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Spreading the news one blog post at a time!

Spreading the news one blog post at a time!

1. Russia Threatens To Abandon The U.S. Dollar And Start Dumping U.S. Debt : “The Obama administration and the hotheads in Congress are threatening to hit Russia with “economic sanctions” for moving troops into Crimea. Yes, those sanctions would sting a little bit, but what our politicians should be made aware of is the fact that Russian officials are promising “to respond” if economic sanctions are imposed on them. As you will read about below, one top Kremlin adviser is even suggesting that Russia could abandon the U.S. dollar and start dumping U.S. debt.”

2. The New USA? Secession Movement Gains Steam : “If you mention the word “secession” most people think of the South during the Civil War. But today, a new movement is gaining steam because of frustration over a growing, out-of-control federal government.”

3. Putin Doesn’t Threaten Our National Security, Obama Does : “If Putin doesn’t take us seriously, is it any wonder? The headline in the March 2 Stars and Stripes beams: “Gay, lesbian troops perform in drag at Kadena Air Base” in Okinawa.”

4. Which parts of America are the most contaminated with arsenic? : Hotspots of contamination include New Jersey, Maryland and surrounding northeastern states as well as Michigan, Idaho, California, Arizona and Washington.

5. Oil prices spike on Russia sanctions fears : “Oil prices jumped nearly two dollars a barrel Monday as Russia’s military advance into Ukraine raised fears of economic sanctions against one of the world’s major energy producers. Natural gas prices surged at the prospect of a decrease in global supplies.”

6. Radio Shack to close up to 1,100 stores : “Radio Shack announced today that it will close up to 1,100 of its underperforming stores after the electronics retailer said holiday sales last year “were driven by lower store traffic, intense promotional activity particularly in consumer electronics and a very soft mobility marketplace.”

7. Tennessee “Stand Your Ground” Law : “This bill specifies that a person not engaged in an unlawful activity and attacked in any other place the person has a right to be would have no duty to retreat and would have the right to stand ground, meeting force with force, including deadly force if the person reasonably believes it is necessary to prevent death or serious bodily injury or to prevent the commission of a forcible felony. Any individual who unlawfully and by force enters and attempts to enter a person’s dwelling, residence, or occupied vehicle would be presumed to be doing so with the intent to commit an unlawful act involving force or violence.”

8. When states start considering and even passing laws such as this one you know that things are getting bad – State Passes Law to Legalize Shooting Police : “All too often, we see examples of cops breaking into the wrong house and shooting the family dog, or worse, killing a member of the family. Well, Indiana has taken action to “recognize the unique character of a citizen’s home and to ensure that a citizen feels secure in his or her own home against unlawful intrusion by another individual or a public servant.”

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  1. seeuncourt says:
  2. 1. thats a joke , Russia does not need us , remember , China supports Russia in this , its the US that may suffer . I hope they do dump the dollar , our government needs to to stop interfering with other nations . Period .
    2. It makes the most sense , its the perfect solution to bloody revolution , groups of states could indeed make it , not only that , everybody could be in a nation that supports their political beliefs , the commie liberals could have lib land , constitutionalists theirs , and so on .
    3. The US government is the biggest threat to the American people , even more than Islam .
    6. Does not surprise me , they have never been known for quality products .
    8. Good !!! now maybe they will be forced to do their homework and make sure the door they kick in is the correct house . In this day and age , there is no excuse to make mistakes like that .

    • axelsteve says:

      The world thinks of Putin as the strong horse. The world views Obama as the slick talking jive who used to choom weed and do blow.

  3. Patriot Dave says:

    #1. We threatened to sell Britain’s debts and they withdrew their troops from the Suez Canal. That is how dangerous it is to owe money to other countries. If Russia sells our debt, NO ONE will buy it, nor will anyone buy new debt. Our credit score will evaporate overnight. If they go off the dollar with China, it will start a domino effect world wide. The putrid sissy boy resident in the WH will either have to backdown – again, or watch the collapse of the US. Oh, wait, that is exactly what he wants. Bet he tries to act tough.
    Remember the conflicted question? This may not be your 30 days notice, but it certainly seems imminent. Prep Hard folks.

