Wednesday miscellany

1. Orders for Paula Deen cookbook surge : “Advance orders for Paula Deen’s new cookbook have surged since the Food Network and Smithfield Foods axed her for using a racial slur. Orders for “Paula Deen’s New Testament: 250 Favorite Recipes, All Lightened Up” surged on Amazon by nearly 1,300% in the last 24 hours.”

2. Wave of racially motivated violence continues nationwide : “Colin Flaherty reporting than any other journalist on what appears to be a nationwide trend of skyrocketing black-on-white crime, violence and abuse.”

3. West of the Mississippi – Temperatures To Reach Almost 120 Degrees In West This Week : “Arizona is in the grips of a dangerous heat wave that could send temperatures soaring to 118 degrees by the weekend.”

4. Two Zombie Attacks in Texas In Two Days, Zombie Plague Spreads : “Man beat dog down with his fists and then tore it apart and ate it hair and all. Before the police and paramedics arrived on the scene the man had consumed most of the little terrier dog.”

5. Economic collapse is still a real risk : “World currencies are so interconnected that if a major economy destabilized, then the rest of the world’s economies would inevitably follow. An economic tidal wave could cause world currency collapse.”

6. American economic collapse imminent : “We’re going to have a collapse in the dollar, a huge spike in interest rates and our whole economy, which is built on the foundation of cheap money, is going to topple when you pull the rug out from under it.”

7. Most Recent H7N9 Flu Deadlier Than H1N1 : “The first estimates of the severity of the H7N9 influenza virus show that about one-third of people who were hospitalized with the infection died. And flu experts warn that the strain could reappear in the next flu season.”

8. MERS moving rapidly through Saudi Arabia & Europe : “A LETHAL virus spread through coughing, sneezing and touching has now claimed 39 lives — sparking fears of a global pandemic.”

9. Global Pandemics: Not If, But When

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  1. Winomega says:
  2. I’m biting my tongue. Now I’m bleeding and I still have to say this.

    Just what did Paula Deen say in her deposition when she answered that she did utter a racial slut at some point in her life?

    I hope she didn’t call someone a lily white CRACKER.

    That would have been a racial slur. Unfortunately in our society these days, the only racial slurs that will get you fired are the ones against people of color. God forbid that a person of color says something “off color” pun intended, towards a (what is the politically correct term for a white person?) white person…. what happens to them?

    Business as usual I suppose.

    So much for change.

    • Winomega says:

      Thanks for drawing my interest about this, Sirius.

      A couple moments of searching around… This Paula Deen thing is some sort of choreographed tabloid garbage. Sheeple-bait at its most aromatic.

    • Back in 1986, Ms Deen was in a bank when a black man burst into the bank, grabbed her and held a gun to her head. She called him the N word.

      So, make up your own mind what you think of the situation. Personally, I have two thoughts on the subject:

      1) She’s a 60 something year old white woman from the South. If she had said she had never used the word, I would have thought she was lying.

      2) As a child growing up in the South, I was taught that there were both white and black of the “N” persuasion, but most people called the white ones “po white trash.”

      • worrisome says:

        GA Red, and she apparently did not say it to the robber, she said it about the robber in her own home to her husband……..It wasn’t on television in front of millions………as did Chris Rock and Jamie Fox

    • Therein lies part of the problem. It’s a crime only in one direction. Every single time I get out of my car on the main drags of three neighboring small cities, I’m verbally assaulted with the most vile things you could ever imagine, whether from a Hispanic or Afr-Am, from a car window or right on the sidewalk. It’s even worse inside some discount stores.

      All this comes from mostly low-lifes, and our area is just loaded with them and getting worse. The middle class of these races wouldn’t stoop to perpetrating this crap. (I won’t exclude some of the teenage boys out of sight of their mothers.) Unfortunately, persons such as Al Sharpton think it’s all okay. No, it’s not.

      • Another problem I see is that blacks now call themselves African-American. It keeps perpetuating the problem. I was born here therefore, I’m an American. The only people I would consider African-American are two white guys I know that emigrated here from South Africa. Besides, I’m not Irish-French-Scottish-English-American.

        • Winomega says:

          It is such a shame that they did not even try, much less win, in reclaiming “the colored.” (Somewhere in the archives of Analog Magazine is a story about a leprechaun that gelled my opinion about the word.)

          And what do you call an African that just happens to be visiting America? (Not a joke, and no jokes, pretty please.)

