. I need some wine. The kind from real fruit please. And some m&ms.

  7. (Blank Space) says:

    As for the drought, food supply, economy crashing, cats and dogs living together. As long as George Dickel distillery has enough corn juice, rye, and malted barley, I’m good. #12 , 90 proof and smooth as silk.

    THE STONE FENCE (Bill Cody’s favorite drink)
    In a rocks glass place 4 ice cubes and 1.5 oz of George Dickel Whiskey
    Fill glass with “Hard” apple cider.
    Enjoy while watching the world fall apart.

    • riverrider says:

      yum, that sounds good, and i don’t even like dark liquor.

      • (Blank Space) says:

        The old Stone Fence will get you thru the night. I’m not sure, but I believe that the term “Stoned” comes from drinking too many. It was a popular drink in the old Western Saloons. Later of course it was grabbed by the drug culture.

  8. Begin Rant:
    Everyone take a pill…
    Everyone remain calm…
    Keep gathering preps…
    Keep exchanging pertinent information…
    End Rant:

  9. Wallmbies, I hear they inhabit the isles between 0100 and 0430.

  10. Trashman says:

    Here’s a Rant load of questions for the lot of ya.

    Have you decided what to do with you’re poor choice of cadidates this election cycle.

    Have your thought of taking what $$ you can out of an IRA or other account while the tax rate is as low as it is…. this year?

    Who has the guts to do that? Do you really think things will get better some how?

    Don’t you wish some socio-economic guru could stand up and relay the word of Gawd on this mess we talk about all the time…. so we don’t actually have to decide on our own?

    Has your normalcy bias kicked in…… again?

    How big is your…. community?

    Have you driven through town to take a look at the folks you may be in fear of one bad day?

    Do you know….. anybody .. other than yourself that you can depend on for support… or who you would support?

    Are your plans and lists as useful as the stuff rolled up on the wall of your crapper?

    Is there enough room at MD’s place for all of us?

    At what point.. will you act?

    Have you even thought about what that ‘point’ may be? I mean really now???

    Am I as depressed as I sound at the moment?

    Are the Federalies really auditing this?

    Wow… sometimes I jusgotta blow off my doubts and stuff. When I do the + and – thing with the scratch paper after reading through the blogs and the like…… well… I just sit and shake my balding head.

    Lets hear from some holier than thou type who knows the answers……….

    • SurvivorDan says:

      Good questions Trashman. I too need some answers. Meanwhile I keep plugging along. I will tell you that don’t have any money invested anymore. I’m all in cash and goods. Thinking about buying some silber though. I’m not even certain that owning my house outright is such a good idea. Maybe I should sell it, convert the profit to preps and just rent a little cabin somewhere.
      I’d be sure to have a long term lease and after a major Collapse I may have squatters rights.
      See…..I ain’t got any answers either. Sorry bud. Hang in there.

    • mountain lady says:

      I have a friend that hates when I use the term normalcy bias, but that is what it is. You really think an IRA or 401K, or anything else that is not in your own hands will be there after the financial collapse? We can wish MD has room for all of us, but that is just another pipe dream, lol. I think I am as depressed as you are. So sorry that I do not have any answers for you. Where I live, there is no community, in the correct sense.

    • Trashman,
      All of our assets are tangible. Not a problem there.
      A good survivalist knows their neighbors. You’re right.

      We had meetings. In the form of street (road) parties that we paid for with our own money to get to know our neighbors. It took three years to get enough people on board.
      We know the lay of the land for two miles. The roads in and out. drainages, and wildlife paths.
      We know who is watching who’s back.
      A community.
      Not a perfect community. But one that has survived a disaster already is helpful.
      Do we have problems? Yes. Do we have druggy losers in our area.. Yes. Do we have a plan for that? Yes.
      Do we have elderly, unpreppared and clueless?
      Our elderly are a wealth of information if someone is willing to listen. A community of veterans who would love nothing better to sit in a recliner and watch, share their stories. They have no problem shooting through the picture window.
      I consider them our greatest asset. Sometimes an opinionated pain. They are our history and teachers of our future.

      We have looked at who grows wheat, oats, hay, cattle, pigs, poultry, and who knows how to midwife. We have folks that can speak Spanish and who the Doctor is. We have plenty of musicians, brewers, and aviaries.
      Are we prepped? Maybe. As well as we can hope. We talk about how we can survive all this without diesel fuel… woefully lacking. Even through all this…we think we are bad asses. Just ask our kids. LOL.
      The rest of the (non prep) neighbors think we are insane. A community of beautiful insane paranoid people who can work together. I am proud to live here.
      We would take MD (and a bunch of the pack) gladly at the gate. We hope ya’ll stay safe and sound in your own groups though.
      How bout you?

    • Hunker-Down says:


      The answers to 90% of your questions is………no.
      The other 10% are stuffed under our normalcy bias.

  11. (Blank Space) says:

    Just had a thought, if the price of corn is going up and American Whiskey is made from corn, then the price of Whiskey will be going up.
    So a smart person might invest in a case or two of Jim Beam, Makers Mark, Jack Daniels, or George Dickel. After all, “Whiskey: It’s just not for Breakfast anymore”.
    Seriously , Spirits have so many uses to a Prepper that I don’t understand why they are not on everyone’s stockpile list. (What would you rather do, bribe a Cop with an oz. of Silver, or a bottle of Captain Morgan?)
    On another note, I find it funny that people who get all freeked out over their food being “organic” will often smoke some stink-ass pot from God knows where?…..just say’n.

    • SurvivorDan says:

      I think most of us do keep some spirits for barter and ‘medicinal’ purposes. I need my ‘cough’ medicine.

    • Hunker-Down says:

      (Blank Space),

      I hope you have the parts (barrels, tubing, fuel) to build a still, and a source of mash.

    • Plant Lady says:

      Folks, I am sure it is time to start producing what we need, rather than just stocking up a finite supply. We got a complete brewery setup, a complete winemaking setup, the equipment to propagate yeast strains, a huge old Amish cider crusher/press, 60 fruit trees, hordes of berry plants, masses of grapevines, 7 varieties of hops and lots of two-row malting barley seed and various other grains…and a couple other “handy” items. And I ordered another 9 gal. brew kettle today. All that probably only cost what a couple years supply of decent store-bought alcohol would cost (or a case of single malt)…and we can make various alcoholic substances forever.

  12. Globalism , like Communism…………..doesn’t work , its time for that idea to go away , and economic collapse is probably what will do it .

    • (Blank Space) says:

      T.R. God is about to kick the crap out of this world. Prune away a lot of dead wood and useless branches, that’s all. Burn up 1/3 of the land, make 1/3 of the water undrinkable, turn every man’s hand against his brother….nothing to be concerned about.
      Fact is, we deserve it…at least I do. God is holy, just, truthful, and full of Grace. Slow to anger and Terrible when angered.
      For His is the Kingdom, Honor, and Glory…forever.

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