Wednesday Miscellany News Brief

1. We’re All Criminals and Outlaws in the Eyes of the American Police State : “Why are we seeing such an uptick in Americans being arrested for such absurd “violations” as letting their kids play at a park unsupervised, collecting rainwater and snow runoff on their own property, growing vegetables in their yard, and holding Bible studies in their living room?”

2. Experts Fear Ebola Dirty Bomb : “A biological anthropologist from Cambridge University, Dr. Peter Walsh, has raised an alert over the potential use of the deadly Ebola virus that is being called “out of control” in Africa and has killed up to 800 people already, as a “dirty bomb,” stating that “a “serious risk is that a group manages to harness the virus as a powder, then explodes it in a bomb in a highly populated public area. It could cause a large number of horrific deaths.”

3. What Rick Perry said they are finding record numbers of at the border should scare you : “Rick Perry says that they are now apprehending record numbers of illegal immigrants coming from Syria, Pakistan and Afghanistan at the U.S.-Mexico border. The scary part, these are just the people we have caught. Who knows how many were able to sneak by with all the other stuff we having going on now. Secure the border and secure it now!”

4. Change all of your passwords – Russian Gang Amasses Over a Billion Internet Passwords : “A Russian crime ring has amassed the largest known collection of stolen Internet credentials, including 1.2 billion user name and password combinations and more than 500 million email addresses, security researchers say.”

5. Republican blasts Dem ‘war on whites’ : “Rep. Mo Brooks (R-Ala.) on Monday accused Democrats of engaging in a “war on whites” in the current immigration debate.”

6. Tiny House Movement Grows : Have house will travel: Inside the Tiny House Movement where more and more Americans have rejected tradition for a simpler – and cheaper – lifestyle.”

7. The US Is Bankrupt : “There are many ways to look at the United States government debt, obligations, and assets. Liabilities include Treasury debt held by the public or more broadly total Treasury debt outstanding. There’s unfunded liabilities like Medicare and Social Security. And then the assets of all the real estate, all the equities, all the bonds, all the deposits…all at today’s valuations. But let’s cut straight to the bottom line and add it all up…$89.5 trillion in liabilities and $82 trillion in assets.”

8. What Could World War III Look Like?

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  1. riverrider says:

    well you’re just a ray of sunshine this morning 🙂

    • LOL Rider

    • tommy2rs says:

      Lol…here ya go, see if this helps any. It’s the government way.

      Don’t Worry, Be Happy
      by Bobby McFerrin

      Here is a little song I wrote
      You might want to sing it note for note
      Don’t worry be happy
      In every life we have some trouble
      When you worry you make it double
      Don’t worry, be happy……

      Ain’t got no place to lay your head
      Somebody came and took your bed
      Don’t worry, be happy
      The land lord say your rent is late
      He may have to litigate
      Don’t worry, be happy
      Lood at me I am happy
      Don’t worry, be happy
      Here I give you my phone number
      When you worry call me
      I make you happy
      Don’t worry, be happy
      Ain’t got no cash, ain’t got no style
      Ain’t got not girl to make you smile
      But don’t worry be happy
      Cause when you worry
      Your face will frown
      And that will bring everybody down
      So don’t worry, be happy (now)…..

      There is this little song I wrote
      I hope you learn it note for note
      Like good little children
      Don’t worry, be happy
      Listen to what I say
      In your life expect some trouble
      But when you worry
      You make it double
      Don’t worry, be happy……
      Don’t worry don’t do it, be happy
      Put a smile on your face
      Don’t bring everybody down like this
      Don’t worry, it will soon past
      Whatever it is
      Don’t worry, be happy

    • axelsteve says:

      II was depressed about all the gloominess intul I read this.

  2. Nebraska Woman says:

    Today is my 65th birthday. I do not have ebola, I am not broke, I do not consider myself an enemy because I have common sense, and I changed my passwords yesterday. So that’s my ray of sunshine for today!
    PS. It is raining here and we sure need it!!!

    • NW
      May you be blessed with many more & healthy, with happiness thrown in

    • Happy birthday, Nebraska Woman, hope it’s a great day for you. Ditto on ebola, money and common sense. I don’t care about my passwords, I don’t have anything online other than this presence. I’m old-fashioned, I guess.

    • Happy Birthday!!!

    • ChristineM says:

      Happy birthday. Hope you get to do something very special today.

    • Happy birthday 🙂

    • Congrat’s Neb Woman! Hope ur heart & lungs are healthy enough to blow out all the candles on ur cake! & hope u have a day with no “senior moments.”