    • Hunker-Down says:

      There have been comments aimed at me like, “we don’t need no honkies ’round here”. That was in an era way before 1980.

      • To add to the comment on the political correctness unidirectional racism, there is an interesting new twist. Young people (and their parents) are paying $99 to have their children’s DNA tested for ancestry. We are a melting pot nation–and surprises typically pop up. White folks are learning of their African and Native American ancestry.

        The new twist is for “white folks” to play the affirmative action game. (It’s significantly easier to get accepted into the nation’s elite schools if you can mark “African American” or “Native American” on the college application.) The rule of this age is “you are what you say/feel you are”. If you “feel that you are a woman” you get to use the woman’s restroom. If you are 1 percent African or 1 percent Native American, you can mark both on your application for college. It’s going to be an interesting day when a college challenges a student’s ethnicity claim because African Americans average 30 percent “white” ancestry. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.

        • Bam Bam, I read an article not too long ago that said scientistshave traced the gene for blue eyes back to one person, in essence saying anyone with blue eyes is related. I dont know if the article is true or not, but found it rather interesting. It is amazing and scary what they can do with dna now.
          I do agree that a few people might be in for a shock if they get those dna tests. Especially here, people have been mixing it up for so long, that unless your family has a wonderful genealogy reports done, you will be surprised at what the test has to say.

          • I would actually love to have one of those tests done. I know I’m a strange mix of many backgrounds, but primarily western European. I’d like to know if there’s anything else in that mix. I do however look like a “ginger” from Ireland, even though that term is new to me.

          • Hunker-Down says:

            I read an article around 5 years ago that said DNA tracing puts all (as in everybody from every generation) related to a lady in Africa they named “Lucy”.

            • Hunker Down, now that you mention it, I watched some show about that. It was rather interesting.

  3. worrisome says:

    1. Paula Dean ~ When Chris Rock and that others quit using the “n” word on television paying no penalty for it, then Food Network might have a leg to stand on. She did not utter any slur on their network, beyond that, they have no right to censure her. This is BS in capitols!
    3. I have been in Vegas and also water skiing on the Colorado River when the temp was over 120………..and that was 40 years ago…………if they are going to try to tie it to global warming, they are being silly.
    4. Pandemics…………there is no way to avoid them as long as we are getting on airplanes and traveling all over the world. They are so so frightening.

  4. In respect to the Supreme Courts rulings today on DOMA and Prop 8 in Cali, we have become Sodom. My God have mercy on America. It may be time to look for other solutions.
    Keep the Faith

    • FemaleUrbanPrepper says:

      Thank you SCOTUS for promoting equality for ALL Americans.

      • Mystery Guest says:

        SCOTUS made more inequality today than has ever been.
        Another right was trampled today.
        And as with all that has transpired in the last decades one should recognize the fact.
        Bit by bit, piece by piece EVERYONE’s rights are being done away with.
        One may eat cake today but tomorrow it could surely be a bitter pill.

        • FemaleUrbanPrepper says:

          What right was trampled on by SCOTUS ruling on DOMA?

        • FemaleUrbanPrepper says:

          What right was trampled on by SCOTUS ruling on Prop 8?

          • Mystery Guest says:

            If you cannot reason it out then it would be futile for me to explain.
            You are seeing this decision in one vain and not considering it in any other way.

            • FemaleUrbanPrepper says:

              I don’t see how allowing me to have access to the same federal benefits as everyone else would be taking something away from them. I think people are misunderstanding the ruling (because most don’t even know what the ruling was in regards to). SCOTUS is saying that the state of NY recognized a marriage between 2 women as a valid marriage but the federal benefits that would have otherwise been afforded to them when one died were not because of DOMA. Marriage is a state level decision and DOMA created inequalities within states that recognize same sex marriage which is why it was struck down. The federal government allows states to define their own marriage laws and DOMA in essence took that right away from the state by denying federal benefits to people who live in a state who’s laws say they are legally married.

              • Doris Jones says:

                Great day for you and for many others. Also a great day for ME, since I am all about personal freedom and every individual making the choices to live the life THEY prefer and do what makes them happy.

                I am a straight married woman and for gays to be married does NOT hurt me in any way–in fact I am all for it. Any laws that limit our freedoms when we are hurting NO ONE–are wrong. I am very glad that SCOTUS made this sensible decision today–FOR freedom, not against it. Congratulations and don’t let negative remarks from those who do not understand take away your happiness today!

