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Spreading the wordIf You Hate Your Neighbors Or Fear A Zombie Apocalypse, This Isolated House Is Absolutely Perfect : “Some 300 years ago this island was inhabited by five families that lived in huts and survived on fishing, raising cattle on the island and hunting for puffins nesting on its cliffs.” M.D. Adds : Being perfect is a matter of opinion, and personally, I see several disadvantages to being this isolated.

Cold Snap Or Not: Warming Up Your Car Is Illegal in Texas : “The recent nationwide cold snap isn’t just making Americans uncomfortable. It’s turning some into lawbreakers.

Tennessee Freedom rankings #3 : “Tennessee is one of the freest states in the country, placing just behind the Dakotas at the top of the rankings. Along with West Virginia and Kentucky, Tennessee has the best gun control laws in the South.” Idaho came in at #6 and Montana at #12 while Texas comes in at #14

Meanwhile – “the U.S. has dropped out of the top 10 most economically free countries. It’s not hard to see why the U.S. is losing ground. Even marginal tax rates exceeding 43% cannot finance runaway government spending, which has caused the national debt to skyrocket.”

Building Tiny Homes For The Homeless : “Although these dwellings are not very spacious, the living spaces will include necessities: bed, insulation, toilet. They are designed to be heated by propane and include a pole-mounted solar panel which will power the light in the home. The total cost for building one home, at 98 square feet (approx 9.1 square meters), is roughly $3,000.”

Michael Savage: SEAL Team 6 was assassinated, executed : “In the opening hour of his inaugural East Coast drive-time show, Michael Savage signaled he has no intention of abandoning his passion for uncovering the full story behind the deaths of 22 members of Navy SEAL Team 6 in Afghanistan shortly after it was leaked that their unit killed Osama bin Laden.”

Federal Law Says You Do NOT Have To Comply With ObamaCare Nor Do You Have To Pay a Fine! : According to federal law, 42 USC § 18115 – Freedom not to participate in Federal health insurance programs – to be exact, you are not required to participate in or required to pay a fine for noncompliance for Hillary/ObamaCare.

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  1. I still maintain that whether or not I buy something is no of the governments business, period.
    I am saddened but not surprised regarding Seal team 6, this president believes the military is disposable, he can not stand them.
    the problem of building homes for the homeless is that only a small number of the homeless will appreciate anything that is done for them. Sadly most chose to be in the situation they are in, due to their drug use, insanity or resistance to live in any form of structure. We as a society need to develop a respectful way of determining who out of this group want help and them help them with all our hearts and abilities.It has to be done outside of government, since government is the least efficient and successful means to get almost anything done.
    I work very close to a soup kitchen and shelter and many of my customers are homeless. We all can make bad choices and a lot of us do, but the waste that goes on is amazing.the areas around the shelter is horribly trashed by those who hang out around the shelter, and so are the nearby businesses and residencies, the area resembles one large toilet in every sense of the word.there are people that use the facility that truly need our help, but so many do not try to help themselves, they waste the funds they receive on drugs,alcohol, cigarettes and expensive fast food, and then throw the wrappers and waste on the ground when trash cans are only steps away. I try to help those who want to help themselves, but so many do not want to or can not. I see this situation only getting worse as the nations situation deteriorates, I am afraid of what would happen to these homes in a short time if the future occupants are not screened but a responsible group of people that care, rather than a bureaucratic system that only throws hard earned money at problem and does not honestly look at the root causes of the peoples problems and does not hold them accountable.
    sorry for the long rant, this is near and dear to my heart, we have struggled for so long ourselves.

    • I live in a small mountain community and they built a homeless camp in one of our city’s where they allowed them to live in tents and govern themselves. There was no drinking or drugs allowed and there was internet access for job search’s. Aprox 40% of the people that stayed there found jobs and new homes. You can Google homeless shelter Placerville CA if you like. I would like to know where you get the reasoning that most want to be in this situation. I have to stop now till I calm down

      • PGCPrepper says:

        Should have replied to you on my post below. I agree. To many variables to fling all into one judgment.

      • poorman,

        Where did I say they want to be in that situation? But some do and others don’t. By the way, if you read my about page you will note that I too have been homeless…

        • PGCPrepper says:

          Looks as if he was responding to rjarena , right?