    • Patriot Dave,
      I would disagree with your #6. Radio Shack used to sell some marvelous products often made for them by the likes of Kenwood. They had some of the first affordable home computers, and as an electronics hobbyist since I was a kid, they almost always had components, cables, enclosures, and books to fit the need. I think their problem was that the world moved on and they didn’t. Components got too small for the hobbyist to work with, and many electronic gadgets started getting more powerful and less expensive. They now are at a point of competing with the likes of Best Buy, Internet retailers and even Wal-Mart. Companies like Heathkit, Allied and Lafayette came and went before them, because they too couldn’t keep up. Such is life, continue to grow or get run over.

      • Patriot Dave says:

        It is not my #6. I still shop there occassionally. In fact I plan to stock up on solder and other parts before they disappear.
        BTW, A Long time ago. we learned that their “sales” were not really sales at all. They would put out the Sunday circulars and not lower the price. I think people got wise to that little scam.

        • Draq wraith says:

          Nope Walmart in my town did this they would jack up the price then cut it down to what it was originally and put that stupid smile sticker face on it then cut it down to the former price. They count on peoples attention span being that of a gnat.

    • the powers that be do want a collapse in our country.

  4. Bam Bam says:

    I have a question for the Pack–Has anyone read Four Blood Moons? I have no idea what to think about this book. It says that over the last 500 years there have been four blood moons all coinciding on Jewish holy days. The first was when the Jews were kicked out of Spain/Columbus discovered America; the second was after WW2 when the state of Israel was founded, the third was the Six Day War and the fourth will happen 2014/2015. There are versus in scripture that talk about the moon turning red as a sign of the return of Christ.

    I am hoping someone a whole lot more informed than me can comment on this? The guy who wrote the book says we are supposed to be praying for Israel and that when Christ returns he will return dressed like a Rabi, not a preacher or a priest. And he will rule the world from Jerusalem.

    I know there are all kinds of end times prophecy but this one has caught my attention.

    Here’s a link to an interview with the author of the book.

    What do you guys think?

    • hiplains says:

      BamBam, I have read the book. Easy read. However, if you are going to get into this subject, you are going to have to study the Jewish Feasts historically (Old Covenant)and the way they connect to the New Covenant brought through Jesus Christ. After that, then look at their meaning in Biblical prophecy. In my opinion, John has oversimplified a complex subject in this book. Whittled down, I have the Feasts as well as the solar events marked on my calender and am watching with great interest. There are so many signs around the world that we already know that the time is short. My opinion is that the whole point is to remind us to seek out a personal relationship with God Almighty.

      • Bam Bam says:


        Thank you. My dh marked them on our calendar as well. We continue to pray for Israel.

    • Hunker-Down says:

      A book, “The Harbinger” gives support to the topic. There are many repeats in the book, to emphasize the connections from event to event.

      9/11 and the signs left in its wake are mentioned and tied back to the Old Testament.

      • PreppingMomma5 says:

        I second the Harbinger. It is quite fascinating. I am just a few chapters into Four Blood Moons. I do find it interesting how well things correlate.

        Actually, the Harbinger will really shake up some thoughts for you. Let’s just say I probably won’t be traveling anywhere too far from home in September 2015. Just in case!

      • Bam Bam says:

        Thanks, H-D. I am really stunned that three days ago I knew nothing about this.

    • patientmomma says:

      Bam Bam, I have read the book, plus the Harbinger, plus Prophecy, the key to the future. The three books taken together provide a dim picture of this country’s future. The first two books necessitate knowledge of the Old Testament and familiarity with the Jewish religious or feast days. There are also references to the New Testament. The dates of the blood moons and lunar and solar eclipses can be checked on the internet. The authors state, the entire sequence of events aligned with Jewish feasts, is very, very rare.

      I fully expect something damaging to occur during the Jewish year Sept 2014 to Sept 2015. What? I have no idea; there are so many options to choose from. However, I don’t believe it is “the end,” just part of the overall collapse of the USA.

      It is interesting that some of the Mormon prophets quoted in Prophesy, predicted multiple civil wars within the US and total collapse of the US government. Today MD linked to an article of citizens wanting to succeed from their current states. Plus the people of Connecticut are on the verge of revolution over the gun laws being implemented there. However, it was also quoted that the revelations stated if the people would repent, the Lord would spare the country.