                There are PLENTY of us on your side. Remember, the MAJORITY of Americans DO support gay marriage. Fair is fair.

                • axelsteve says:

                  I have a drag queen nephew. he lives in Denver Personally I believe the men who lie down with men will not inheriet Gods kingdom. I am more worried about the churches right not to perform wedding services To gays. TDL syas that he won`t force the churches to do so, we will see.

                  • FemaleUrbanPrepper says:

                    I too hope churches are not forced to perform weddings for same sex couples. It does not make sense that they would be and it does not make sense that someone would want that. Of course people very often don’t make sense…so who knows what the future holds.

                • FemaleUrbanPrepper says:

                  Thank you Doris for the positive comment! 🙂

                • Winomega says:

                  Doris Jones, “First they came … and I didn’t speak out”

                  For those who hate this, I give you their rallying cry. “Either let us marry each other, or we will steal your girlfriends.” If there is a gay gene, making them pretend to be straight will just keep it circulating.

                • Doris – I have no problem with anyone choosing to marry whomever he or she pleases. I think the government should get out of the business of marriage and stick to the business of civil unions. If a church (or whatever religion) chooses to marry two people of the same sex, then that is their choice. If a state then decides to recognize all marriages as civil unions, so be it.

                  On the other hand, I don’t agree with you when you say, “The MAJORITY of Americans DO support gay marriage.” If a state like California can rally enough votes to pass a law like Proposition 8, then the “majority” don’t support gay marriage.

                  • Doris Jones says:

                    GA Red,
                    The facts are that the majority DO support gay marriage rights. There are many, many reports and polls that all agree. (This is not to say that there are not pockets or areas where this is not true–you may live in one of those areas or just associate with those who believe as you do.)I have not seen a single national poll that says otherwise. If you know of even one, do let me review it, please.

                    Calif. BARELY passed it and that was due to a strong rally and petition by all sorts of out of state people and church based groups who came in, paid for and helped to get it passed. If the same petition was done today, it would most probably NOT pass.

                    Many states have already changed laws and gays being married hurts no one. In our country, we do not let a religion make the laws for everyone–our constitution still guarantees separation of church and state–simply because we would have to choose “Whose religion rules?”
                    A lot of the antagonism against gays marrying is church or religion based.
                    . I remember that once upon a time “religion” said that “women cannot nor should they vote” and religion said “slaves should remain slaves” because of a verse in the bible, and once there was a time when religion said “no woman should have any pain medication during childbirth since the Bible says that a woman should “bring forth in pain” from a verse in Genesis. The Bible can be used to support almost any point of view. We were able to see over time that this was an outdated understanding of the Bible and that cultures and times do change. (Remember it IS in the Bible that “it is a shame for a woman to cut her hair.” It may have been “a shame” once upon a time, now it is NOT.

                    Love is a wonderful standard that should not change and when two people love each other and are committed to each other–who is to say that cannot be permitted? Plus, with all the hormones that chickens etc. are fed and all the changes it makes in people–how can we even say who is “male” and who is “female” just from looking at them?? I have read a lot on this and often people are “thought to be one sex” and later on it is determined that they actually are the opposite. Sexual attraction is born into a person and does NOT change. Even some of the groups that did aversion therapy have recently recanted and apologized.

                    I don’t think it is important what sex a person is and every person should have the right to seek and to find happiness on THEIR terms, not on your or my terms.

                    • Doris – as I said, I have no problem with whomever one chooses to marry. Please re-read my first paragraph. I will also clarify further – “marriage” is traditionally a function of religion, but was hi-jacked by governments at some point to help determine things like inheritances and property rights. If governments would take a small step back and quit using the word “marriage” and instead use the term “civil union” to recognize “marriages” and other pairings, then it might solve some of the problems.

                      As it relates to California, I understand that Proposition 8 passed twice, not just once.

                      As for religion, I don’t want any religion telling my government what laws to enact. I also don’t want the government telling the various religions what to do either.

                    • FemaleUrbanPrepper says:

                      GA Red – Not sure why you thought Prop 8 passed twice but this is not true. There was a previous Proposition in California that was similar but was also ruled unconstitutional. Same sex marriage was legal in California for 18 months until prop 8 in November 2008 (huge shift in marriage equality rights/public opinion since then). Same sex marriages which occurred during those 18 months were fully recognized by the state even after prop 8. Prop 8 was ruled unconstitutional in 2010. And finally as of this week the ruling stands and same sex marriage licensing will resume once the stay is lifted.

