Wednesday Miscellany

1. The kettle calling the pot black – US officials: Extent of Israeli spying ‘shocking’ : “Israel’s aggressive and widespread espionage activity in the US is increasingly angering American government officials and has “crossed red lines,” Newsweek reported Tuesday.”  Meanwhile… N.S.A. Spied on Allies, Aid Groups and Businesses : “Secret documents reveal more than 1,000 targets of American and British surveillance in recent years, including the office of an Israeli prime minister, heads of international aid organizations, foreign energy companies and a European Union official involved in antitrust battles with American technology businesses.”

2. Welcome to the world of Skynet – Every Country Will Have Armed Drones Within Ten Years : “Virtually every country on Earth will be able to build or acquire drones capable of firing missiles within the next ten years. Armed aerial drones will be used for targeted killings, terrorism and the government suppression of civil unrest.”  Meanwhile US Army Testing Pilotless Black Hawk Helicopter.

3. U.S. businesses are being destroyed faster than they’re being created : “The American economy is less entrepreneurial now than at any point in the last three decades. That’s the conclusion of a new study out from the Brookings Institution, which looks at the rates of new business creation and destruction since 1978.”

4. Americans now ‘racist’ for waving American flag : “What’s wrong with these white people? It happened Monday in California to a small group of protesters who waved U.S. flags in front of a school where officials had banned the practice to avoid violence threatened by Hispanic students celebrating Cinco de Mayo.”

5. Police Execute Dog Outside 5-Year-Old’s Bedroom Window : “A Pennsylvania man is accusing a state trooper of excessive force after his dog was shot and killed outside his grandson’s bedroom window late last week.”

6. Will Detroit Be The First Major Chinese City In The United States? : “Is Detroit destined to become a Chinese city? Chinese homebuyers and Chinese businesses are starting to flood into the Motor City, and the governor of Michigan is greatly encouraging this. In fact, he has formally asked the Obama administration for 50,000 special federal immigration visas to encourage even more immigration from China and elsewhere.”

7. Is IMF Preparing for Dollar Collapse? : “It should be clear to everyone, by now, that the US dollar is staring into the abyss. It’s going to crash, and there is nothing that you and I can do about it. The only thing that we CAN do is get out of the way. You DON’T want to get run over by this collapse.”

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  1. Dan Bauler says:

    Off topic: American Thinker ran an article yesterday about the new canal the Chinese are digging in central America which will put the Panama canal out of business and allow ships as big as Aircraft Carriers to enter the Gulf of Mexico from the Pacific.

    Am I clueless, or is this news?

    Also things heating up in the South China Sea between China and a whole host of nations. Any guesses on how long it will take Japan to get “The Bomb”?

    • Dan Bauler says:

      Special note: I hope the Rider of Rohan chokes while eating the veggies from his garden! (sarcasm)

      • Dan Bauler says:

        Frankly I’m getting pretty sick and tired of certain people on this blog making fun of my home state of Minnisnowda. We’re up here protecting the lower half of the country against sneak attacks by those devilish Canadians, supplying the world with Spam, and giving honest work to such brainless idiots as Al Franken and Jesse Ventura.
        While you’re down in Arkansas or Texas drinking cool lemonade, tending your oil wells, picking cotton, and relaxing in the air conditioning!
        So let up already, or it’s “No Spam for You!”.

        • Enzo Pamrona says:

          Don’t worry texans, I have several years’ supply of Spam and I can ship you some.

          Wow, that would be a really serious threat if he had made it against Hawaii. ;=}

          • JeffintheWest says:

            “several years supply of spam” What is that? About seven cans? 😉

          • tommy2rs says:

            That’s ok, keep the spam there. The only way good use of spam is in a Monty Python skit.

            In the words of Crocodile Dundee, you can live on it but it tastes like dung…. 😉

            • Rider of Rohan says:

              Hey now, one can flour Spam up and fry it, or slap it on the grill and BBQ it. Not the best, but edible. Way better than BBQed raccoon, which is a bit stringy.