    • Jersey Drifter says:

      Happy Birthday Nebraska Woman,
      I had an image of a woman in a nice summer dress, celebrating her birthday by doing a little old fashion ballroom dance in the rain. But I won’t suggest doing anything like that, I would not want you to catch something like a summer time cold, fever, or the flu. Maybe some birthday cake and ice cream would be safer. Have a blessed day.

    • patientmomma says:

      Happy Birthday NW!! You’re experience has given you a competitive edge and as you said, so far so good.

    • Happy Birthday NW. Don’t Worry, Be Happy.

      Sometimes I wondered if the person singing that tune is a drug dealer or God.

  3. Let the GOOD TIMES Roll !!!!! I just love the news this morning . The sad part I can see some of it taking place now. : [

  4. Ebola cases have risen by 345% from July 28-August 1. Deaths up 58% during same period, according to WHO. Britain has suspended flights from affected areas, Obama says ebola no threat to the US, will allow flights to continue. He now owns the disease when it gets here, if it’s not here already.

    • Wolfman, Wolfman….”He now owns the disease when it gets here, if it’s not here already.”

      You know better than that: Obama isn’t responsible for anything bad. When ebola gets here, it will be because the Tea Party/racists/haters/One Percenters/unpatriotic corporations.

      Just ask anyone in the ‘news’ media. They’ll tell you.

      And they will, over and over again, until we understand.

      • Canyonman says:

        Well, he DID host that huge African leaders dinner last night at 1600.

        (((Don’t say it, Canyonman, just keep your thoughts to yourself on this one…)))

        • LittleAnniePrepper says:

          You could only hope he did. Therefore, there might be a very outside chance (thin, so thin it’s anorexic) that one of them would actually give tdl ebola. Ah, I could live on that fantasy for a very long time, but then simple minds are easily amused.

      • seeuncourt says:

        and George Bush.

    • Let him be known hereafter as Barack Ebola.

  5. axelsteve says:

    #1 we may be all criminals however, I guess all copsare revenue generating units.

    • Hi axelsteve: my guess is that the police forces might well be considered by the Founders as the Standing Army they warned us about.

      I have come around to wondering if we would be better off with them as they are, or better off without any of them at all.

      I’m inclined to think we would on balance be better off without any government cops at all, and let private security provide safety— and unlike cops, with full personal liability for their improper actions.

      My guess though is that cops will get a lot worse than they are now.

      • Chuck Findlay says:

        Yep, we are only seeing the start of oppressive police, it’s going to get much worst.

        Then we get a second Civil War and it gets really bad as the country breaks up.

  6. What happened to conflicted Tuesday?

  7. mom of three says:

    The only thing that made me feel uneasy is the article on the mom, letting her son go to the park a half mile away. I’m going to have to agree with the police, on this one this sounds like negligent parenting to me. How many times have we heard of children being snatched from their front yards? We had a man approach a girl and tried to pursue her from my son’s school, and she was wise enough to run screaming
    back. This day and age you can’t let your kids out of your sight.

    • I used to ride my bike miles from home and routinely walked 2 miles to visit friends. I was home alone for hours beginning at age 7, and we were routinely left alone in the car while our parents shopped in the store. We knew not to open toe car door for strangers and we didn’t dare touch anything. Our parents weren’t bad, there just wasn’t any alternative (one car family, no day care, etc). I think we need to cut parents some slack or all our kids will be unable to take care of themselves.

    • I agree that the Mom was guilty of parental neglect, but don’t see that as a 2nd degree felony. However, for all I know, it may be a felony in my state too. When I was 7, my parents didn’t know where I was most of the time either, but I was always safe living in Mayberry. (except for that time, I ran across a busy street w/out looking for cars & almost got run over – that was when I learned about blood pressure! 🙂

    • Oh please ! When I was a kid we went out the door at 8 in the morning saying “I’m going to play” and weren’t back till 5 for dinner. Maybe if it was a slow day we went home for lunch. Statistically a child has a higher chance of being abused or molested at home,school or church than they do by a stranger. How do people expect children to learn anything unless they are left alone to explore and use their own mind and judgment. With they get hurt at times,yes. Will they make mistakes,yes.We learn from these mistakes. What would happen to a child in a SHTF situation if they had never had to make any kind of decision for themselves before because they were never out of the sight of parents.