      So, do you think the Obumer generation will repent and change their ways?

    • Bam Bam,

      Take a look at Scott Clark’s videos at Eternal Rhythm Flow on Youtube. He addresses not only the blood moons but also Israel’s feast days. He’s very knowledgeable on Bible prophecy.

      • Bam Bam, Scotty’s videos are pretty good and worth watching. Also, here’s our own article and infographic on the subject: What do the Blood Moons signify? ( Maranatha.

        • Bam Bam says:


          Thank you. My first thought when my dh told me about the book was first occurrence in last 100 years, Israel given statehood; second occurrence, Six Days War–Jerusalem; third, Temple Mount. Revelation says the Jews will rebuild the Temple. I imagine Christ will rule from the rebuilt temple.

          The only way Israel rebuilds on Temple Mount is to force out the occupying forces. And that would be a messy war.

          I am just thinking out loud here. I am not one for the details of the Old Testament but God did give the Jews a very specific tract of land. That land is now in part occupied by non-Jews. When does God decide to restore his chosen people?

          • The restoration process started when the prophetic fig tree bloomed (Israel reborn, 1948). This is the fulfillment of Ezekiel’s dry bones vision. This is a gradual restoration process (as also portrayed in the prophecy), similar to the first time Israel entered the Promised Land it was a gradual process; it will be completely restored during the Millenial period (1,000 years after the 7 year Tribulation). Here is a link to an infographic timeline that shows 40 prophecies that have been fulfilled since/surrounding Israel’s rebirth. ( The blood moon are also listed.

            • Okay, that’s it. I need to do more studying of scripture. I hate to admit this but I never gave the book of Revelation much heed because it was so metaphorical.

    • Bam Bam,
      The human brain is especially wired for finding patterns, often when they are not there. It’s why we see fish or horses in the stars, and faces in the clouds. Think about the way the brain functions and take look at: “What is a Blood Moon?” (
      I think a lot of times we take what is called prophecy and attempt to project it on current events.

      • Hunker-Down says:

        Most articles I have read on blood moon describe it as the earth being positioned between the moon and the sun whereby the earth causes an eclipse on the moon. The dusty atmosphere of the earth, when pierced by light from the son is reflected by the moon (back to us) as a red haze.
        The above referenced article has a totally different slant.

    • Son of Liberty says:

      Good book, as is ‘The Harbinger’. The book “DISCOVERY TO CATASTROPHE” ties into these books as well, especially the section of the book which discusses the Jewish Festivals. It notes that salvation through faith in Christ is fulfilled on the festivals of Passover, Unleaven Bread, First Fruits, and Pentecost. The last three, yet to be fulfilled in through Christ are Trumpets, Atonement, and Tabernacles.

      I’m not a prophet, nor the son of a prophet, but can easily see the fulfillment of these to begin in the seven year cycle as outlined by Rabbi Jonathan Cahn in the DVD #2 of The Harbinger. Without going into the details, I believe the next big event could be in a couple of years – during the time of the blood moons.

      I don’t want to be too wordy here, so I will encourage you to check out these three resources for some very pertinent truths regarding the second coming of Christ Jesus, and the end times.


      Son of Liberty

    • Donna in MN says:

      I am not concerned with suggestions Christ will return in 2014-15 because of lunar eclipses. I go by Bible prophesy.

      If you live through world wide catastrophies and murderous world wide government wiping out half the people in the world for 7 years and happen to look up and see the blood moon, you know Christ is coming then.

      No one knows what he will be wearing when he comes back as far as style of robe, but ” He is clothed in a robe dipped in blood, and the name by which he is called is The Word of God.” Rev. 19:13 ESV.

      There is no reference that Christ is wearing rabbi clothes, except a robe. A rabbi puts on a hat on his head known as a Kippah. When it comes to clothing there are no particular vestments for rabbis.

      This author condemned me to hell because I believed God had control of developing animals and the human race to what they are today. No one saved by the grace of God can have one’s salvation and love of God taken away by some false preaching preacher.

    • Draq wraith says:

      Tge Bible Joel 2.
      That’s where they get the blood moon stuff.

  5. #8: When it is OK to shoot a criminal even tho s/he has infiltrated the police department.