              • tommy2rs says:

                Lol…you’re doing it wrong. You stew raccoon (same as jackrabbit) and bake, BBQ or spit roast possum to get all the grease out.

                • Rider of Rohan says:

                  Wait a minute, tommy, we browned the rabbit, then pressure cooked it. I don’t eat possum. A fella has got to draw the line somewhere.

                  • tommy2rs says:

                    Me, I’ll eat anything, even ate skunk once. I didn’t skin it but I ate some of it. And I have recipes for almost every animal on the planet. Small birds cooked in honey any one? And don’t forget worms make good butter…lol

        • Dan:

          Lived in St Cloud for a year (2010-11). Hate to say it, but I was damn glad to move back to the South. I did enjoy seeing things like the headwaters of the Mississippi though.


          • PreppingMomma5 says:

            Except the headwaters is in Bemidji, quite the different place compared to St. Cloud.

            • PreppingMomma5 says:

              I should clarify, closer to Bemidji, not in Bemidji. Actually in Itasca State Park.

            • Rider of Rohan says:

              Had a boss and good friend from Bimidji, I’ve often wondered what ever happened to him. Last name was Vlasek, which was a weird name in Texas. At that time.

        • mindful patriot says:

          …please…I’ll do anything…just don’t take my Spam…lol

          seriously, though, #5 makes me sooooo angry…
          hey, know what we call ruthless animal killers? Anti-social personalities. Look it up. Will scare the crap outa ya.

        • Rider of Rohan says:

          It was hot down here yesterday, Dan. I promise to stop complaining about it if you will send a little of your cool our way. I don’t like going from winter to summer with no spring.

  2. For some of us who live in the UP of Michigan and want to secede to form our own state, this is just one more reason why.

  3. PreppingMomma5 says:

    It’s funny you posted #7. I just became aware of the omegashock website this morning. He’s quite intelligent, but I am just wondering on others thoughts on his website?

    • recoveringidiot says:

      I have to overlook the biblical end times view as that is not how I read the bible, but the rest is interesting.

  4. Urbancitygirl says:

    Prepping momma5,
    I just spent an hour reading that site. I’m not certain what I think. Some sites have a scare factor that can keep me up at night pondering. But, I did like the content on gold and silver.

    I prepare for hard times, without trying to figure out what those times will be exactly. It helps me sleep better.

  5. JP in MT says:


    Anybody looking for Gen 2 Mag Pul 5.56 magazines.

    Here’s a sale (no shipping cost/no minimum):

  6. >>Armed aerial drones will be used for targeted killings, terrorism and the government suppression of civil unrest.<<

    Civil unrest like, say, the Republican National Convention? Tea Party rallies? NRA conventions? Prepper trade shows? Those civilly unrestful?

  7. themem says:

    #4 the ninth circuit court of appeals ruled that the students could be suspended for wearing clothing with American flag.
    Tinker v. Bell says no.
    If the school feaed the violence – did they suspend the Hispanics who threatened to do the violence?
    For Ivan – I will gladly pay the price of the bus ticket for you to be sent to Mexico permanently- and you and 12 million illegal immigrants are welcome to proudly wave the Mexican flag there.

    • Worrisome says:

      The ninth circuit dist court has the appointed minions from guv. Moonbeam’s first cycle through the California politics. They are stuck in the 60’s, dress in hippy clothes, bathe in patchouli, and skip happily through the tulips. Most cases decided there move on to the Supreme Court as they have been doing pot, LSD, cocaine, and such and are not in touch with reality of any form.

  8. themem says:

    #6 we are the Borg – you will be assimilated – resistance is futile. Especially since the body politic seems eager to sell out the American people.

    #7 the IMF have become preppers!

  9. Dean in Michigan says:

    WONDERFUL……..One more reason to leave Michigan. We already have Dearborn, and Dearborn Heights MI. , which happens to boast the largest arab population outside of the middle east. Now we’re gettin’ the china infusion??????

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