Welcome to Californication – Mark Dice visits California

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  1. WOW! Sure glad I was born during a time when there were a lot less idiots! I will be able to at least remember what it used to be like in America….

    • Yeah, I remember well what it was like before the lefties took over. That’s why I could just sit down and cry. But I haven’t totally broken down and cried yet ’cause I spend a lot of time screaming & yelling & writing letters & wasting my breath on loony sheeple who just don’t have a clue. I gotta get outa here (leftie state) but everywhere in the country is being taken over by loons. I’d prefer having my country back, thank you very much!

  2. JP in MT says:

    MY oldest grandson failed 7th grade. He is going to summer school now, for remedial help. He told his father the other day, “I’m going fine. Everybody is going to get an “A”.” Since he has not learned the prerequisite skills, all the parental units want him to repeat 7th. The school system says that they want to pass him on, even knowing that he will likely fail 8th, 9th, and 10th and then drop out. This may turn into quite the fight. They claim it’s about funding, I say it’s about learning the basics so you can move forward in life. It didn’t used to be that way, moving to the next grade was a sign that you had accomplished and learned something. Now it is a sign that you attended. It’s no wonder that these kids don’t have the basic skills to make quality decisions.

    • why in heck don’t you homeschool the kid. give him a break!! i would just as soon throw a child into a cess pool as send it to school.
      homeschooling is not hard. and depend on the child’s native intelligence. it’s in there even if the mind-numbing school routine has all but put out the spark. it’s still there.
      deb harvey, homeschooler

      • Tracker says:

        hi deb +10

      • Homeschooling could be the solution. I do not know the homeschooling regs for where your grandson is, but my son had trouble in second grade because he was an active little boy who had trouble sitting still, not because he could not do the work. We brought him home to educate, and he thrived. Especially when we let him do math standing up and with frequent runs around the house. He is currently studying drafting and computer programming at our local community college. Little sister excelled through homeschooling. Never sent her to public school. She finished high school at 16. She is now studying aerospace engineering at a state college one state over on multiple scholarships. She is starting second term summer school today to take Calculus 3 and Linear Algebra over the next 5 weeks. She thinks this will be fun. I hope so!
        Anyway, my point is homeschooling works with a dedicated parent or grandparent. One can tailor a child’s studies to their interests while making sure the basics of reading, writing and math are covered and understood.

    • JP in MT;
      You may have to step to the plate and home school your grandson(if possible). I just hope it is not to late, my dh had to home school the niece she was not thriving in the school that they had her in, we finally got her parents to send both of them to a charter school. My sister would drop the kids off on her way to work and we would drive there and pick them up. It was 30 miles one way but so worth it in the long run. The youngest was put back a grade to catch up and the oldest did fine, just wish they had put there sooner, took a lot of convincing. The youngest is studying to become a radiologist. The oldest works for her dad in their boat business and attends college.

  3. Winomega says:

    I’m too lazy to read something that isn’t typed out. What is the problem?

  4. Southern Girl says:


  5. Tracker says:

    I was born, raised and educated in Southern California. Born in 1951 and graduated in 1970. During my school years Calif had the highest standards in the nation. Many times students came to our schools from other states only to be setback at least 2 yrs. Now due to “inclusion and diversity” we now are so low on the list we have to look up to places like Alabama. When you lower your standards in education, you lower your standards for leadership. I guess we just get what we ask for.

  6. Just thankful that idiot did not come up to me with that clip board or the family would be paying bail money to get my back side out of jail for hitting “stupid”. I could not watch very much of it as it made me rather ill.

    Yes, Pack we are in a world of hurt & stupidity. I would blame it on the salt sea air damaging their brain cells, but they do not deserve such an easy way out of stupidity. These people, are the one’s that will be knocking at our doors looking for food……..

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