Wednesday miscellany

1. Via The New York Times – Terrorist Plots, Hatched by the F.B.I. : The F.B.I., whose undercover agents and informers posed as terrorists offering a dummy missile, fake C-4 explosives, a disarmed suicide vest and rudimentary training. Suspects naïvely played their parts until they were arrested.

2. Army orders removal of biblical inscriptions on rifles : “The biblical verse (JN8:12) must be removed utilizing a Dremel type tool and then painted black,” the memo says. It asks Army personnel to “verify that the scripture reference is completely removed.”

3. Increasing the Democrat voter base – 99.5% of illegal immigrants get approval for legal status : The administration has approved 99.5 percent of applications of those who have applied for legal status under President Obama’s nondeportation policy for young adults, granting legal status to more than 250,000 formerly illegal immigrants.

4. Immigration reform could be bonanza for Democrats : “The immigration proposal pending in Congress would transform the nation’s political landscape for a generation or more — pumping as many as 11 million new Hispanic voters into the electorate a decade from now in ways that, if current trends hold, would produce an electoral bonanza for Democrats and cripple Republican prospects in many states they now win easily.”

5. Rand Paul flip-flop on domestic drone use : “I’ve never argued against any technology being used when you have an imminent threat, an active crime going on,” Paul told Cavuto, responding to a question about the Boston Marathon manhunt. “If someone comes out of a liquor store with a weapon and 50 dollars in cash, I don’t care if a drone kills him or a policeman kills him. But it’s different if they want to fly over your hot tub or your yard just because they want to do surveillance on everyone, and they want to watch your activities.”

6. Ron Paul fans furious over Rand Paul’s drone flip-flop : “Ron Paul’s vibrant fan base is in open rebellion today over Rand Paul’s perceived reversal on domestic drone strikes.”

7. Tamerlan Tsarnaev and Family Received Welfare : “Marathon bombings mastermind Tamerlan Tsarnaev was living on taxpayer-funded state welfare benefits even as he was delving deep into the world of radical anti-American Islamism, the Herald has learned,” reports the Boston Herald.

8. WHO says new bird strain is “one of most lethal” flu viruses : “A new bird flu strain that has killed 22 people in China is “one of the most lethal” of its kind and transmits more easily to humans than another strain that has killed hundreds since 2003, a World Health Organization (WHO) expert said on Wednesday.”

9. China confirms 108 H7N9 cases, 22 deaths : “The National Health and Family Planning Commission said in its daily update on H7N9 cases that a total of 108 H7N9 cases have been reported in China, including 22 that have ended in death.”

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  1. Mystery Guest says:

    2. Well what can a feller say. Seems their logic is their logic and the way this world is going it could be assumed that the enemy would use it against us. But it is indeed a continued ploy to completely scrub Christianity from everything.
    No one in the political aena, armed forces, or govenmental agencies has the intestinal fortitude to stand up for Christ.
    Crusade my fanny. They think that is the reason for a lot of the other sides thinking and they are holding history against us. I ain’t responsible for history only to learn from it.
    Besides no worry Christ will lead the charge in the last Crusade.

    • No one in the armed forces has the intestinal fortitude to stand up for Christ? Tha’s a pretty bold statement to make, and it’s pretty offensive. I’ve been in the Marine Corps for over 10 years and have stood for Christ many times. Please don’t make narrow-minded, blanket statements like this that have the potential to offend many of the readers of this blog. We are on the same team here.

      • Mystery Guest says:

        You are taking the “no one” as singular. It was not a blanket statement. But then again it is, as you being in the military you are covered by what they regulate and believe me they regulate.
        Take your ” chain of command” how high up did your stance go? What has it changed in regards to the entire military system in their beliefs/regulations?
        Even you being a “Marine”, “the best of the best”, with 10 years in, they do not care if you believe in Christ. But they will indeed care if you rock the boat with it.

        • +10

        • It’s not important how high up the chain it went. I don’t have to affect the entire military or change the entire belief system of the military by myself. I am one person, and I am in charge of about 20 people. If I can make a difference for those 20 people and set a positive example of Christ for them, then that is enough for me.

          This reminds me a little of the starfish story, which I will tell you in case you are not familiar with it.