                    • Female Urban Prepper – I am thinking of the previous law that also passed. It seems to me that if a state as liberal as California is known to be will pass two laws against gay marriage (even as narrowly as they did) that the “majority” of Americans are NOT supporting gay marriage. The rest of the country leans more conservatively. That doesn’t mean that people should not have the right to marry no matter their persuasion.

                      From what I understand, the reason the court upheld the lower court ruling was because the people appealing the lower court ruling were not entitled to appeal it – not because they agreed with the lower court ruling.

                    • FemaleUrbanPrepper says:

                      GA Red – Yes this is true. SCOTUS was not ruling on Prop 8. They ruled on whether the group appealing had the authority to appeal since the state officials refused to defend the bill on appeal.

                      We will never be certain if the majority of Americans support/don’t support marriage equality because let’s face it…it depends alot on how much money is thrown at convincing one side or the other about how important it is to vote on certain issues. The LGBT community as a whole is poor compared to the conservative opposition.

                      Our global society/economy is so skewed at this point we can only really know what we each believe individually and possibly how our closest friends/family believe. Outside that…the world as we know it could implode at any moment which is why we post here in the first place. 🙂

              • FUP,

                I am convinced that Clinton signed the DOMA because he wanted to give SCOTUS a target in the future. That was actually a brilliant move on Clinton’s part. It’s easier to strike down an unconstitutional law than to create a law expanding rights. It’s a good day for civil liberties.

                • FemaleUrbanPrepper says:

                  Yes it is! 😀

                • Doris Jones says:

                  GA Red,
                  Re: Govt. staying out of “marriage”. I agree with you there. The celebration of civil marriages and then the celebration of religious marriages should be separate. However, there are a number of churches that are fine with performing gay marriages. Let each church choose what they wish to do but the legal framework needs to be fair to ALL married couples–regardless of their sexual orientation.

                  I am also against any churches being “forced” to recognize a marriage they disagree with by having to perform those rites in their church. Actually they do NOT have to ever agree–law or no law. If they morally believe it is wrong–then they can refuse to cooperate and firmly stand up for what they believe.

                  It is just that the society in which we live has changed and is changing and if we refuse to understand that many others have very different beliefs–we cling to a past that no longer exists. I just strongly believe in both personal freedom and personal responsibility.
                  I do not wish to have the values of other people forced upon me, so I refuse to try and force my values on others. Our country was founded on freedom and a part of that was “religious freedom” and our founding documents were wisely written so that no ONE religion could dictate what the law should or should not be. We need to keep it that way.

                  • Doris – as I often tell the hubby, we are of a similar mindset, but have a different way of getting there. Ultimately, the majority of Americans don’t want someone else’s values thrust upon them, while forgetting that they may be thrusting their values on others.

            • FemaleUrbanPrepper says:

              On the ruling of Prop 8…a lower court ruled Proposition 8 as unconstitutional last year. It was appealed to a higher court but SCOTUS ruled that the group appealing the lower courts ruling did not have the constitutional authority or standing to defend the law in federal courts after the state refused to appeal its loss at trial. SCOTUS did not rule Prop 8 as unconstitutional…they ruled that the lower courts ruling stands thus once again allowing same sex marriages in the state of California.

  5. riverrider says:

    well first shame on paula deen for being such a buttkissing apologist. second, god bless her and i hope her book becomes a number one best seller. let the libtards stew in that awhile…..well the carbon idiot is at it again, saying science has put man-made global warming to rest. that part is true. three studies now have failed to prove global warming even exists, much less can be controlled by anything our little pissant species does. the first one was proven bogus, the second had to leave out the last twenty years and ASSUME temperatures from the 1700’s to get the result they wanted. this last one left off the last 12 years, then added degrees to the data from the 1920’s to 1950’s because they claimed the thermometers of the day were inaccurate and it still didn’t pan out. yet they will try to destroy coal, gas, oil, jobs and jack the cost of everything to line the pockets of his handlers. they all invested in “green energy” and are losing their butts. as always, follow the money. the air may even be too clean now, letting in much more of the sun energy and allowing much more cooling at night. this would account for the wild swings we seem to be having. i know i sunburn a lot faster these days. they are trying to blame poor little johnny’s azma on polution, never taking into count all the formaldahydes and other toxic chemicals floating around in our houses, which are much less ventilated these days. rant off. i could go on forever. BENGHAZI !

    • Wish I had a supercomputer so I could follow the money. Al Gore’s $billions would pale in comparison.