      • Same here. We ran out the door a little after 8 and all was fine & dandy as long as we showed up by 5 for supper. We learned out social skills and how to defend ourselves on the playground. Today, the kids rarely go outside unless it’s a forced supervised excursion or team event.

        • Mari,
          It all depends on where and when you grew up. If you grew up during the 1960’s you saw the face of America change dramatically. Civil unrest, and the realization by thousands of WWII vets that they had been lied to. They thought they had fought the Germans and Japanese for freedom only to watch communism engulf eastern Europe, and they returned to an America that continues to worsen day by day. We live in a nation of spiritual sickness, without a sense of community or oneness.

          Our society is not safe for children or adults anymore. By today’s standards, leaving a child unattended is reckless.

  8. If they consider us all criminals, why do they keep passing laws? Oh, right, they believe that criminals will obey them.

    So, if we obey the laws, like they want, does that prove to them we ARE criminals?

  9. What’s fascinating about #7 is that this report uses the govt’s own numbers. & the govt’s finances are WORSE than I realized – they’re counting the Fed’s new printed dollars as part of GDP – in other words, the Fed’s printing presses are viewed as actually producing something good for the nation! This author is right that the belief that things will be OK is now a religion not a science. I believed that things were bad, but after reading this report, I’m schocked to learn that things are actually WORSE than I thought!
    Time to withdraw more $$ from retirement acct for preps.

    • OMG…dollar printing/electronic entries are now considered part of GDP! Are you kidding me? Wow. Here’s the growth industries under Obama:
      1. Payday loan establishments
      2. Pawn shops
      3. Nail salons
      4. Mexican restaurants
      5. Ebola test-kit makers

      I threw in #5 because it’s in demand for a rapidly growing segment of the world’s population.

      • Canyonman says:

        Brother Wolfman, you missed #6, and it’s the biggest of ’em all!

        Barry has been named National Gun Salesman of the Year every year since 2008. If there’s a true growth industry under this regime, it’s firearms and ammunition! 🙂

        • I’m always overlooking the obvious, Canyonman. Thanks for that addition to the list. He also ordered a few billion rounds of ammo for his homeboys in the alphabet soup agencies, how could I forget that. Thank you for the additions, made the list complete.

      • Now I’m wondering if the unemployment benefits program is also considered a good, productive program that counts toward GDP, then TANF (food stamps), Obama cell phones, aid to illegal immigrants. Is that 1-1.5% GDP growth in recent years coming from govt welfare programs being re-designated?

      • In states where the min wage has increased, I’ll bet that that increase is counted toward GDP growth too -whatever they can find to pump up the numbers.

      • Wolfman,

        You forgot to mention prostitution for all the president’s men.

    • LittleAnniePrepper says:

      Yup, just drew more money out of the retirement account. Another year and I won’t have any money in that account. All in my greedy little hands, just where I like it. lol My dad used to store money in mason jars in a fake brick planter in our house. I used to think he was nuts. I wish he was still alive so I could apologize and tell him he was right!

      • LittleAnniePrepper
        We had a friend who put his pay into mason jars then buried them in the back yard. He did not trust banks then and still now. They paid cash for all purchases, no credit cards, cash only.
        I bet your dad knows you are following in his foot steps. Find peace in the joy you heard his words.

  10. Chuck Findlay says:

    Retirement acct, what’s that?

    My retirement is my preps, skills and silver.

    Before the industrial revolution there was no such thing as retirement acct managed by another person. There is a reason for that. You can’t trust a no-name person far away to do things in your best interest. And people are just starting to figure this out. Wait till the masses figure it out, can you say riots???

  11. ChristineM says:

    6. Very cute little house. Unfortunately we’d require a couple of semis behind us with all our other stuff.

    I’m thankful for alternative news sources and this blog, although sometimes I don’t even want to look.
    Think I’ll go visit our county extension agent, find out what food prep programs they have scheduled and what disaster preparedness plans are in place. I need to be more informed and I hope to plant a nagging thought in his head. The city did build a tornado shelter for 1200 people, but there are only about 50 parking places. Is this a normal ratio?

    Red, I agree, it’s time to use some of those retirement $ for a couple of larger items.

    I’ll be 65 in a few weeks and this is so totally not what I was envisioning my retirement would be. On the “don’t worry, be happy” side, I have my faith, health, family, friends, and my critters, so I’ll finish my preps for the day with a smile. When I get home, I’ll play something/anything that will get the happy song out of my head.