          A young girl was walking along a beach upon which thousands of starfish had been washed up during a terrible storm. When she came to each starfish, she would pick it up, and throw it back into the ocean. People watched her with amusement.

          She had been doing this for some time when a man approached her and said, “Little girl, why are you doing this? Look at this beach! You can’t save all these starfish. You can’t begin to make a difference!”

          The girl seemed crushed, suddenly deflated. But after a few moments, she bent down, picked up another starfish, and hurled it as far as she could into the ocean. Then she looked up at the man and replied,

          “Well, I made a difference to that one!”

          The old man looked at the girl inquisitively and thought about what she had done and said. Inspired, he joined the little girl in throwing starfish back into the sea. Soon others joined, and all the starfish were saved. – adapted from the Star Thrower by Loren C. Eiseley

          Story copied from

          My point is, I don’t have to change the entire military by myself because I am not the only Christian in it. I will do my best with what the Lord has put me in charge of, and I can’t worry myself to death over what everyone else does (or doesn’t) do.

          Take care.

    • you cant learn from history if the history is manipulated ……now its to the point of outright lies , Josef Stalin would be proud . just sayin .

  2. tommy2rs says:

    Supreme Court: ‘There Is No Bar to this Nation’s Holding One of Its Own Citizens as an Enemy Combatant’

    Bloomberg Says Interpretation of Constitution Will ‘Have to Change’ After Boston Bombing

    • riverrider says:

      and bloomie is already trying to ban cigs for 18-20 year olds…and they thought he would stop at big gulps?

  3. Concerning H9N7, Ms. Bam Bam reported that there has been some cases up here in Minnesota. Given our large flocks of wild geese/ducks/sea gulls, plus our huge turkey production industry, we are a perfect place for a “Bird Flu” to take root.

    As for taking the scripture verses off the AGOG’s. Here is food for thought: Since the 1980’s almost every military action the USA has been involved in has one way or another benefited Saudi Arabia or their fellow Moslems. Desert Storm, our support against the Russians vs the Afghans, Libya, Iraq, Kosovo, now Syria.

    Besides the White House, both the the heads of the DOD and CIA are supporters of Islam. So of course they are de-Christianing our military.

    The whores (and I mean that word in it’s worst sense) in D.C. have sold our government to the Saudi’s. What else explains our lack of drilling for our own oil which forces us to buy theirs.

    The last book of The Bible speaks about a “Great Whore” being burned by a 10 headed beast who was thought killed, yet still lives. (Russia?)
    Given that the Chinese are still moving troops towards North Korea and we are locked into a proxy war with Russia in Syria, we “could” see Biblical events occurring.
    Russia, China, Iran, North Korea, and others are all in a treaty called The SCO. Like the old Warsaw Pact, if one is attacked, all will come to It’s defense. Is the SCO the beast with 10 horns?

    Peace through superior firepower

    • riverrider says:

      nuke em all, let allah sort them out.

      • Watch out River, your “Crusader” is showing!

        I think allah is too busy shoveling coal on to the fires of hell to be sorting out lost souls.

        What we need is a few Charlie de Hammers, and crazy Joe Sobieskis’, but I believe J.C. Himself is due to open up a can of whoop ass pretty soon.

      • Backwoods Prepper says:


    • Ghost,

      Doctors in Minnesota have sent specimen to be tested. The cases are suspected, not confirmed. But there was a confirmed case in Taiwan today. And three health care workers who came into contact with him are showing symptoms.

    • Survivor says:

      One thing I believe is being overlooked is our governments status on the planet. Most countries hate our government and would do anything they thought they could get away with to hurt us. Heck, even the UN has officials blasting us for the marathon bombings.
      In an economic collapse, declared martial law or other ’emergency’, I wonder how many of those rogue nations and others that claim to be our ‘friend’ will supply the US freedom fighters with support, like they do with islamic terrorists.

  4. About Immigration Reform benefiting Democrats.

    If you emigrate to Mexico legally, you are still denied the right to vote. You are also denied the right to own property within 50 kilometers of the coast and 100 kilometers of the border. You are not allowed to hold any significant government positions.

    Why aren’t we treating these people the same way that they would treat us?