      Is it my imagination or does all the craziness from the current regime appear to be deliberately crashing the US?

      • riverrider says:

        i really can’t figure out any other goal on their part. tdl’s mentor said you have to break the system to build it back the way you want it.

      • Donna in MN says:

        You got it! Der leader follows the 12 rules for radicals by Saul Alinsky.
        Der Leader also follows Clowerd-Piven-strategy which is a strategy of premeditated, manufactured crisis.Cloward and Piven are followers of Saul Alinsky, and Hillary Clinton and George Soros’s mentor is Saul Alinsky.

        To sum it up, Der leader, Clinton,Soros and liberal radicals etc follow the “Cloward-Piven Strategy” of forcing political change through orchestrated crisis. The “Cloward-Piven Strategy” seeks to hasten the fall of capitalism by overloading the government bureaucracy with a flood of impossible demands, outrageous debts, and unemployment, therefore pushing society into crisis and economic collapse.. The reason they are doing this is to create a socialist-communist style government to pick up the pieces.

        • riverrider says:

          i wish them luck with that. anarchy is what actually follows breakdown, not utopia. they are missing the key piece….we have guns.

  6. The first amendment doesn’t count any more.

    Activist faces 13 years in jail for anti-bank slogans written in chalk

  7. JP in MT says:

    Either the “n” work is a bad thing or not. If it’s a bad thing to say it in public, then the punishment should be across the board. The race of the person saying it should have no bearing on it.

    And if we let them, we are all at fault.

    • axelsteve says:

      I remember Richard Pryor had a album called bi centenial n word. It was pretty funny and back then the f word was much worse then the n word.

  8. GoneWithTheWind says:

    In the 60’s I moved from Yankeeland to Mississippi. Quite a culture shock back then. I had many Southern friends and the N word was commonly used. At first I believed them to all be racists and hate blacks. But their actions were the opposite. They went to school with blacks were friends with blacks their nieghbors were blacks and they went out of their way to help a older black woman or man when they could. Yes there certainly was discrimination which for the most part in the old South is gone now. But the people were polite and gentlemany to each other and I saw no “hatred”. Since then of course the N word is considered proof positive of racism intent and in Paula Deen’s case is being applied retroactively. Arguably the word “hispanic” may someday be considered racist. In fact the word “black” has fallen out of popularity and may someday be considered racist. What then? Retroactively declare everyone to be a racist? Paula Deen was being sued and from the sound of the lawsuit it was baseless and race and racism was necessary to win and get big bucks. This tactic is common by the less then honorable legal profession. Sad that she has to be tarred (hopefully “tarred” isn’t racist) by scammers and ambulance chasers. Who’s next?

    • riverrider says:

      we all are. guilty of being, just being. funny tho, they don’t realize that by destroying us, no one will be around to pay their bills.

    • Shoot when I was a kid in the 60’s my neighbor had a dog named for the “N” word . The whole family would call that dog when they needed and no one got fired from their job, taken to jail, shot, or beaten up or in any fights what so ever. A word is just a word and it only offends you if you let it. I have been called far worse words than the “N” word and really don’t give a crap because I did not care or respect the opinion of the name caller.

  9. Regards #3: I live in the Mojave desert and while we have not yet had temperatures as high as in the Sonoran desert, it’s been in the upper 90s and lower 100s since mid-May. I have discovered that if I get up at sunrise and open the windows on all sides of my house this lets in the cool night air (mid-70s). Then as the morning warms up, I begin closing windows (and curtains) on the east, then south, then west and finally north sides by mid-morning. This traps in enough coolness in my well-insulated house that the air conditioning, which is set to come on at 85″ F, doesn’t come on until somewhere between 5:30 and 7:30 p.m.

    This method won’t work as well in the Deep South and the wheat belt, since the summer nights don’t get all that cool, but here in the desert it can get downright chilly at night in the summer no matter how hot it gets during the day.

    • Regards #1 and Paula Dean: for the network, I suspect this boiled down to a money issue not a fairness issue. I have not seen Paula Dean’s contract with the Food Channel, but I suspect there is a clause about not getting involved in anything that could reflect badly on her employers (decrease viewership, cause advertisers to back out). Ditto for her contract hawking her cookware on QVC. Yes, it is too bad that someone who is not a Nazi war criminal is being vilified for stupid and cruel statements she made decades ago when young, naïve and focused on fitting in with the crowd. I don’t know what sort of religious training she had growing up, but given that she is a Southerner, she probably had some and was taught in Sunday school to “do unto others as your would have others do until you” and probably then went home to place where the church-going adults would occasionally make racist statements. I don’t think the South of the 1960s is the only place where there were (and are) plenty of hypocrites.

