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1. Brazil sees largest protests in decades as unrest hits second week : “Though the protests initially began following the announcement of bus fare increases, they have evolved to include a wide range of groups that have grown dissatisfied over everything from government corruption and income inequality, as well as to outrage over the police’s harsh response to protesters last week.”

2. The Great American Dragnet: Over 200 Million People Are in the Facial Recognition Database : “You are probably participating in the facial recognition database whether you want to or not.”

3. Supreme Court: Pre-Miranda Silence Can be Used You : “The Supreme Court says prosecutors can use a person’s silence against them if it comes before he’s told of his right to remain silent.” Folks this isn’t “America” anymore – it’s Amerika and it’s only going to get worse…

4. Scorecard: How Many Rights Have Americans REALLY Lost? : “This post explains the liberties guaranteed in the Bill of Rights – the first 10 amendments to the United States Constitution – and provides a scorecard on the extent of the loss of each right.”

5. Gun Control Rally in San Bernardino Draws 3 Protesters : “Last week, Obama’s political action arm, Organizing For Action, held rallies throughout the country advocating for stricter gun laws. Their rallies drew small numbers as seen here and here.  We can thank the vigilant San Bernardino Sun for putting a spotlight on perhaps the smallest of the rallies.”

6. Senate rejects border fence : “Senators on Tuesday rejected building the 700 miles of double-tier border fencing Congress authorized just seven years ago, with a majority of the Senate saying they didn’t want to delay granting illegal immigrants legal status while the fence was being built.”

7. Supreme Court: Illegal Immigrants Can Vote, No Proof Of Citizenship Required : “The Supreme Court ruled Monday that states cannot require would-be voters to prove they are U.S. citizens before using a federal registration system designed to make signing up easier.”

8. Latino vote key to Obama’s re-election : “The sleeping giant has awoken: Latinos not only helped Obama win in key battleground states, but they made up 10% of the electorate for the first time ever. Latinos, the fastest growing minority, making up 16% of the nation’s population, made their mark on election night as they voted for President Barack Obama over Republican Mitt Romney 71% to 27%, a lower percentage than Republican candidates have received in in the last three elections.” And there it is… think about it.

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  1. Scott G says:

    As a former LEO, I am disgusted and scared by SCROTUM’s, uh, I mean SCOTUS’s ruling that your pre-Miranda silence can be used to demonstrate your guilt. Our rights are being trashed, stomped on and shredded right before our eyes. This isn’t the country I grew up in. It isn’t the country I want my grandkids to grow up in.

    • Scott G,
      Perhaps we should all be proactive here. Miranda doesn’t give us rights, but only informs us of of them in case we’re ignorant of the facts. So, if arrested, you should simply inform law enforcement, that “Under Miranda, I have the right to remain silent and to have an attorney with me during questioning, and I am excercising that right.

  2. JP in MT says:

    Well isn’t today’s news a bright and cheery shot.

  3. worrisome says:

    #4. I am going to copy and paste that article so I can make my children see it. Wow!
    #7 & #8. All about parties desperate for votes. No matter what does to the country. No matter what it costs the taxpayers…

  4. Good Mornik, Commrade, Holy Crap every day I wake up it seems we go one more step into a totalitarian Dictatorship sponsered by the two branches of our Govt that are supposed to PROTECT us from that very thing.. I think I just need to go up in the mountains and become a hermit and wait this crap out before I have a stroke or heart attack screaming at the comp or tv!!

    • Donna in MN says:

      The Secret Service invades the home of an Obama critic and his daughter over tweets criticizing his policies.
      I was told Tweets they can’t read, that ends that. Oh, and the NSA said they don’t read these messages. —- reported by the National Liberty Foundation

  5. Hunker-Down says:

    #1. Confronting their problems, Brazilians got balls. Toward ours, we got apathy. I think we will take the path of Greece rather than that of Brazil.

    The foreign ownership of our press would not allow similar pictures of U.S. demonstrations; they would be fired.

    When will it come to light the real reasons and motivations that provoke such behavior? It’s always reported as some political issue. When will we be shown the lack of food, medicine, fuel and security? Security seems to be the first to have left Detroit, what will be next? When will it happen in your town?

    It seems the press cant get their hands dirty with the truth.

  6. Mystery Guest says:

    #2. I just knew that they were going to say if you went to Walmart you would be scanned. How disappointing.
    And to think Kalifornia is behind. Guess they will put another penny tax out to fund it.

  7. Appears we’re ripe for a mighty big fall.

  8. tommy2rs says:

    FBI admits to domestic surveillance drone use

    Why Democrats Love To Spy On Americans

    The Ammo Shortage of 2013: We have seen the enemy, and it is us

    • tommy2rs,
      I have friends who work in the industry and are telling me the same things about ammunition.
      From what the article says, add the fact that since TDL has been in power, millions more firearms have been sold, often to first time gun owners, all of whom need ammunition.
      And finally, the concealed carry movement has caught fire and is bringing in more gun owners and ammunition users, as are the classes often required for these licenses. In the first quarter of 2013, Ohio licensed 31000 new CHL holders, all of which took a class, and most likely shot at least 50 rounds of ammunition. That’s 1.55 million rounds, just for classes in Ohio in the first three months of this year. Multiply that by all of the other classes in all of the other states, and you have a huge amount being used for just training.

  9. riverrider says:

    the conservatives are barking up the wrong tree with hispanics. yeah, they are growing, but WOMEN are 51%. screw the butt kissing to minorities and go for the women’s vote. but to do that they’ll have to get out of the abortion debate, leave it up to the individual, as it should be anyway. i’m not responsible to save your soul from yourself any more than you’re responsible for my financial health…..tea party rallies well attended today. no press coverage, nor any of the riots in rome. brazil reported to be over toll increase, please. the riots are in reaction to billions being spent on the olympics while raising the cost of everything to pay for it. outside of tourist areas the people are poorer than our poorest. eventually that turns into revolt. same here.

  10. riverrider says:

    btw, cbs news is talking about problems with the nuclear waste cleanup ongoing in HANFORD, WA. leaking like a seive…. somebody called me an idiot and said that cleanup was done 20 years ago. who’s the idiot now? and they supposedly live there. hmmm.

  11. Survivor says:

    I absolutely REFUSE to recognize the authority of a president elected by citizens of another country.

  12. Bam Bam says:

    Heads Up: MERS

    Scientists now say MERS is more deadly than SARS (65 CFA versus 8 CFA), and spreads easily.

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