        • MD I think poorman was responding to rjarena, right?

          • worrisome,

            Sorry, I thought he was talking to me about the article. I could not figure out why he thought I had said that lol… now, I know, it was because he wasn’t talking to me.

            • You are right MD I wasn’t responding to you I have the utmost respect for you and what you do.. I have been homeless myself. I also know there are homeless children and mothers and a large portion of the homeless are vet’s which burns me to no end that we can ask people to fight and die for this country just to be abandoned when the run into problems. I can’t understand how our government can send billions of dollars to help the homeless and poor in other countrys while we still have them here. We need to take care of our own backyard first.

    • There is a place in San Antonio called Haven for Hope. Before construction was finished homeless started arriving from out of state. Other states were giving them a one way bus ticket. Even the cops in Hawaii took up a collection for air fare for one of their chronic problem people.

      Today the homeless avoid staying there unless there is severe cold. There is a separate section for them to shower and wash their clothes without staying.

      The ones who do stay generally can not or will not work. There are a few who are very blatently starting their career as welfare mooches.

  2. riverrider says:

    tdl announced this morning that he won’t wait for congress to pass laws, he will use his pen to sign eo’s to get what he wants…..arrogant !@#$%^&&. when will it be enough? ….two cops got off on murder etc for beating to death a homeless but otherwise harmless man even though it was caught on video. the sheeple just can’t accept the police are not their protectors anymore…..the n.m. cops that anally assaulted a man are still on the job despite losing a fat lawsuit….one of bloomy’s mayors against guns was convicted yesterday of among other things holding a young man hostage with a gun while trying to have homo sex with him…..retired cop shot a guy in a movie theater for texting during the movie, justified homocide in my book…..eleven y/o snuck a shotgun into school and opened fire. they sent him to psych ward…..the media is releasing the manifesto of 911 bomber and beheader in chief kalid shiek mohamed, ksm, citing freedom of speech. really? lovely day in the neighborhood.

    • I even saw on one title on the kalid that the manfesto was professing to be all about “non violence”. Nearly threw up breakfast.

  3. PGCPrepper says:

    I was homeless once for several weeks when I was 15. My dad was gonna whip me again because I spilt milk trying to eat sugar pops for dinner. Honestly, couldn’t take it anymore. I was thankful for the nickles and dimes I received. I know that’s not a lot of time but it wasn’t fun. I bought corn dogs and whatever from Myrtle Beach concessions but I also bought cigarettes. Shame on me. I appreciated, at that time, what I considered one small pleasure.

    Once before I was married, I gave a “bum” a buck and my then-girlfriend asked me why since “…you know what he is going to do with it.” I said no I don’t actually but…

    I have to answer to God for what I do and he has to answer to God for what he does. Just my opinion.

  4. I think that there is a core of individuals that do prefer to live a homeless existence. Be it due to substance abuse, mental illness or just have such a low opinion of themselves that they don’t believe they deserve anything more. About all you can do for them is palliative stuff, soup kitchens, homeless shelters, drop offs of canned goods, etc. I my opinion, all the Presidents that helped close mental hospitals did a good percentage of these folks a bad turn as they really need something more than they get. And yes, they litter, use any place they chose as a bathroom and otherwise increase the health risk for those around them.

    However, there are also many that are the “but for the Grace of God go I”. Were I one in their shoes, I would be very willing to accept the hand out of a bit of privacy and security in the form of an affordable roof over my head.

    Not sure how you sort out which is which in any economical way, but bless those that are trying.

    • Worrisome,

      This is the root of the issue–little to no access to mental health facilities. Police arrest the same people over and over again. They take them to jail, get them started on meds. When they are released they are given a 30 day supply. When that runs out, they loose it. Get arrested again. And the whole process starts over. A significant percentage of our nation’s homeless are mentally ill persons who could be restored to function with the proper medication. Another significant percentage of our nation’s homeless are vets. The system is set up to make it more difficult for them to access the benefits they have earned. Another significant percentage of our nations homeless are addicts and alcoholics. These people have a mental illness. And again it can be treated with medication. (Many people use drugs and alcohol as a means of self medication. Resolve the underlying cause and the drug problem and drinking problem is manageable. There are others who are homeless because they just can’t get a job.