      If you are a Paula Dean fan, another way of looking at this mess is that she has had 11 years of making money hand-over-fist just for cooking home-style recipes and talking in an exaggerated Southern accent — she’s had a good run. Too bad the rest of us couldn’t have been pulling in the big bucks too. The take home lesson is to be aware that your unfair talk and actions can come back to bite you in the butt if you should ever become rich and famous — and don’t treat employees unfairly in your restaurant or they will sue you and tell the world what you did.

  10. tommy2rs says:

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  11. I have a little terrier dog. She’s part of my family. I don’t care how zombie someone is they won’t get within 2 feet of her before they get their zombie ass beaten to the ground.

  12. My question is how do scientist truly know what are temps are supposed to be? How far back do our temperature records go? And havent people figured out yet that our planet seems to go thru cycles? Could we possibly be still warming up from the last mini ice age?
    But what do I know, I am a poor girl, with no ‘higher’ education.

    As for Paula Dean, worrisome and JP said it for me.

    The mobs, how sad is it that people can do that to each other? What is the freaking point? I am so beyond irritated with people. I am irritated that I look around at the world today and think that it might be better if some crazy cataclysmic event would happen. Maybe then people would start working with, rather then against each other. But probably not. There are too many great divides, not only in our nation but in the world.

    As for the zombies, while both stories are true, neither are they completely accurate. The ‘mother’ was in san antonio and it happened in 2009. She was mentally unstable, no drugs.

    The other guy, he was in waco, high on the synthetic crap (and really what is the point of the synthetic weed when we all know its not THAT hard to get your hands on the real stuff, then you are just in some happy lala land with a bag of chips), and it happened last year.
    The news articles in case your interested

  13. Everything being delivered by the MSM is intentional to “feed the sheeple” and provide distraction, create race wars and otherwise plain out lie in support of TPTB. Hold on to your hats ’cause the wind is kick’n up and it’s a stinky wind at that.

    Molon Labe

    • It’s all I can do to keep from flaming anytime I watch MSNBC, whether on TV or on the web. Certain left-wingers must make a ton of $ perpetuating all their crap.

  14. Little off topic but anyone watching the price of silver lately??? Any comments??

    • Any number of ways to look at it.

      The wealthy cashing in? If enough sell some, the price will drop. Will they re-buy or are they putting $ into foreign currencies and bonds?

      Gold & silver owners selling because prices dropping and housing #s look good? Uh, do we really think the global economy is becoming wonderfull?

      Only the insiders likely know and they ain’t gonna tell.

      Oil sales will likely move from US$ over to gold or a foreign currency of some sort in the near future. When QE stops, bonds and stocks will likely take a huge hit. Perfect storm, anyone?

      Myself, I might buy some quantities of gold and/or silver. Kitco had a link to an article re gold dropping to $750/oz. Short of getting $ into foreign stuff, I’m not so sure much of anything like even short-term bonds or dividend-paying blue chips will be safe from a major downturn. Even $ in one’s local bank could be iffy.

    • Anytime gold, silver and platinum go down in value, usually this means the dollar has strengthened (or investors feel better about the dollar and unload precious metals and invest in treasury bonds). That’s good news for those of us getting paid in U.S. dollars and not in gold or silver. Of course this is probably just temporary like so many things in life.

    • Good question, George. I order a roll of American Eagles the day before yesterday. I can’t figure out why prices are dropping. I wonder how much it takes to make an American Eagle. If silver drops much lower it can’t be cost effective to manufacture them. Oh wait. They are manufactured by the government–they don’t worry about things like cost effectiveness.

      I would sure like to hear what our more learned pack members have to say on this.

      • riverrider says:

        we had a guru report on here about a year ago i think, that said pm’s would fall right before the big one, then soar until the dollar breaks. could this be IT?

      • Hunker-Down says:

        I think there is influence on the price of the hard metal from the futures market. I don’t know much about that market but think one can cause a ‘contract for silver’ to be created just by calling a commodities broker and buying one with a 10% margin payment. If there are more buyers than sellers, the price will go up, having an effect on us Silver Eagle buyers.

