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Spreading the news one blog post at a time!

Spreading the news one blog post at a time!

1. What list are you on? “Your secret permanent records that are up for sale every day, Is it the list of seniors with dementia? Are you on the list of impulse buyers? Maybe you are on the list of people with “newly activated credit cards” or “obese and morbidly obese consumers.”Maybe you show up on “badcustomer” or on people with “mental health problems.” There are even marketing lists of rape victims, people with addictive behaviors, people suffering from AIDS, and lists of police officers, according to testimony given before the U.S. Senate by World Privacy Forum’s executive director, Pam Dixon.”

2. Or maybe you’re on this list – Ohio National Guard Training Envisions Right-Wing Terrorism : Documents from an Ohio National Guard (ONG) training drill conducted last January reveal the details of a mock disaster where Second Amendment supporters with “anti-government” opinions were portrayed as domestic terrorists.” Support the Constitution and rally against federal government overreach and you’re labeled a  domestic terrorist. What ever happened to protecting the country from radical Islamic terrorists?

3. The San Andreas Fault Shows Signs of Awakening : “California is used to minor earthquakes. Sitting atop a myriad of fault lines, both minor and major, earthquakes are away of life. Most of them are un-noticed as they are too small to feel. But over the last ten days, California has had a series of quakes of magnitude 3.0 or above on the Richter scale.”

4. Panicked Shoppers Fight Over Food Amid ‘Snowpocalypse’ : “Atlanta residents ransacked neighborhood grocery stores in frantic preparation for their second major snowstorm of the year, waging fights over food items and leaving destruction and empty shelves in their wake, a stunning precursor to what will ensue once a major crisis impacts the U.S.”

5. Sophisticated but low-tech power grid attack baffles authorities : “Was it a test of the vulnerability of the U.S. electrical grid? Was it a dress rehearsal for a larger attack to come?”

6. Department of Homeland Security purchases 141,160 rounds of ammunition (7,058 boxes) of Hornady .308 Winchester 168gr A-MAX TAP Ammunition. Must be getting ready to take a lot of long-range shots at “targets” I wonder what type of “targets” they are planning to shoot? I hope it’s paper targets, but then 168 FMJ ammo would be a lot more cost effective and FMJ ammo is most commonly used for practice.

7. We no longer have a forth amendment : Video by Rand Paul.

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  1. #4 – I have over 200lbs of rice and beans sealed in mylar bags with o2 absorbers, 500 liters of stored drinking water and I’ve set up shelving at home and I’m starting a canned food rotation. I know it’s not nearly enough but it’s a start, and it’ll defiantly see me through a scenario like ‘snowmageddon’ if one was to arise. I have enough trouble navigating wally world at Christmas time, I absolutely cannot imagine joining the horde during food panic buying.

    • While we don’t live in Atlanta, I am in the center of this ‘snowmageddon’ storm. My husband went to the store yesterday because we didn’t have enough caffeine free diet pepsi to make it for a week. (I have plenty of lemonade type flavorings but my husband wanted more diet pepsi!)

      Anyway, I believe the news reports are making a lot of this stuff up. My husband said Wal-Mart was fully stocked and not crowded. Again, I am not in Atlanta so maybe the city was different.

      • Well, according to forecasters we are going to get anywhere from 3 inches to 3 feet of snow in central VA. I exaggerated that for effect but still. LOL

        Don’t “need” to go anywhere either. Heat source, food, water. I even put three water bricks and crushed ice in two refrigerator freezers just in case they are right about warming up after and simply to test for Summer if power goes out. Not sure that will help much. But snow and freezing weather can to.

    • Mike, I dehydrated cabbage, onions, green peppers, carrots, and mushrooms to make stir fry with that rice.
      I even have home made recipe of canned sweet and sour sauce for it.
      Canned chicken for $1 a can and I’m set!

      • That sounds awesome! What dehydrator do you use? What would you recommend? How do you do that, just chop up the vegetables, dehydrate them then mylar bag them?

        • I bought a cheap Presto from chinamart to see if I like dehydrating.
          The answer is yes; just finished 10 lbs of Idaho potatoes.

          I have 6 years of food stored (conservative estimate since I lost tally) and I have never used an absorber or mylar bag.
          I seal them in mason jars with my vacuum sealer using the jar attachment.
          I have fruit assortment, cabbage, potatoes, lima beans, onions, green peppers, jalapenos, beets, tomatoes, name a few.
          Hope this helps. If you don’t have money for Excalibur, start small.
          If you don’t have money for a $150 vacuum sealer, start small.

