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City Using Eminent Domain To Seize Farmer’s Irrigation Water : “A city is trying to use eminent domain to take a farmer’s water supply and give it to a clutch factory. The city of Laurinburg, North Carolina, wants to pay farmer Brian Maynor and his partner $12,000 for three parcels of land that he says could produce crops worth $200,000 a year.”

Is This Glenn Beck’s Most Alarming Prediction Yet? : “China and Russia are beginning to work together, and both China and Russia are beginning to trade outside of the U.S. dollar, which is something entirely new and very, very dangerous because once they get off the dollar … the world will get off of the dollar.”

Fears Guinea Ebola outbreak has spread to Sierra Leone : “West Africa was on high alert Tuesday after Sierra Leone warned an Ebola outbreak ravaging Guinea may have crossed its borders and five deaths in Liberia were being tested for the killer virus.”

Police Use “StingRay” Device to Monitor Cellphones : Using a device called StingRay, police across America are able to intercept calls and texts from cell phones — often without a warrant. The StingRay simulates a cell tower, prompting cellphones within its range to identify themselves and transmit their signals to the police instead of the nearest mobile network operator’s tower.

Amid Wave of Pro-Gun Legislation, Georgia Proposes Sweeping Law : “Pro- and anti-gun forces do not agree on much, but they do agree on the breathtaking sweep of the Georgia legislation allowing guns in bars, schools, restaurants, churches and airports that is now awaiting the signature of Gov. Nathan Deal.”

Colorado House Passes Forced Vaccination Bill: One of 18 States Pushing Corporate Drugs : “Parents who intended to claim the ‘opt out’ available in a current rendition of Colorado’s current law, due to religious or personal beliefs, will find it much more difficult to do so.”

Taxed into poverty – A List Of 97 Taxes Americans Pay Every Year : “If you are like most Americans, paying taxes is one of your pet peeves. The deadline to file your federal taxes is coming up, and this year Americans will spend more than 7 billion hours preparing their taxes and will hand over more than four trillion dollars to federal, state and local governments. Americans will fork over nearly 30 percent of what they earn to pay their income taxes, but that is only a small part of the story. As you will see below, there are dozens of other taxes that Americans pay every year.”

30 Cases of Extreme Police Brutality and Blatant Misconduct : “Despite the fact that many incidents of police brutality are caught on video, not all officers involved are charged with excessive force. There are still plenty of cops who cross the thin blue line and are never charged with a crime, and keep their jobs or even get promoted.”

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  1. If you are licensed, the state of Indiana allows you to carry a weapon in a “nightclub”.

  2. Hunker-Down says:

    “City Using Eminent Domain”: There are three class of citizens in this country, hidden, unlike India. First is government agencies at every level. Second are corporations. The first and second have laws to protect them that the third level does not have. We’re last.

    “Glen Beck”. His predictions of the last 5 years have been laughed at by the lamestream media. His predictions have been alarming and frightening. Most predictions have been 2-3 years ahead of them coming true. Listen to him.

    “Sting Ray Device”. I want one!

    “Vaccination Bill”. More “Eminent Domain” $h-it rolling downhill onto the third level of citizenship.

    “97 Taxes”. In my hometown they are starting an annual “fire protection” tax of $15 per property. That’s because they tear down older homes prohibiting their repair, which removes the property from the real estate tax rolls. Now, there isn’t enough real estate tax revenue to cover their pet projects.

    • Donna in MN says:

      GB warned people to pull their money out of the stockmarket back in 2007 because he predicted a stock market crash and my brother pulled his. He put it back in after the crash when stocks were low and started growing back again, and he made a 50% profit from it.

  3. #5: In the article, the New York Times states that polls show most people don’t like the new gun law.

    Gee, no one asked me (or anyone else I know) if they don’t like it.

    • I would have to ask “Whom did they survey, New Yorkers?”

      • Woody from Ohio says:

        yup…NY Times is the Liberal/Commie mouthpiece.

        What part of “…shall not be infringed” do these malevolent people not understand. All is ask: “LEAVE ME ALONE!”

        No wonder Upstate New Yorkers are working to basically form 2 states-within-a-state: NYC and all else.

  4. Donna in MN says:

    They took a family’s waterfront property the same way here in this area. They wanted a park or something public. They have a good fight against it in court if it is for private companies, because eminent domain is for public use.

    This could be the brink of WW3. I thought of all the things Russia could do with China and they hold too much power and blackmale through other countries to bring us down and into a war.Most of it is because we have a weak leader with bad policies and good generals resigned. When it happens, I will still ask how hope and change is working out for those dems.