  5. axelsteve says:

    The government is waging the dog on this one. If the bible verses that are part of a serial number on a caponent on a rifle is so bad.Why not have the manufacturer change it? Why let the enemy control our policies to begin with? It weakens us to bow down to the percieved thinking of our enemies. Our policy should be we win you lose,not lets remove bible references.It may offend them. Well piss on them ,didn`t they offend us on 911?

    • worrisome says:

      When Everyone finally “gets” that our Pres is a muslim, perhaps we will quit tip toeing around the issues…..

      • Sheri (IN) says:

        Worrisome – Thank you! Why is everyone afraid to say it when we all know it’s true. They say actions speak louder than words. Well, he has covered both. People just aren’t listening or watching!

    • JP in MT says:

      These weapons were purchased with the verse on them. The company has been doing it since it’s inception. Why now is it a problem?

      • JP in MT says:

        I find it interesting that we are worried about the reaction of a enemy combatant who generally does not even read and write his own language getting upset over something written in English.

        When I wore a uniform, I was not concerned about what I would have on me, when I was captured, that might upset the enemy. I was trained that dead enemy soldiers don’t care much about what I have on me in writing. Are we now training our soldiers to surrender and hope for good treatment?

        • This must be the ultimate in Political Corectness!!! You can’t have prayer in school or you piss off the athiest, you can’t say merry christmas or you piss of Jews or Islamics etc. You can’t say have a nice day or you piss of depressed people, you can’t have failing grades in school or keep score in t-ball or some little kids feelings get hurt and he feels bad. Well Boo F-in HOO !!! why can’t people grow up and take responsibility for themselves. That is why we have kids grow up to be terroist or shoot up schools and movie housed because they were not taught how to fail and get back up and learn from that experience to be a stronger person for it.
          I am a Christian and you don’t hear me complain about other religions and things that go against my beliefs, I believe EVERYONE has a right to say and do what they want as long as it does not physically harm me or my family.

          I guess we need to have the military start to use rubber bullets instead of real ammo since it “hurts” to much.

          When will this idiotic bullshit stop???

          • George, I agree with you except for 1 itty, bitty thing. No keeping score in T-ball. My kids team was the worst ever, but they never knew, parents played too, we had a blast. They are 5, let ’em have fun. Lol.

        • SurvivorDan says:

          Granted they weren’t Muslims but rather Marxists though just as hateful of my God) I had occasion to bump heads with years ago in Central America but I wasn’t concerned about them finding the dog-eared copy of the Bible I carried. They would have tortured me or killed me equally unpleasantly with or without it.
          We’re supposed to believe that it would make a difference to our enemies in the Middle East. “Hey lookee here Achmed. This soldier has biblical verses on his scope…kill him slowly!” “This other soldier has no such inscriptions….kill him slowly!”
          More likely it’s just that the Powers-that-be (Obama and Company) don’t like biblical verses.
          Marxists hate anyone having a Faith.

      • k. fields says:

        JP –
        This isn’t a new issue. Years ago, Trijicon announced it would stop printing the verses on new scopes for the military use and provide modification kits for the removal of the code on existing scopes.
        It is only “news” today because Trijicon had a multi-year Defense Department contract to provide up to 800,000 scopes and there are still loads of them around that were never modified – contrary to DOD guidelines.

        This really started back on ’07 when the DOD was planning on sending “freedom packages” to our soldiers in Iraq containing proselytizing material in English and Arabic put together by a fundamentalist Christian ministry called Operation Straight Up. A number of groups filed complaints (separation of church and state, etc.) so ALL material being sent overseas was scrutinized.

  6. Mystery Guest says:

    Here is a recipe from Granny Millers blog for her bread.
    She is one energetic, industrious, women.
    6 loaves of bread at a time. I am still working on recipes for two loaves.
    But now that I have my Hobbit stove am going to try more recipes so snagged this one for a, got more people than I want around to feed

    • Judy, another one says:

      Granny Miller is up and running again? Waa Hoo! I’m off to do some reading!

    • TrailGuide says:

      MG – here is a wonderful site and this is been my go-to bread for a couple of years… give it try. I use the ‘open crumb’ recipe, substitute honey for the sugar and cut the vital wheat glutin to less than 1/8 cup since I use bread flour (could probably skip it but I like the lift it gives). I make the sponge the night before and finish it the next a.m. I cook it in a bread pan instead of free-form. It’s taken several loaves to come up with the right ‘rising’ bowl (makes a difference) and other little tricks, but overall – it’s been a keeper. And yes, Granny Miller is also a wonderful site.
      Hope you enjoy Suzanne’s site.