          • I don’t see the sense in absorbers or mylar.
            When I open the sealed jar, I can reseal and when electricity is not available, I have a brake bleeder to manually seal those jars.
            When I open the 5 gallon bucket, I always get a quart or half gallon from the bucket to prevent opening excessively. I have those plastic quart canisters from Dollar Tree and keep those filled in the pantry, not to be confused with the storage room of food I have.

            • Drying frozen bags of vegetables from Kroger’s is easiest for me. the $1 ones.
              Corn, etc. is already blanched and just put it on the trays and dry.
              Less space, less time since the drying process takes care of itself after trays are filled.
              I fought this dehydrating for 3 years and now wish I had started 3 years ago.

            • riverrider says:

              jay, mylar is about the only thing known to man that doesn’t breathe. even glass lets o2 in which can spoil the food or more often allows previously laid eggs to hatch. you might not know it but if it grows outdoors its got eggs of one varmint or another in it. i learned this lesson the hard way in y2k. the o2 absorbers because even nitro pack food can still have enough o2 to hatch out the bugs, and not many folks have nitro to purge properly.

              • Yea I agree I think those mylar bags and 02 absorbers are pretty awesome. I’ll seal some rice in with an 02 absorber and a few days later I’ll check it and if I did it right it’s so tight against the food I can see the outline in the mylar bag.

                Unfortunately where I am there’s a good possibility I’ll need to GTFO so all my mylar sealed foods are in small lockable plastic totes so I can grab them load them and go if needs be.

              • I won’t be here in 25 years. For you that will, use mylar and absorbers.
                Just know that each time that jar is opened, an absorber is required from my understanding, and then that understanding is limited.
                Now, you will run out of absorbers WTSHTF, and what then??
                Just leaning toward old timers that have stored since the 80s and they NEVER heard of an absorber or a balloon to store their food in.
                They opened those buckets and it was pristine, no bugs, edible.
                I’m 63 and have eaten plenty of bugs in cereal, cornmeal, flour and such. Be assured.
                I ain’t dead yet.
                And research DE, Diatomaceous Earth.
                Might learn a thing or two. AND save a few bucks.
                20 lb. bag @ Tractor Supply costs $12.
                I open my buckets about once a year and the food inside is just fine, so far.
                I haven’t found a bug yet in my 16 buckets of rice–I guess if I can’t see it, it won’t bother me to eat it.
                They are putting worse things than bugs in the rice and other foods from what I’ve read.

                • By the way–ever seen a mylar balloon after a few days, lose its air?/
                  How did that happen if it doesn’t breathe and let air out?? Hmmm.
                  I also read every week or so about someone losing their seal a few months after putting that mylar in that bucket.
                  Nahhh, I’ll just save time and money and stick that food in that bucket with DE, hammer that lid and forget about it for a few years.
                  But, thanks for the advice.

                  • Donna in MN says:

                    You can oven can your dried potatoes in glass jars to kill bugs too. It is here in the archives.

                    I had traded for hard tack at a primitive event in the late 90’s that was packed in 1952 wrapped in wax paper and put in a 30 gallon square tin can. It was left over from the Korean War. I opened it up and made hard tack soup (tasted like crackers in soup) and it was still fresh. We sold the packages at our next historic event so they had “authentic” food.

        • MIke:

          We use an Excalibur, but you can go cheaper if you want. After we dehydrate vegetables, hamburger, of chicken, we vacuum seal it in mason jars, mostly pints for the vegi’s and pints and quarts for the meat. Works for us.

          • That will be my choice of dehydrator when I grow up!!
            I’m just practicing now.
            I never heard of vacuum sealing meats, yet–will check that out.

        • Mike,

          for a lot of valuable info on dehydrating and storing – go to the website – it is a wealth of information…you will be amazed at what you can dehydrate.

          There are other sites out there that show how to make meals with dehydrated food – i.e. packing the freeze-dried and dehydrated foods in ready to go meals – just add water.

          While putting all your dehydrated goods in jars is great – jars are heavy – if you have to grab a bucket of food – hopefully packed with a variety – jars limit how much you can put in the bucket – they are heavy and add to the weight – they break. jars can, and will, fall off shelves and break during hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, and travel. If you have to evacuate and can only carry a few things in your back pack are you going to put jars in there or smaller (hence MORE) vacuum sealed bags in?

          Packing as demoed in dehydrate2store is my method for long term storage and for safety – vacuum seal in a “foodsaver” bag – then seal inside a mylar bag -again with 02 absorber in both. I get more in the bucket so I will have more food for the long haul.

          My glass jars look great and are fine for bugging in at home – but if you have to bug out – you may have to leave them behind….which I hate the thought of. All my lovely canning…

          Good luck – do both – you will be hooked!