        There is a set amount of goods in a contract in each different market. A contract of soybeans used to be 100,000 bushels. If you owned the contract on its expiration date, you better have the cash, and a place to store 100,000 bushels of beans. Futures traders buy/sell their position (long = I bought one, short = I sold a contract) before the expiration date so they don’t have to take delivery.
        Silver futures contracts probably work the same way. There is a common expiration date for all contracts, then another cycle starts.

        Imagine what would happen if there were 4,000 open silver contracts owned by 2,300 speculators and 200 legitimate precious metals dealers who all ‘bought’ their open position using 10%margin, THEN the commodities board decided to increase the minimum margin to 20%. I don’t know what todays minimum margin rate is, suppose its 60%. If the commodities board raised it to 80%, how many of those speculators would be forced to sell because they couldn’t come up with the 20% increase in cash for their margin accounts? They would all sell within 2 days and the price would crash.

        All of this is just paper trading based on what the speculators imagine will happen next month and has nothing to do with the supply of silver or gold, or copper, or soybeans or peanuts.
        If you don’t like silver you can buy (remember, this is info from back in the 70’s) a futures contract of spuds, or bellies, or dirties.

        Unfortunately all this paper trading has an effect on the price of the real goods; some days a lot, some days, not so much.

        Now, if a real futures trader would speak up and let us know the real skinny, we would all benefit.

  15. TN Mommy says:

    As far as the economy goes, I’ve been house hunting. Last month the interest rates were 3.25 for a mortgage. Today they are 4.5 percent. Not a lot more, but it’s been a long time since they were over 3….

    • My guess is that QE will slow later this year. That will force bond & stock prices down, and interest rates up. If QE stops in the shape we’re in, duck and lock your doors.

    • I wish you the best of luck in your efforts to buy a house. If you can just pay cash after a careful review by an attorney specializing in real estate transactions that you hire, you are all set. If you need to get a mortgage loan, expect this process to be very different from how it was before all those bad loans were made in 2010 and 2011. My husband and I bought a vacation house Nov 2011, with a mortgage from a lender, during the depths of the housing crisis. Based on what we experienced, you will probably discover that now any mortgage lender will subject you to the full paperwork/financial review unlike the abbreviated versions in the past. And the lender may keep requesting credit checks on you throughout the lengthy mortgage review and escrow process to the point that the number of credit checks actually lowers your credit score (that happened to us). And the lender may ask you to provide proof every two or three weeks during the loan approval process of exactly how much money you have in all your bank accounts, retirement funds, investment accounts, etc. God help you if you should actually withdraw money during this time to pay for an unexpected repair or medical care. And the lender themselves may have to get their paperwork reviewed and approved by a state-appointed auditor (who will also request a credit check) — this happened to us and added at least two weeks to the process. In hindsight, it would have been less aggravating to just close out some investment accounts and buy the house for cash — but we didn’t realize that at the time.

      • We just refinanced and didn’t go through any of those hassles. Maybe our timing was just right, but we had no issues.

  16. Lantana says:

    For those interested in the raw milk issue, the Farm to Consumer Legal Defense Fund has updated their map showing the status of raw milk in each state:

    North Dakota went from ‘legal to sell for pet consumption only’ to recognizing herdshares. Also, there is now one less state that prohibits any raw milk sales (sorry, can’t remember which one, or what it changed to).

  17. I feel so sorry for Paula – ever since she was diagnosed with diabetes, the food network has been trying to ax her off. As far as someone uttering the “N” word, big deal – look at all the other racial slurs that people say and nothing ever happens? Dog the Bounty Hunter kisses major ass and got back on TV – although he isn’t as popular as he once was.

    So sad.

  18. Doris Jones says:

    Paula D. and “racial slurs”. It does not matter whether white people say them or black people. It shows a lack of knowledge and an incapability to relate to all people. How long will it take for ALL people to be judged by their character and ethics, not by some skin color.

    EVERYONE is “mixed heritage” nowadays. Try and find ONE “pure” person of a single racial heritage. Can’t we finally, sometime, get over it? We have REAL problems and things facing us that require ALL people of ALL races to work together to solve it. (By the way, those who have Christian beliefs or any other spiritual beliefs involving God, what do they think HE thinks about us mistreating any of our fellow brothers and sisters? HE created everyone! And do they really think there is “segregation in heaven”. ) Please!