      • Mystery Guest says:

        Thank you. I seem to be a bread recipe collector.

        • Thank you both for these new sites to collect recipes. I love to make homemade bread, and it has been a few years since I put my hands on dough…..well the kind you eat.

  7. extexanwannabe says:

    1. I have, for many years, believed that the federal government, and any branch within, including the military, can make up ANYTHING THEY WANT to excuse what they do.
    2. See #1
    3. We’ve seen this coming since Obamski figgered he couldn’t win the last election without doing so…why is it still news?
    4. See #3
    5. Rand ‘who?’
    6. Sometimes, the apples does fall away from the tree
    7. See #1
    8. Anything ‘news’ coming out of China I consider propaganda
    9. See #8

    So what do we do?
    Stay at home to avoid the ‘bird flu’?
    Stay inside to not be seen in public, and therefore be possible terrorist suspects?
    Why in hell (sorry MD) does that prick Bloomberg get so much dingdang publicity? When almost every word that comes out of his mouth pisses folks off? Do his bodyguards have mags with over 10 round capacity?
    The world of politics has always been “do what it takes to get what I want” Who was that native American from Colorado a few years ago that jumped his party ship and joined the other?
    Our country is circling the toilet friends and neighbors. I can only hope that when the smoke and dust clears, that there are more of us left than them.

  8. MD, thanks for the link to Amazon for the antiviral masks. I followed that link and ordered some. Not the first ones pictured, but followed the link, so I hope it gets your site a commission.
    As always, I really enjoy your Daily Miscellany posts.

  9. Paraphrased from a book I once read:

    A Republic is true freedom
    A Democracy is repression
    A Peoples Republic is a dictatorship
    A Peoples Democratic Republic is a repressive dictatorship

    We live in a democracy headed to a people’s republic.

  10. riverrider says:

    i read over on freenorthcarolina that gettysburg park officials don’t want confederate displays at the 150th this summer. this pc rewriting history has to stop. we’re having the 150th anniversery, but somehow after it began it got changed to 150th civil war AND EMANCIPATION celebration. grrrr!

    • Gonna make some reinactors very mad. I expect to see my ex hubby listed as arrested, leading a charge against hiding the truth… as he was a history teacher and always said those who choose to ban their history are doomed to repeat it. The folks always called it (Fill in years) The ___ Anniversary of Gettesburg. In this reinactment, no one listens to PC.

    • RR,

      If any of you wasted your money to see the movie Lincoln, you at least have a heads up where our country is heading in terms of rewriting history. I am stunned that anyone would think Lincoln ever gave a damn about slavery.

      • worrisome says:

        Bam Bam, I had a chance to visit Gettysburg a couple of years ago. I stayed a long time in the museum and read a lot of newspapers that were here and there. Read a few of his writings. No where did I get the idea that slavery was anything but a byproduct of what the war was about. AND I got the distinct impression from something he wrote that was there that he really believed that after the war, the blacks would settle in the south……Louisiana, Florida and most everywhere else would be white……………… a separatist at best. That was my gleanings at least from what was there. And I did not waste my money………….:)

        • riverrider says:

          w, lincoln in his frustration with the war said he didn’t “give a damn about slavery and if it means keeping the union he’d allow it to continue”. he only brought slavery into the war in late 1862 because support for the war in the north was waining and the draft was devestating northern industry. the proclamation only applied to the south, left northern slaves in bondage. it was a tool to deprive the south of labor while filling the sweatshops in the north with almost free ex-slaves. the industries paid them little and left them on their own for shelter and food. lincoln was no savior as they like to portray him.

          • Survivor says:

            Absolutely NOT. Matter of fact, the country of Liberia was created to absorb the freed slaves. Britain did the same thing with ShriLanka.
            Lincoln indicated the slaves needed to go back to Africa because the people of this nation would never accept them. We have accepted them and affirmative action and BET and Miss Black America and the Congessional Black Caucus and the Black engineers of America… the list goes on and on. To top it all off, we can’t have a WET, Miss White America, Congessional White Caucus or White Engineers of America. The naacp sues anyone with white in the name. They have a monopoly on skin color!!