    This may be a reaction to a 2011 Indiana state supreme court decision which held that if the cops invade your home illegally, the occupant must submit to pretty much anything the cops do, and may then (if you survive) haul them into court.

    The majority (it was a split decision) held that the right to resist illegal entry by the police (a right which goes back to the Magna Carta) was no longer acceptable to them. The minority had a pretty blistering dissent, but they were a minority.

    Orin Kerr of Volokh Conspiracy had a good quick synopsis of the case at the time:

    From the dissent (not Kerr): “[T]he common law rule supporting a citizen‘s right to resist unlawful entry into her home rests on . . . the Fourth Amendment to the United States Constitution. Indeed, “the physical entry of the home is the chief evil against which the wording of the Fourth Amendment is directed.” Payton v. New York, 445 U.S. 573, 585 (1980). In my view it is breathtaking that the majority deems it appropriate or even necessary to erode this constitutional protection based on a rationale addressing much different policy considerations. There is simply no reason to abrogate the common law right of a citizen to resist the unlawful police entry into his or her home….

    …In my view the majority sweeps with far too broad a brush by essentially telling Indiana citizens that government agents may now enter their homes illegally – that is, without the necessity of a warrant, consent, or exigent circumstances. And that their sole remedy is to seek refuge in the civil arena. I disagree and therefore respectfully dissent.”

    So I suspect someone in the legislature has decided to legislatively overturn the Indiana State Supreme Court’s split decision that cops can do anything they want to anyone they want, even in their own home, and never have to face a citizen legally using deadly force against them. It would be interesting to see if the US Supreme Court would uphold or strike down the original decision.

    • Penrod, can u explain what u mean in ur 2nd to last paragraph -are u suggesting that citizens have other options? What other options are there besides the civil arena? Our guns & family would be no match for a swat team coming in our front door. Short of preppers forming complex def plans w/ armour & multliple shooters (which I don’t have resources for or know how to plan), I don’t see how a prepping couple/family can stop a warrantless search.

      • Hi RedC, “are u suggesting that citizens have other options? ”

        Historically citizens, going all the way back to the Magna Carta, have had the right to use deadly violence against government agents who are illegally breaking into their homes.

        Having a right to do so does not mean that the citizen would survive armed resistance. Still, for 800 years English and American government have accepted that citizens have a right to resist illegal entry, even if that includes using deadly force against the government agents- police, soldiers, whoever.

        If the victims survived the battle, they could not be prosecuted for defending themselves and their homes. If they lost the battle and were killed, government could not seize their property for defending themselves against illegal attack.

        “Our guns & family would be no match for a swat team coming in our front door.”

        Same here, but all illegal home invasions by government agents are not by SWAT teams. In any case, this isn’t about whether it is a wise choice to resist. It is about our inherent right to resist. We have the right to resist armed people who are illegally breaking into our homes even if they are government agents. Being government agents does not put them above the law…until the State Supreme Court of Indiana decided otherwise.

        If they are breaking in legally, though, we have to let them, and let the courts sort things out. Having a warrant makes it legal. Being in hot pursuit of a criminal makes it legal without a warrant. Having a legitimate concern for the safety of someone inside makes it legal without a warrant. It may take a court case to decide in any specific instance if the situation met one of those criteria for an exception to the requirement for a warrant, but in general the cops do need a warrant, and absent one, or one of the exceptions, you do have the right to use deadly force against them.

        • PS: The second to last paragraph in my original post wasn’t from me. That was what one of the dissenting judges wrote in the dissent from the majority opinion. The judge said that we have a right to resist illegal entry by the police, but was in the minority.

  6. #3: While the recent actions of the US Government of late (including ineffectual bickering and a depressing predilection towards the whims of the corporate class) this article was a shocking intersection of bigotry and wild paranoia. While it is well within a person’s rights to disapprove of the lifestyle of others (preferably quietly) disparaging not only LGBT soldiers but the military for allowing them in or the mere existence of Muslims within the President’s staff goes too far. Each and every point made in this article traces back to either paranoia, thinly veiled contempt of a religious group or sexual orientation. To any reader with a remotely open mind (read liberal if you must reduce it to that) this overt bias overshadows any possible rational argument hidden within.

    #6: While it is sad to see so many stores closing Radio Shack has long been a large and bloated company. While I hope my local one is not on the chopping block, hopefully a more streamlined company can keep pace with growing online electronics marketplace.