    • “The city did build a tornado shelter for 1200 people, but there are only about 50 parking places. Is this a normal ratio?”
      If u have to park a block away, how fast can u run to the storm shelter? You may want to see how long it takes u to drive from ur home to a block from the shelter & then hightail it the rest of the way; then u’ll know how much time u’ll need when/if a tornado hits ur area.

      • ChristineM says:

        I can move pretty fast for a few blocks & it takes 18 min to get to the shelter. DH can’t run. We’ve been looking at storm shelter options, but other things have been higher on the priority list. The hall bath is the best we’ve got at the moment.

        • We have a choice of a walk-in closet or a small laundry room; both are small interior rooms.

  12. sweetpea says:

    The U.S. is bankrupt. The question is how will all of this play out. Will we default on our debts? Raise taxes to the level that France did? Re-evaluate our dollar to 1/10th the value? Confiscate wealth? Spawn a revolt/hang the politicians? It’s hard to know what will happen next and in what order. I think all of the things I listed will happen.

    For what it’s worth the actual debt is more then enough to bankrupt us and cause another great depression. It makes no sense to list unfunded liabilities as current debt.

    • Actually (or some might say Technically), the US govt is not yet bankrupt, b/c they’re paying the debts on time, & the Fed has been bailing the govt out for about 5 yrs. But all the trends are pointing at bankruptcy. I doubt anyone can predict HOW things will play out, but the outcome will not be pretty & will make the Great Recession look like child’s play. Fed govt officials are used to spending recklessly; who knows how they’ll react when the money spigot is turned off? Normalcy bias will be very wide, & by the time they’re past normalcy bias, the situation will be even worse. Panic will hit when their belief in the Almighty US & USD (UD Dollar) turns out to be empty promises.

    • Kinda my problem, too, sweetpea, in that I don’t know in which order all this crap will topple. One quick flick to knock the first domino past it’s point of no return, and it’s oopsy.

  13. HEADS UP: We now have confirmation that the Ebola virus has mutated. I’ll post the link below this so it gets posted immediately.

  14. HEADS UP: Canadian version of CDC–airborne transmission strongly suspected.

  15. HEADS UP: Bookmark this page. I can get to it from Google anymore. This map represents suspected cases of Ebola this week.!d=

  16. Suspected case in Saudi Arabia, Man Dies.

  17. Warning Graphic: Ebola dead left rotting in streets in Liberia. (Confirmed from multiple sources.)

    • Sounds like the old Black Plague in Europe, where bodies were either left on the streets are burned in huge funeral pyres. Think about it…beheadings, crucifixions of Christians, the stoning of women, sharia law, the Caliphate…it’s as if we’ve gone back in time 1000 years.

  18. Russia using thermal body scanners to detect potential airline passengers infected with Ebola. Researchers are about to start clinical trials on a potential vaccine.

    • No doubt the terrorists are licking their lips and wondering how soon they can get one of their own infected and enroute to various “civilized” cities of the western flavor. Watch out on the southern border why don’t we?

      China wants Africa so very badly (along w/ SE Asia etc); maybe not so much now?

      • China has significant investments in Africa. The Ebola virus might actually be an advantage to them.

  19. The tiny houses are cute! Like Christine, I would also need a semi for my stuff. And maybe another tiny house for my son and another for my daughter. The only problem with a smaller house, is where do you put your preps?

    • From what I’ve read, most who live in tiny houses (which is a movement separate from the preppers/survivalists movement) do NOT prep. Those who do prep, probably use a combo of shed(s), barn, rental storage unit, garage, someone else’s house. Of course, those buildings defeat the purpose of having a tiny house which is closely associated w/ the idea of living simply. As a prepper, the advantage of a tiny house, is that u can build it on a trailer in ur yard/drive-way & then tow it to your BOL & use it as a bug out house until u can put up a shed or garage for ur preps.

  20. Texanadian says:

    I live in a tiny house now until I take possession of my new place at the end of the month. I don’t call it a tiny house though, I call it a 5th wheel trailer.

  21. Copperhead says:

    Just had weather channel on and looks like Penrod has a double whammy coming his way! Two hurricanes forecasted to hit the islands one after the other. Iselle and Julio. Prayers for Penrod and everyone else in Hawaii. He may get to test his preps!

    • Thanks, Copperhead. Iselle was supposedly going to weaken to a Tropical Storm before getting here, but it looks like she is speeding up and may be a Category 1.

      We have all the supplies and gear we need except for one minor one: the house may blow away. We added Simpson StrongTies a couple years ago, but the carport/lanai roof is one giant wing pointed South. And South is where it looks like Iselle will be coming from.