      • He didnt care about the spooks , he just didnt like secession . Like many wars it was mostly over economics . If it was about slavery , the whole thing would have been done through legislation , like all other nations of the time without the need for over 600,000 people dead . That and the fact that new inventions in agriculture would have quickly made slavery an economic burden . But like you said , the true issue for war was not slavery .

  11. I kept trying to read #6 but a “pop up” constantly blocked my view and I didn’t want to sign up to “Your Foreign”

    • tommy2rs says:

      just do a search for -> Rand Paul drones

      It’ll net you many other versions on sites without the wall.

  12. PGCPrepper says:

    Per the Wall Street Journal and CNBC, GE Capital is cutting off lending to gun shops rethinking its relationship to firearms after Newtown.

  13. Backwoods Prepper says:

    Here’s one for ya. Christopher Dorner’s 38 special he trades in just before his rampage sells for 4,025.00 on

  14. worrisome says:

    GE, the corporation that pays no taxes and whose CEO is besties with TDL is cutting off its lending to gun shops. If the Senate won’t give that asshat what he wants, he will use whatever element he can to accomplish his goals. GE is going to be our generation of what Volkswagon was to Hitler? The battle has been enjoined and they are progressing on many fronts in order to confuse, misdirect, make it very difficult to track all fronts. End of rant.

    • As their gingle goes, “GE, we bring e-vil to life”.

      The gun shops who need loans will spend their interest money to help some other bank to profit. To cut off customers is to lose that revinue. When there is an economic collapse who will have all the guns?

      • worrisome says:

        I believe that this is the second funding source that has changed their policy to not funding loans to gun shops. I don’t remember who the other one was. That one quit shortly after the shooting in Connecticut..

        • PGCPrepper says:

          yep…Ceberus(sp?) Capital or something like that. No time to look up now. Pathetic.

  15. riverrider says:

    newtown refused to increase the school budget for security. hmmm…..soooo, they want to take my guns, but they don’t think securing their kids is worth a few bucks? i got a few words for that, but i can’t print them here. rhymes with duck doo.

    • River, I made the same observation. All those folks from Newtown pushing for the new gun legislation for ALL OF US, but don’t want to spend their own money for increased security for their kids. Gee…….

  16. 1. So they are not using DHS style of using women holding babies and children as terrorist targets?
    2. They didn’t say they can have the word fubo written on their stocks.
    3. Don’t forget the terrorists to be included in legal status..Oops, they already have!
    4. See #3
    5. I heard Rand say this. He and one other was my last hope. Looks like one other is left .
    6.See #5.
    7. If Tamerlan Tsarnaev was on welfare, we as tax payers supported his terrorism. Does that mean we all get deported now?
    6. Looks like I won’t be cleaning the Duck and Goose poop from the docks this year. I may have to quit my job for health reasons. Water from our lakes may become contaminated.
    8. That number of deaths is one out of five who catch it. Wow, if it starts to spread like regular flu, 30 million may die here in the US if they don’t have a way to fight it. That would be catastrophic.

    • What’s really scary is not that 1 in 5 have died, it’s that 2 in 3 are still hospitalized. Out of the 108 that have caught it, only 17 have recovered. In a pandemic situation, we’re not going to be able to hospitalize over 200 million people, so the death rate will likely be much higher.

      • And the WHO expects the case fatality rate to increase significantly as most of the people who are still in the hospital are in critical condition.

        • Looks like the horror plague of Biblical porportions. When it is discovered it can be transmitted by air through coughs and sneezes for certain, time to have a few years of food and supplies, have enough to pay the bills until they no longer send them to you, tell your relatives and friends, quit work, and lock yourself up wrapped in celophane in the house!

          • Encourager says:

            Donna, you forgot to post the “Quarantine” signs on your house. Seriously, I think all of us should have some of those on hand to put up, in case we do get sick, and even in case we are all well, to keep the looters out.