    #8: While I don’t advocate shooting police I do think it is a good idea for lawmakers to consider strict penalties for officers who act with wonton disregard for innocent people’s families and property. Perhaps we could start with suspensions without pay proportional to the value of destroyed property ranging up to dismissals and jail time for injuries and deaths (again in the cases of innocent parties and wrong addresses – I feel less sympathy for the criminal element)

    • k. fields says:

      I agree with your assessment of #3. It seems some people just need to create “enemies” to make themselves fell important.
      The actual Stars and Stripes article on the performance is much clearer and paints a different (meaning not negative) picture of the event.

      As for the Muslim hoopla, I suggest they go do some research on our Founding Father’s attitudes to those of the Muslim faith.

      • k. fields,
        On researching the Muslim faith and the founding fathers, you need not really go much beyond the first line of the Marine Hymn. “From the halls of Montezuma, to the shores of Tripoli”. That’s Tripoli Libya, where the barbary coast pirates (Muslims) were preying on US shipping, which only stopped after a Marine expeditionary force went over and made their presence felt. Fir the infidel US, the problem goes clear back to the founding.

        • k. fields says:

          Funny OP – I guess the Battle of Chapultepec (Halls of Montezuma) shows the Founding Fathers hated Roman Catholics?
          Of course not. In both cases the military actions were against national/regional policy, not religion.

          Oh by the way, that Marine expeditionary force at the Battle of Derne (shores of Tripoli)? It consisted of 11 Marines and 200-300 Muslim mercenaries fighting side by side.

  7. Curtiss says:

    #6 Maybe if radio shack had stayed with radios and left the cell phones to the professionals they would be in better shape. I remember 30 -40 years ago radio shack employees knew radios and electronics, now they know cell phones. Quite a disappointment when you go into the store to get stuff for a kids school project and the kid on the store shrugs and points to the back of the store and says look around, I don;t have a clue.

    • tommy2rs says:

      Exactly why I quit using Rat Shack several years ago. Last time I needed electronics parts I used Edmund Scientifics

  8. Bctruck says:

    I won’t comment on number 8 because it seems to upset a few here that I have a strong opinion on law enforcement turned rogue,so I’ll save the hissy fits and just comment on radio shack. I live in a small town and the next town over , which ain’t much bigger than mine, has had a radio shack for 25 years. To this day Im Puzzled as to how they’ve remained open because they never seem to have any business and they are right beside Walmart and a well stocked hardware store, plus they are more expensive than the stuff they carry in common with Walmart, like batteries and solder.

  9. #1 concerns me b/c like many, a disaster caused by US debt is the primary reason I prep. Recent reports have said that China has been quietly selling its US bonds. If u’ve followed who actually buys US debt in recent yrs, u know that hardly anyone buys it besides the US Fed Reserve. As for how much Russia would hurt the US by selling its US bonds, depends on how many US bonds it has. Anyone know?
    Russia is not the first nation to talk openly about no longer using the USD in its international trade. China has been promoting using a yuan-based currency exchange for Asian nations, altho Russia may want others to use its currency instead of China’s. From what I’ve read, the US benefits from the world using the USD as a basis for international trade, but given the decreasing value of the USD, it costs other nations more than it used to. Thus the international tension over what currency to use. If this gradually changes to other currencies, they said it’ll have a negative effect on the USD & US economy.

    • k. fields says:

      Russian currently owns about 7% of the US debt.

      • k. fields says:

        Oops – I just got a call from a friend whom after reading this post tells me I got the decimal point in the wrong place. Since she teaches economics at the local community college, I bow to her expertise on working with these incredibly large numbers.
        Actual answer is Russia holds less than 1% of the US debt.
        Sorry for the mistake.

  10. JP in MT says:

    #5. Oil and gas, along with silver and gold spiked. We have 2 major gas company chains here and one raised the price of regular by 10 cents when things were announced.

    Prepping is the answer for us regular folks. The politicians are going to do what they think is in their best interests.

    The US currently has no credibility in the international community. Either economically or militarily. We are irrelevant.,

    • patientmomma says:

      Food prices are going up daily. Two months ago I bought a 10 pd bag of potatoes for $1.99. Yesterday a 5 pd bag at WM was $1.89. Beans are up also as well as butter. Organic food prices have gotten even higher. I am tripling the size of my garden this year.

