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Happy Fourth of July!  I pray you will all be safe while you’re out enjoying the day… I hope and pray that it’s not The Last Fourth of July.

If you want an AR-15 but have put off buying because of the over one-thousand dollar price tag on most models, then here are two resourses that will help you get the most bang for your buck : Build your own AR15 for less than $500 and 10 Brand name AR-15’s for under $700.

8,733,461: Workers on Federal ‘Disability’ Exceed Population of New York City : A record of 8,733,461 workers took federal disability insurance  payments in June 2012, according to the Social Security Administration.  That was up from 8,707,185 in May. It also exceeds the entire population of New York City, which according to the Census Bureau’s latest estimate hit 8,244,910 in July 2011.

Border Patrol union blasts Homeland Security instructions to ‘run away’ and ‘hide’ from gunmen : Border Patrol agents in Arizona are blasting their bosses for telling them, along with all other Department of Homeland Security employees, to run and hide if they encounter an “active shooter.”

Keith Hennessey: A Strategy to Undo ObamaCare : To push through key parts of the Affordable Care Act, Democrats used the ‘reconciliation’ process. A Republican president, House and Senate can use reconciliation to repeal them.

Neighbors Help Neighbors in Burke, Springfield : Through the storm-related hardships and frustrations, people pull together to help each other.

More than 1.1 million still lack power amid heatwave : As of early Wednesday morning, about 1.1 million customers scattered across 11 states, from Indiana to Delaware, had no electricity, down from about 1.8 million late Monday — and a peak of 4 million over the weekend.

Bank of America ‘living will’ outlines plan for a crisis : “In a doomsday scenario, Bank of America Corp. might dismantle some units, turn others over to regulators and transfer certain assets to a temporary bank that would ultimately emerge from the meltdown, it said in a report released Tuesday.”

North Carolina Legend Andy Griffith Dead At 86 : A family statement says the actor died with his wife Cindi at his side. “Andy was a person of incredibly strong Christian faith and was prepared for the day he would be called Home to his Lord,” said his wife in a statement. “He is the love of my life, my constant companion, my partner, and my best friend. I cannot imagine life without Andy, but I take comfort and strength in God’s Grace and in the knowledge that Andy is at peace and with God.”

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  1. Happy 4th of July Pack! (while we still have liberties)

  2. Tinfoil Hat says:

    I can speak for the DPMS Panther AR-15 on the list. I own it. It
    is a fine rifle, accurate out of the box, light, and high quality. My one gripe is the lack of a rear site, but that’s easily remedied with aftermarket accessories. Great buy if you want a cheap, basic AR.

    • charlie (NC) says:

      There are some good lower cost AR’s out there and I’d love to have one but I can’t afford even the least costly AR.

      There are alternatives that might not be quite as accurate but are every bit as reliable, even moreso, and don’t cost near as much. I’m talking about the AK derivative rifles. There are a few out there that have been built such that they passed even the Clinton era assault weapons ban. Look into rifles like the “Russian American Arms.. Saiga” brand. There are others.
      Unfortunately they are hard to come by these days but so are AR type rifles. A friend of mine ordered a Rock River AR 15 over a month ago. They told him to expect it in late August.

      Here is one vendor that stocks the Saiga rifles. Just happened to be the first one I found on a search. I’m not endorsing the site.

  3. riverrider says:

    that 1.1 million w/o power includes me, still. haven’t even seen a crew around here. we had another doozie of a windstorm last night….happy 4th everybody! yawl have a safe one … the new header……fireworks at dusk, the good ones 🙂 come on over.

    • riverrider says:

      ps, high probability of strong solar flares per that would be my luck, get power back only to lose it permanently, lol.

      • Shut yo mouth!!!! LOL!! I was out for little over a week back in feb 09 with an ice storm, don’t know which I would want out of power with temps in the 20’s or temps in the 90-100’s guess I would not want either. At least with the winter the fireplace did an okay job, and I hate sleeping when it is hot, guess I would have to dig me a hole in the yard like the dogs do to keep cool. Hang in there and practice your skills and let us know how you are.
        HAPPY JULY 4 to everyone and just like memorial day lets all remember why we are celebrating today and raise a glass to all the patriots that have died through the years so we are able to celebrate as we choose!!!

    • MrSpud in ID. says:

      Hang in there riverrider. I was out off power for 38 days after Katrina while stationed in Mississippi!! Katrina blew me right back to Idaho after I retired!! I promise the electrical crews ARE working hard for ya! Think off it as a good trial run for how prepared your are. Ya might learn something ya haven’t thought of! Then you can let the pack know! LOL

      Good luck my friend 🙂

      • riverrider says:

        mr spud, thanks and roger that. learning experience for sure. we’re okay prep wise, its the psychological effects that are trying. we never had ac growing up, never missed it. now we’re spoiled. haven’t missed the tv though. sure, i could run tv off my solar, but nothing much worth watching to bother hooking it up. i’m keeping a journal and plan on posting an after action review later. oh, rather be out of power in winter by far. prepped for that, not tripple digits 🙂 take care.

  4. With Obamacare are we not being taxed without our consent?
    Just because the reincarnated King George says we should be taxed and goes over everyone roughshod to get the tax is not that a form of tyranny against the people?
    What is this tax money going to be used for?????
    Certainly not the benefit of the payee.
    And by using the IRS is that not a double tax??? Better yet theft???
    The government by issueing a tax levy is basically breaking and entering your tax records and taking the money. After all they left one’s home and were sent with all good intent to give statement of your payroll taxes refund or no. Not your insurance status.
    If you are not getting a refund, then what???
    Will they again break and enter your bank account and steal the tax from your account, money that has already been taxed?????
    A $.03 tax is to much to pay on tea!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • EB.Esquire says:

      Unfortunately, we can be taxed without our consent, so long as “our” “representatives” vote on it and it passes.