    • Donna,
      I also heard Rand Paul say this on the Cavuto show, and I heard his explanation the next day. His point wasn’t that we should start using drones to kill persons who represent a imminent threat, but that use of drones to kill people who are not an imminent threat, simply because they’re on some list is illegal. He still doesn’t want them used here in the U.S. Taking out an imminent threat is not unlike what a police officer might do to an armed thug who presents a lethal threat and refuses to surrender. Once again the MSM and those with an agenda are only reporting half of the story.

      • Thanks, I didn’t hear the next days explaination–I was at work, but finally got a co-worker to listen to conservative radio and he loves it. Now we sneak listening to it, and when others show up at our warehouse we shut it down quickly. (We work for the Gov’t, )

        • Survivor says:

          My USN CO loved to ride his stationary bike at lunch and listen to Rush L. I don’t like Rush, never have. I didn’t like the CO anyway, so I’d set up a frequency jammer for that particular station and fire that puppy up every day at lunch.
          He’d come out and ask me about it, but by that time I had disassembled the jammer. I’d go in, troubleshoot his radio and declare it fixed. To prove it I’d have him turn on the radio and WALLAH it worked.

  17. Mystery Guest,
    I must disagree with your statement “No one in…the armed forces… has the intestinal fortitude to stand up for Christ.” Having recently left the military, I for one stood up for Christ. Numerous ones did and still do. As an example, when the commander in chief directed that homosexuals be allowed to serve, a large number of chaplains met with the higher ups regarding the possibility of chaplains being required to perform same sex “marriage” ceremonies. Just because those who stand up for the right don’t get press time, does not mean that NO ONE does. And many risk their careers by taking a stand.

    • Mystery Guest says:

      As a whole and run by the government they, the military, do not in this day and age have the intestinal fortitude to stand up for Christ.
      As individurals we stand apart from these agencies.
      The military as a whole body does not support Christ. They are willing to forfeit such for the fairy tale that such makes everything and everyone equal.
      Times are changing. Those that stand up are talking to the deaf.
      The military has been polluted by the secular world. It is corrupt with disbelief.
      I am afraid that you have taken when I said “no one” as it being in the singular.

      • Mystery Guest:

        Your statement “The military as a whole body does not support Christ.” is unfair. It actually applies to the country as a whole, of which the military is a sample of. During my years of service, those who knew Christ stood up for him, just as the civilians who know him do.

        I would have to ask if you personally served in the military of this country. Most people who have not served, do not truly understand the life they lead. The can only rely on their incomplete observations, and therefore come to incorrect conclusions. My DW and I served a total of 42 years and can assure you that most of the civilian population has not a clue as to what that lifestyle is really like, the sacrifices that are made. Plus the fact that we all signed a blank check to the Constitution of the United States of America for our life, payable on demand. I have yet to find a civilian how has made THAT type of a commitment.

    • PGCPrepper says:

      MG should have been more specific and clear but I assumed he/she meant the military as an institution (leadership) maybe.

      • Mystery Guest says:

        Thank you.

      • PGCPrepper:

        I appreciate your willingness to offer an explanation of what MG meant, I’d just like to hear it from him/her.

        • PGCPrepper says:


          When I transitioned from enlisted to warrant officer my second assignment as a young chief was at Dept. of the Army Personnel Command. I suddenly went from Drill Sergeant status to briefing 06’s and up. I even briefed the then-Secretaary of the Army once when I redrafted the Army Officers Promotion Reg.

          I also sat at a very, very long conference table surrounded by nine colonels, a two star and a four star in the Dept. of the Army Inspector’s General Office within the Pentagon. briefing them on budgetary and personnel matters. Nothing but high level officers from all services there. I will submit to you that this environment is quite different than where the boots hit the trail. A you know, other than warrants (most/me) LOL this level of officer is a wee bit more political than your subservient 03 simply trying to make major with a zero-defect evaluation report(ER). I’ve been witness to both. The only exception that I personally witnessed was then-LTG Franks in Korea.

          I saw more than I wanted to see from these politician officers. Couple that with this regime and this administration’s lies, cover ups and obfuscations; crap I’ve never seen before and Obama seemingly wanting to smoke any Islmaist’s pole, I shall at least remain open minded and concerned if not outright scared. I do not trust the Government much at all and I can believe anything since I witnessed our nation put this guy in office. I meant to be succinct but failed I think. I do not like long posts.

          The times they are a changin’ or it’s just me getting old.

          Thanks for your service.

