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advertisers21. How to grow 100 pound of potatoes in 4 squire foot : “According to this article, you can grow 100 pounds of potatoes in 4 sq. feet. Plant as early as April or as late as August 1, with an approximated 3 month till harvest turnaround time.”

2. Doctors Warn of New Stomach ‘Superbug’ Hitting U.S. : “A new strain of norovirus that wreaks havoc on people’s stomachs is so vicious that it’s being called a ” superbug” by doctors. Though it was first identified in Australia, this norovirus – also called the Sydney strain – is quickly spreading across the United States.”

3. Makes me glad to be in Tennessee – “Frigid New Year’s forecast for parts of U.S. –40 below zero. Lows in Wisconsin, Minnesota and North Dakota could reach 40 degrees below zero on Tuesday night, he said. In New England, temperatures will be relatively warmer, with lows near or below zero.”

4. Cold facts: More record lows than highs in USA in 2013 : “For the first year since 1993, there were more daily record lows than daily highs that were either tied or set in 2013,” reported Weather Channel meteorologist Guy Walton, who keeps track of the data from the climate center.”

5. Gold closes out worst year since 1981 : “Gold slumped 28 percent in 2013. The price peaked at $1,900 an ounce in August 2011 and has been declining more or less steadily ever since.”

6. Just what we need – 40,000 new laws take effect in 2014!

7. Despite The Propaganda, The US Economy Is Collapsing : “With continued uncertainty around the globe, today a man who has been involved in the financial markets for 50 years, and whose business partner is billionaire Eric Sprott, told King World News that despite the propaganda, the US economy is collapsing.”

8. How Will The Economy Improve In 2014 If Almost Everyone Has Less Money To Spend? : “Is the U.S. consumer tapped out? If so, how in the world will the U.S. economy possibly improve in 2014? Most Americans know that the U.S. economy is heavily dependent on consumer spending. If average Americans are not out there spending money, the economy tends not to do very well.”

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  1. For those who are planning to “bug-out” to the woods, or just want to get more information on more primitive type of skills and crafts I just picked up a copy of American Frontiersman magazine. The cover price is $9.95 so your purchase price may very based upon where you get it.

    It had lots of great articles covering a large number of different areas. It covered mostly primitive type stuff, but there was several articles reviewing more modern day equipment and offerings.

    • j.r. guerra in s. tx. says:

      I bought that one as well – pretty good magazine. Really liked that axe sling DIY project.

      #2 – scary stuff. I’ve thought a ‘Slate Wiper’ virus was a real possiblity. Our transportation global network is just too fast. A cousin of mine may have contracted that a week ago, hit him like a sledgehammer, he survived but he says during the worst, he thought he as a goner. He thinks he caught it at a convention he attended. He’s had food poisoning before, but this experience was a totally new level.

  2. #5. This creates a buying opportunity for those with surplus cash and long term expectations (see #7).

  3. riverrider says:

    hundreds of thousands gathered for a peaceful protest in the ukraine, and sang their national anthem. guiness says it set a record. never thought i’d respect former russians and russians more than americans….i have that superbug this morning, i caught it from a beer bottle,lol…..the global warming propaganda ship is still stuck in the ice that they went to see melting,lol. ….lots of signs pointing to major shake-ups this coming year. my economic indicator is building permits, and there aren’t any around here. as long as construction is at a standstill the economy is too…..happy new year pack!

    • Nebraska Woman says:

      RR, there are no permits here either. People are remodeling and staying put. My brother does appraisals in a nearby city, and business has fallen off appreciatively.

      • axelsteve says:

        Nebraska Woman. In my area you need a permit to install a water heater.

        • Nebraska Woman says:

          I meant new construction, but you are correct, axelsteve. We need them here too, but rural government is pretty lenient about that.

          • Donna in MN says:

            I saw a show on TV today where an old house being torn down and a new one built in a small town outside of Chicago costs $80,000 in permit fees. In my rural area a permit to tear down and old house and rebuild is $200.

  4. oldgeezer says:

    #3 & #4 – not cold – just a mite chilly for those of us on the northern plains. Supposed to get up to zero today – woo hoo – heat wave!!!! Might just wear shorts today.

    • Nebraska Woman says:

      Only if you want people to see your knees lol.

    • Under your ski pants, I’ll bet!

      • used to live in winnipeg. went out one day and it was suddenly so hot i took off my parka. man standing on the corner was wearing shorts.
        my husband asked me whet i thought the temp was. well, it had been 60 below and wind chill added to that.
        i guessed from the intense heat it must have gone up to 90.
        he replied,’it’s 32 degrees.’
        well, the difference between minus 60 and 32 above is 92 degrees. and that is what it felt like.
        thought i’d die from heat prostration. thank God, it’s a dry heat!

  5. k. fields says:

    Stories like #8 really work hard to present the worst possible picture. Take the chart on employment statistics – this is pulled from social security records and you can look at the original data here:
    Yes, the information was copied correctly and looks terrible but over on the upper left of the page you can type in different years to get past data, so type in some year prior to the 2009 recession and compare the income level percentages (it’s easier if you open the new chart on another window). See the big changes? See how so many more people are worse off today than they were then? No? Yeah, neither do I …

  6. ALBANY, N.Y. (AP) — A federal judge has upheld most of New York’s new gun control law, rejecting arguments that its bans on large-capacity magazines and the sale of some semi-automatic rifles violate Second Amendment rights.