      Remember that “our” “representatives” said it was OK to tax us for this come November.

      • See, that’s what I said taxation without representation.
        I’ll say it like my sister did about the new carpet in the church and they wanted her to pledge money to pay for it. She told the pastor you didn’t ask me if it could be put in, don’t ask me to pay for it.
        Those puppets in Washington DC ain’t representing anything but their jobs.
        They are worse than a chicken killin’ dog.

  5. JP in MT says:

    I’m not sure whether BoA having a Doomsday Plan is good or not.

    • I wouldn’t trust BofA with or without a plan.

      • EB.Esquire says:

        I took my money out of BOA years ago, and put it all in a local bank that calls me should there be a problem, knows my truck and name when I pull through the drive thru, and donates to local causes, like when the tornado hit Joplin last year.

        • E.B. Esquire
          B of A is a rude and crude bunch.
          They treated my mother like she was some crap they had stepped in.
          She went across the street to a new local bank and they treated her like she was Rockerfeller.
          Only went to B of A once more to cash in some gov’ment bonds. They asked me why I was cashing them in and I said because they had Bank of America on them.

      • recoveringidiot says:

        Yes BoA has a “plan” for everyone that pays taxes, the few left actually paying that is.
        We are headed for a reset and its gonna be ugly.
        We all will in the dark and sweating soon enough even without solar flares and windstorms soon as TDL cuts off the coal industry adding more to the welfare roles and making power prices go through the roof.

        Have a nice 4th!

        • Nightshift says:

          BOA is in cahoots with the government. Before I retired from the Air Force Reserve, all our travel expenses, ect. had to be on “our” Gov’t issued BOA card. The would not let us use our own car. Remember, BOA gets 1 or 2% or more of every dollar spent. BOA can go strait to heck for all I care.

  6. mountain lady says:

    Happy Independence Day to the Pack. As long as I live, the 4th day of July will be celebrated, even if it is undercover.

  7. Happy 4th of July to all you Americans. In Canada, we celebrated our own “4th of July”, which is actually July 1st.

    Just a comment on the cheap AR’s for any Canadians who are reading this. The AR series of guns are listed as a restricted firearm. This means that it must be double locked, you can only fire it at certified ranges, and if you want to take it anywhere you have to first call for an ATT (authorization to transport).

    So if you want an AR for a TSHTF scenario in Canada and you have the money, go for it.

    For the rest of us, my AR 15 alternative is the SKS as it’s a non restricted semi auto rifle. Lots of aftermarket upgrades and magazines restricted to 5 rounds but can easily be modified to use the full 30 rounds in a TSHTF scenario. (You may ask why not the AK, but the AK is a prohibited weapon and just about NO ONE can own it).

    Hope that helps any fellow Canadian wolfpack members.

  8. axelsteve says:

    Better do it soon before tdl orders his flying monkeys to his voide the second amendment. He will do it now he passed healthcare through.

  9. axelsteve says:

    Kinda sad we went from shock and awe to run and hide.

    • Well said.

    • I’m happy to see the union fire back at those retarded directives. Too often, unions (the one I belong to included) duck tail and follow the guidance of the administration, no matter how inane.

      • EB.Esquire says:

        It is probably because the DOJ and Homeland Security doesnt want their officers killed by weapons they allowed to be illegally sold and transported acrosss international borders.

        Obama and Holder need to stand trial for that mess, no different than Benedict Arnold needed to stand trial for his acts.

        • Dean in Michigan says:

          Good point. They already lost one good man to that. The govmint won’t even offer up a scapegoat. A good man dies, and nobody has to answer for it. DAMN SHAME.

  10. Happy 4th of July everyone! Riverrider I hope you get your electricity on soon! Axelsteve, how true! Lol

  11. For those suffering in the heat and high humidity allow me to remind you of evaporation cooling. What you say water won’t evaporate enough to cool you. Alcohols will, isopropyl, Purcell, Everclear, moonshine will evaporate drawing off heat as they do. An alcohol rub used to be commoner than now. With A/C, fever reducing drugs their need has waned. Just be careful around open flame.

  12. Prudent says:

    Its 10:20ish p.m. here in Toledo Ohio…. I can hear the crackle of small arms fire coming from the hood… mingled with some ‘deeper’ sounds in the distance. Mommason said I could run a magazine through my AR into the mulch pile…. but it’ed scare the hell out of the olde Lady over the fence.. and her yapper dog. So I lit off my ‘lil’ smooth bore cannon off the back deck.

    To you MD and all the rest of you out there….. here is hoping we are still posting here next July… here is to a different lease holder at the White House…. Heres praying for a congress with some guts… Heres to only hearing this much gun fire on the 4th. of July and the 1st. of Jan…. Heres hoping to feeding my preps to the chickens in 2043!

    God bless us all…. everyone.

  13. SurvivorDan says:


    Hopefully not the last spent as a free people.
    Or are we actually still free……?

  14. "Big Jim" says:

    Happy 5th of July packfamily , but a Happy 4th was had by me and hopefully all of you as well ! Patron and Fireworks..mucho gusto !

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