      Supposed to hit the Big Island late tomorrow, can’t be sure if it will hit Oahu solidly or not sometime Friday. Still partly cloudy here with light winds. Very muggy.

      We went out and voted early today, and all seems pretty calm. Went to a Longs which was having a great sale on cheap wine, and a Times Supermarket for another jug of milk and some poke (raw fish) for dinner tonight, no significant buying going on…tho they are pricey places to stock up.

      I think a lot of people are taking seriously the last minute need to stock up, but have no clear concept of how incredibly fragile the houses are. The houses are really scary. FEMA and UH people say a big blow will just wipe away the ridge line communities, and with the houses will go the people in them.

      Let’s hope it misses us!

  22. Jersey Drifter says:

    I want to first say I am sorry if I repeat something someone else said, I have not been reading the blog as I should be because I have been busy and worn out.
    EBOLA….. I had been doing searches online since the death toll was around 100 and the news media wasn’t covering it to my liking. The Government tells us not to worry because it is not an airborne disease/illness ( and we all trust the Government ) and can only be transmitted by bodily fluids. That it will burn itself out once those that have it are isolated.
    Seems to me around 1980 an illness raised it’s ugly head that was also only transmitted by bodily fluids. After almost 35 years it has not burned itself out, there still is not a vaccine for it, and in some areas of the world ( mostly in Africa ) it is at almost epidemic levels. HIV / AIDS is still with us, why should we not worry about EBOLA?
    Thank God I live a healthy lifestyle.

    • if you sneeze your body fluids have gone airborne. therefore the diseases you carry are now airborne.

    • Or as the Obummer might imply — Don’t worry, be happy, the guvmint will take care of you.

  23. Police state?

    It’s your elected officials or their delegates that pass the laws the police are using.

    Might want to do something about that first.

    • Great idea. I tried that for several years. After no success at electing people who supported the Constitution, limited gov’t, balanced budgets, etc., I gave up. That’s one of the major reasons I started prepping. Because the single most predictable thing that will happen financially to this country is bankruptcy. Everything we as a country are doing right now is not sustainable, every reputable economist has said so. A Deficit Commission set up by the Congress and composed of both Democrats and Republicans said the exact same thing.

      Back to the election thing, politicians are buying votes by giving away tax money and benefits. Illegals are voting, fraud is rampant, how can one change this corrupt process? I’m all ears.

      • Jersey Drifter says:

        I don’t think there is an easy way to “fix” the problem.
        I have a Beatles tune running in my head. I think it was the Beatles, I can’t remember the words except it went something like…..There’s Going To Be A Revolu…..
        I think some would like the idea, but I think it would be pretty bad. It might be the only way to get back to the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, and a smaller Fed. But if we can’t get honest people into D.C. now, how can we later? A revolu might be a last resort, but no way of knowing if things would be better after. In any case it would be a very sad sad day for this once great country.

        • Canyonman says:

          I believe the Beatles tune is “The Fool On The Hill”…

        • Jersey D.,

          There is no point to voting in the national elections. There is no possibility of getting a candidate elected who has not demonstrated his/her allegiance to the System. The media will not allow any candidate to run who poses a threat to the status quo (read banksters). The media and government are concerned about civil unrest, and they are preparing for this scenario by arming themselves to the teeth. Why would they be militarizing all government agencies if they did not expect the economy to tank?

  24. 1. The police and laws are making parents of children the terrible criminals who let their children walk alone instead of the criminals themselves who do bad things to the children. If what pertains now was put on my parents when I was that age, they would be spending 10 lifetimes in prison!

    4. I haven’t banked or paid in credit card for internet purchases on line in years. I don’t do ATM’s, and my bank doesn’t have my email addy. I seen it coming long ago.

    6. The tiny house in this article is expensive.With lot rent or campground costs, utilities, gas to move it, and initial cost, I could not afford it because it is not cheap. I can afford 3 newer 3 bedroom home, a double insulated garage on 4 acres of forest, though. I guess it must in my perspective that this tiny house is for people a lot richer than I am.

  25. ChristineM says:

    Prayers to Penrod and everyone else in the storms path.

    I read an Ebola cure article this morning from m . I don’t necessarily agree with everything stated, but it’s worth reading.

    Worked up the courage this morning to make the posted scrambled egg & avocado recipe (without spinach) and it was surprisingly very good. The recipe is a keeper.

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