    I, personally, do not care if you are purple striped–I care about whether or not you behave decently to others, have values and are a productive person. Color matters little. Too many Americans align themselves with one camp or the other–it does not get us anywhere positive nor does it benefit our country nor our children. I have met sorry people of all races and FINE people of all races. Concepts and ideas that divide us are negative–those that bring us together as “Americans” are positive. Let’s get over it! Ignorance is not a very sensible excuse these days.

    • So true. So true.

    • riverrider says:

      “let’s get over it”…..i will as soon as they do. or as soon as “cracker, honky, etc” become like the “n” word. equality you know.

      • Doris Jones says:

        If I waited until everyone else “acted right” for ME to behave properly I think I might have to leave this earth without ever having had the opportunity to behave at a higher standard. Just because others may get down in the mud–does that mean I have to also?

        I, personally, do not let others set MY standards. It seems to work best in life if those of us who do KNOW better act better and let the others “catch up”. How is it a winning proposition for me if I permit ignorant or prejudiced persons to force me to act and speak just like they do? I certainly do not want to live and act like they do. Gandhi and many other smart leaders WON by doing the opposite and NOT acting like the bad guys-and they set a higher tone, did not return evil for evil and in the end their ways proved to be the winning strategy. (Yes, we do sometimes need to use equal force against force–but not in prolonging prejudice.)

        In some of the African countries and other places where people returned “tit for tat” and said “I will behave just as meanly as you do” –they have destroyed their countries, have terrible civil wars and killed each other, destroyed their children’s futures and BOTH sides lose. In fact, an outsider couldn’t even choose which side they would like to have win since BOTH sides seem equally terrible.

        Riverrider, I will bet you that in many cases you don’t choose to do what the other person does to maintain your “equality”. Example: picking their nose at a table in the restaurant, having any nasty habit you find offensive. If the other person’s behavior is unattractive and negative, why would you wish to imitate it? When we do that we are not “equal” to anything fine, we become “less” than the person we are capable of being. I do not wish to have that type “equality”.

        • riverrider says:

          well i don’t go around slinging the “n” word but i’m damned tired of the huge over-reaction of them and the pc crowd to something somebody said. i don’t go apecrap every time somebody calls me a cracker or honky. of course thats okay with the pc crowd. if people want respect, and true equality is born of respect, they have to earn it and give it, not cram it down my throat. that was my point.

          • Doris Jones says:

            I agree with you about the “pc crowd” and it gets to me when there is such a double standard that it is fine to have a “Miss Black America” but heaven forbid you have a “Miss White America”!! I don’t like it that we women can have “women only” groups but the men are supposed to let us into ALL their groups. Fair is fair!

            All I was saying was that lowering ourselves to the base level of people talking ugly just makes us more like them and who wants to be like that? The double standard is wrong and doesn’t work though. You and I agree on that.

  19. TN Mommy says:

    I thought it was interesting in the zombie article that they found the womans husband hiding at a friends cuz she gets crazy when she’s high. So if she gets crazy when high, maybe take the child with you, ya think? selfish piece of crap…

    • TN Mommy, I posted the news article above about this. There was no mention of a husband, but her sister and her sisters kids were home when it happened.

  20. Winomega says:

    Hey, anyone interested in Racism…. Spirit, Stallion of the Cimmeron is available on Youtube… it works just as well in Russian… honest, it’s been years since I watched it in English and you are barely missing anything.

  21. Donna in MN says:

    Wouldn’t it be the cake when the economy collapses, we end up turning into Zombies eating little dogs, while dying of H7N9 and MERS and saying th “N” word all at once?

    This Racial PC created a conflict for me.

    I came from a town where our High School was proud to be called “racial slur word for Chinese” and our mascots were two traditional Chinese people. I guess we were all nieve. After complaints from a Chinese group, the name was changed, and so our history was erased because pictures and letters on students jackets, letterheads, titles, awards, championship documents, all our yearbooks etc., going back to the early 1900’s that had that “word” we were so proud of. Now they made us ashamed of what we were so proud of.

    • riverrider says:

      i just wonder, where in the constitution is written the “freedom from being offended” ? or the freedom to commit sodomy for that matter. how much further can this go before god or nature or whatever wipes us off this rock? the fbi had to take down the top 15 most wanted because the muslims complained they were all muslims. that has to be the ultimate pc.

  22. So I am sitting here crocheting, kinda of zoning out with the weather channel on. Imagine my surprise when they have a show on talking about solar flares. It is called ‘secrets of the earth’ and it is due to repeat tonight at10:30c. The episode is called ‘magnetic sheild’ if anyone is interested.

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