  11. Thomas The Tinker says:

    #1: I’m not certain if these events could be thought of as “Payback” on the part of the Russian Government… ? The United States basically drove the Soviet Union into utter financial ruin by the end of the 80s. We spent them to death…. temporarily. What did we do to ourselves to accomplish this? (rhetorical question)….

    Twenty odd years after we ‘Won the Cold War’… we are in worse financial shape than the old Sov. Union. Butttt we can still shill our own worthless ‘paper’ to a shrinking group of ‘greater fools’ and avoid the results of what we did to the Soviet Union.

    anybody following this?

    Now its 2014 and the Russians have more ‘fuels’ in the ‘pipe’ than we do. The Russians and the Chinese have more physical PMs than nearly the rest of the ‘free world’. (Rhetorical Question) Can the Russo/Chicom economies stand alone? With the help of India? etc. Could the United States survive even the temporary shock of a none US petro-dollar / world reserve currency? Get away from a bad deal long enough … Our Dollar … and heck … so the Comblock paper is worth what… eh! Seems rocking this paper boat is a very dangerous game… so much so as rattling the AKs. and T-92s. Just thinkin… sayin… lot O variables that mean bad juju for both sides.

    • Rider of Rohan says:

      A lot of good questions, Thomas. I’ve been wondering for a little while now how much PMs the US is holding. The German Gov’t recently asked for their gold the Fed had been graciously holding for them for safekeeping over the past 40 yrs. The US Gov’t refused to give it to them. This one little tidbit of information tells me all I need to know.

      • k. fields says:

        According to the World Gold Council, the US holds the most gold at 8,133.5 tonnes. Germany is a distant second at 3,391.3 tonnes, China 5th at 1,054.1 tonnes, and Russia comes in 7th at 934.9 tonnes. Have China and Russia been upping their gold reserves? Yes, but they have a long way to go to match the US.

        Another little tidbit; Who was the largest producer of fuels in 2013? The US at 12.1 million barrels a day – 300,000 barrels a day more that Saudi Arabia and 1.6 million more a day than Russia. But unbelievably, we still import 35% of what we use.

        • Rider of Rohan says:

          Interesting info from the World Gold Council, k. fields. Of course, when the gold supply hasn’t been audited for I don’t know how many years, it’s impossible to say how much gold the US has with any degree of certainty. I’m not saying it doesn’t, just saying that if Germany wanted its gold, it should have no problem getting it since it belongs to them. Unless their gold isn’t there for some reason or another.

          As for oil and gas production, it’s good that we have upped our production so that we cut our imports. That money provides high-paying jobs and economic activity in the US, which is great. Also means we don’t have to buy so much from abroad, which helps our balance of payments deficit. Win-win.

          • Donna in MN says:

            The US only gave them 5 tons from their 674 tons of gold and an IOU on the rest to be paid back in 7 years or so. That tells me the feds moved it to hide it elsewhere or traded it for cash when it was high to borrow the money without consent of Germany.(I call it stealing)

            I would think this is a wakeup call. The Feds regulate every banking institution, including security boxes. Wake up folks.

  12. patient momma, prices here are going through the roof [ they have always been high ] but now, it’s crazy. $7.00 for a gallen of milk,
    safeway had apples close to $7.00 a pound. organic head lettuce
    was over $6.00 a pound last week, don’t know about this week.
    i believe everything is going to fall apart very soon and this russian
    mess is not good at all.

    • patientmomma says:

      Davin, absolutely, prices on almost everything are getting beyond the working person’s ability to pay for them. I don’t know how people without gardens can afford to buy food. Oh, I forgot, EBT!

  13. Rob in Ontario says:

    #8 – some years ago Radio Shark changed its name to The Sourse here and down sized

  14. Draq wraith says:

    Personally I hope we force Russia and china to dump the dollar since Mr Obama refuses to pay down the debt. Its all part of his plan to bring America down. He has already issued EO for sanctions, restrict travel for those who favor Russia from the Ukraine and Russia.
    Good luck Ukrainian people. The former president or current depending on the side your on has been linked to the Russian mob.
    Wanna bet who was actually doing the killing of those people?

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