      • Yes Bam Bam it IS the root of the issue. Help for the mentally ill is also at the root of all the mass shootings we have endured. The “local mental health services” that President Reagan envisioned never happened. The big hospitals were a target of wrath because of abuse in Kennedy’s opinion. Clinton tried to shore up the local approach to abject failure. I wonder how countries like Sweden and Switzerland deal with it. We are sure failing at it.

      • k. fields says:

        “Another significant percentage of our nation’s homeless are vets”

        I guess that depends on what you consider a significant percentage, Bam Bam. Veterans make up around 10% of our current total adult population. Most resources state that approximately 13% of the current HOMELESS adult population are veterans. So the percentage is slightly weighted, but not significantly so.

        But the good news (if it can be seen as such) is the actual number (not just percentage) of homeless veterans has been steadily decreasing over the past decade.

        One reason for the decrease is that nearly half of all currently homeless veterans served during the Vietnam era. The guys my age are simply dying off.

        A lot of information can be found in this Congressional Report (pdf):
        Veterans and Homelessness

  5. Draq wraith says:

    Economic post. The tax rate last I have seen is 54% not 43% in Indiana.

  6. The other day I went into McDonald’s. While I was standing in line, the man in front of me said that the liberal idiots in D.C. were no better than a bunch of retarded monkeys. I became incensed and started screaming at him. I told him that that what he said was insulting, degrading, humiliating and slanderous. I turned to stomp out then walked back up and said, “I hope those monkeys sue you for defamation of character.”

  7. On the Tenn Freedom ranking – if u to to the site, look on the right, u can get your state’s freedom ranking. I noticed that Okla is very high -in top 10 for over 6 yrs.

  8. mindyinds says:

    Tiny houses for the homeless are being built in Austin, also. Not by the gov’t, either.

  9. Hunker-Down says:

    #1. Only a zombie (well, maybe Al Gore) would live there.

    Cold Snap. A $500 fine for…….being irresponsible. Sounds good to me.

    Building Tiny Homes; Due to our cold winters, Wisconsin has strict insulation building codes, I’ll bet those houses are very well built. Some libertard will probably get a law passed that all homeless need a 900 sq. ft. house and ruin the project.

    Seal Team 6; There seems to be some parallels in this story with Benghazi. The same people were/are in charge.

    Federal Law; Oh Yea? Try that argument with the IRS. Our government has always ignored laws it wants to and enforces whatever enhances the enforcer.

  10. #2) I think the headline “Cold Snap Or Not: Warming Up Your Car Is Illegal” is misleading.
    Apparently in Texas leaving a car running unattended is in violation of statute as stated in the video. Nobody but the author, NEWSEDITOR, is saying warming up a car is illegal. Bad journalism by The Western Center For Journalism in my opinion.

    • MD I accidentally hit the “report comment” button on Bam Bams post. Please disregard.

      Bam Bam, you wrote ” Another significant percentage of our nation’s homeless are vets”. I am not sure how many “significant” is your opinion but I do need to point out that no real study has ever been conducted on the subject. The VA report was based on information obtained from people who run homeless shelters. Many of these shelters received grant money based upon those answers. In turn the shelters simply ask their clientele if they are a vet. Yes or No. No proof required and not inquire as to branch of service or duty performed.
      My experience with homeless is that if they thought they could get something, or more of something, they will claim anything to do so. IE: Honesty is questionable.

    • In Texas it is illegal to leave your keys in an unattended car. Running or not.

  11. Patriot Dave says:

    1. Isolated house. I remember Paul Harvey reporting a story of a couple who were afraid of everything, including war. The researched extensively the ‘safest’ place to live and move to the Falkland Islands, just weeks or months before the Falkland war. You can run, but you can’t hide.

    5. Tiny homes. I like the idea. Cities, who own thousands of vacant lots should bring back the homestead act or idea. I think it could have potential and be a win for the poor, the neighborhoods and for the cities.

    7. exempt from obamadontcare. Now that this has been pointed out, I am sure the resident will use his pen and phone to violate the law and Constitution again to amend the law with an EO without the obstructionist meddlesome unnecessary do nothing congress.

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