          • Thank you! I will check out that site after work!

          • Excellent advice, and those BOBs need plastic sealed food, not jars.

            • Thank you both. JayJay, I’m with you – a few little bugs haven’t hurt me. I once, when I was about 5, ate a caterpillar that we were watching crawl along the sidewalk – he (she?) didn’t taste very good so I spit it out.

              Also tried to chew the little turtle (anyone have those tiny turtles in the bowl on the counters?) to death! Mom made me spit it out, poor little thing was scared to death, but unharmed! Lol, I guess even then I was learning about different food sources. Can’t on earth think why – unless it was the three older brothers egging me on.

              And when we sleep and our mouths flop open, things crawl in……not my favorite way to eat a meal….but I suppose it is possible (ewwwww).

    • I am probably on a few lists. I have not flown in 30 years so if I ever do they will want to know why.I am probably on some database from my comments online, especially comments regarding tdl. Also my online tracks may be a concern of tdl and his minions.

  2. Concerning the goings on in Atlanta. What does anyone expect when the moral compass of our nation has been replace with, such slogans as “If it feels good, do it” and “He who dies with the most toys wins”. Or where gangster rappers sing about killing cops, raping ho’s, or brag about murdering people with their 9’s & 40’s.

    The words of Psalm 33:18-19 comes to mind, ” Behold the eye of the Lord is on those who fear Him, on those who hope in his steadfast love, that He may deliver their soul from death, AND KEEP THEM ALIVE IN FAMINE. Which I’m guessing includes ice storms.

    Have a blessed day.

  3. 1. I’m changing doctors because of the questions they ask. Last time it was the annual “Do you experience feelings of hopelessness” question. When I was in the Navy, we knew not to fall for that hooey, and we also knew that those in charge would sometimes use threat of psych eval to punish or keep people in line. I’m sure I’m on a list at Amazon’s, but I prefer to call it a “homesteading” list.
    2. Oh my! This one scares me. I worry about our young soldiers becoming confused by false messages.
    4. The pictures of the store shelves were interesting, but that the news made the connection to a crisis amazed me.
    5. Canary in the coal-mine.
    6. I understand that they are concerned by all the apocalyptic talk as things get worse (along with item 2) but I shake my head that the authorities are so blind that they seem to think we conservatives are going to “start” something. Everyone I know just wants to be left in peace, but intends to protect ourselves. They need to look more to the socialist rabble or islamo-rubes for threats.
    7. I like Rand. He, Ted Cruz and Mike Lee really seem to speak for me most times.

    • 1MoreBoyScout says:

      I guess I fall under category (1), as I’ve had a few of those so-called “psych” exam’s because of bipolar. Yippiee & Hoorah for me. The guberment need’s to stay out of our lives, period. Of course, we are way beyond “that” point of no return. Dang nabbit, where’s my lithium?? As for no. (7) – me too.

  4. Nebraska Woman says:

    1. I suppose I am on the list of crazy old women who wear a fur coat on a cattle roundup, the list of people addicted to sugar, and the list of I can make a country western song out of anything.
    7. I thought that the amendments went 2,3,5,6,…or did the “power that be” use his phone and pen to do away with those also?
    4. I have enough food to feed 5 people for a year. I have a wood stove and sanitation items. Who needs Walmart?

    • @Nebraska Woman
      “Who needs Walmart?”, sounds like a great title for a country song!

      • Nebraska Woman says:

        Something along the lines of
        “My honey left me/for a walmart trucker/
        she took my pickup/I’m a sad NE husker.
        Who needs Walmart/ I guess she does/
        I’ve never been there/ just because.”

  5. To answer the question as to what lists I’m on. The only two I’m sure of is #1. Men better looking than George Clooney and # The World’s sexiest Survivalists. (sarcasm)

    For real, two weeks ago my DW and I had a small vacation out side of the US and I was certain that either they were not going to let me fly, or not let me back into the country when I did leave.

    But, ta-da, somebody at the TSA must have been asleep, so ya’ll are stuck with this old Ghost.

  6. “What list are you on”

    When they ran a list of 70 organizations you may belong to or beliefs you hold and that they might put you on a watch list, I “hit” on 52 or 70. I no longer worry about their list.

  7. As interesting as Homeland buying a bunch of “sniper” ammo is, I find the Post Office buying ammo much more disturbing.

    That and wanting to do “pay day loans”. I used to work in that industry, and it is not as simple as it sounds. With a default rate upwards of 35% (which is why the interest rate is so high), it is not that good a deal. Plus are they going to be doing the collections as Federal Agents or civilian employees? At least it would add more jobs (5-10 per post office, depending upon the size of the community being served). No more one-man shows like we have out here.