          • JP in MT says:


            During the latter part of my career I was very saddened when I watch the officer corps get “politicized”.. I saw 2 types of new senior officers (most of my time was with 03 thru 06). The first put their loyalty to their troops and the Constitution first. These were the ones I saw getting pushed out in favor of their “politically connected” “peers” getting command slots and therefore promoted. In an MI unit I had a company commander who was quartermaster corps, totally unsuitable to command, but placed there to get his “command time”, I believe due to his very connected, higher ranked in-law (who was a VERY competent officer in my experience). This while there we MI officers, ready and able to command, that were not given an opportunity to command within their career field. I found it very disturbing.

            This is probably where I get my “edge” when civilians with no actual military experience make judgements on what is the best way to operate the military. I fully support civilian “oversight” and “control” over the military in general; as military action is an extension of diplomacy. However, they then seek to influence daily operations, to the extent of “authorizing” or “legitimizing” actions that are plainly against the UCMJ, because it “sounds” like a good idea. If you haven’t lived the life style of serving military members you just don’t have any real idea of how different it truly is. Even married spouses can have difficulty understanding the difference (hence the higher than normal divorce rate for active military members, especially those in the combat arms areas).

            When I hear the stories of things like the use of Mag-Pul magazines overseas, where the troops found they WORKED best, were told they could not use them because the were not “approved” This shows me we are more concerned with what is “correct” vs. what is “right”.

            My objection to the Scripture verses on the scope (or anywhere else) is that if you are a believer then they would have meaning; if you are not then they should be a non-issue, as they would have no meaning to you.

            And, Sir, thank you for your service too! ( I always had a special affinity for non-flight Warrant Officers).

        • Mystery Guest says:

          JP in MT
          First off I shouldn’t bother to have to explain anything.
          That was not a singular “no one” but collective in context.
          I fully understood the reasoning of the article.
          If you took it to mean that one does not have the intestinal fortitude to fight as in war. It is not there.
          The inscriptions would have hurt no one. Believer or not.
          God and Christ are being nullified in every corner of our world with each passing day.
          What does ever being in the military have to do with being able to discern all aspects of the military? Most of it is BS like in any other job except you get a gun. You have someone telling you crap all day long. The pay is horrible. The hours are miserable. They tell you how long it should take to pee or poop and then want you to buy the toilet paper. They shove you heither and yon and expect a thank you. And they never let you forget they own you for 4 years.
          And then they want you to reup for the disadvantages.
          My father was in WWII, my late brother-in-law was in Vietnam and my son in the Marines on float and guarded the Cole. My observations are complete, and I came to correct conclusions.

          • JP in MT says:


            You make my point. Thank you.

            You are entitled to your opinion, and I stand by your right to do that. That does not mean that your opinion is factual, just your opinion.

            • Mystery Guest says:

              JP in MT
              You may not see what I am saying.
              I do not need a piece of paper or some credential to be factual.
              Your opinion is just as limited as mine.

  18. Jon Stewart Pummels Congress For Gutting Insider Trading Law
    The bill passed last week strikes down the STOCK Act’s requirement that financial records of some 28,000 federal officials—which are already publicly available in paper form—be made available online via searchable databases. Government watchdog groups say this provision would have increased transparency and helped root out potential financial conflicts of interest and cronyism in government deals, grants, and contracts.

    Anyone surprised they gutted that? Or that the lame stream media ignored it?

    $3 Million Retirement Cap in Obama’s Budget Would Not Apply to Him
    because it is not in a tax-advantaged account, according to Brian Graff, executive director of the American Society of Pension Professionals & Actuaries. Obama’s pension, which guarantees him a Cabinet-level salary for life indexed to inflation, is a “non-qualified deferred compensation plan, similar to what corporate executives get

    Treasury Department Tars Alamoudi, Founder of the Islamic Society of Boston
    The Islamic Society of Boston (ISB) has become the center of attention since it was discovered that now deceased suspected marathon bomber Tamerlan Tsarnaev was a member of the mosque. ISB is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization.

    Why the American public isn’t mad as hell about the failure of the gun bill (in numbers)

  19. PGCPrepper says:

    In other news….Duck Dynasty tops Idol in ratings. Hahahahaha. Go ‘head rednecks! Love it.

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