    I don’t have a cell phone, no tracing me on the road.

    This Supreme Court decision on Gov’t intrusion vs Hobby Lobby’s religious beliefs on healthcare will determine if the Co. law is constitutional based on religious protections.

    With all my income taxes coming back, I still have to work 3 months for the government to pay all the other taxes I pay each year. I make nearly half of what the poverty wages are for one person. Poor people don’t get a break from these. So if someone tells me I don’t pay taxes and should put some skin in the game, they are full of BS and know nothing. Half my electric bill is taxes, 2/3’s of my phone bill are taxes, just for an example. How’s your Osama phone I am paying for working out?

    Bad cops= a bad immoral society that reflects from this administration’s leaders.

    • Nebraska Woman says:

      Donna, where I boarded my first horse the farmer lost about 500 acres because the city wanted to build a park there. He also lost 2 watering holes for his cattle.
      After the park was complete, no one could go there because hispanic gangs took over the whole place. Later the park was closed and the land, instead of being given back, was sold to a developer.
      American justice is indeed blind to fairness.

      • Donna in MN says:

        These are pork projects from progressives so they get votes to stay in power. Looks like they got the criminal hispanic vote.

  5. Jersey Drifter says:

    #1 I guess you really don’t own your land. The property tax you pay is only rent to the local government. They can evict you any time they want.
    #3 With air travel what it is, I am really surprised that we have not seen or heard of major outbreaks of deadly diseases or viruses here in the U.S. or Canada. Think of the international airports with arriving flights from all over the world. The U.N. in New York with diplomats coming and going all the time. Add to that next to nothing in the way of border security. It’s only a matter of time.

    • TexasScout says:

      The only thing you can really “own” is precious metals.

      Gold, Silver, Platinum etc are Alloidial or “Kings Title”, they can’t tax it, they can’t take it away (if you hide it).

      • Schatzie Ohio says:

        I bought some silver eagles and had to pay tax on the transaction.

        • Tomthetinker says:

          Schatzie: Save your PM funds and make a trip to Michigan. There is no tax on PMs there. David Kay Jewelers is located on Lewis Ave. at Sterns Rd… just across the state line. Kentucky or Penn .. ?

          • Tomthetinker says:

            PS .. If you ‘sell’ 200 ozs or more you are by law .. reported to the IRS. You may have to claim the ‘profit’ as income.

  6. The Land of the Free is turning into the land of the oppressed. May God be merciful.

  7. Eminent Domain Laws- considering when all is said and done, the basic asset we will have is our homes and land.
    Each state have different rules regarding E.D.Laws.
    E.D. Laws are greatly abused in many states.

    Little knowledge on your states laws:

  8. riverrider says:

    ebola: its in north america already but contained to a guy that flew in from africa so far. this is the only one that scares me……eminent domain, grrrrr. over my dead body……china/ russia, old news. they have been advocating that since our downgrade…..stingray, works both ways…..police, seems camping is a capital offense now, they all are……only 97, hmmm, feels like 197 to me. sic semper tyrannis. improvise,adapt,overcome.

  9. #2. While I have deep respect for glenn beck, it seems early to sound the WW3 alarms.
    However, I’m deeply concerned about Russia & China trading outside the USD (US Dollar). A few mths ago, I saw a report that CHina was encouraging/persuading other Asian nations to trade via an international yuan. & given the current tension between Russia & US, it’s no surprise to read that’s occuring w/ Russia now. 2 major countries trading outside the USD is going to hasten the decline of the USD as an international currency. & it appears the USD’s reign as the world’s currency, is gradually ending, which is going to hurt its international value, as I understand it, & thus hurt Americans in the wallet.

  10. On an entirely different note:

    My DW came home totally excited today. She stopped at the store on the way home. Since it is the start of our “ad week” she was looking at the things on sale and came home with 4 bags of “stuff to put up into storage!”. Absolutely tickled with herself.

    She was supportive, then directly helpful, now “shopping with an eye on prepping”! I’m thrilled and proud!

    • I’m glad for u & ur DW, JP in MT. & this gives me a bit of hope for my spouse, that one day, she may “come around” like this. Enjoy her support, & maybe this will become a big step toward u 2 becoming a survivalist team.

  11. Draq wraith says:

    Everyday I think about eminent domain one guy fought and won in Indiana . Little known law stating the use of federal dollars against private businesses is illegal.
    He should try that law.

    The world war three predictions are based on an old series of books called the left behind.

    (the caps aren’t mine and I’m too lazy to retype it)

  13. On an entirely different note (2):

    I was at Wal-Mart today….for a limited time, they have……Pringles….Bacon flavor!

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