    • Nebraska Woman says:

      JP, in A. American’s books, the postal workers were hired by the NSA and DHS for purposes of outing people that have something, stripping them of all food etc., and sending them to camps. Postal workers know a lot about the people on their routes.

      • @JP
        This thing in Atlanta has given me an idea. How about You, I, Donna from MN, Nebraska Woman, and the rest of the Northern Pack, head for the deep South. We can charge $500 per driveway to remove the snow, or even give lessons on how to handle a snow blower at $100 a crack. I’m tell’n ya there is money to be made here. As Rahm said, “Never let a crisis go to waste”. (sarcasm)

        • I’m on my way to sell Ramen noodles @ $5 for a 6 pak..oh, wait. Those are now 5 paks!

        • How funny! I am not even sure most of my neighbors own a shovel!

          Snow Blower? Is that what happens when the wind blows during a snowstorm????

        • I was just down in OK in Dec and saw “‘dem folks” try to drive on 1/4″ of ice. Would have been funnier if I wasn’t sharing the road with them.

          • Oh! I must tell you what I heard a local weather man say this afternoon! Since many here don’t have shovels, he said to clear your driveway of ice, chip a hole in the ice and use the LEAF BLOWER to blow the driveway clear!

            Mind you, this is solid ice (at least at my house it is), not shavings that will blow away.

            You can’t make this stuff up!

      • NW: I’m not familiar with those books, but it wouldn’t surprise me. Mine knows more about me, what I buy and do, than my actual neighbors do. I also do gun shows with his Dad, so there’s an in there.

      • I know I am a day late(and always a dollar short) on this comment, my dad was i the Post Office for 20+ years and he had the same route for most of that time, he new everything about everybody, more than once the FBI had pumped him for info. on people, and he retired in the ’80’s!

  8. Hunker-Down says:

    #5. This article tweaks several of my hot buttons. Example:

    “agents say they are confident it was not the work of terrorists.
    What they do not have is a motive, fingerprints or suspects.”

    How stupid is this comment on the part of 1, the person who said it and 2 the reporter who parroted it?
    “California’s Dianne Feinstein, chairwoman of the Senate Intelligence Committee,…. said the “sophisticated attack” was a “wake-up call” about threats to crucial infrastructure.”
    Dear Dianne—what an intelligent thing to say! People in the 4th grade are mentally ahead of you. We would be better off if you would just collect your paycheck and shut your mouth. About everything. Except Benghazi. Except Fast & Furious. Except IRS political persecutions. Dork.

  9. 1. Probably a bunch.
    2. Probably that one too
    3. Let it fall off. I have faith those in the pack will be fine.
    4. DH and I discussed this last night. Even if I skipped my weekly shopping trip Monday, we would have been fine. On another note, the milk and bread may have been gone but, I bet the flour, yeast, and powdered milk were still stocked.
    5. The power grid going down is what I’m most concerned with besides a financial crunch.
    6. It does not surprise me. We all know the PTB are planning something. But for now all it does is raise ammo prices and spur us to buy more. (DH isn’t all bad. He did buy me ammo for Valentine’s Day)
    7. I agree. But, I do not trust ANY politician. We as a nation would be better off randomly selecting 535 (my #’s may be off) SS numbers and having them serve as the congressional body, SCOTUS, etc. Yes I include the crazies, people in nursing homes, eighteen year olds, and those in prison. If we did that, there would be more compromise, and work done in one session than there has been in three decades.

    • nick flandrey says:

      I’ve always said that it should be like jury duty, with everyone trying to get out of it 🙂

  10. okay, it wasn’t the ohio guard, it was the cst of the ohio guard. they are not even in the same guard so to speak. they are full time, small team with dif funding stream, training and the mission of detecting and reacting to a weapon of mass destruction. it was just a game and likely picked because they already got heat for training against”muslim extremists” et al and figured we wouldn’t make a federal case of it like the mooslims………grid attack. this is an obvious attempt to prep the battlefield for more dhs funding etc. this attack accurred over a year ago. why trot it out now? somebody is trying to stir the pot folks. likely the “attack” was some godd ol boys or a disgruntled former lineman. it what the .govt is doing now with the “news” that is of concern.