    Judge William Skretny in Buffalo says those provisions are constitutional because they’re related to achieving an “important governmental interest” in public safety. He says those two features make guns more lethal.

    Skretny struck down the restriction on gun owners loading more than seven bullets in a legal 10-round magazine, saying that appears to be “an arbitrary number.”

    When did “important governmental interest” trump the United States Constitution? Now they can use this to take anything they want.

  7. in no particular order, the economy is much worse that it is being reported without question. the only reason the stock market is up is that those companies and folks that have money see no other way to get any return- over-regulation, inflation,obamacare,etc. are making it almost impossible for start-up companies or re-investing in existing ones. These super” bugs” are going to put the squeeze on us all, and with a politically sabotaged healthcare system in chaos, we are in real trouble.
    We can’t be having record cold across the country, the earth is suffering from global warming, oh wait, cold from warming? don’t worry, the climate change folks tell us that no matter what happens, global warming is the cause-a ship re-tracing a voyage in the antarctic get ice bound, 3 ice-breakers must turn back, but it is global warming’s fault.

    • worrisome says:

      That ship is full of global warming researchers by the way………something our carefully controlled media has been reluctant to tell you………….

      • riverrider says:

        lol, yeah i read that too. a scroll along the bottom of the news said “researchers believe earth temps may go up by 7 dgrees by 2100 due to greenhouse gas.” believe? where’s the proof? have they even heard of “the scientific method”? euro scientists say the last 17 years were cooling, that sun has 100 times the affect on earth than carbon, that carbon spiked in 1400 and has fallen ever since. backed by data, repeatable, predictable. yet across the screen obama wants more carbon restrictions…..

      • worrisome,
        Yep. They went looking to see how much the ice was melting and got stuck in record pack ice. Somehow I bet that they’ll still make excuses and not get a clue. Perhaps if they don’t get rescued for a while, some of them may start “thinking” instead of “believing”.

  8. worrisome says:

    We lost our first employee to H1N1 Dec 30. Waited too long to see a dr., went in to pneumonia and they could not recover her. Sad day! But a big ol wake up call as well.

  9. Hunker-Down says:

    #4. COLD; AL Gore to the rescue!!!!?? Whose stats are those? Can we believe them? I do, cause Al Gore’s stat guys now work for TDL and are doing a job on the economy numbers. Maybe not, but then…..

    #5. GOLD; The associated Press continues to sell Kool-Aid. The stats are correct; BUT, why? How about the Federal Reserve bunch of banks that deal in P.M.’s shorting thousands of contracts of gold and silver. Result? The sheeple see so many short positions in those markets that they keep their money in the stock market, where the Federal Reserve wants it.
    If the world wide demand for gold and silver were not offset (in the U.S.) by those massive short precious metals contracts, the sheeple would abandon the stock market and buy the same thing China, India and Russia are buying. That would be a big problem for the federal reserve and its’ dollar position as the world reserve currency. I read somewhere (cant find it again) that banks with enough cash to take delivery on a large number of P.M. contracts DO NOT have to cancel their short positions as those contracts reach their delivery dates; they just roll forward into the next contract cycle.
    Its a rigged market, and a buying opportunity, I think. Ah-crap, inflation has robed us of any opportunity to load up.

    #8. ECONOMY; At our house, after a whopping 1.5% increase in social security, the dollar amount will be less in 2014 due to increased medical premiums. In addition, there is a new tax on our savings that the media cant seem to find.

    2014 is gonna suck.

  10. GoneWithTheWind says:

    Regarding the stock market skyrocketing to new heights, Can you say unsustainable bubble. You are sitting in the front seat to the next 1929 crash. We can’t stop it so we might as well watch it. My new years resolution is to begin a daily journal. My grandkids will ask someday how did we lose America and I want to write down each day what steps our leaders took to get us there.

    • worrisome says:

      Good idea. I am doing it via a scrapbook…

    • Donna in MN says:

      I hear over 17,000 and the market goes way up even more—then a crash —from an economic accounting organization. I have keep journals for 5 years too.

      40,000 new laws….the authorities may as well throw all of us in prison including themselves because there must be at least a dozen we each violate every day.

  11. mom of three says:

    I love the potato story, I want to try this out this growing season. About the flu, I make us all take vitamins, eat good, plenty of sleep, and drinking lots of water. I also try and stay out of crowd’s and wash hands when we get home. I also carry wipes, to wash hands, and faces if we won’t be home for a while my kid’s hate it but if it gets rid on germs, I’m all for it.

  12. Re: # 1, I have read from several different sources, that you get more nutrition per square foot from potatoes than anything else you can grow. Just don’t make the same mistake the Irish made and use the least disease resistant type. Since they come in all sizes, shapes and colors, plant several types for variety in taste and as a prevention against bugs and disease.

    • This was on reddit today. Many people claimed to have tried this but ended up with potatoes in the first level and nothing else. I guess you kneed to use certain varieties of potatoes. Of course i’m sure that the pack uses heirloom varieties that are more likely to sprout at multiple levels.

  13. Draq wraith says:

    #7 hey Nebraskan woman question for you.
    years ago I was in Lincoln it had million dollar homes practically springing up over night. Where were the jobs that made it so folks could buy such homes? Did that bubble burst.

  14. Draq wraith says:

    #1 anyone consider tower frame gardening for potatoes?
    You build a box you can dismantle by hand making it easier in theory to harvest the potatoes during harvest time. You dismantle the box brush away the dirt and viola.

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