  11. 3. A few series 3 eq’s may be a sign the San Andreas is beginning to awaken, but from a few 3’s to a blow out could be 100 years or more. On another note, getting a chance to walk a visible section of the San Andreas is a great geologic experience. Shortly before the 1989 eq in SF, they were running a commercial and in that there was a line something like 9 Million people live on a fault line………..and no one is leaving and it showed pics of all of the Bay Area. That commercial was off the air the day after.
    5. Shooting up the transformers in Silicon Valley could just as well been a disgruntled employee. To be able to do that and shut down communication lines and miss the security cameras was someone relatively familiar with the station………….so says my PG&E buddies who helped repair and replace things there. That it became “heads up” on authorities and a wake up call to PG&E is a good thing though and better security measures were/are being installed.

  12. 7. We no longer have a forth amendment
    I’m sure this was an oversight. Fourth

  13. I pray for all of ya’ll having to go through this storm. Weird but up North here in Minne-snow-da, we are expecting a warming trend and may even get above freezing in the southern part of the state. Whipeeeeeee! …spring is only 2-3 months away.

    • Normally, this is the week I plant peas, onions, carrots, broccoli, and spinach!

      Not so this year! Because it gets so hot so early in spring here, I may not get time to plant them this season. I may have to wait until fall.

      This weather can’t leave soon enough for me!

  14. #1 I’m on the grumpy old guy that buys wd-40, duck tape, feminine hygiene products and ammo at the same time list. And the grumpy old guy that hates facebook, twitter, smartphones, tablets, geolocation, gps and being constantly connected list.

    #2 I’m definitely on that list also. And people say I’m crazy for saying this government has to go by any means necessary. Dang it, just made it on another list.

    #3 Well if the San Andreas finally decides to let loose and slide California off into the Pacific I hope Pelosi, Boxer and Brown are there when it happens.

    #4 Sounds like Christmas

    #5 if there are no dogs to shoots or old ladies to taser the authorities are always baffled

    #6 The article I read on this said this load is the same one marketed as Zombie Max. I guess the .gov finally climbed on the zombie craze. The zombies are coming! The zombies are coming!

    #7 We haven’t had a 4th amendment since JE Hoover.

  15. riverrider says:

    hope this chart of the 1929 stock market/2014 market is wrong, otherwise we’re hosed in april…

    • riverrider says:

      for the vets…former gen. HAL MOORE is ailing and may not make it long. watch for the largest mil funeral in some time….bet tdl won’t even mention his name.

  16. seeuncourt says:
  17. Saw this and thought some of y’all might like it. You have to scroll almost halfway down the page to find the little bitty link to the pdf.

  18. #4 – This is what we will see everywhere when the crisis hits and food is no longer available. I said to DW yesterday that if someone started stocking know they would be out of luck. Meat has doubled for pork the last month and beef is up 25% over christmas time. The large containers of olive oil (metal tins) are not even available at any of the local grocery stores and the price on dried apples is insane. Even dry chick peas are not available from the bulk food supplier anymore in 50lb sacks, now they are 10lb sacks for what I paid for the 50lbs ones last spring. Don’t get me started on the insane price increase of quiana.

    #6 – Hostage situations or assassinations of people the WH thinks are enemies?

  19. Patriot Dave says:

    #7: If not JE Hoover, definitely since 2001. I would add: The 10th was abolished in the 1860’s. The 9th is gone since at least 2008. Parts of the 1st are in critical condition. 2nd is under seige and lots of illegal statutes already on the books. 3rd is now being bullied and abused by militaristic cops. The 5th recently had some setbacks by scotus. The 6th seems to only apply to illegals and terrorists. Present regime ignores the 11th and sues states; along with the Articles about enacting laws and enforcing laws enacted by the proper legislators. Student loans are an exception to the 13th amd. There is speculation of violating the 22th also.
    This should get me on more lists.

  20. Is there a list of people who think Dianne Feinstein must have cheated on her test if her IQ is more than 30? If so, I’m near the top. Chairperson of the Senate Intelligence Committee??? Seriously? I must not understand the definition of intelligence.

  21. 1. I’m on all the good lists. I don’t even try to hide it anymore.
    2. Yup, I’m near the top on that one
    3. The Islands of California? How bad can that be?
    4. How many times have you heard it here? One is none and two is one. Being a prepper means you don’t have to go through the panic buying.
    5. Got information about this from another source. It’s way out there but interesting / Google tie in. Also this may or may not be relevent /true
    6. TAP is a barrier breaching round with supposedly 98% weight retention through the barrier with optimum expansion on contact with soft tissue. In .308 vs .223 is interesting
    7. This is the saddest part and shows just how far down the hole we’ve gone. So many patriots turning in their graves now. Their voices crying, rise up, rise up, you’re letting them take from you what we died for.

  22. nick flandrey says:

    Anyone got good links to using nitrogen to purge air for long term storage? It happens that I have access to nitrogen, and I’m just starting to put up bulk items.

    First hand info would be great. 🙂


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